Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Game Is Afoot

Orly Taitz’s eligibility cases in Mississippi and Indiana are shaping up to be quite entertaining. It appears that the team of Begley & Tepper has set the standard for the defense team in Indiana to start calling Orly out on all of her legal stupidity and illegal behavior just like they are doing in the Mississippi ballot challenge. It’s about time too after 4 years of Orly flinging her ridiculous piles of poo at courtroom walls across this country in the hope that something might stick. 

Aside from the tripe she posts on her blog her actual court filings have also been filled for 4 years with blatant lies, admissions of her own criminal activities, which no one until now ever seemed to call her out on. And worst of all her outrageous insults and allegations of criminal wrongdoings against every Judge that has smacked down every case she has ever filed. So far the only Judge to ever strike back at her and her bullshit with any force was Judge Clay Land in GA when he whacked her upside the head with a $20,000 fine.

Now it appears that the time has come for Orly to put up or shut up but unfortunately for her she is not capable of doing either. On March 23rd she filed a “Petition for Emergency Injunctive Relief” in Indiana because everything Orly files in her continued quest to remove Obama from the White House is either an earth shattering emergency, or a DEMAND for immediate attention, err… I mean immediate action.  It was 16 pages of the same ole same ole cut and pasted tripe she’s been cutting and pasting for years. After several back and forth filings on May 21st the Indiana SOS filled “Opposition to Emergency Motion & Reply in Support of Dismissal” where they called her out on all of her legal incompetence, her repeated postings of Obama’s unredacted SSN which is in violation of the law, her complete disregard for Indiana trial rules and statutes, and her continued unauthorized practice of law in the state of Indiana. They also requested sanctions against her. One can only hope the request will be granted. 

The following day Orly flippantly submitted 30 pages of “Subpoenas Prepared for the Signature and Stamp of Judge Reid” Her intended targets of the subpoenas? Most of the elections officials in the State of Indiana, Ken Bennett – Arizona SOS, Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Michael Astrue – Commissioner of the SSA, Alvin Onaka and Loretta Fuddy – of the Hawaii DOH, among others. Of course many of these people are also named in her big RICO case in Mississippi. And what is it she wants form all these people? Why any and all evidence they have regarding Obama’s alleged forged documents and all the supposed fraud he has committed of course. (Eyes Roll!) 

In Mississippi Orly’s May 15th deadline to file her “RICO Case Statement” as ordered by the court came and went and Orly did not, and still has not complied. She did file a “Motion for Stay” on May 16th asking:

“Plaintiff Taitz is seeking a stay on response on the motion for judgment on the pleadings, to stay response to the RICO questioner and any further proceedings, pending on motion to remand due to lack of jurisdiction in Federal court and pending an answer from the rest of the defendants.” 

She is still trying her best to get the case remanded back to State Court. She’s also now using the excuse that because she is expecting a ruling in her favor in the appeal of Taitz v Astrue, that the RICO case against Astrue will be resolved and she will be granted access to President Obama’s social security records after which she can voluntarily dismiss him from the RICO action. What is really rich is that she even submitted as “evidence” her “Senate Campaign Video” where she asks for donations and presents video footage of what she calls her “Historic Trial” in GA. A case she views as the greatest victory of her quest so far, but where in reality she lost miserably to an empty chair. But hay, she got to present her evidence completely “unopposed” and by Gawd she wants everyone to know about it! Well her claim of imminent victory in Taitz v Astrue was shot to shit on Friday May 25th when her appeal was “Denied” by the court as expected. Friday was actually a double bitch-slap for Orly as her appeal in Taitz v Ruemmler was also “Denied”. Orly responded on her blog as usual….   

"Corruption personified! 3 judges of the Court of Appeals decide that there is no public interest in knowing, whether the President of the US and Commander in Chief is a criminal using a stolen Social Security number from a state, where he never resided. These judges should be prosecurted together with Obama for aiding and abetting SSA fraud and possibly treason
Posted on | May 25, 2012 | No Comments"

I swear this woman has some kind of mental block or something. It as if she just cannot or will not accept the fact that nothing she has ever alleged against Obama or anyone else for that matter has ever been proven, nor will it. And how the hell she expects a Federal Court of law to accept her homemade campaign video of a case she LOST as actual proof of anything other than her complete legal incompetence is beyond me. She would have a better chance at proving water isn’t wet than she will ever have proving that any of her delusional allegations against Obama have even the slightest hint of truth. Yet in that cranial vacuum of hers she somehow believes that all of it is absolute gospel. She believes this so much so that she is now not only attempting to sue Gawd and everyone else under this RICO action, but she is also publicly threatening anyone else who defies or crosses her with criminal charges.  

