Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taitz v Fuddy

Today the birfer queen is in Hawaii for the hearing of Taitz v Fuddy, and the flying monkeys are shitting themselves over what they consider her next emanate victory. (I hope they have lots of TP on hand) The original “Complaint”  was filed by Taitz on August 10th in her never ending quest to force the state of Hawaii to release Obama’s original long form birth certificate.

“17. On May 2, 2011 Taitz was scheduled to appear in oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama 10-55084, seeking access and inspection of Mr. Obama's original 1961 long form birth certificate, kept on file in care of the defendants.
18. On April 27, 2011 only a few days before the scheduled oral argument in the Ninth Circuit court of Appeals, Mr. Obama held a public press conference, where he disclosed, what he claimed to be the certified copy of the original Birth Certificate. At the same press conference Mr. Obama attacked individuals, seeking verification of his records, calling them "side show, carnival barkers" and stating, that we have more important things to do. This appearance was certain to influence the three judge panel of Hon. Berzon, Hon. Pregerson and Hon. Fisher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, getting ready to hear the oral argument in Barnett, Keyes v Obama and was calculated to send the message, that the original long form birth certificate was disclosed to the public and the whole issue is moot. This cheap performance by Mr. Obama was also calculated to create a mass hysteria of further persecutions and harassment of the Plaintiff and her clients.”

Of course, she’s on to him! It was just a cheap performance to harass her and her plaintiffs and derail her court case Barnett, Keys v Obama.

Well, “Carnival Barker” would be a pretty accurate description of Taitz if you ask me. At that point in time is when she went on the Internet soliciting for anyone dumb enough to come forward and claim to be a document expert and swear to the fact that the LFBC was a forgery so she could have a reason to continue her quest. Her complaint concludes:

"Wherefore Plaintiff respectfully seeks a Writ of Mandamus, advising the defendants, that:
1 Person of interest, whose long form birth certificate is sought has waived any claims of privacy by making a public disclosure of the document in question during his press conference on April 27, 2011.
2. After April 27, 2011 §338-18 no longer applies to the long form birth certificate sought and Defendants erred in refusing to allow inspection based on above statute.
3. Defendants are obligated to allow Plaintiff inspection of the long form birth certificate sought under Unified Information Practices Act chapter 92f of Hawaii Revised statutes.
4 Defendants are liable to the plaintiff for all costs and fees associated with this action."

She also wants the defendants to pay all her fees and costs cuz she spent a lot of money hauling her “experts” to Hawaii to examine the original document she had claimed she had a “court ordered subpoena” for. She didn’t actually have a court ordered anything, nor did she have the sense to call and make sure that the defendants intended to be there and comply with her imaginary subpoena when she arrived before she spent all that money in the first place. But hay, she wants them to be responsible for that cost anyway.

On September 2, 2011 Loretta Fuddy filed a “Motion to Dismiss”  on the basis that Taitz was pretty much full of shit if she thought that Obama releasing his own copy of the LFBC in any way changed the fact that the state of Hawaii was still bound by state confidentially laws. As well as the fact that she had never properly served her so called subpoena in the first place, regardless of her claim to the contrary.

On September 30, 2011 Taitz posted on her website her “Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss” continuing with her crazy claim that Obama had already released it and therefore gave up any claims of privacy. She concluded with:

“For all the foregoing reasons, the undersigned respectfully requests this Honorable Court deny Defendants’ motion on the merits and/or, if there is a procedural deficiency of some kind, afford the Petitioner an opportunity to cure it.”

Yes, by all means just let her know what she screwed up and she’ll fix it, OK?

On October 7th Defendant filed a “Memorandum”  in reply to Taitz’s opposition to the Motion to Dismiss. Again outlining the fact that this entire lawsuit is a hopeless waste of everyone’s time, but also made reference to Taitz’s habitual frivolous filing habits.

