Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet Orly Taitz’s Latest Client

Of all the bizarre and down right stupid things Orly Taitz has done in her quest for fame, uh... I mean her quest to “frog march” President Obama out of the White House and have him and the rest of the entire U.S. Government tried for treason, teaming up with this latest “Client” of hers has got to take the cake! From her claptrap of a website she posted this “Press Release” under this heading: (all spelling her own as usual) 

Breakinf news: Obama challenge with perfect standing and the most comprehensive challenge with 14 causes of action, 30 defendants (among them representatives of the media) 109 pp of pleadings and 154 pages of exhibits was filed today 
Posted on | September 10, 2012 

Press release
Law offices of Orly Taitz

A challenger with the most perfect standing is represented by Attorney Orly Taitz. Keith Judd ran against Barack Obama in W.V. and got 40% in the Democratic party primary. Today Attorney Orly Taitz filed a legal challenge to Obama on behalf of Keith Judd, who has a perfect standing, as number of other parties.
This is the most comprehensive elections challenge to date with 109 pages of pleadings and 154 exhibits, 30 defendants, 14 causes of action. A number of media networks and news men were named as defendants as well in causes of action for defamation and Racketeering scheme to defraud the Plaintiffs ans to defraud the nation and aid and abet Obama to get on the ballot with forged IDs and a stolen SSN. Among media networks are: CNN, MSNBC, Clear Channel and others

More information will be provided tomorrow
End of press release 

Who the hell is Keith Judd you ask? Well, meet Keith Judd who according to the “Washington Post” ran against Obama in West Virginia for President, but who is also serving a 17½-year prison sentence in a Federal Prison in Texas for extortion. 

And here’s a bit of a run down on this latest “client” of hers from “The Daily Beast”   


Keith Judd, according to his apparently self-submitted profile on VoteSmart.org, is a Rastafarian/Christian Democrat whose education allegedly includes degrees from a number of universities, including the University of California, Los Alamos, and the University of New Mexico; he also claims to have “attended” Harvard’s “John F. Kennedy School of Politics” in 1998. He’s been involved in a number of organizations, including something called the Homeless People’s Voting Rights Association and the little-known (and unsearchable) Federation of Superheroes. He claims to be the son of actress Lillian Russell (Russell died in 1922; Judd says he was born in 1958), names Richard Nixon as his favorite president, and lists “ESP, Telling the Future” among his special talents. His favorite website is Google. Judd says that in addition to his current presidential bid, he’s run for commander in chief four other times, mayor of Albuquerque twice, and governor of New Mexico once.
Missing from Judd’s lengthy online biography, however, is the fact that this presidential primary candidate doesn’t actually live in West Virginia, but in a low- security federal prison in Texarkana, Texas. 


Now I know after watching Orly’s antics over the last 4 years that nothing is beneath her, she has lied to the courts repeatedly; she has called for armed rebellion against this country by the military, an act of treason on it’s own. She has also slandered and accused everyone and every entity in this country of fraud, treason, and corruption that has not swooned at her feet praising her demented delusions as gospel. In 4 years of trying she and every scrap of her “so-called” evidence has been thrown out of every court she has ever stepped into, and she’s about to be handed her ass twice more this month in Indiana and Mississippi. But digging up inmates from federal penitentiaries with the blatant mental defects this guy has makes it pretty obvious that she is no more competent that those she so proudly represents, something most of us have known for some time now.

How in the world is it that this woman is still allowed to freely clog the court systems in this country with such tripe when she cannot even distinguish delusion from reality. Is it pity? Has she not been disbarred, or even declared a vexatious litigant because the courts can clearly see she’s quite a few bricks shy of a load and they pity her? Reading her copious court fillings that are nothing but cut and pasted copies of her delusional evidence with few alterations, it’s obvious to anyone that she has no grasp on reality. I attended her court hearing in Georgia and heard her first hand claim that Obama was really two different people and that we don’t even know which one of him we actually have in the White House.

The courts need to put a stop to this insanity of allowing her to continue to run through the court systems in this country (for 4 years now) like the Red Queen screeching “Off with Their Heads” at everyone in her path. Maybe between Mississippi and Indiana the pity Judges have shown for the Mad Russian so far (if that’s what it is) will turn into a little “tough love” in the form of sanctions and vexatious litigant status. One can only hope!

Though at this point I don’t think anything short of a straight jacket and a padded room will stop her. I mean for Gawd’s sake, her latest client who she claims has “perfect standing” in a case she calls “the most comprehensive yet” is a guy who claims he was born in 1958 to a woman that died in 1922, who is a member of the “Federation of Superheroes” and is gifted in “ESP and Telling the Future”. Not to mention who is also locked up in a Federal Prison doing a 17+ year sentence! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Orly Taitz Practicing Dentistry Without A License?

Apparently that is exactly the case according to the “California Dental Board”

Licensee Name:
License Type:
License Number:
License Status:
Expiration Date:
August 31, 2012
Issue Date:
October 13, 1989

STE 100

The definition of Incomplete Renewal states:

“Status Definition
Renewal fees have been paid, however, licensee has not complied with fingerprint requirement. Licensee not permitted to practice.”

Clerical error? Probably not, but possible I guess. Could it be that Orly has reservations about being fingerprinted, or did she just screw up her dental license renewal the same way she screws up everything else?  Either way I would warn any potential patients who have had the courage to let her anywhere near their mouth even with a license to check the status of that license before going back.

This has been a public service safety announcement… Snork!

According to raicha at TFB a call to the California Dental Board confirmed that Orly Taitz has until August 31 to submit her fingerprints and can still practice until then. 

