Sunday, January 29, 2012

Boots On The Ground In Georgia

On Wednesday Jan 26th my husband and I took a road trip to Atlanta to watch the Georgia birther carnival side show in person. I turned out to be a trip IMO well worth taking. We met up with other Fogbow Obots for dinner on Wednesday night and then met up again to attend the hearing together on Thursday morning.

My first impression was the extent of security they had in place. It made me think that they had no clue what may happen but intended to be ready for anything. We had to go through security screening and a metal detector to enter the outer room of the courtroom. We were asked the purpose of our presence there and we told them we were there as observers. Once inside and seated I realized that I should have made a pit stop before coming in, so I left my bag inside and went to find the bathroom. It was of course outside the screening area. (Figures.)

There were about 6 cops at the screening area, and probably 6 more good-sized men in suits standing around in the room behind them looking very official standing tall and alert with their hands folded in front of them. I was directed back through the scanner and down the hall. As I went out there were two cops posted every 6 feet along the hall all the way to the bathroom, which was back by the elevators where we’d come in. Each one pointing me on as I passed each corner to the destination they correctly assumed I was headed for. When I got there I commented to one of the officers that that was the first time I had ever had a police escort to the bathroom, and he chuckled. When I’d made my way back to the screening room the officer that had given me directions saw me and waved me around those still waiting to be screened.

The courtroom was buzzing with chatter as most people seemed to be trying to identify all the other people there, as well as lots of handshaking. There was a big man with a white beard walking around the front of the room and the reporter sitting on the isle side of our row asking if anyone knew who he was. We all shrugged. Well, all but our shy Obot Rikker who lifted a finger and smiled. He then stood up and walked down front and asked the man whom he was. The man in question was David Weldon, plaintiff in the first case.

One significant absence in the courtroom was Obama’s attorney Mr. Jablonski. He had asked the SOS to withdraw the case the day before basically claiming that the Judge had already let this thing get blown out of proportion. After Judge Malihi (for unknown reasons other than wild ass speculation) denied Obama’s defense attorney’s motion to dismiss the case, and denied his motion to quash Orly’s subpoena Orly started screeching I WON I WON before the case ever began. In Jablonski’s letter (that can be read in its entirety “Here”  at Jack Ryan’s Scribd) he concluded with:

“We await your taking the requested action, and as we do so, we will, of course, suspend further participation in these proceedings, including the hearing scheduled for January 26.”

Unfortunately the SOS declined to withdraw the complaint (which can also be read in its entirety at Jack’s “Here” ) and he wrote:

“In following the procedures set forth in the Georgia Election Code, I expect the administrative law judge to report his findings to me after his full consideration of the evidence and law. Upon receipt of the report, I will fully and fairly review the entire record and initial decision of the administrative law judge. Anything you and your client place in the record in response to the challenge will be beneficial to my review of the initial decision; however, if you and your client choose to suspend your participation in the OSAH proceedings, please understand that you do so at your own peril.”

When Orly made her grand entrance she swooped down the isle and seated herself, fiddling around with something I couldn’t see. She started scanning the room to see who was there, and possibly who wasn’t. Then she stood up and actually started re-arranging people asking one woman to move somewhere else. I think she may have been looking for Jablonski, hoping that he would not show up after all because then she would have the entire show to her self without objecting from the other side. Which is exactly what happened to her utter delight.

Before the hearing began the Judge’s assistant came out into the courtroom and called all the attorneys to the Judges chambers. They were in there for about 20-30 minutes before returning to the courtroom. Orly looked very happy when she came back in and immediately when to her side of the room and had a huddle with her little group.

The first case began and Mr. Weldon took the stand. Of note here is that the first exhibit entered in the first case by Mr. Weldon as Obama’s birth certificate that he claimed he had downloaded from the White House website. The purpose for submitting this was to prove that Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth. Not that that had ever actually been questioned. But it was also evidence that Obama had in fact been born in Hawaii. They also submitted a copy of Obama’s book “Dreams of my Father” that they claimed also proved that Obama acknowledged that his father was born in Kenya.