“C. Plaintiff has no power or authority to determine the President's eligibility.
Plaintiff makes reference to the serious questions she raises with respect to the authenticity of the President's birth certificate and her need to compare the birth certificate released by the President with the official record. Memorandum at p. 4. However, she fails to cite any power or authority that she has to determine the President's eligibility.' Plaintiff does make unsubstantiated allegations regarding her need for the records and how their release is for the public good, but these unsubstantiated allegations are similar to allegations that Plaintiff has made repeatedly in courts throughout the country and Plaintiff has repeatedly been denied the relief she desperately seeks. See Barnett v. Obama, 2009 WL 3861788, (C.D. Cal. October 29, 2009), Rhodes v. McDonald, 2010 WL 892848, (11th Cir. March 15, 2010), and Cook v. Good, 2009 WL 2163535, (M.D. Ga. 2009). On one occasion, the involved Court went so far as to order that Plaintiff pay $20,000.00 as a sanction for filing frivolous pleadings and violating Rule 11. Rhodes v. McDonald, 670 F.Supp. 2d 1363, 1382. (M.D. Ga. 2009).”

So, this case is scheduled to be heard in just a few hours from now, anyone want to bet on how it’ll end?

Motion to Dismiss: GRANTED

Motion in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss: Denied

Followed no doubt by another in the long line of Taitz’s “Motion to Reconsiders”, as she files one in every single case she looses, which so far has been ALL of them.

Luckily for us we have Fogbow Obot Mikedunford scheduled to be at the hearing so an updated report will be available this afternoon.

Thanks Mike!


  1. April 27th: whitehouse releases 'official long form birth certificate', that same day, the document was rejected by experts as an amateurish forgery.

    042-68-4425 -> unredacted SSN viewable on obamafraud tax return. This number has been know about for years and was issued in the state of Connecticut in the 1970's to a man born in 1890. This number, which obamafraud uses fails e-Verify.

    Understand this: you have the truth above. the press will not report it. congress, the senate, the supreme court will not act on it. That does not make the above facts any less true.

  2. First of all Anonymous, the state of Hawaii, a legal authority has verified the fact that Obama was born there. Second, Orly’s so called “experts” consist of a copy machine salesman and a web page designer that she found after broadcasting for help on her website. Neither of which are any more a document expert than you are.

    As for Obama’s SS#, it is a fact that throughout the history of the SSA, blocks of numbers have been shifted from state to state according to need. Even the SSA has states that the 1st three digits are not absolute proof of squat.

    The e-Verify system that was illegally accessed does not show a match to Obama because like any normal human being who’s # had been circulated around the planet by the tin foil queen, he CHANGED his number. Of course it doesn’t match.

    There is not one shred of truth in anything Orly Taitz says, nor is there one scrap of “actual” evidence in any of her cases. If there were the press would have been all over it like white on rice and Orly wouldn’t have lost every single case she’s ever filed while making herself the laughing stock of the entire legal community.

    Attempt to figure the odds if you can of a conspiracy such as the one Orly promotes that is so convoluted that would it have to include every court in the land, every Judge, every member of government, the CIA, and the FBI. Your odds on that are literally zilch!

    If there ever had been anything to this entire Obama BC issue, a LOT of people a lot smarted than Orly Taitz would have discovered it long ago. There isn’t, get over it.

    You should understand this: Orly is taking you for a ride, and anyone else she can con into believing her BS. Enjoy the trip, but be ready for an unbroken string of crash landings. Should be another one coming up here shortly!

  3. Why is Orly even flying to HI? Is there really an actual onsite court hearing today that she is supposed to attend?

    I thought this was just going to be a written dismissal granted by the court and no actual courtroom hearing required...?

  4. Ms Daisy,

    You are one eye blind. Orly Taitz is not the real problem: obamafraud is the real problem. Orly Taitz is in no way involved in the April 27th release of the bogus long form birth certificate [youtube 'april 27 long form birth certificate' and there you can see WHY it is bogus.]

    Tim Adams, an election official, in sworn affidavit says there is NO birth certificate on record.

    Speaking of 'one scap of evidence'. Do YOU have 'one scrap of evidence'? NO! obamafraud has sealed ALL HIS RECORDS. What you are saying has no basis in the real world facts. There IS the fact that obamafraud is illegally using SSN 042-68-4425. There IS evidence the COLB is a forgery. There IS evidence that the long form is a forgery. Because everyone says the king has clothes does not make it so. barack obama is a fraud and no amount of false logic or proportion will change that fact.

