Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Image Of Orly Taitz As Seen By Orly Taitz

Yes folks that’s right, in Orly Taitz’s recently released (creepy) amateur
“video” to support her (laughable) Senate campaign, we finally get a look at how the birfer queen really sees herself. A Warrior Goddess like the planet has never seen!

In the video to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” the name Orly Taitz rolls onto the screen as if it were the premier of a Hollywood mega star production. Ahh her aspirations of fame and glory are really flying here! (Eyes Roll!)


It begins with the usual “corruption” allegations narrated by the one and only “Kenyan Born Obama Acorn” (thank doG there’s only one of those!). In the original version KBOA computerized her voice during the narration, which gave it that really creepy feel, but since she has re-recorded it with her own true voice, which isn’t really much better. The video goes on to compare a photo of Diane Feinstein; arms extended exhibiting the peace sign with both hands with one of Richard Nixon doing the same. It then goes into Orly's big battle with the evil forces of Obama’s massive regime. Which in her grand delusion is trying to take over this country and lock everyone that is not part of the corruption in one of many of Obama’s secret FEMA Gulags to be either re-educated or gassed. It shows a very evil looking photo of the Obama setting fire to the United States Constitution.

It continues showing photos of Orly with people like Eric Canter and Michele Bachmann to demonstrate no doubt how popular she is with the RWNJ’s of the GOP, (all of which in truth run from her like the plague). And more photos of Orly during her many court crusades against “the evil one”. One can only wonder how many more people will be accused of treason, corruption and will then be sued by this fruitcake for some sort of malice in causing her to lose the election once she loses, which of course she will. Because you see if this entire government system of ours weren’t corrupt she would win the election hands down. She knows this as a matter of fact and has said so because she gets more Google hits that DiFi does. So there you have it!

On April 16th it was announced in “The Desert Sun” that Orly was planning a Senate Debate.

"Senate candidates plan debate outside Desert Sun
Posted: April 16th, 2012 | Author: Erica Felci
What’s the best way to make sure your photo op gets noticed by the local media? For some of the U.S. Senate candidates, the new tactic is to hold a debate at The Desert Sun’s doorstep.
Republican Orly Taitz, who is best known for launching the “birther” movement, will join Marsha Feinland, a Peace and Freedom Party candidate, will be on the sidewalk outside of 750 N. Gene Autry Trail on April 24. Other unnamed challengers to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein are being invited as well.
The 10 a.m. event,  announced in a short email over the weekend, is billed as a debate. It will be moderated by Earl Ammerman, who ran for a congressional seat in Nevada.
“The goal of the debate is to bring the story to the media,” the email said."   

The turnout for that debate was observed and photographed by local Obot “ObjectiveDoubter” and you can read the full first hand account of the “big event” “Here” on The Fogbow, but the photo of the entire crowd that was drawn to this big non-event was priceless.

Great job ObjectiveDoubter! It certainly shows exactly how popular the Orly Warrior is as a Senate candidate. (SNORK!)

On the Mississippi front Orly is still trying to keep Obama off the 2012 ballot, just as she has unsuccessfully attempted to do across the country state by state. In Georgia she lost her case to an empty chair, but considered it a great victory, as she was able to spew all of her so called “evidence” into the record unopposed. So of course according to Orly Law because it’s all now part of an “official court record” that validates every single allegation she made. And with Shurif Joe and his cold case posse, (hock, spit, straighten pants) supporting all of her claims as part of a book promotion for Jerome Corsi that makes Obama 100% guilty as charged.

Orly really took her cocky arrogance to a new level in Mississippi once she determined (at least in her mind) that she had been totally vindicated in all of her allegations and that Obama had indeed been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt GUILTY as CHARGED! Well, at least she did until she figured out what she was up against with “The Beglemeister and The Teppernator”. On March 14thshe filed: "Opposition to Motion to dismiss by DPM, motion for sanctions against defendant, motion for leave of court to file first amended complaint and add RICO"  RICO! Wow, big guns. “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations”. In her motion she began with:

"1. In the first section of the motion Defendant Democratic Party of Mississippi boldly asserts “The President was born in the state of Hawaii and thus is a natural born citizen of the United States”. Well, just saying so does not make it so. The whole point of the law suite is that this allegation is totally unsupported.”