Arizona’s SOS Ken Bennett who recently jumped into the birfer cesspool by publicly asking the Hawaii DOH to confirm that Obama was indeed born there was another of her latest targets of threats when he announced that his question had been satisfactorily answered and the issue had been resolved. Following that announcement on May 24th Orly posted on her website a copy of the letter she sent to SOS Bennett in response to his dismissing birther claims. 

My response to the e-mail from the Secretary of State of AZ, Ken Bennett
Posted on | May 24, 2012 | No Comments
“My name is Orly Taitz. I am an attorney, who is challenging Barack Obama in several states and came very close to removing him from the ballot in the state of GA during primary, I will renew my challenge in the general election there and I brought challenges in other states. In MS and IN the legal challenges include Secretaries of States. I am placing you on notice of flagrant forgery in Barack Obama’s birth certificate, selective service certificate and his fraudulent use of CT Social Security number XXX-XX-XXX, which was never assigned to him according to e-verify.” 
“As a Secretary of state you are in charge of assuring lawful elections, free of fraud. If, while possessing this knowledge of fraud and forgery, you allow Mr. Obama on the ballot, you are at the very minimum violating your fiduciary duty as a Secretary of State in failing to assure lawful elections, at the maximum you are criminally complicit.” 

(SSN redacted by me of course)

Maybe this recent surge in arrogant cockiness of hers has blossomed from her years of running roughshod through the courts without ever being held to account for all of her outrageous actions. Maybe it’s just a desperate (yet pitiful) attempt to play “competent lawyer” in the face of this new game of hardball “real” lawyers have initiated that she is nowhere near competent enough to play, who knows? But the fact is that she is now being called out on all of her bullshit and it’s hopefully time for her to start paying the piper.  Begley and Tepper are continuing to pick her bones on every last defect of every word she files, on not following court orders, and they are also perusing sanctions against her. If MS and IN are successful in their pursuit of sanctions, together they could make Judge Land’s $20,000 look like chicken feed.

So all we do now is sit back and watch as Orly continually digs herself into a hole that she will likely never get out of. And at the rate she is currently going she must be digging that hole with a gas-powered auger. 

Popcorn… Check
Beer…….. Check

Champaign… On ice!


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  2. Orly will double down on all fronts. Why?
    Because now that Begley & Tepper and others are playing hardball, she sees it as a sign that she's getting close to the Holy Grail of Irrefutable Proof she's been seeking these past four years.

    It's going to be a very, very ugly train wreck.

    1. Yep, ugly indeed, but it's going to be fun to watch! :)

  3. In crazy Orlyworld, she dreams of the day, in fact, ANY DAY NOW, she will depose President Obama, demanding his "papers"! She comes out victoriously as Barack Soetoro Soebarkah NOT Obama is frogmarched out of court or better yet, (remember it's Orly's dream) out of the White House while Orly's supporters demand she run for President. The SC overturns the requirements for President, allowing naturalized citizens to run and Orly wins!

    In reality, Orly is removed from the courtroom in cuffs as she screams at the top of her lungs that she is going to add the judge to her RICO proceedings for ruling against her. She's sanctioned $100k and she'll end up paying out of her pocket because despite her claims of millions of supporters, her stupid Senate campaign has only raised $13k. Please, whatever happens, let's see Orly shut up for good.

    Thanks for keeping us informed, love your recaps.

  4. I am placing you on notice of flagrant forgery in Barack Obama’s birth certificate,

    Oh MG! It is nw a FLAGRANT forgery instead of just some regular old run of the mill forgery.

    Orly, she nevah disappoints...

  5. AKRNHSNC - Don't you think it would be more appropriate that Orly is removed from the courtroom in a straight-jacket?

  6. Silly... one can't put a crooked lawyer in a straight jacket.

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