Carry on.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Orly Taitz Caught Red Handed Lying To The Court

In the midst of Orly Taitz’s latest surge of crazy, Indiana seems to have dealt her quite a nice bitch slap. Her ballot challenge case in Indiana where she first claimed to be just a witness, and then filed as a plaintiff after being denied Pro Hac Vice to act as an attorney was heard on June 12th. It like all of her cases was dismissed. Obot Legal Lohengrin was there in the courtroom to give a first hand account of actual proceedings, as there is no point listening to Orly’s version of events if facts are what you are after. His entire report can be read “Here” on The Fogbow. The hearing was also discussed at length on RC Radio later that night and you can listen that show “Here”. Lots of good stuff there! 

Here’s a snip from LL’s report, but it’s worth a look to read the whole thing:

In preliminary matters, the court announced the hearing concerned the 3/23 petition for declaratory and injunctive relief and three defendant motions of 4/16, the objection to Taitz's appearance, the IEC's motion to dismiss, and the motion for sanctions, as well as Orly's motion for stay under the AOPA. Judge Reid explained that any motions received after her order setting the hearing were not on the table today and would be addressed at a future hearing. Considering the outcome, that seems unlikely, but with Orly, we can be sure she'll do something else in this case. 

Orly started with an absurd argument that she never received a written order setting these other matters for hearing, and that it was a violation of her due process rights to move forward on anything other than her own injunction hearing. Judge Reid pointed out again that Orly was pro se and not representing anyone else, and that therefore, the other petitioners would have to address the matter individually. They could not represent each other nor could Orly represent them. This was how the rest of the hearing was conducted, although to some extent, it was a charade, as by the end of the hearing, Judge Reid was merely asking whether any of the petitioners had anything to add.  

She told the court repeatedly during the hearing that she never received the “Written Order” issued on May 21st, yet she posted the damn thing on her website on May 25th. A screenshot of that post was used by the SOS as evidence of Orly’s bald faced lie in their “Supplemental Motion for Sanctions” which was filed on June 21st, and tis a thing of beauty too, so it is! The sanctions they request to cover attorney fees from having to waste their time on this nonsense total $9405.00. Divide that amount by the 5 (so-called) plaintiffs, and if granted will cost them $1881.00 each. The best part of that is that the CA Bar requires any attorney sanctioned by a court in an amount of $1000.00 or more to report it to the Bar.  So Orly will have to report her self to the CA Bar, and the other 4 plaintiffs will get a good taste of what happens when they hitch their wagons to a lunatic like Orly Taitz.   

Funny thing is that I’ve yet to see any response at all to this from the Great Birfer Queen, defender of lies, gossip and hearsay herself.  Maybe she’s been too busy to notice with all her other delusional crusades. She’s still fighting and hurling accusations of fraud and corruption in every direction in the recent CA Senate primary because she lost that too, and of course if it hadn’t been for fraud she would have won.

She’s also RE-RE-RE (I forget how many REs) appealing her long lost “Taitz v Astrue” case. Because you see, even though Shuriff Joe wouldn’t give her a daffydavit to use in her court cases, he did give one to another birfer lawyer in Florida. So Orly stole it, or downloaded off the Internet to use herself (without his permission) as yet even more “new evidence” against the dreaded criminal usurper Barack Obama, or whatever she says his name really is in her continuing attempt to access President Obama’s SS records.

On June 27th she posted on her website that she had filed an ethics complaint with the House Of Representatives Ethics Committee against Nancy Pelosi for (what else) Fraud on the Court, Elections Fraud, Aiding and Abetting use of Forged Documents, Signing a Fabricated/Altered document, and of course Treason. 

On June 28th she posted on her website another call for sedition.

WOW. 360 degrees turn. Justice Roberts weasels and says that the individual mandate is unconstitutional under the commerce clause, but constitutional as a new tax. Obamacare is declared as a new heavy burden tax on your shoulders! Second American revolution is on the way for the states to secede.
Posted on | June 28, 2012 | No Comments
This is shocking. SCOTUS originally announces that Obamacare is unconstitutional under Commerce clause but at the end rules that it can be considered constitutional as a new heavy burden, new tax on all of us, even though the feds claimed this is not a new tax.
I suspected that Roberts might pull this and prepared a plan B law suit on Obamacare. You will see it shortly. When people will read it they will be screaming: take this burden off my shoulders or I am ready for a revolt. I will be filing it shortly. I will probably change the court though, different rout.     

In addition to all of this, yesterday she posted a draft of her appeal of what she calls her great “Historic Trial” in GA (even though she lost that one to an empty chair) to Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court. After all, she’s done so well appealing to the Supreme Court before, even though she’s lost there every time too.  

One has to wonder how anyone can be such a chronic loser, and not realize they are nothing but exactly that. 

I guess there is just no telling whatever will be next, nothing seems to insane for her so we'll just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Game Is Afoot

Orly Taitz’s eligibility cases in Mississippi and Indiana are shaping up to be quite entertaining. It appears that the team of Begley & Tepper has set the standard for the defense team in Indiana to start calling Orly out on all of her legal stupidity and illegal behavior just like they are doing in the Mississippi ballot challenge. It’s about time too after 4 years of Orly flinging her ridiculous piles of poo at courtroom walls across this country in the hope that something might stick. 

Aside from the tripe she posts on her blog her actual court filings have also been filled for 4 years with blatant lies, admissions of her own criminal activities, which no one until now ever seemed to call her out on. And worst of all her outrageous insults and allegations of criminal wrongdoings against every Judge that has smacked down every case she has ever filed. So far the only Judge to ever strike back at her and her bullshit with any force was Judge Clay Land in GA when he whacked her upside the head with a $20,000 fine.

