Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Mad Russian Strikes Again

Orly Taitz has been publicly exhibiting her complete legal incompetence now for 3 years, and endlessly wasting court time and resources with her wild conspiracies and fantasies. While not to mention simultaneously having her tripe thrown out, or laughed out of every court she has ever set foot in. She accuses everyone that says anything unfavorable about her or calls her out on her stupidity of slander and defamation of her (so-called) character. And yet she hurls racist insults or slanderous accusations of fraud, treason, and corruption at every member of government, legal authority or media outlet that dares to defy her or ignore what she calls “absolute undeniable proof” that Obama is nothing but a “lying Marxist socialist fraud.” All of which is nothing but hearsay and has no basis in fact what so ever.

Her intense hatred of Obama is just unbelievable, and I do believe it’s made her as crazy as a rabid squirrel locked in a tin shithouse. It was bad enough when on January 15, 2011 she posted on her website in an open letter she claims to have sent to Obama where she stated:

“Just to be perfectly clear sir, I believe that your white half is as corrupt as your black half. The issue is not in race, but in the massive Social Security and elections fraud, that you are perpetrating.”

In a more recent display on November 18th she took her multiple insane allegations against Obama to the NH state elections board in a lame attempt to have him banned from being placed on the ballot for the 2012 Presidential election. And after presenting all of her “absolute undeniable proof” of all the crimes and fraud she claims Obama is committing at about the 52 minute mark in the video of the hearing Orly Taitz says “You have clear and undeniable evidence that the person that filled out this paper lied, he committed fraud”… yada yada and then she goes on to tell the committee that if they do not do take action that they will “become complacent with forgery and elections fraud and social security fraud and treason against this nation”.

So again just as she does in nearly every one of her court cases or hearings she warns everyone that not ruling in her favor is in fact an act of treason. Well there’s nothing new about that. But after being tossed out of NH on her ass and told to “Go away and leave NH alone”, she turned her focus immediately back to Hawaii to resume her quest for access to Obama’s original birth records. In an attempt to follow this bouncing birther ball through the Hawaiian courts, we’ll start with where the court granted the defense’s motion to dismiss her case in Hawaii on 10/12/11. (The full transcript of which can be read at Jack Ryan’s Scribd Here” ). After which she went on her usual roll of appealing the court decision, requesting that the court stay it’s final order and accusing them of corruption, lies and cover-ups.

Then on the same day that her NH elections challenge was thrown out attorneys for the state of Hawaii filed their opposition to all her bullshit and stated that they intended to ask the court to rule her filings frivolous and ask that court to order her to pay all attorney fees and court costs due to all the time they’ve had to waste dealing with all of her crap. (Full text of document “Here” ).

Well, I think that blew the roof off her tin shithouse.

Since then she has taken off running like the Mad Russian she is, filing those same elections challenges that there thrown out in NH in state after state while hurling accusations of fraud, lies, cover-ups and treason in every direction. (The woman is in serious need of mental health assistance.) She has lost it to the point that when she showed up for her next court date in Hawaii on November 30th she had no clue what the hell she was doing and made a complete fool of herself.

She was attempting to argue her last amended complaint to the original motion to reconsider, which had not yet been docketed, and the hearing was for the original motion. This meant that she could only argue what was in the original motion and NOT the amended motion. The entire even was videoed by her birther cameraman and supporter Jeff LaFrance. The videos are painful to even watch as Orly stammers and fumbles with papers while the Judge attempts to extract from her what exactly it is she wants to do and under what rules. As well as trying to explain to Orly that she cannot plead her amended complaint that has not yet been filed. I cannot fathom how it is that Orly Taitz can be this utterly incompetent and still not have been disbarred. The judge literally had to talk to her like a kindergarten teacher speaking to an autistic child!

If you can stand the pain, watch the videos.