Except that it has been supported as fact by multiple officials at the Department of Health in Hawaii. Which really means that there is no point to her lawsuit what so ever. She goes on with her “undeniable proof” of fraud, forgery, and corruption for which she has no actual proof. She calls the Defense’s Motion for sanctions against her for filing frivolous lawsuits, frivolous, and goes on to ask the Court for sanctions against the Defense for harassing her.

Typical S.O.O.P.

Then she goes into her request to add RICO on the grounds of:

Elections fraud, forgery, uttering, obstruction of justice, Social Security fraud, wire fraud, common law fraud, identity theft, treason against the State of MS, and treason against the United States of America.

She names as defendants in this RICO action: 

Obama for America, President Obama (and lists her long line of AKAs), the Democratic Party of MS, Loretta Fuddy – Director of Health in the State of Hawaii, Alvin Onaka - Registrar of the DOHH, Jill Nagamine - Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Robert Bauer and Kathy Ruemmler - White House Counsel, Michael Astrue- Commissioner of Social Security, and Judith Corley - Obama’s personal Attorney.

But this time she isn’t facing an empty chair like she did in Georgia, and Mississippi is not having any of her bullshit. Now she is facing the Defense team of Begley & Tepper who are picking her bones on every incompetent (allegedly) legal argument she attempts to make in the case. With Orly filing that RICO action B&T got the case bumped up from State to Federal Court. This really pissed Orly off because she thinks that all of the Federal Judges are all on Obama’s side, and plus the Judge assigned to the case is… is BLACK ferchrissakes!

On April 24th, the Court responded to Orly’s RICO action and “Ordered” her to file within 20 days a RICO case statement.

“This statement shall include the facts the Plaintiff is relying upon to initiate this RICO complaint as a result of the “reasonable injury” required by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11. This statement shall be in a form which both uses the numbers and letters as set forth below, and states in detail and with specificity the following information:
1 State whether the alleged unlawful conduct is in violation of 18 U.S.C §§ 1962(a), (b), (c), and or (d). 
2 List each Defendant and state the alleged misconduct and basis of liability of each Defendant 
3 List the alleged wrongdoers, other than the Defendant(s) listed above, and state the alleged misconduct of each wrongdoer. 
4 List the alleged victims and state how each victim was allegedly injured.
5 Describe in detail the pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debts alleged for each RICO claim.”   

The instructions continue for two pages, but given that Orly is such a Legal Eagle Konstitutional Skolar I’m sure she won’t have any trouble complying with this order. Her response is due on May 15th. (In two days!) I can’t wait to see her response.

Meanwhile she’s been spinning like a washer with a lopsided load again trying to get the case sent back to State Court, but she doesn’t appear to be getting anywhere. So she decided to go after those dastardly Democratic Defense creeps that are being so mean to her. On May 7th she posted on her website: 

extremely important Bar complaint against attorneys for Democratic party for submitting to court forged documents. Demand for sanctions
Posted on | May 7, 2012 
CIVIL ACTION NO. 3:12cv280-HTW-LRA  which contained documents (motion for a judgment on the Pleadings and Exhibits) , which represent forgeries(long Form Birth Certificate)  (Exhibit 1). Begley and Tepper requested for such forgeries to be accepted by the court for a judicial notice and ruling on the pleadings. Begley and Tepper acted knowingly, with malice and with moral turpitude, with an intent to defraud the court and to defraud the public at large. 

Of course Bar Complaints, if they are to be taken seriously are to be kept confidential if and while the Bar investigates the complaint. Not that this complaint has any legitimate substance at all. But Orly posted it on her website for all the world to see and she sent copies of it to: 

MS US District Judge Henry Wingate, MS Magistrate Linda Anderson, MS Special Judge Coleman, Chief Justice Supreme Court of MS William Waller, the California Bar, MS District Attorney of Hinds County, CA District Attorney Steve Cooley, CA District Attorney Orange County Tony Rackauckas, the MS Disciplinary Committee US District Court Southern District, Inspector General Department of Justice, Public Integrity Unit Department of Justice, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Congressman Lamar Smith House of Representatives, Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, United Nations Committee for Civil Rights Defenders, and the US and International Media.  