Now it appears that the time has come for Orly to put up or shut up but unfortunately for her she is not capable of doing either. On March 23rd she filed a “Petition for Emergency Injunctive Relief” in Indiana because everything Orly files in her continued quest to remove Obama from the White House is either an earth shattering emergency, or a DEMAND for immediate attention, err… I mean immediate action.  It was 16 pages of the same ole same ole cut and pasted tripe she’s been cutting and pasting for years. After several back and forth filings on May 21st the Indiana SOS filled “Opposition to Emergency Motion & Reply in Support of Dismissal” where they called her out on all of her legal incompetence, her repeated postings of Obama’s unredacted SSN which is in violation of the law, her complete disregard for Indiana trial rules and statutes, and her continued unauthorized practice of law in the state of Indiana. They also requested sanctions against her. One can only hope the request will be granted. 

The following day Orly flippantly submitted 30 pages of “Subpoenas Prepared for the Signature and Stamp of Judge Reid” Her intended targets of the subpoenas? Most of the elections officials in the State of Indiana, Ken Bennett – Arizona SOS, Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Michael Astrue – Commissioner of the SSA, Alvin Onaka and Loretta Fuddy – of the Hawaii DOH, among others. Of course many of these people are also named in her big RICO case in Mississippi. And what is it she wants form all these people? Why any and all evidence they have regarding Obama’s alleged forged documents and all the supposed fraud he has committed of course. (Eyes Roll!) 

In Mississippi Orly’s May 15th deadline to file her “RICO Case Statement” as ordered by the court came and went and Orly did not, and still has not complied. She did file a “Motion for Stay” on May 16th asking:

“Plaintiff Taitz is seeking a stay on response on the motion for judgment on the pleadings, to stay response to the RICO questioner and any further proceedings, pending on motion to remand due to lack of jurisdiction in Federal court and pending an answer from the rest of the defendants.” 

She is still trying her best to get the case remanded back to State Court. She’s also now using the excuse that because she is expecting a ruling in her favor in the appeal of Taitz v Astrue, that the RICO case against Astrue will be resolved and she will be granted access to President Obama’s social security records after which she can voluntarily dismiss him from the RICO action. What is really rich is that she even submitted as “evidence” her “Senate Campaign Video” where she asks for donations and presents video footage of what she calls her “Historic Trial” in GA. A case she views as the greatest victory of her quest so far, but where in reality she lost miserably to an empty chair. But hay, she got to present her evidence completely “unopposed” and by Gawd she wants everyone to know about it! Well her claim of imminent victory in Taitz v Astrue was shot to shit on Friday May 25th when her appeal was “Denied” by the court as expected. Friday was actually a double bitch-slap for Orly as her appeal in Taitz v Ruemmler was also “Denied”. Orly responded on her blog as usual….   

"Corruption personified! 3 judges of the Court of Appeals decide that there is no public interest in knowing, whether the President of the US and Commander in Chief is a criminal using a stolen Social Security number from a state, where he never resided. These judges should be prosecurted together with Obama for aiding and abetting SSA fraud and possibly treason
Posted on | May 25, 2012 | No Comments"

I swear this woman has some kind of mental block or something. It as if she just cannot or will not accept the fact that nothing she has ever alleged against Obama or anyone else for that matter has ever been proven, nor will it. And how the hell she expects a Federal Court of law to accept her homemade campaign video of a case she LOST as actual proof of anything other than her complete legal incompetence is beyond me. She would have a better chance at proving water isn’t wet than she will ever have proving that any of her delusional allegations against Obama have even the slightest hint of truth. Yet in that cranial vacuum of hers she somehow believes that all of it is absolute gospel. She believes this so much so that she is now not only attempting to sue Gawd and everyone else under this RICO action, but she is also publicly threatening anyone else who defies or crosses her with criminal charges.  

Arizona’s SOS Ken Bennett who recently jumped into the birfer cesspool by publicly asking the Hawaii DOH to confirm that Obama was indeed born there was another of her latest targets of threats when he announced that his question had been satisfactorily answered and the issue had been resolved. Following that announcement on May 24th Orly posted on her website a copy of the letter she sent to SOS Bennett in response to his dismissing birther claims. 

My response to the e-mail from the Secretary of State of AZ, Ken Bennett
Posted on | May 24, 2012 | No Comments
“My name is Orly Taitz. I am an attorney, who is challenging Barack Obama in several states and came very close to removing him from the ballot in the state of GA during primary, I will renew my challenge in the general election there and I brought challenges in other states. In MS and IN the legal challenges include Secretaries of States. I am placing you on notice of flagrant forgery in Barack Obama’s birth certificate, selective service certificate and his fraudulent use of CT Social Security number XXX-XX-XXX, which was never assigned to him according to e-verify.” 
“As a Secretary of state you are in charge of assuring lawful elections, free of fraud. If, while possessing this knowledge of fraud and forgery, you allow Mr. Obama on the ballot, you are at the very minimum violating your fiduciary duty as a Secretary of State in failing to assure lawful elections, at the maximum you are criminally complicit.” 

(SSN redacted by me of course)

Maybe this recent surge in arrogant cockiness of hers has blossomed from her years of running roughshod through the courts without ever being held to account for all of her outrageous actions. Maybe it’s just a desperate (yet pitiful) attempt to play “competent lawyer” in the face of this new game of hardball “real” lawyers have initiated that she is nowhere near competent enough to play, who knows? But the fact is that she is now being called out on all of her bullshit and it’s hopefully time for her to start paying the piper.  Begley and Tepper are continuing to pick her bones on every last defect of every word she files, on not following court orders, and they are also perusing sanctions against her. If MS and IN are successful in their pursuit of sanctions, together they could make Judge Land’s $20,000 look like chicken feed.

So all we do now is sit back and watch as Orly continually digs herself into a hole that she will likely never get out of. And at the rate she is currently going she must be digging that hole with a gas-powered auger. 

