Saturday, June 30, 2012

Orly Taitz Caught Red Handed Lying To The Court

In the midst of Orly Taitz’s latest surge of crazy, Indiana seems to have dealt her quite a nice bitch slap. Her ballot challenge case in Indiana where she first claimed to be just a witness, and then filed as a plaintiff after being denied Pro Hac Vice to act as an attorney was heard on June 12th. It like all of her cases was dismissed. Obot Legal Lohengrin was there in the courtroom to give a first hand account of actual proceedings, as there is no point listening to Orly’s version of events if facts are what you are after. His entire report can be read “Here” on The Fogbow. The hearing was also discussed at length on RC Radio later that night and you can listen that show “Here”. Lots of good stuff there! 

Here’s a snip from LL’s report, but it’s worth a look to read the whole thing:

In preliminary matters, the court announced the hearing concerned the 3/23 petition for declaratory and injunctive relief and three defendant motions of 4/16, the objection to Taitz's appearance, the IEC's motion to dismiss, and the motion for sanctions, as well as Orly's motion for stay under the AOPA. Judge Reid explained that any motions received after her order setting the hearing were not on the table today and would be addressed at a future hearing. Considering the outcome, that seems unlikely, but with Orly, we can be sure she'll do something else in this case. 

Orly started with an absurd argument that she never received a written order setting these other matters for hearing, and that it was a violation of her due process rights to move forward on anything other than her own injunction hearing. Judge Reid pointed out again that Orly was pro se and not representing anyone else, and that therefore, the other petitioners would have to address the matter individually. They could not represent each other nor could Orly represent them. This was how the rest of the hearing was conducted, although to some extent, it was a charade, as by the end of the hearing, Judge Reid was merely asking whether any of the petitioners had anything to add.  

She told the court repeatedly during the hearing that she never received the “Written Order” issued on May 21st, yet she posted the damn thing on her website on May 25th. A screenshot of that post was used by the SOS as evidence of Orly’s bald faced lie in their “Supplemental Motion for Sanctions” which was filed on June 21st, and tis a thing of beauty too, so it is! The sanctions they request to cover attorney fees from having to waste their time on this nonsense total $9405.00. Divide that amount by the 5 (so-called) plaintiffs, and if granted will cost them $1881.00 each. The best part of that is that the CA Bar requires any attorney sanctioned by a court in an amount of $1000.00 or more to report it to the Bar.  So Orly will have to report her self to the CA Bar, and the other 4 plaintiffs will get a good taste of what happens when they hitch their wagons to a lunatic like Orly Taitz.   

Funny thing is that I’ve yet to see any response at all to this from the Great Birfer Queen, defender of lies, gossip and hearsay herself.  Maybe she’s been too busy to notice with all her other delusional crusades. She’s still fighting and hurling accusations of fraud and corruption in every direction in the recent CA Senate primary because she lost that too, and of course if it hadn’t been for fraud she would have won.

She’s also RE-RE-RE (I forget how many REs) appealing her long lost “Taitz v Astrue” case. Because you see, even though Shuriff Joe wouldn’t give her a daffydavit to use in her court cases, he did give one to another birfer lawyer in Florida. So Orly stole it, or downloaded off the Internet to use herself (without his permission) as yet even more “new evidence” against the dreaded criminal usurper Barack Obama, or whatever she says his name really is in her continuing attempt to access President Obama’s SS records.

On June 27th she posted on her website that she had filed an ethics complaint with the House Of Representatives Ethics Committee against Nancy Pelosi for (what else) Fraud on the Court, Elections Fraud, Aiding and Abetting use of Forged Documents, Signing a Fabricated/Altered document, and of course Treason. 

On June 28th she posted on her website another call for sedition.

WOW. 360 degrees turn. Justice Roberts weasels and says that the individual mandate is unconstitutional under the commerce clause, but constitutional as a new tax. Obamacare is declared as a new heavy burden tax on your shoulders! Second American revolution is on the way for the states to secede.
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This is shocking. SCOTUS originally announces that Obamacare is unconstitutional under Commerce clause but at the end rules that it can be considered constitutional as a new heavy burden, new tax on all of us, even though the feds claimed this is not a new tax.
I suspected that Roberts might pull this and prepared a plan B law suit on Obamacare. You will see it shortly. When people will read it they will be screaming: take this burden off my shoulders or I am ready for a revolt. I will be filing it shortly. I will probably change the court though, different rout.     

In addition to all of this, yesterday she posted a draft of her appeal of what she calls her great “Historic Trial” in GA (even though she lost that one to an empty chair) to Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court. After all, she’s done so well appealing to the Supreme Court before, even though she’s lost there every time too.  

One has to wonder how anyone can be such a chronic loser, and not realize they are nothing but exactly that. 

I guess there is just no telling whatever will be next, nothing seems to insane for her so we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Hey, Ms Daisy. I know that Orly has seen the latest filing from the respondents. In her latest filing to the court, I note that she included that she had practiced law for 10 years. I'm guessing she did that because each attorney that submitted a bill for their services indicated how long they had practiced law in Indiana. It is doubtful that they included the number of years they had practiced as some sort of 'bragging' but to further aid the court in determining if their hourly rate was appropriate and fair. But Orly had to add in that she had 10 years of practice along with all of the courts she is admitted to practice law in (the part about the Criminal Court in Hag or where ever it is was meaningless) and then she erroneously adds that she's admitted to practice pro hac vice in other courts when that is clearly false since she was only admitted once and that was for her little 'trial' in Georgia - after which she was not admitted pro hac vice when it came to going to the Superior Court. I don't believe any other court ever admitted her to practice pro hac vice. Judge Land wrote in his opinion for sancitons that he allowed her to argue her case without being admitted and it had been a clear mistake. He just bypassed the requirements. I think the same thing happened in Texas. And being admitted pro hac vice only is for representing a client for one case as long as she also has an attorney that will vouch for her. She's such a f*cking idiot!

    Anyway, I hope that the judge grants the attorney fees and adds in some additional sanctions just for good measure.

    I hate being of the 'any day now' crowd in wishing that Orly would be disbarred. Others say that it won't stop her and that is probably true until she's declared a vexatious litigant. The only good that will come from her being disbarred will be the loss of the ability to tack Esquire to the end of her name and I believe that would hurt Orly more than anything just losing that title.

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