I guess she wants to be sure and let the world see how good she’d doing. (Wink, wink)

Well considering that she personally cc’d this complaint to the California Bar, maybe the Bar will finally sit up and take notice of the complete legal incompetence one of their members has been displaying (hopefully to their deep embarrassment) across the country. If not, I have no doubt that Begley and Tepper will see to it that the Bar does take notice, serious notice before it’s all over with. Maybe she’ll even be the one disbarred!

Yea, yea I know…. Any day now….



  1. Oh, this will be a comedy gravy train!

  2. So Begley & Tepper called her bluff and got this bumped up to a Federal court?! Hooo boy...

    I'll bring the popcorn.

  3. Since today is the 15th, will Orly be announcing that she has filed the necessary statement regarding her claims? She is usually ready to tell her followers, the couple dozen that post on her website, all about her work that keeps her up nights. I haven't seen anything except Orly's posting her reply from Feinstein about a debate. She is pissed that she replied with suggested limitations and of course her supporters are up in arms about it. Feinstein is afraid of debating Orly Taitz, that's the problem, according to Orly and her followers.

    1. Well, I assume that it will show up on the court docket if she gets it filed, and yes she will probably post a link on her website. I’m keeping a lookout, but haven’t seen anything so far.

      As for her big obsession with that “letter” from the DiFi campaign? What a putz she is! Someone punked her ass on that and she fell for it hook line and sinker, and whoever it was I give ‘um 10 points on it! She is sooooo narcissistic that that letter went straight to her head and blew her ego up to the moon! LOL! She couldn’t even wait to confirm it before she started boasting about it. Just like she did in 09 with the Kenyan BC. What a stupid shit! LOLOLOL!

    2. I tried to post on there to let her know that she wasn't leading the GOP challengers, that someone named "Not Sure" was, but she wouldn't let it through. She really expects to win not only the primary but the general election. One of her supporters actually gave her good advice (which means she'll never listen to it) about how she needs to show she is a well-rounded candidate and talk about everything but President Obama's eligibility if she wants to be taken seriously. I can't imagine anyone ever taking anything Taitz says or does seriously but it was a sound suggestion, which means there is no way in hell Orly will take her up on it.

      Orly believes it's a legitimate email from Feinstein despite their being no mention of this debate coordinator in conjunction with her nor a website on AOL for Feinstein 2012. She really believes that Sen. Feinstein is afraid to debate her and so do her idiot followers. Damn, she's gullible. I'd have thought that she'd have caught on at least a little bit by now.

  4. So, Tracey. Did you like the article that Wonkette did on your campaign video? I think the words that describe your voice best come from the Badfiction blog and I'll quote:

    "Tracey Fine sounds like she's been smoking asbestos-tipped road flares."

    That's a pretty close description. Frankly, I'm not surprised that you didn't hack up a few loogies during your narration.

    1. Why thank you! Though, to be fair, I did a typo and her name is Tracey Fair.

      She still sounds like she's been smoking asbestos-tipped road flares. At the bottom of coal mine.

  5. So, did the paper send out an photog's to the "debate"? A spectacle taking place right in front of their building might actually get their attention. Maybe? Seems like there are so few people there- I'm curious how many were candidates and how many were just sitting on the benches? Too funny! I don't think I have ever seen a debate quite like that one! Generally you can tell who are the candidates, who is moderator and who is in the audience.

    I can't wait to get the reports of Oily getting to be in a court with a couple of attorney's who have had about enough of her and her shenanigans. I'm sure she will be turned every which way but lose and I would think the judge may not be so easy on her after all the crap she has pulled in other courts and what she has already said about him. It is time someone shuts her down permanently and I wish I could be there to see this one. I will have to rely on all you who so ably keep the rest of us informed. We thank you for all you do.

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