Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orly Taitz Is Taking Her Demands To D.C.

As mentioned in the last post Orly was bragging and basking in the glory of her big victory in visiting D.C. as she relayed “her version” of the events of her trip to the flying monkeys. It has also always been her habit to post about all of the interviews she gives, so the FM’s can see how successful and sought after she is by the media. (Oh, AND how famous she is, that’s very important for everyone to know.) Well, her post D.C. trip interviews have hit the intertubes.

At Salon.com Justin Elliott posted on September 26th: “Top GOP staffers huddle with Birther activist”

“President Obama released his long-form birth certificate months ago, but leading Birther activist Orly Taitz is still insisting to anyone who will listen that the president is not a natural-born citizen. Last Thursday she traveled to Capitol Hill to make her pitch to staffers for some of the most influential conservative members of Congress, some of whom were apparently quite receptive to her message.”

He went on to relay what Taitz had claimed of the positive reactions she had received and about her goal to “testify at a congressional committee about her never-ending legal crusade to prove the president is not a natural-born citizen.” But Justin just didn’t take her at “her” word and leave it at that, he called the folks she claimed to have spoken to and got…. “The rest of the story”.

“UPDATE: Brian Phillips, communications director for Sen. Mike Lee, sends this note about his office's encounter with Taitz:
Mrs. Taitz did not "meet" with our office in the widely understood sense. She arrived at our office unannounced and requested to speak with someone about a "homeland security" issue. She was afforded five minutes with a staffer. Once it was clear that her issue did not reflect one of critical national security importance, she was thanked and the meeting ended.
UPDATE II: Allen West's spokeswoman tells me that Taitz's account of her conversation with West's chief of staff is "absolutely false." The spokeswoman also points to West's statement to Birthers that they should focus on Obama's policies rather than his citizenship status.
Meanwhile, an aide to Rubio tells Ben Smith: "Senate staff regularly meet with a wide range of people, including people we disagree with as was the case here."

Well, there you have it. But slapping Orly with the truth does little to deter her. Unless they are speaking “Orly Truth”, they are corrupt and just trying to cover up her version of the “real truth” and persecute her for attempting to expose it.

In addition to her posting repeated demands that she should be allowed to testify before a congressional committee about this, she is also instructing her FMs step by step on how to write letters, make phone calls and make those same demands on her behalf. But she does advise them not to waste their time on the “legal stuff.”

"What to write and how to write, don’t waste time on lengthy research findings
Posted on September 27, 2011
When you write to the senators and representatives, don’t waste their time with lengthy legal research, it will go over their heads. We’ll deal with it later. At this time we need something very short and simple."

It’s over their heads and she’s been attempting to deal with the legal stuff for 3 years, and just can’t seem to get it right for love nor money.

"Demand criminal investigation of the SSN fraud. Most governmental officials, including our representatives and senators will not go into details of analysing Minor v Happersett and other precedents, don’t waste your time and their time with lengthy letters. Most of them are too lazy, too brain dead and too gutless to look at more than a couple of pages and react on something flagrantly illegal. SSN fraud is clear on its’ face by looking at a couple of docs."

Yes, by all means I hope they all include the fact that Orly has referred to them all as “lazy, brain dead, and gutless”.

“When you write to your reps and senators do as follows:
1. check what committees are they on
2. copy my latest motion with Obama’s Tax return, selective service and e-verify
3. Write a very short letter demanding to allow me to testify at their committee due to the fact, that the person occupying the position of the President and issuing executive order affecting their committee does no have valid identification number according to e-verify
4. send it by traceable mail: certified mail or FedEx, fax with confirmation and follow up with a visit to their home office or phone calls until you get their signature allowing me to testify.
Thank you for all your help. Together we will be able to end this crime of the century”

Wow, the “crime of the century”! (Do ya think they’ll make a movie? Maybe we should call Mel Brooks!) Anyway, it sounds simple enough for the simple minded who are stupid enough to attempt it. But just to make sure she gets her big shot at “testifying” she sent her own letter.

"Letter to Human Rights commission of the US House of representatives
Posted on September 27, 2011
As you are well aware, United States of America was found guilty of violation of human rights, specifically electoral rights, by the Inter American Commission on Human rights in relation to the issue of lack of electoral rights of voting for Congress for residents of Washington DC.
Unfortunately today citizens of the United States of America are subjected to a substantially more egregious violation of human rights and you are requested to intervene and abate this violation of electoral rights and due process rights."

