Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orly Taitz Three Time Loser In One Day

After Tin Foil Taitz had her case dismissed in Hawaii just 2 weeks ago, yesterday Judge Lamberth finally “Denied”  her Motion to Reconsider in Taitz v Astrue. This little snip was priceless.

"1 The Court is loath to dignify plaintiff’s allegations of fraud with a response on the merits. However, suffice it to say that plaintiff’s argument is premised on the incorrect assumption that Social Security numbers assigned prior to 1973 have any correlation to the recipient’s residence, see Employer Filing Instructions and Information, http://www.socialsecurity.gov/employer/stateweb.htm (“Prior to 1973, social security numbers were assigned by our field offices. The [first three] number[s] merely established that his/her card was issued by one of our offices in that State.”). Plaintiff’s entire premise is totally defeated by a cursory examination of this site, which demonstrates that plaintiff’s allegations lack any basis in fact.
2 Furthermore, the Court notes that individuals may only use the E-Verify Self Check service to check their own employment eligibility, and that to do so an individual must answer a series of private questions before gaining access to the system. See Self Check : Terms of Use, https://selfcheck.uscis.gov/SelfCheckUI."

Of course considering the thickness of the birther cranium as well as the probability that it is also lined with lead this will never ever sink in. While Judge Lamberth was at it, he also threw out Taitz’s “FOIA case against Kathy Ruemmler” , White House Counsel and in his “Order Granting Motion to Dismiss” he stated:

“Plaintiff’s entire argument for application of FOIA to this case is simply a restatement of her conclusory allegations that the President and his Administration are committing a fraud. Such threadbare assertions are irrelevant to the status of the White House Counsel’s Office as an entity exempt from FOIA. It is therefore hereby ORDERED that defendant’s motion to dismiss is GRANTED, and plaintiff’s suit is dismissed with prejudice.
Signed by Royce C. Lamberth, Chief Judge, on October 17, 2011."

And for the last loss of the day, with the denial of her Motion to Reconsider in Taitz v Astrue, her final case in Hawaii scheduled for November 21 is now moot. So in a desperate attempt to save it she posted on her website a draft of her “Notice of Appeal and Motion to stay final order”

Draft of Notice of Appeal and Motion to stay final order pending appeal
Posted on October 18, 2011
”Plaintiff Moves this court to stay its’ final order pending appeal, so the Plaintiff can proceed with the Motion to compel hearing currently scheduled for November 21, 2011 in USDC in HI to compel inspection of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate”

Of course that will go nowhere, the order has already been made. Nowhere other than to the rubbish bin just like everything else she’s filed.

But at least Orly already has a plan for her next failure. Now she’s going after Hillary Clinton. She posted on her website a copy of her “Emergency FOIA Request”  and stated:

“Emergency FOIA request was sent to Secretary of State Clinton. If Sec of State will be non-responsive, the next case in federal court will be filed against Clinton”

(Everything is an emergency with this woman)

The request is filled with the same ole same ole debunked hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations that have already been tossed out by every court she’s ever been in with her lunacy. But she has to do something to keep her quest alive, and to keep her flying monkeys happily and ignorantly clicking that paypal button. (Fools and their money and all that.) Regardless of what she pulls out of her ass attempting to keep this insanity afloat this tripe will also be thrown out.

The issue is, other than her entertainment value, she does nothing but waste time and resources clogging up the courts and wasting taxpayer money with all this garbage. All the while spamming and “Carnival Barking” her way to every news agency she can find an email address for desperately trying to find someone to notice her and write a story about her and how famous she has become and how she will have “imminent victory any day now”. Well, at least as famous as she believes herself to be that is. Then she turns around and calls them all “corrupt” and accuses them all of “fraud and aiding and abetting” when they all tell her to piss off. Just as she says about every Judge she’s ever been in front of that didn’t rule in her favor. (Which would be all of them) In her world anyone that does not agree with her and accept her word as gospel is a criminal and should be punished.

I’m sometimes torn between what the true motivation is for her, actually being the one who ultimately removes a sitting POTUS, which will never happen. Or if it’s just to get as much attention, publicity and imaginary fame as she can muster. I’m starting to believe that the attention is more important to her than Obama. No one can truly be so stupid and just keep doing the same thing over and over and over and failing miserably every single time and still think that sooner or later she will win.

In addition to starting up another round of her birther Carnival Barking and useless lawsuits, this time aimed at Hillary Clinton, she’s also launching her campaign to run against Diane Feinstein for U.S. Senate. I wonder what idiocy she will come up with to hurl at Senator Feinstein. When she tried (and failed) to be elected as California’s Secretary of State she accused her opponent for the republican nomination of fraud and sued him too. There are no limits or no lows to which this woman will NOT stoop to get her name in print and her face on YouTube.

BTW, I wonder how she will get her flying monkeys to fund her Senate campaign. She tried with her SOS campaign and ended up having to clean out her retirement fund to pay for it herself. A Senate campaign will certainly be more costly than the SOS was; I guess she’ll have to sell her house to pay for this one, but alas, she’ll still lose. Well, at least it a way to get attention, even if it will be short lived.

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