  5. Facts: The state of Hawaii has verified that Obama was born in Hawaii. Here are two links to the Official DOH website verifying that.

    But if you prefer to believe some copy machine salesman who has no credentials in document forensics and also never examined the actual document but only looked at an image on the Internet and said “yep, it's a forgery” then knock yourself out!

    Fact: Tim Adams was not an “election official”, he was a low level data entry clerk. He was proven to be not telling the truth when he said, “he had access to information about Obama” as verified by his employer. This was reported in the Washington Post, which has considerably more credibility than WND and the P&E.

    I have links to credible official government sources and an actual news article to verify what I say is true, what do you have? Orly Taitz, WND, and the P&E?

    In other words you have nothing but hearsay and Internet gossip! Not a single legitimate source.

  6. Dear "Anonymous",

    By "sealed his records" one presumes you are talking about the Executive Order he signed when he became President which LOSSENED the restriction on which PRESIDENTIAL records are sealed from public view.

    Not alas his non Presidential records, in exisitence pre that date which have exactly the same degree of "sealing" as, well, you have with the identical records.

    Cretinous muppet.

  7. I'm unable to post here, Ms Daisy. Says I'm blocked when I try to post with my Google account. Yeppers. You certainly have some birfers here. Hey, birfers! You musta got manure for brains. I never seen anyone so shit all stupid.

  8. Facts are inconvenient for most hate movements, and this one is no exception.

    Take one look at the Bible.

  9. Mrs. Daisy,

    Please, by all means explain away how you see the evidence yourself of the long form birth certificate. Are you saying that the forged long form birth certificate is valid because hawai'i says so??? FYI, hawaii refuses to release any long form under the guise of privacy rights, when obama has already released the 'real' long form to the public....what privacy rights? why won't obama say, "Sure, let the experts examine the long form i have already released!"

    Are you nuts? I mean it just does NOT MAKE ANY SENSE.........unless you are a paid obamafraud operative posting bogus arguments that obama is indeed legit. Ridiculous.

  10. Why is Orly in Hawaii? Because the place is beautiful, as millions of visitors will attest; and it grows more attractive as the calendar creeps toward December. I lived there myself for twenty years, and I know.

    But I'll tell you something, Anymouse; Taitz isn't going to find many sympathizers in the courtroom, and absolutely none outside of it! She would be better off chucking the whole thing and renting a room somewhere on the North Shore...only I don't think they'd want her there, either.

    I hope she put on a good show in the court. You birthers paid for her trip, after all; you should get SOMETHING out of it, 'cause you're never going to get Obama out of it!

  11. lawyerwitharealdegreeOctober 12, 2011 at 11:16 PM

    Ms Daisy,

    congrats on getting your very own birther troll. Unfortunately, said troll has the same comprehension of the word 'evidence' that Taitz does.

  12. Anonymous, do you have a learning disability or something? Let me see if I can explain in another way for you. Lets say you go to the bank and get a copy of your bank statement. Then post that statement on the Internet, billboards, coffee shop bulletin boards, anywhere you can find a spot to stick it. You have now released to the public your personal bank statement, and that is your right, it’s your statement and you can do whatever the hell you want to with it.

    BUT that does not mean that I (or anyone else) can then go to your bank and demand access to your bank account to inspect your cancelled checks. Regardless of what you do with your personal information, the bank is still bound by law to PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY. I can stand there till the men in little white coats come to take me away screeching “But Anonymous released the bank statement so the right of privacy has been waved and this bank has no right NOT to give me access to the account”. Do you understand? Your actions in releasing that statement have nothing to do with the privacy laws the bank is bound by.

    This is how privacy laws work, and it’s the same for Obama’s BC.

    Just out of curiosity, why do you hate Obama so much that you would make such a fool of yourself like this? Is it because he’s black? Or because his father was a black man right off the boat from Africa who impregnated a white woman? I’m not accusing you of being a racist; I’d just like to know what your issue is.

    One other question, what does your family and friends think of your birther agenda? Do they accuse you of being crazy whenever you mention it? You know, roll their eyes and mumble, “here we go again”?


    Hay Anotherparadox, I think I know what happened with your Google account. I’ll shoot you a PM through TFB.