Popcorn… Check
Beer…….. Check

Champaign… On ice!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Image Of Orly Taitz As Seen By Orly Taitz

Yes folks that’s right, in Orly Taitz’s recently released (creepy) amateur
“video” to support her (laughable) Senate campaign, we finally get a look at how the birfer queen really sees herself. A Warrior Goddess like the planet has never seen!

In the video to the tune of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” the name Orly Taitz rolls onto the screen as if it were the premier of a Hollywood mega star production. Ahh her aspirations of fame and glory are really flying here! (Eyes Roll!)


It begins with the usual “corruption” allegations narrated by the one and only “Kenyan Born Obama Acorn” (thank doG there’s only one of those!). In the original version KBOA computerized her voice during the narration, which gave it that really creepy feel, but since she has re-recorded it with her own true voice, which isn’t really much better. The video goes on to compare a photo of Diane Feinstein; arms extended exhibiting the peace sign with both hands with one of Richard Nixon doing the same. It then goes into Orly's big battle with the evil forces of Obama’s massive regime. Which in her grand delusion is trying to take over this country and lock everyone that is not part of the corruption in one of many of Obama’s secret FEMA Gulags to be either re-educated or gassed. It shows a very evil looking photo of the Obama setting fire to the United States Constitution.

It continues showing photos of Orly with people like Eric Canter and Michele Bachmann to demonstrate no doubt how popular she is with the RWNJ’s of the GOP, (all of which in truth run from her like the plague). And more photos of Orly during her many court crusades against “the evil one”. One can only wonder how many more people will be accused of treason, corruption and will then be sued by this fruitcake for some sort of malice in causing her to lose the election once she loses, which of course she will. Because you see if this entire government system of ours weren’t corrupt she would win the election hands down. She knows this as a matter of fact and has said so because she gets more Google hits that DiFi does. So there you have it!

On April 16th it was announced in “The Desert Sun” that Orly was planning a Senate Debate.

"Senate candidates plan debate outside Desert Sun
Posted: April 16th, 2012 | Author: Erica Felci
What’s the best way to make sure your photo op gets noticed by the local media? For some of the U.S. Senate candidates, the new tactic is to hold a debate at The Desert Sun’s doorstep.
Republican Orly Taitz, who is best known for launching the “birther” movement, will join Marsha Feinland, a Peace and Freedom Party candidate, will be on the sidewalk outside of 750 N. Gene Autry Trail on April 24. Other unnamed challengers to Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein are being invited as well.
The 10 a.m. event,  announced in a short email over the weekend, is billed as a debate. It will be moderated by Earl Ammerman, who ran for a congressional seat in Nevada.
“The goal of the debate is to bring the story to the media,” the email said."   

The turnout for that debate was observed and photographed by local Obot “ObjectiveDoubter” and you can read the full first hand account of the “big event” “Here” on The Fogbow, but the photo of the entire crowd that was drawn to this big non-event was priceless.

Great job ObjectiveDoubter! It certainly shows exactly how popular the Orly Warrior is as a Senate candidate. (SNORK!)

On the Mississippi front Orly is still trying to keep Obama off the 2012 ballot, just as she has unsuccessfully attempted to do across the country state by state. In Georgia she lost her case to an empty chair, but considered it a great victory, as she was able to spew all of her so called “evidence” into the record unopposed. So of course according to Orly Law because it’s all now part of an “official court record” that validates every single allegation she made. And with Shurif Joe and his cold case posse, (hock, spit, straighten pants) supporting all of her claims as part of a book promotion for Jerome Corsi that makes Obama 100% guilty as charged.

Orly really took her cocky arrogance to a new level in Mississippi once she determined (at least in her mind) that she had been totally vindicated in all of her allegations and that Obama had indeed been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt GUILTY as CHARGED! Well, at least she did until she figured out what she was up against with “The Beglemeister and The Teppernator”. On March 14thshe filed: "Opposition to Motion to dismiss by DPM, motion for sanctions against defendant, motion for leave of court to file first amended complaint and add RICO"  RICO! Wow, big guns. “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations”. In her motion she began with:

"1. In the first section of the motion Defendant Democratic Party of Mississippi boldly asserts “The President was born in the state of Hawaii and thus is a natural born citizen of the United States”. Well, just saying so does not make it so. The whole point of the law suite is that this allegation is totally unsupported.”

Except that it has been supported as fact by multiple officials at the Department of Health in Hawaii. Which really means that there is no point to her lawsuit what so ever. She goes on with her “undeniable proof” of fraud, forgery, and corruption for which she has no actual proof. She calls the Defense’s Motion for sanctions against her for filing frivolous lawsuits, frivolous, and goes on to ask the Court for sanctions against the Defense for harassing her.

Typical S.O.O.P.

Then she goes into her request to add RICO on the grounds of:

Elections fraud, forgery, uttering, obstruction of justice, Social Security fraud, wire fraud, common law fraud, identity theft, treason against the State of MS, and treason against the United States of America.

She names as defendants in this RICO action: 

Obama for America, President Obama (and lists her long line of AKAs), the Democratic Party of MS, Loretta Fuddy – Director of Health in the State of Hawaii, Alvin Onaka - Registrar of the DOHH, Jill Nagamine - Deputy Attorney General of Hawaii, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, Robert Bauer and Kathy Ruemmler - White House Counsel, Michael Astrue- Commissioner of Social Security, and Judith Corley - Obama’s personal Attorney.

But this time she isn’t facing an empty chair like she did in Georgia, and Mississippi is not having any of her bullshit. Now she is facing the Defense team of Begley & Tepper who are picking her bones on every incompetent (allegedly) legal argument she attempts to make in the case. With Orly filing that RICO action B&T got the case bumped up from State to Federal Court. This really pissed Orly off because she thinks that all of the Federal Judges are all on Obama’s side, and plus the Judge assigned to the case is… is BLACK ferchrissakes!