The entire case presented by Mr. Weldon’s attorney Van Irion was based on the claim that Obama could not possibly be a natural born citizen because his father was not a citizen. They claimed that in order to be a NBC a person would be required to have 2 citizen parents, which of course is not true, but never did they dispute the fact that Obama had been born in Hawaii.

The second case was pretty much the same as the first. The plaintiffs in the second case were Carl Swenson and Kevin Powell, both represented by attorney J. Mark Hatfield. They presented their interpretations of why they believed that because Obama’s father was not a citizen that Obama was merely a “Native” citizen and not a Natural Born Citizen and therefore could not qualify to be on the ballot for POTUS. But just like in the first case they never disputed the fact that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Then it was Tin-Foil-Taitz’s turn. An interesting event that took place as soon as Orly got up was that all three plaintiffs and their two attorneys from the first two cases got up and all left the courtroom. It was very much as if they had said all they had come to say and wanted no part of the circus they knew Orly was about to present.

As Orly began introducing herself and her client the judge stopped her and said that he would only give her 2 hours to present her case. In one of the documents Orly filed prior to the hearing she had claimed that she would need 10 hours, so I guess the Judge was not willing to let her rant for nearly that long. I think this is what threw her off because after that she seemed to be hurrying along cutting corners and making less and less sense as she went. In the first two cases both lawyers questioned their clients about the issues they were seeking to address. When Orly’s client took the stand she asked him one question. “Are you a registered voter?” He answered, “yes I am” and she excused him from the bench.

This proves another point about this mad quest of Orly’s. She has no interest in actually “representing” the interests of any client; to her a client is nothing but a necessity that is required for her to be able to push her case against Obama. The only thing she was interested in was having the chance to “prosecute” Obama on all the charges she believes him guilty of. She even stated before the trial that she would finally be “bringing Obamafraudgate to trial”. As well as the fact that to my knowledge (or memory) she never stated one issue that her “client” was specifically attempting to address, but ranted the entire time on the same ole same ole shit she has been trying to argue all along.

When Orly first got started with her case she actually turned her back on the Judge and apparently intended to play to the audience and the cameras. The Judge cut her off right there and told her to address the court, not the audience. Judge Malihi called Orly out several times during her “show” asking “how is that relevant and saying I don’t think that’s relevant, and I don’t need to see that, just put it in your brief.

Orly brought up her experts who testified about layers on the birth certificate and she did her best to lead them into saying what she wanted they to say. She brought up her investigators who testified to identity and social security fraud, and she even brought up Linda Jordan, the woman who frequently posed as Obama’s employer and ran his SSN through E-verify, who testified under oath that she had done exactly that.

Orly had her usual miles of exhibits on her computer projected on the wall, but since her time had been shortened from 10 hours to 2 she was extremely flustered trying to get back and forth to the ones she wanted. She spent quite a lot of time directing whoever was driving her computer saying, “up, up, up. No, down, go back, there, no go back, no up more.

I still don’t know what she was trying to prove here but she had 2 pictures up and it was difficult to see, but I think they were both supposed to be of young Obama. She said one was Barry Soetoro in Indonesia, and the other Barry Obama in Hawaii as if they were two separate people and said that we didn’t even know which one was which. I guess suggesting that the one we got wasn’t really the real Obama.

When she was jabbering about Obama hiding his true identity the Judge asked her if she was testifying or arguing she put her hand up and said she would like to testify and made her way up front to be sworn in. Everyone laughed. She didn’t last long on the stand before the judge told her to save it for her brief and get on with the closing arguments.

In her closing statement she did ask the Judge to hold Obama and Jablonski in contempt of court for not showing up, and asked him for the letters rogatory. She said that she had tried to get Hawaii and the SSA to produce the original documents but was unsuccessful.

That was pretty much the whole story, other than the fact that as soon as the court cleared she bellied up in front of the cameras to give her all-important interviews.

