Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans Day In Washington 11.11.11

A group of rag tag racist redneck birfers dressed in Red White and Blue descended on Washington DC on Veterans Day with the intent to demand the immediate resignation of everyone from Obama to practically everyone that has ever spoken to him. They call themselves “The Veteran Defenders of America” but I dare say the were more like The Veteran Offenders” the way they slandered the country and just about everyone else that doesn’t buy into their right-winged Teavangelical birfer tripe.

Many people floated by and paused to listen for a moment, but as soon as they figured out what this bunch was about they just moved right along. Here is a link to their “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic”

Here are some images from the day of the “Yahoo” brigade:


  1. That event was a tad over-hyped. LOL

  2. So tiny crowd, monochromatic, and the majority in their late 50's and above. Would that be about right?

  3. Yep that would all be about right. They were also all white.

  4. I wonder if any of them can define "communism." You know, other than through the use of words like "Marxism" and "socialism," which they also don't understand.

    (As a bonus question, ask them to name any actual communist nations anywhere. Ever.)

    And it's funny how so many of them are dressed as slave owners. Weird how much they enjoy doing that...

  5. From The Republican Dictionary:
    1. anything a Democrat politician proposes.
    2. anything Fox "News" or any talk radio yapper says is communism.
    3. anything I don't like.

  6. Thanks for the report & pics, Ms. Daisy. From your reporting on their speeches, they've really turned the Teavangelical theocratic nuttery up to 11... somehow, I'm not surprised that there is a connection between that type of extremist crackpottery and birtherism at all...

    Oh and Patrick - from the looks of the pics, I'd say "late 50's" would be the young ones amongst that crowd...

  7. Thanks for braving the fruit loops for us. They seem to be devolving into a cosplay group, and this is not pretty.

  8. Typical of most of their "rallies." For all of their bombast about representing the "majority" and calling for an uprising which they're sure thousands of veterans and active duty people are just itching to join, every time they stage an "action," only a few dozen show up. You'd think that reality would eventually sink in.

  9. Thanks for the on the scene report! Where the heck was Paul Vallely? I thought he was a kingpin over at USPU? I suspect he didn't want his name associated with this heaping bucket of fail.

  10. The few women who attended should be arrested for fashion crimes.

  11. I have a suggestion for Dean Haskins:

    They could save a bunch of money by just re-running the pictures and videos from this rally for his Birfer Summit. The results would be the same.