On April 24th, the Court responded to Orly’s RICO action and “Ordered” her to file within 20 days a RICO case statement.

“This statement shall include the facts the Plaintiff is relying upon to initiate this RICO complaint as a result of the “reasonable injury” required by Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11. This statement shall be in a form which both uses the numbers and letters as set forth below, and states in detail and with specificity the following information:
1 State whether the alleged unlawful conduct is in violation of 18 U.S.C §§ 1962(a), (b), (c), and or (d). 
2 List each Defendant and state the alleged misconduct and basis of liability of each Defendant 
3 List the alleged wrongdoers, other than the Defendant(s) listed above, and state the alleged misconduct of each wrongdoer. 
4 List the alleged victims and state how each victim was allegedly injured.
5 Describe in detail the pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debts alleged for each RICO claim.”   

The instructions continue for two pages, but given that Orly is such a Legal Eagle Konstitutional Skolar I’m sure she won’t have any trouble complying with this order. Her response is due on May 15th. (In two days!) I can’t wait to see her response.

Meanwhile she’s been spinning like a washer with a lopsided load again trying to get the case sent back to State Court, but she doesn’t appear to be getting anywhere. So she decided to go after those dastardly Democratic Defense creeps that are being so mean to her. On May 7th she posted on her website: 

extremely important Bar complaint against attorneys for Democratic party for submitting to court forged documents. Demand for sanctions
Posted on | May 7, 2012 
CIVIL ACTION NO. 3:12cv280-HTW-LRA  which contained documents (motion for a judgment on the Pleadings and Exhibits) , which represent forgeries(long Form Birth Certificate)  (Exhibit 1). Begley and Tepper requested for such forgeries to be accepted by the court for a judicial notice and ruling on the pleadings. Begley and Tepper acted knowingly, with malice and with moral turpitude, with an intent to defraud the court and to defraud the public at large. 

Of course Bar Complaints, if they are to be taken seriously are to be kept confidential if and while the Bar investigates the complaint. Not that this complaint has any legitimate substance at all. But Orly posted it on her website for all the world to see and she sent copies of it to: 

MS US District Judge Henry Wingate, MS Magistrate Linda Anderson, MS Special Judge Coleman, Chief Justice Supreme Court of MS William Waller, the California Bar, MS District Attorney of Hinds County, CA District Attorney Steve Cooley, CA District Attorney Orange County Tony Rackauckas, the MS Disciplinary Committee US District Court Southern District, Inspector General Department of Justice, Public Integrity Unit Department of Justice, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Congressman Lamar Smith House of Representatives, Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, United Nations Committee for Civil Rights Defenders, and the US and International Media.  

I guess she wants to be sure and let the world see how good she’d doing. (Wink, wink)

Well considering that she personally cc’d this complaint to the California Bar, maybe the Bar will finally sit up and take notice of the complete legal incompetence one of their members has been displaying (hopefully to their deep embarrassment) across the country. If not, I have no doubt that Begley and Tepper will see to it that the Bar does take notice, serious notice before it’s all over with. Maybe she’ll even be the one disbarred!

Yea, yea I know…. Any day now….


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

CA Senate Candidate Orly Taitz Making Death Threats?

Sorry for the hiatus (again), but real life does take away from the fun of birfing from time to time, and lately there has been lots going on in real life as well as in the world of Birfism. Just trying to keep up with it all has been something of a convoluted and confuzled task.

Currently on the birfer front, our favorite crazy birfer queen has not been having very much fun. She’s had smack down after smack down, which she won’t acknowledge, and embarrassment after embarrassment, which she seems to consider victories. If not for my dear Obot friends at The Fogbow and their never failing due diligence in documenting all the antics of this “not exactly a legal eagle”, I’d be as lost trying to keep up with it all as Orly Taitz is trying to figure out how the laws in this country work. (Something I seriously doubt she will ever do by the way.)

After Orly lost her big explosive case in Georgia, against an empty chair no less, on March 1st Arizona’s “Shurif Joe” and his cold case posse came to her rescue, (or so she thought) by giving a press conference where according to Orly he confirmed every last allegation she has ever made against President Obama. In the real world people with more than ½ a brain cell could see that the “press conference” was nothing more than a book promotion gimmick for WND’s Jerome Corsi’s latest birfer book “A Question of Eligibility”. But Orly didn’t see it that way, (showing her serious lack of brain cells) and I think this “confirmation” of her explosive evidence by Shurif Joe sent her over the edge. On March 3rd she posted: 

“I counted 40 attorneys, who worked on ObamaForgeryGate, brought evidence and corrupt judges and commissioners simply spit in their faces
Posted on | March 3, 2012 |”
Now you can see, that I was vindicated on many levels. first, Arpaio confirmed all of the findings that I brought to court. My experts were saying the same things, that Arpaio and his team are saying. Malihi did not accept the testimony of my witnesses not because the witnesses were not competent to testify, but because Malihi is corrupt and dirty and belongs on the gallows for treason. 
Now a corrupt Fulton county judge Cyntia Wright rushed to dismiss 4 cases: mine, Irion’s, Hatfield’s. She did not even read the pleadings. She issued her prepared order within an hour or so of getting the opposition pleadings. Just to read the opposition arguments and pleadings, to think them over, to write an unbiased opinion, responding to the argument in the opposition papers in 4 cases, takes several hours. She sent to hell 3 attorneys, one of whom is an elected state representative, and rubber stamped complete garbage written by Obama. She did it after Arpaio’s press conference, when he stated that Obama’s Papers are forged and there is no evidence of Obama being born in this country. This woman should be hanging from the gallows for high treason against the United States of America. Same goes for corrupt judges Clay D. Land, Royce Lamberth, corrupt commissioners from the ballot law commission in New Hampshire, corrupt commissioners of the elections law commission in Indiana, corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder, corrupt director of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, corrupt Congressmen, corrupt directors of news networks, who told their cameramen not to film the proceedings, not to report on high treaon and forgery and fraud in the White House. 
We have to bring protesters in front of their homes, stand on public sidewalks and shame them. we need to remember their faces and their names, when it is time to try them for high treason. 