I guess we’ll now have to wait to see what Orly and the others put in the briefs they are to submit to the Judge by Feb 1st. And how this Judge will respond. I seriously doubt given all the hoopla from birfers that they have already won and Obama will not be on the GA ballot, that this Judge can legitimately do anything other then telling them all to FOAD. There was certainly nothing that Orly presented that had shit to do with anything other than wild ass speculation and hearsay. And the other two cases that focused only on the claim that you need two citizen parents to be a NBC have zero chance of holding water either.

So I guess we’ll find out next week. They are all sailing pretty high right now. I hope it doesn't hurt too badly when they ultimately come crashing down. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

President Obama Makes Fun Of Birthers

You’ve just got to love this man! The funniest thing is that birthers somehow believe that they have Obama “running scared”. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Happy Birthday Betty!

Obama 2012 WooHoo!

Monday, January 16, 2012

January’s Birthapoluza

Sorry for my neglect on updating the January 6th (as predicted) DENIAL of Orly’s Hawaiian court case. I’ve been busting my ass busy lately and sometimes real life has to take precedence over birfing, regardless of how much fun birfing can be. “Reality Check”  posted a link in the comments on the Betting on Birthers post to his radio show after the hearing and it was a great show. Mikedunford who reported on the case discussed all the batshitery that went on during the hearing and if you missed the link, click “Here”  to listen. Thanks for the link RC! We also have a link to the actual “Court Transcript”  of the hearing at Jack Ryan’s Scribd.

According to Mike the January 6th hearing was to address Orly’s "Emergency motion/request for the court to docket "Amended motion for rehearing" which was received by the clerk of court on 11.21.2011 by certified mail, but never docketed and never given to the judge". But as far as Orly was concerned that was old news and she had new stuff of greater importance to attend to. Orly seems to have quite a bit of difficulty keeping track of what she is doing, and in her addled brain all of her “cases” run together, regardless of which court or what state it’s in, or which delusion it has to do with. It’s all the same to her, so it’s going to take some jumping around to try and explain it all.

First jumping back to the Georgia ballot challenge for a moment, in December while poking around in the court system’s website Orly came across a subpoena that could be downloaded by lawyers and it was already pre-stamped with a Judges signature. This subpoena was there as a connivance for “real” lawyers so they wouldn’t have to run to a Judge every time they needed one. Well she downloaded one. She then used this “Georgia Subpoena” to subpoena Loretta Fuddy, Director of Health of the state of Hawaii, commanding her to appear as a witness in her GA case as well as commanding her to produce the “original typewritten 1961 birth certificate for Virginia Sunahara, born 8/4/1961, deceased 8/5/1961” and requiring her to be available for “pre-trial deposition”. Because of course Orly believes this baby that was born and died at the time Obama was born might be the one that Obama’s BC was stolen from, or some such shit.

After Orly issued that GA subpoena to Loretta Fuddy she realized that she would need the Hawaiian court to back her up and force Fuddy to comply, which they won’t, so on December 29th she submitted a “Motion for Reciprocal Subpoena Enforcement and Motion to Hear in Conjunction with Motion for Rehearing” , thinking that since all this shit runs together anyway she might as well kill two birds with one stone. Except for the fact that the court was not interested in running all her shit together and not only denied her Motion for Rehearing, but also denied her request to hear the Motion for Reciprocal Subpoena Enforcement at the hearing telling her that she would have to come back yet again to address the subpoena. Trouble was that the subpoena hearing had already been added to the court schedule through the due process when it was received and the date it landed on was January 26th, the same day as the GA hearing. (Which of course Orly thought was a plot against her)

Well she had a cow over that and almost immediately filed a motion to hurry this along because she needed that subpoena enforced in time for that GA hearing because the whole Georgia thing has now become her primary focus. That motion was granted and the subpoena hearing was rescheduled to January 13th. On January 12th as Orly was taking yet another flight back to Hawaii, defendant’s attorney Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine filed her “Opposition to Plaintiff’s Motion for Reciprocal Subpoena Enforcement”  which included the fact that they not only intended to seek sanctions against Orly Taitz but intended to have her declared a “vexatious litigator”. (WooHoo!)

