Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet Orly Taitz’s Latest Client

Of all the bizarre and down right stupid things Orly Taitz has done in her quest for fame, uh... I mean her quest to “frog march” President Obama out of the White House and have him and the rest of the entire U.S. Government tried for treason, teaming up with this latest “Client” of hers has got to take the cake! From her claptrap of a website she posted this “Press Release” under this heading: (all spelling her own as usual) 

Breakinf news: Obama challenge with perfect standing and the most comprehensive challenge with 14 causes of action, 30 defendants (among them representatives of the media) 109 pp of pleadings and 154 pages of exhibits was filed today 
Posted on | September 10, 2012 

Press release
Law offices of Orly Taitz

A challenger with the most perfect standing is represented by Attorney Orly Taitz. Keith Judd ran against Barack Obama in W.V. and got 40% in the Democratic party primary. Today Attorney Orly Taitz filed a legal challenge to Obama on behalf of Keith Judd, who has a perfect standing, as number of other parties.
This is the most comprehensive elections challenge to date with 109 pages of pleadings and 154 exhibits, 30 defendants, 14 causes of action. A number of media networks and news men were named as defendants as well in causes of action for defamation and Racketeering scheme to defraud the Plaintiffs ans to defraud the nation and aid and abet Obama to get on the ballot with forged IDs and a stolen SSN. Among media networks are: CNN, MSNBC, Clear Channel and others

More information will be provided tomorrow
End of press release 

Who the hell is Keith Judd you ask? Well, meet Keith Judd who according to the “Washington Post” ran against Obama in West Virginia for President, but who is also serving a 17½-year prison sentence in a Federal Prison in Texas for extortion. 

And here’s a bit of a run down on this latest “client” of hers from “The Daily Beast”   


Keith Judd, according to his apparently self-submitted profile on VoteSmart.org, is a Rastafarian/Christian Democrat whose education allegedly includes degrees from a number of universities, including the University of California, Los Alamos, and the University of New Mexico; he also claims to have “attended” Harvard’s “John F. Kennedy School of Politics” in 1998. He’s been involved in a number of organizations, including something called the Homeless People’s Voting Rights Association and the little-known (and unsearchable) Federation of Superheroes. He claims to be the son of actress Lillian Russell (Russell died in 1922; Judd says he was born in 1958), names Richard Nixon as his favorite president, and lists “ESP, Telling the Future” among his special talents. His favorite website is Google. Judd says that in addition to his current presidential bid, he’s run for commander in chief four other times, mayor of Albuquerque twice, and governor of New Mexico once.
Missing from Judd’s lengthy online biography, however, is the fact that this presidential primary candidate doesn’t actually live in West Virginia, but in a low- security federal prison in Texarkana, Texas. 


Now I know after watching Orly’s antics over the last 4 years that nothing is beneath her, she has lied to the courts repeatedly; she has called for armed rebellion against this country by the military, an act of treason on it’s own. She has also slandered and accused everyone and every entity in this country of fraud, treason, and corruption that has not swooned at her feet praising her demented delusions as gospel. In 4 years of trying she and every scrap of her “so-called” evidence has been thrown out of every court she has ever stepped into, and she’s about to be handed her ass twice more this month in Indiana and Mississippi. But digging up inmates from federal penitentiaries with the blatant mental defects this guy has makes it pretty obvious that she is no more competent that those she so proudly represents, something most of us have known for some time now.

How in the world is it that this woman is still allowed to freely clog the court systems in this country with such tripe when she cannot even distinguish delusion from reality. Is it pity? Has she not been disbarred, or even declared a vexatious litigant because the courts can clearly see she’s quite a few bricks shy of a load and they pity her? Reading her copious court fillings that are nothing but cut and pasted copies of her delusional evidence with few alterations, it’s obvious to anyone that she has no grasp on reality. I attended her court hearing in Georgia and heard her first hand claim that Obama was really two different people and that we don’t even know which one of him we actually have in the White House.

The courts need to put a stop to this insanity of allowing her to continue to run through the court systems in this country (for 4 years now) like the Red Queen screeching “Off with Their Heads” at everyone in her path. Maybe between Mississippi and Indiana the pity Judges have shown for the Mad Russian so far (if that’s what it is) will turn into a little “tough love” in the form of sanctions and vexatious litigant status. One can only hope!

Though at this point I don’t think anything short of a straight jacket and a padded room will stop her. I mean for Gawd’s sake, her latest client who she claims has “perfect standing” in a case she calls “the most comprehensive yet” is a guy who claims he was born in 1958 to a woman that died in 1922, who is a member of the “Federation of Superheroes” and is gifted in “ESP and Telling the Future”. Not to mention who is also locked up in a Federal Prison doing a 17+ year sentence!