  13. ms daisy,

    apparently you are a product of our country's great public school system.

    i'm sorry for my stupidity for completely not understanding what a bank account statement has to do with anything. i'm pretty sure posting my bank account statement all over america is not a constitutional requirement for being president of the united states. Maybe you should look up where NATURAL BORN CITIZEN appears in the constitution.

    As to barack obama being a black man: Thank you for the ubiquitous racial baiting. Have you investigated his racial makeup? I'll help you out:

    8/16ths White
    7/16ths Arab
    1/16 Black

    obamafraud doesn't even qualify under federal guidelines as a black minority.

    After April 27th release of the 'real long form birth certificate', i would certainly question the political motive and/or sanity of anyone who claims obamafraud is the 'real deal'.

  14. The bank statement reference was an attempt to show you how privacy laws work. But for some reason you seem unable to grasp the concept that states are bound by privacy laws, regardless of what personal information anyone releases on their own. This is exactly why Taitz’s case was dismissed. Just because Obama released his BC does not change the privacy laws in Hawaii. Anymore than if you released a bank statement, or your own BC, the facilities/agencies responsible for maintaining that information is STILL bound by the law.

    As for being a NBC?

    United States Code: title 8, 1401
    Nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:

    Just a couple of snips for you

    “(a) a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;”

    That one would apply to Obama, but just in case you are going to insist he wasn’t born in this country or intend to jump on the 2-parent bandwagon, we refer to G)

    “(g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than five years, at least two of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years:”

    That is directly from the U.S. Code. Obama is a NBC of the United States any way you slice it according to the law of the land. Even if he hadn’t been born here.

    As far as Obama’s race? I was not accusing you of being racist and said so in my comment. I was asking what your personal issue with Obama is, which you didn’t answer.

    However Obama is black, even though his mother was white. Have you ever heard of the “Racial Integrity Act” or Anti-Miscegenation laws? At the time Obama was born in most places if you had any blood other than “white blood” you were not white. Where the hell do you come up with Arab?

    You said that you question the motive of “Anyone” that claims that Obama is the “real deal”, by that I assume you mean a NBAC. If that is the case then you question every legal authority and official in this country, because they all know he is. How can they all be wrong, and you right?

    You still haven’t pointed to any actual evidence to prove your point.

  15. daisy,

    "You still haven't pointed to any actual evidence to prove your point."

    Okay, now I am BEGGING you to go to youtube and watch all the videos on the longform forgery. Some are worse than others, but most plainly get the point across.

    Here is one link explaining the typeface analysis:

    The man that posted this was very skeptical, however, when you see this and all the videos you can only come to one conclusion.

    Here is a youtube video of a bastion of liberalism titled "Senator schumer on mccain's Cancer and Medical Records". Clearly, his message is "The People Have A Right To Know". In typical political fashion though they trumpet "all people are equal" but in reality "some people are more equal than others" especially when they are raising campaign money. schumer has a very big problem with mccain, but not so much - in fact none at all - with obamafraud. Clearly, with obamafraud, The People have a right to know very little about him including what hospital he was born in!

  16. The website you link to has a heading “ Where the weak are killed and eaten”. Nice. And the post is by Jerome Corsi from WND, one of the to two most UN-credible sources that call themselves “news” that you can find anywhere on the Internet.

    As for the typeface analysis, I don’t know how old you are or if you were even alive back in 1961, but typewriters back in those days had keys, and long unevenly inked ribbons that each letter key would strike to type on a page. They were “manual” meaning you had to force the key down to make it type and how hard you hit the key would determine how dark or light the typed letter would appear. It was a human impossibility to hit each key with exactly the same pressure every time, and as you typed the ribbon moved and often bunched also affecting the look of the type. Not to mention getting a bit of dust or glob of ink stuck in the key. In addition to that whatever was being typed on was manually cranked down into the typewriter with a roller, and lining up a form to type on was done purely by eyeballing it.

    They also had these little “correction” tabs that consisted of white ink that could be used to type over errors so they be re-typed. Also accounting for a variable in the appearance of the finished document. Here is a link to a government document manually typed in October 1961. Look at this image:

    It also has variations in the appearance of the typed letters, just like Obama’s BC. Does this mean that this letter is a forgery too? No, but it does prove that the so called “typeface analysis” you pointed to is a bunch of crap because the very same variations your analysis says “proves forgery” exists in every single document of the time.