When Orly arrived in Hawaii and discovered this she went off. She posted:

“Update. Corruption in the state of HI does not know limits
Posted on January 13, 2012
I just arrived in HI and checked my e-mails. Deputy attorney general Nagamine represents a pinnacle of corruption of a governmental official. Not only she refuses to comply with the subpoena, but she claims that my demand for the original birth certificate is frivolous and that the judge should charge me the cost of all the hearings and deem me a vexatious litigant, not allowed to bring any more actions in HI without leave of court.
She completely disregarded the fact, that judge Malihi ordered Obama to stand trial on January 26 and prove his eligibility, that eligibility is the essence of the case and the birth certificate is the most important evidence. The level of corruption in the state of HI is unprecedented in human history.”

Again we see the typical accusations of “unprecedented corruption” that she hurls at everyone that dares to defy her. Not to mention that her claim of Judge Malihi in GA ordering Obama to stand trial is complete bullshit. He didn’t order squat. When she downloaded that pre-stamped subpoena from the GA court’s website she went completely mad with it. It seems that when Judge Malihi denied Obama’s motion for dismissal in the GA ballot challenge, Orly believed that made her a winner that magically placed her into discovery and could subpoena anyone anywhere she wanted. In fact I think the count is up to 22 or 23 subpoenas that she has fraudulently represented as being issued by the Judge.
But more about that later, she went on:

“What Nagamine does is criminal, it is a violation of the civil rights of my clients and my civil rights under a color of authority. She is using a color of authority, her position as the deputy attorney general to cover up forgery, elections fraud, obstruct justice and on top of that she is harassing me and attempting to intimidate me under the color of authority.
This woman belongs in prison for what she is doing to me, to my clients and to the whole country.
She belongs in prison together with Obama and Fuddy and a number of others. This regime will not last forever. These people will be prosecuted. It remains to be seen on which side of history the judge will be: will the judge aid and abet this forgery and obstruct justice or will she uphold the law and the constitution and will fight crime in the White House and in the office of Attorney General of Hawaii.”

It just bites her ass to be called out or defied. The following video of the court case on the 13th shows how accurate “Mikedunford’s accounts”  of her antics are on The Fogbow.

Orly Taitz 1-13-12 Honolulu, Georgia Subpoena Denied by “Patriot films”

I was unable to embed the video, so click on the link to view. In the event you do not want to sit through the entire video the highlights can be found at the following minute marks.
21:00 mark Nagamine gives opposition.
27:00 mark Nagamine discusses intent for sanctions, court costs and having Taitz declared a vexatious litigator.
32:27 mark Nagamine concluded and Taitz gets to speak asking for sanctions against Nagamine for public corruption and went on to claim that the AG’s office must be part of some kind of criminal enterprise for even suggesting that “she” be sanctioned.
43:00 mark the Judge denies Taitz’s motion.

With no intention of sitting still for this, when Taitz got back home from Hawaii she posted on her website a letter she claims to have sent to Attorney Nagamine:

“sent to Deputy Attorney General of HI Jill Nagamine
Posted on January 15, 2012 
Subpoena Fuddy GA January 26
Miss Nagamine,
out of abundance of caution I am serving you yet again with a subpoena for your client to appear at trial on January 26 and for pretrial deposition.
Please, be advised, that I will be seeking sanctions against you, if you do not cease and desist your meritless attacks on me and your continuing defamation of my character in that you are seeking for me to pay your costs in defending forgery and elections fraud by your officials and your requests for judge Nishimura to label me a vexatious plaintiff in the state of HI after bringing only 1 legal action in the state of HI, which is not frivolous, but a legitimate action of seeking inspection of an original document in light of an alleged copy, as well as and my service of subpoena for your client to appear at trial and for pretrial depositions. I will be reporting your actions and actions of your clients to the Oversight committee of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, as well as the Inspector General of the Department of Justice for criminal investigation of violation of civil rights under color of authority, harassment of a civil rights attorney, defamation, obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting forgery and elections fraud.”