So, Orly wants all of these people hanging from the gallows? I hope the FBI and Homeland Security are keeping a close eye on this whackadoodle. Not only is she making death threats she’s calling on the flying monkeys to stalk Federal Judges and government officials at their homes. All the while continuing her terrorist attacks on the courts across this country in her never ending quest to prove she is right cuz Shurif Joe said so, and anyone else that doesn’t think so should be hung. As well as her big campaign for the U.S. Senate in California on the sole issue that Obama should be in Jail.

It appears that nothing that will stop Orly from her campaign to slander, harass, threaten, and or call for the hanging of any Judge or government official that gets in her way, well, except maybe being thrown in one of President Obama’s secret FEMA camps for dissidents that is. Nor is she above flat out lying and begging the FM’s to lie too. On March 13th she posted a comment from “James” in regard to the Florida ballot challenge:

Dr. Taitz, Esq. has no means of checking the veracity of all the claims and allegations in the articles. Contact FL Congressman Stearns, demand that he call for congressional investigation of ObamaForgeryGate
Posted on | March 13, 2012 
James Submitted on 2012/03/12 at 11:53pm
Here is Rep Stern’s contact form to send him a message. Demand an investigation. When you fill it out you have to use the correct city and zip code that are within the district. Use P.O. Box and some random number for the street address if you don’t have one.

The post goes on to list all of the appropriate zip codes people can use to lie and say they live there to demand that investigation. Ethics not required of course.

Still thinking that the “Shurif” and his posse have rescued and completely vindicated her by validating all of her claims, and under the assumption that of course he and his side kick Zullo would certainly testify to this fact under oath and penalty of prudery, she thought for sure her quest was all but won. Her eagle had finally landed.

But by March 12th she started getting a little nervous that Joe had not yet filed his findings on all of Obama’s alleged criminal activities to any “authorities” that could get this “frog marching” of Obama out of the White House and into the big house under way. She Posted:

I need your help in urging Arpaio to provide a sworn testimony so I can win in court
Posted on | March 12, 2012 |
He never submitted his report to any authorities: he is saying that he does not want to put them in an uncomfortable position, so he is saying that the Maricopa county DA and Attorney General of Arizona and governor Brewer are known establishment puppets, who will do nothing, so what’s the point?

The fact that even Joe is not stupid enough to testify under oath that a bullshit book promotion is actual fact might be the point, but that would never occur to Orly.

On March 14th in her Mississippi ballot challenge she filled:


And oh brother is that a whole whopping pile of crazy. You can read the entire thing at Jack Ryan’s Scribd “Here”, and it’s worth a read. This RICO action of hers has become her new favorite shinny toy, and she has been threatening to add everyone that opposes her to it ever since, including the media who refuse to report favorably on her cases.   

The same day she also posted on her website:

Why didn’t Arpaio file a report and a criminal complaint wth the DA and AG in regards to Obama bein on the ballot illegally, using a forged BC?
Posted on | March 14, 2012 |

She seemed to be getting a little antsy that her “law enforcement” champion is dipping out on her. And for good reason, he did dip out. He has no intention of backing her up and swearing under oath to a pack of lies. On March 27 she issued a “Notice to Appear” in her MS ballot challenge to both Arpaio and Zullo, which is not legally enforceable, and which was totally ignored by both of them.

Her court case in Mississippi is possibly going to finally be her undoing. It seems that people are getting tired of her same ole same ole waste of time crap and the Democratic Party there has pulled out the big guns in the form of a California Attorney named Scott Tepper. Mr. Tepper is apparently well versed in Orly’s antics and has been dubbed by Obots as “The Teppernator”. Just the thought of going up against him has Orly spinning 17 ways from Sunday, but if she is to proceed there she will have to face him. (Ooooooo Scary!)

I think the stress of all this opposition she is facing, her chronic losses, and threats of sanctions at every turn she makes is starting to get to her. She truly believes that everyone in the country is in on the greatest and biggest conspiracy of all time and everyone is attacking her every time she opens her mouth. I think she has finally fried her last half a brain cell. On April 30th she posted a death threat against President Obama saying in part: 

I remember perestroika in the Eastern Europe. When Eastern European leaders had some humility, they were spared. Remember Nicolai Ceausescu in Romania? The guy was one of the more arrogant dictators. He ended up being tried by an ad hoc tribunal and shot in the head, executed within days if not hours since the beginning of the citizen uprising in Romania.
Our ruling Chicago mafia still has time to withdraw. But will they do it? 

She has even taken to calling herself Lena to defend her Indiana case (that was tossed out and she is still trying to appeal) on talk radio, the clip can be heard  “Here”    thanks to Fogbow Obot Great Grey. But when the radio host asked her if she was the woman who appeared before the Indiana Elections Commission, which she was, she got flustered and hung up the phone. You can hear it all in the short clip, but on her website she posted: 

Posted on | May 2, 2012" 

Another of her bald face lies; she is the one that hung up the phone. I suppose she will be adding Ms Lawson to her RICO soon, or possibly just call for her to be shot in the head like Nicolai Ceausescu in Romania, or maybe just call for her to be hung, who knows?

She has always told lies, and always promoted her ever more insane conspiracies, so that’s nothing new. But this new set of balls she’s suddenly grown that makes her think it’s okay to call for people to be hung, or to suggest a bullet in the head is way out of control, even for her. I think it’s high time authorities of some sort step in and question all these death threats she is making. It’s not that I think she would personally attempt any sort of physical harm, but her tone and that kind of rhetoric could easily stir up one of her more unstable flying monkeys. If anything does happen as a result of her insane ramblings it will be on her head.   