    I have provided you with links to official government websites verifying the authenticity of Obama’s BC, legitimate news sources debunking the claims of people like Tim Adams and with this document link completely debunked your proof of forgery. The only thing you have pointed to is WND. I have also seen the videos and they have no more credibility than the document analysis.

    Now if you insist that the State of Hawaii is lying to protect a so-called “forged” or non-existent birth certificate, where is your “legitimate” source that proves that? Explain to me why not one single legitimate authority in this country will accept any of your “evidence” as fact. WND couldn’t prove that water is wet and is in no way accepted by any rational person as a legitimate authority on anything.

    Why do you insist on denying the facts that I have given you? Why do you hate Obama so much that you would desperately cling to this nonsense you call truth? If you dislike his politics that’s fine, but even that is no reason to believe that these delusions about his status of a NBC are in any way ever going to be proven true. They are NOT true. I have answered and addressed everything you have said. Now it’s your turn. What is your response to what I have shown you? Please be specific, and do not rely on, or quote WND for anything. So far you have avoided addressing anything I have shown you.

  17. daisy,

    i have hinted, asked, even begged you to watch the youtube videos. do you refuse to accept the inevitable conclusion that the long form birth certificate is a forgery?

    Your explanation about the different typefaces used in the forgery is really laughable. If you will watch the videos you will see that these typeface examples - although scanned - are COMPLETELY IDENTICAL. Not only that, but these letters - although presumably color scanned because of the green background - have ZERO CHROMATIC ANAMOLIES. There is REAL PROOF for you if you will only see!

  18. lawyerwitharealdegreeOctober 14, 2011 at 3:26 PM

    Ms. Daisy,

    Your birther troll is particularly dense. Congratulations, you attracted a protypical birther.

  19. Actually Anonymous, I give up. I tried to be nice and point you to actual facts and reality, but your birfer brain is just beyond hope. Bottom line like it or not, believe it or not, Obama is legitimate and so is his BC. He WILL finish his current term and most probably be re-elected by “We the SANE people”. Neither you nor your Tin Foil queen will ever prove a single one of your absurd accusations. You can mark my words on that. Every court case birfers bring will be kicked right to the curb and end up toast, just like 100% of every single one that has already been filed because they are all completely full of shit.

    By the way, you never answered my question about how your family feels about your insane quest. How many of them avoid you and roll their eyes when they see you coming?

    My guess would be all of them.

  20. What the anonymous birfer doesn't understand that no one - and I mean no one - can prove that a document is a forgery based on the analysis of an image. As far as all of the YouTube videos, they're just internet clutter. Anyone that listens to that crapola and actually believes it has a serious problem that should be corrected with a high dose of prozac.

    Leave it be, little birfer. You're not going to change anyones mind here - especially Ms. Daisy's. Unlike you, she is in touch with reality.

  21. anotherparadox,

    "What the anonymous birfer[sic] doesn't understand that no one - and I mean no one - can prove that a document is a forgery based on the analysis of an image."
    The whitehouse released this IMAGE as an EXACT COPY of the long form birth certificate.

    The IMAGE released from the whitehouse is a PROVEN FORGERY.

    Therefore, the whitehouse is CLEARLY LYING!

    anotherparadox: You are correct, the youtube videos which you were probably to lazy to watch certainly can't rise to your highly intellectual musings on this forum.

  22. @Anonymous

    The word 'birfer' does not require [sic] after it. It is a known word and not a misspelling. You, my birfer friend, are a birfer.

    It is not that I am too lazy to watch those videos. It is that I do not care to watch something that is not based on any reality or fact.

    The IMAGE could very well be a forgery. Whether or not the image is a forgery is irrelevant as the image is not the birth certificate released by the White House. It was merely a convenient way to show it to everyone. What do you expect? You want the President to order a certified copy for every fucking birfer and send them one?