In other words Orly is threatening Attorney Nagamine with sanctions and criminal charges if she persists in perusing sanctions against her. A kind of “Fuck with me bitch and I’ll make you pay” kind of thing. I seriously doubt Ms Nagamine is the slightest bit intimidated, and I hope she will add this ethics violation to her sanctions request and hopefully report it to the CA Bar. Following that letter Orly then posted on her website a call to all the flying monkeys to “Please, file a criminal complaint and send it certified mail or FEDEX to grand juries. ...” So if the letter doesn’t piss Ms Nagamine off, all the flying monkey calls certainly should.

Jumping back once again to the Georgia case, it seems that Orly has now placed all her eggs in this one basket. Now there is a proper protocol for having an out of state subpoena enforced, but you have to go through the Georgia court to do that, a step Orly neglected to take which is of course why her GA subpoenas are totally worthless. But that pre-signed subpoena she downloaded has sent her spiralling out of control and she has issued out of state copies of it, under the guise of them all actually being ordered by the court to the following people:
1. Felicito Papa
2. Douglas Vogt
3. Christopher Strunk
4. Linda Jordan
5. John Sampson
6. Susan Daniels
7. Loretta Fuddy
8. Alvin Onaka
9. Custodian of records Associated Press
10 Custodian of records US State Department
11. Custodian of records Department of Homeland Security
12. Custodian of Records Social Security Administration
13. Custodian of Records/ Registrar Occidental College
14. Custodian of Records Columbia University
15. Custodian of Records Harvard University
16. Custodian of Records Punahoa school
17. Scott Inoui
18 Custodian of records Assissi school Jakarta, Indonesia
19. Robert Bauer
20. Judith Corley
21 Tatan Suyflana
22 Barack Obama

In state she has issued one to Special Agent Derrick Jackson of the GA DOHHS to bring records and report on any and all methods of authenticating birth certificates and fraud and forgery detection in birth certificates. I do believe this will be the biggest circus Georgia has ever seen. Not that most of these people will actually comply with her bogus subpoenas, and those that do (at Orly’s expense) will likely not even have the chance to testify.

The actual issue at hand in Georgia is a challenge of Obama’s eligibility to be on the 2012 elections ballot, and all of Orly’s batshittery aside, Obama has met all the requirements. If at the hearing Obama’s lawyer presents a certified copy of Obama’s COLB, a legal and official document that proves Obama was born in Hawaii and is eligible that will be the end of Orly’s entire case. The Judge will accept it and Orly’s head will probably explode.

My predictions:

Orly Taitz will lose this Georgia case on Jan 26th just like she’s lost every single case she’s ever filed against Obama, and she will likely show her ass as usual in the process.
Obama will not show up.
She will hurl accusations of criminal cover-ups and corruption at every official in Georgia, just as she has in every other case.
She will be sanctioned, fined and declared a vexatious litigator in Hawaii.
The California Bar will be notified of sanctions.
Her request for sanctions and criminal charges against Jill Nagamine will be denied.

But it will all be fun to watch, so stay tuned!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Betting On Birthers

Betting on a birther court case is about like betting on a horse race that has already been run. Considering the 100% total loss rate of every case ever filed it’s not hard to see that the predictable loss of any future case they file is pretty much 100% guaranteed. Especially when they continually refile the same ole same ole cut and pasted pile of poo that has been thrown out over and over again. So the only thing you can really bet on is not if they will lose, but how badly they will lose and how much of a fool they will make of themselves in the process.