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orly Taitz Accuses Judge Malihi Of Being An “Iranian Muslim”

After the losing (as expected) her elections challenge against Obama in Georgia, Orly posted on her website:

Posted on February 7, 2012”
Posted on February 7, 2012”
Posted on February 7, 2012”
Everyone is corrupt, everyone else is always wrong, and it’s always a conspiracy.
Posted on February 9, 2012”
Posted on February 10, 2012”

As well as being the most legally incompetent (so-called) lawyer in this country, this woman is deranged beyond hope. In order for her to file her appeal in GA she is required to submit an application as an out of state attorney to practice “Pro Hac Vice” in the state of GA where she is not personally licensed to practice law. Instead of doing what was legally required she went ahead on Feb 13th and filed her “Appeal”  and a “Motion for PHV”  the same day. She completely disregarded all requirements to properly apply for PHV and basically submitted a statement claiming that she had been granted PHV by ALJ Malihi for the administrative hearing and was requesting PHV to appeal the decision in Fulton County Superior Court. Her actual appeal was of course “Standard Orly Operating Procedure”.

"Such assumption by Malihi, that Obama was born in the U.S., without any documentary evidence to that extent from Obama, goes beyond an abuse of judicial discretion, it represents judicial misconduct."

Wow, big surprise there. What wasn’t a surprise was the Court’s response: “Denied”

“In preparing and filing her Motion for Pro Hac Vice, Ms. Taitz failed to comply with the requirements of Uniform Superior Court Rule 4.4. Uniform Superior Court Rule 4.4 specifically provides that a Domestic Lawyer seeking to be admitted pro hac vice in a proceeding pending in the State of Georgia shall file a Verified Application for Admission in the Court where litigation is filed including the following:
1. The applicant's residence and business address;
2. The name, address and phone number of each client sought to be represented;
3. The court before which the applicant has been admitted to practice and the respective period(s) of admission, and contact information as to each such court;
4. Whether the applicant: (a) has been denied admission pro hac vice in this state, (b) had admission pro hac vice revoked in this state, or (c) has otherwise formally been disciplined or sanctioned by any court in this state. If so, specify the nature of the allegation; the date filed; and what findings were made and what action was taken in connection with those proceedings;
5. Whether any formal, written disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against the applicant by a disciplinary authority in any other jurisdiction and, as to each such proceedings: the nature of the allegations; the name of the person or authority, the date the proceedings were initiated and finally concluded; the style of the proceedings; and the findings made and actions taken in connection with those proceedings;
6. Whether the applicant has been held formally in contempt or otherwise sanctioned by any court in a written order for disobedience to its rules or orders, and, if so: the nature of the allegations; and the substance of the court’s rulings (a copy of the written order of transcript of the oral rulings shall be attached to the application);
7. The name and address of each court or agency and a full identification of each proceeding in which the applicant has filed an application to appear pro hac vice in this state within the preceding two years; the date of each application; and the outcome of the application;
8. An averment as to the applicant’s familiarity with the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct, local court rules and court procedures of the court before which the applicant seeks to practice;
9. The name, address, telephone number and bar number of an active member in good standing of the bar of this state who will sponsor the applicant’s pro hac vice request. The bar member shall appear of record together with the Domestic Lawyer.”

Looking at these requirements for submitting this application it’s easy to see why Orly tried to skip it. This is what she would have had to provide from Judge Land’s “Order”  imposing fines and sanctions on her in Georgia on Oct. 13th 2009:

"When a lawyer files complaints and motions without a reasonable basis for believing that they are supported by existing law or a modification or extension of existing law, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer uses the courts as a platform for a political agenda disconnected from any legitimate legal cause of action, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer personally attacks opposing parties and disrespects the integrity of the judiciary, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer recklessly accuses a judge of violating the Judicial Code of Conduct with no supporting evidence beyond her dissatisfaction with the judge’s rulings, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law, that lawyer ceases to advance her cause or the ends of justice."
"After a full review of the sanctionable conduct, counsel’s conduct leading up to that conduct, and counsel’s response to the Court’s show cause order, the Court finds that a monetary penalty of $20,000.00 shall be imposed upon counsel Orly Taitz as punishment for her misconduct, as a deterrent to prevent future misconduct, and to protect the integrity of the Court."
"The Clerk’s Office was burdened by Ms. Taitz’s inability to follow the Court’s rules regarding pro hac vice admission and the Court’s rules for electronic filing. On five separate occasions in a short period, the Clerk’s Office personnel error-noticed counsel for her failure to follow simple rules. At the hearing, counsel failed to make coherent legal arguments but instead wasted the Court’s time with press conference sound bites and speeches."
"In her motion for reconsideration, counsel did not address the substance of the Court’s order dismissing her case. Rather, counsel used the motion for reconsideration as a platform to repeat her political diatribe against the President, to accuse the undersigned of treason, and to maintain that “the United States District Courts in the 11th Circuit are subject to political pressure, external control, and . . . subservience to the same illegitimate chain of command which Plaintiff has previously protested.”

Judge Land also had a copy of that order forwarded to the California Bar. She was also “Sanctioned and Fined”  $250 in the Liberi v Taitz case for her failure to comply with court orders.