    There have been numerous reporters that actually held the last BC that was released with the raised seal and took photos of it when he release the long form. The original COLB that the President provided was sufficient proof and was provided at a location where anyone that wanted to view it and hold it could do so if they wanted. The state of Hawai'i has said that Obama was born in Hawai'i numerous times.

    Since birfers consider themselves to be such great constitutionalists, perhaps they should pay attention to the constitution, especially that pesky Full Faith & Credit clause you choose to ignore.

    If you take a BC from one state to another state and you want to use it to do whatever you need to use it for, then the state you are currently in has to except if as primae facia evidence. The document is self authenticating. If someone claimed that you were not a US citizen and you had to go to court to prove it, all you would need to provide to the court as proof that you are a US citizen is that piece of paper. Of course, that would never happen since you have the certified copy of the birth cerficate in the first place. If anyone tried to sue you, you would answer that lawsuit as President Obama's attorneys have answered the lawsuits filed by Taitz and other loons and the case would be thrown out and the person(s) suing you would then be responsible for paying all of the court costs for bringing a frivolous lawsuit against you.

    Now, move a long little birfer. The only one that is clearly lying is you.

  23. Here AP, let me help you with this:

    “Now, move along little birfer. The only one that is DELUSIONAL is you.”

    There, FIFY.

  24. Thanks, Ms. Daisy. Geez! Reminds me of debating birfers back on the Washington Independent back in 2009. The argument is always circular. After debunking everything they spew, they return back to the first point and start going back through to the end again.

    That's why there's no debating a birfer. There's nothing that can fix their sickness. It is best just to tell them to move along. I just find it funny that they think they can infect a sane person with the virus they've been infected with. Don't they know we're all immune to their lunacy?

  25. I remember that on that WI in 09, that’s where I first noticed the illness of birferism too. It quickly manifested as a sort of autism, but different. What was that crazy hopeless troll called that was so obnoxious?

  26. Naturalized Citizen was the one that I can recall. Not so much obnoxious but just irritating. Exactly the type of birfer that would go through each of the talking points, they'd be debunked and then he or she would start right back from the beginning. Nothing - and I mean nothing - could be done to educate that person. Birfers are incapable of learning anything that is true.

  27. "It is not that I am too lazy to watch those videos. It is that I do not care to watch something that is not based on any reality or fact."

    Yes, paradox, you are a true genius who knows the answers without the need for any evidence! Bravo, sir. I am sure you have an "off the charts" IQ.

    As the name suggests, dissociative disorders are cause a dissociation from reality. Additionally, dissociative disorders may interrupt the aspects of reality that are natural for a healthy person (such as one’s own identity). They are usually associated with a harsh trauma experienced by the individual, possibly leading to a mental defensive mechanism that separates the individual from the troubling reality caused by the trauma. Dissociative disorder is referred to as an involuntary coping mechanism, causing the individual to literally dissociate himself from the reality that his or her conscious self can not deal with alone.

    i'm sure you felt like millions of others that, this time, you had a true messiah for a leader. You probably felt like the world also knew you were right when obamafraud was awarded the nobel peace prize - for events that would unfold in the future! maybe you can't or won't deal with the reality that obama is a complete fraud, bought and paid for by the likes of goldman sachs who have donated to obamafraud more than any other presidential candidate in their illustrious history. hopefully, you will reach disillusionment with our leaders and understand that they have sold you and yours down the river BIG TIME [try google present value u.s. entitlements]. Maybe look into the "TEA PARTY" myth. Our leaders want to be sure you understand that our massive debt is the result of a 2 year old political movement. If it wasn't so real, it would be funny.
    - good luck to you friend.

  28. @anonymous - I refer to a paradox in the terms of mathematical paradoxes. So, your attempt to insult me only makes me laugh.

    And don't make the assumption that President Obama is my messiah. I didn't vote for him nor will I vote for him in 2012.

    It is you birfers that are helping Obama and that is why I am against you. Now that I think about it, could it be that the Birther Movement is actually something that is being run by Obama? It is a possibility but I'm not going to put a lot of faith in it.

    If you truly believe in the crap you write, then so be it. Go sell crazy some place else. We're all stocked up here.

  29. Wow! I just realized that anonymous was describing him/herself in that last comment. My apologies for being confused. Nice copy and paste job on your self diagnosis, though.

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