On December 27th 2011 Orly Taitz posted on her website, “Update on 6 legal actions against Obama”, which will of course add 6 more losses to the pile. The first one she lists is “Taitz v Fuddy”, scheduled for this afternoon January 6th. This will be for her “Emergency Motion for Rehearing” on a case that was she lost 2 months ago. That’s another sure bet when it comes to Orly Taitz, everything is an emergency, and every time she loses a case she will refile it to death as she hurls accusations fraud and corruption at every one in her path.

This case should be especially fun. Orly has her drawers all in a knot over this one because Deputy Attorney General Nagamine of the state of Hawaii has grown tired of her frivolous time wasting and filed an “Opposition to this Emergency Motion”  on 12/16/11 outlining her complete legal incompetence. Also making note of all of Orly’s previous failures in every court she’s been in and Orly’s threat that if this court defies her they will be “criminally complicit of various crimes”. Something else Orly does on a regular basis.

But the best part is that Attorney Nagamine has also asked the court to find that all of Orly’s “claims and motions are frivolous and not supported by the facts and the law.” Which of course is true, and I’m going to bet that this request is granted and not only will Orly be tossed out on her ear, but she will be sanctioned and fined for all the court costs she has generated since she began this assault on Hawaii.

It’s not as if Attorney Nagamine didn’t warn Orly that if she continued wasting the courts time with this BS that they would seek sanctions. And the truth is unless they do they will be wasting court time and resources till the cows come home because nothing else is likely to keep Orly Taitz out of Hawaiian courts.

The second case Orly lists in her “update” is her challenge in Georgia to keep Obama off the 2012 election ballot. Another future fail scheduled for January 26th 2012, and this one may be as much fun as the Hawaiian one today. On January 3rd Orly posted on her website:

“This is particularly sweet, as it is happening in GA, where judge Clay D. Land maligned me so badly and attacked me with $20,000 of sanctions in order to silence me, to stop me from challenging Obama. Judge Land was sending a message to other attorneys and intimidating them, de facto telling them, “you dare to go after Obama, raise the issue of his forged birth certificate and invalid Social Secrity number, establishment will attack you and sanction you, just like attorney Taitz””

Actually the sanctions were because Orly Taitz is a complete legal incompetent that doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground.

And it’s true the Judge did “deny the motion to dismiss” , but not for the reasons Taitz thinks. It seems that Orly is not the only birther making this ballot challenge in GA, and on December 20th 2011 the court issued an “order lumping them all together.” This didn’t sit well with the other birthers who have finally realized that Orly Taitz and that large zibits display that she hauls from court to court with her so-called evidence of SS fraud and BC forgeries is a hopeless cause. Not that the other birthers have a snowballs chance in hell of winning either, but it seems that they do NOT want to be associated with a known batshit crazy chronic loser like Taitz. So on December 30th 2011 they submitted a “Motion for Severance and Separate Hearing.” 

The Court’s denial of Obama’s motion to dismiss basically stated that under the Georgia Election Code candidates do have to be qualified for the office that they seek, and even though Obama is already the POTUS, he is also a candidate, and since his eligibility is being challenged lets just have the friggin hearing and get it over with. Of course the birferverse went nutziod over this thinking that they are finally going to be frog marching Obama out of the White House in handcuffs straight to prison for the rest of his life.

Now, Obama’s lawyers will be the ones to have to prove that Obama does indeed meet the eligibility requirements to be on the Georgia ballot, and they will. How? Well, all they have to do is exactly the same thing that any other candidate would have to do and that is to present a copy of his COLB from the state of Hawaii. The court will accept it, dismiss the case and Orly Taitz’s head will probably explode right then and there!

That will of course be followed by Orly hurling accusations of fraud, corruption, and the Judge caving to judicial intimidation by Obot Thugs. Which is her standard reply in all of her cases.

But it may be worth a ride to Georgia to watch. She will already be on the warpath because of her Hawaiian sanctions and will probably make the biggest fool of herself yet.

January 2012 is going to be a real Birthapalooza! I’ll update the outcome of the Hawaiian case after it’s conclusion this afternoon. Fogbow Obots will be there to report the fun!