Here we can see that she has been hurling the same ole shit at every Judge that defies her (which is all of them) all along. She knew damn well that they wouldn’t approve her if she applied properly and was stupid enough to think she could just slip by. She finally got around to responding to this denial on Feb. 17th:

"Update on GA and other states. We had similar problems with the additional fee and other problem, that were resolved
Posted on February 17, 2012"
I, also, wrote to the court, that in the administrative court I was granted the right to represent the clients pro hac vice- meaning an out of state attorney representing in state client. Though usually it is required for an in state attorney to co-sign the case, when the case is handled pro-bono (at no charge to indigent client) and/or it is a civil rights case, the requirement for the in state co-counsel is waived. Judge Wright was not willing to waive this requirement. I got a response from her, she wanted full complience with the in state counsel co-signing and additional information. While I have no problem supplying additional information, It is impossible to find a co-counsel who is not frightened to take upon these most explosive issues, dealing with Obama using a stolen Social Security number and a forged birth certificate.

Considering that most of this is complete BS, isn’t it just shocking that the court expects her to actually “comply with the court rules”? What bloody nerve! Yes Orly does have a problem providing the information required because doing so would prove what an incompetent twit she really is. It’s no wonder she couldn’t find a competent in state attorney to sponsor her, no one would be incompetent enough to touch her or her insanity with a 10-foot pole.

Instead of fighting this, knowing that the only thing she is likely to get out of it is sanctioned again, she tells her client David Farrar to go ahead without her and file on his own. Then the turns around and files this little gem. A petition for “Letters Rogatory” 

It is apparent, though, that this court places form over substance and found the need for a local attorney to co-sign the pleadings to be more important than the underlying issue of the most egregious violation of human rights and civil rights in the history of this nation, namely Barack Obama's (Hereinafter "Obama") lack of any valid identification papers and his use of a stolen Social Security number and his practice of posting a computer generated forgery on line as a basis and documentary legitimation of his presidency and a 2012 presidential run.”

No, it’s actually more like they probably know what an idiot she is and have no intention of turning her and her insanity loose on the GA Courts.

"As such, in the absence of the pro hac vice authorization from this court, and lack of local attorneys with enough strength of character to take on the issue of egregious criminality committed by the sitting President, Taitz advised the plaintiffs to proceed pro se. Taitz, herself, proceeds pro se for a limited purpose of seeking Letters Rogatory from this court to the First Circuit court of HI and DC court."

Again, more like there are no local attorneys dumb enough to want anything to do with her.

"The world legal community can vividly see, that US system of justice reached such an unprecedented level of corruption, that a complete fraud and a criminal without any identification papers at all can get in the position of the President and Commander in Chief."


"This court has an opportunity to clean up this corruption and show, that there is still a rule of law in the United States of America. Original documents are the best evidence of eligibility. If this court sends letters rogatory to the First Circuit court in Hawaii and the Superior Court in the District of Columbia, such best evidence can be obtained. It is imperative for this court to send Letters Rogatory to the First Circuit court of Hawaii, seeking subpoena for the Director of Health of the state of Hawaii to produce for inspection the original 1961 long form birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama, which he claims exists."

And here’s where the acid/LSD or what ever she is doing must have kicked in because she is certainly tripping on something.

Taitz does not have access to all of the background information, and is not making an accusation or definitive allegation, however the following issues represent the biggest threat to national security and require consideration and further in depth investigation:
a. When Malihi had Obama cornered with subpoena to appear at trial and present his identification records, it was clear that Obama had nothing to show and desperate Obama would do anything to keep his position and stay out of prison.
b. At the same time we have an escalation of hostilities with Iran, when a radical Muslim Iranian leader Mahmood Ahmadinejad is building nuclear weapons, threatening to use those nuclear weapons against the US and is closing the straits of Hormuz to U.S. ships while Iranian warships are crossing the Suez canal into the Mediterranean. U.S. is demanding a halt to Iranian nuclear program.
c. Malihi's background appear to show, that he is an Iranian Muslim. While the administrative court of Georgia shows lengthy bios of other judges, there is only a blank page as a background of Judge Malihi.
d. After Obama did not even show up at trial and did not provide any documents to prove his eligibility, while Taitz brought multiple witnesses, who provided the most incriminating evidence against Obama, inexplicably Malihi ruled that Obama can be on the ballot.
d. Shortly thereafter Obama announced his plans for a unilateral disarmament, where he is proposing a destruction of 80% of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, that represents the biggest assault on the U.S. national security ever to take place in U.S. history. (Exhibit 6 February 14- 15, 2012 articles featuring Associated Press reports of Obama administration plans to unilaterally reduce the U.S. nuclear arsenal from 1550 warheads to 300-400 warheads). This comes on the heels of a number of other decisions by Obama, which threaten the U.S. National Security and the U.S. national economy. These facts are so troubling, that copies of these pleadings are being sent to the FBI, Department of Justice, US Congress and judges and election boards in sister states, who are reviewing Obama's eligibility as well. This is another compelling reason, why a person without any identification papers cannot be on the ballot running for the U.S. President. That is why it is essential for this court to send aforementioned Letters Rogatory in order to obtain the best evidence of the original identification records and resolve the issue of Obama's records once and for all. This is being requested with the reservation of rights in argument of Obama's lack of eligibility based on Minor v Happerset 88USl63(1875) interpretation of the natural born U.S. citizen."

She begins here by insulting the court, then accuses the entire judicial system of “unprecedented” corruption and fraud, then asks the GA court to send letters to the First Circuit Court of HI, and the District Court of Columbia and force them to give her access to every thing she wants after they all told her to FOAD. Then she accuses Judge Malihi of being an Iranian Muslim and appears to suggest that he bribed Obama saying he would rule in his favor in exchange for Obama reducing U.S. nuclear arsenal so Iran can gain a nuclear advantage over the U.S.

I’m telling you, this woman is tripping on something; there can be no other explanation. Meanwhile she is firing off “election challenges” in states all over the country sending all the “evidence” from the GA hearing because she believes now that it’s all been admitted to the court record, its all really truly “official” evidence now.

Un-be-lievable! There is no telling what she’s going to pull out of her ass next but I’m sure it will be entertaining, as well as slanderous, a violation of professional conduct, and bigoted.