Yes, PLEEEEASE intervene and let her testify!!!

"Please see attached pleadings from Taitz v Astrue, 11-402 USDC District of Columbia, specifically motion for reconsideration and reply from the Department of Justice, representing Commissioner for Social Security Michael Astrue. Attached pleadings provide undisputable proof that the President of the United states Barack Hussein Obama is using in his tax returns and his Selective Service registration a Connecticut Social Security number XXX-XX-4425, (redacted by CIP) which was never assigned to him according to E-verify, as well as the fact, that the alleged long form birth certificate, that he posted on WhiteHouse.gov, is nothing but a computer generated forgery according to multiple experts."

Actually none of her pleadings have ever contained a speck of any kind of actual evidence, only hearsay and allegations. The fact that Obama changed his SSN some years ago would certainly account for the fact that her E-Verify doesn’t friggin match! And even the SSA states that the 1st 3 digits of the SSN cannot be relied upon as absolute proof of where someone was “supposedly” living when it was issued. Blocks of numbers were issued to different states, but they often shifted those numbers around according to need. But you can’t tell birfers that, they don’t care. Reality is not a state their brains are capable of achieving.

"I, Orly Taitz, am a plaintiff in above legal action. I am a president of a not for profit “Defend Our freedoms” foundation, I am a civil rights attorney and a doctor of dental surgery. For the last three years I encountered the most flagrant violations of human rights in the United States of America in relation to this issue. I encountered obstruction of justice, manipulation of dockets, tampering with evidence, committed by the employees of courts, stonewalling by judges, persecutions by judges, persecutions and slander by members of our “main stream” manipulated media and total dismantling of any meaningful electoral rights for the US citizens, who are demanding most basic rights: a right to be governed by a legitimate US president, who possesses valid identification papers and who is Constitutionally eligible. I witnessed total annihilation of a meaningful right of due process and a right of redress of grievances in relation to this issue, as well as persecution of myself and other dissidents, who dare to bring forward this issue."

Actually those are pretty slanderous accusations, accusing the courts of obstruction of justice, manipulating dockets and evidence, none of which she is capable of substantiating. Of course fraud, slander, and flat out lies are her M.O. Sooner or later she will be answering for it.

"Based on the above I am respectfully requesting a right to testify before Tom Lantos Human rights commission. As you know Congressman Tom Lantos was a holocaust survivor, who acutely felt any violation of human rights. I am a descendant of survivors of pogromi, holocaust and persecution of marranos."

Oh right, they’re both Jews, that’ll really influence them; they’re sure to let her testify now!

"I was appalled and disgusted at the level of persecution of dissidents against Obama regime, which culminated when I ran for secretary of state of California in the Republican primary. One of the greatest violators was the staff of MSNBC, when on the election day MSNBC host Chris Mathews announced in prime time “Orly Taitz is a malignancy. I want you to tie her up like a witch to the stake. She needs to be tied up like a witch to the stake.” After this call to arms multiple insane brainwashed Obama supporters sent me e-mails stating that I need to be burned at the stake. Previously my car was tampered with. some Obama supporters paid and commissioned an artist to paint demeaning nude pictures of me under the title “Birther Orly Taitz” and posted those pictures all over the Internet, in local papers and sent them to my three children."

And they’re STLL being mean to her and she’s getting damn sick and tired of it. EVERYONE is supposed to accept her evidence as Gospel, and praise her for being the savior of the country.

"This slander and call for violence against me was issued simply because I dared to represent members of the US military, State Representatives and former UN ambassador Alan Keyes in legal actions challenging Obama’s legitimacy to the US presidency in light of his lack of a valid Social security number, lack of a valid (no forged) birth certificate and lack of constitutional eligibility under article 2 of the US Constitution."

Right cuz she’s the ONLY person in this country that has (as she frequently likes to remind people) “The strength of character” to stand up to this entirely corrupt country.

"Half a million citizens defined our corrupt establishment and corrupt media and voted for me. If more than half a million people voted for me in one primary in one state, it means that I have a lot of support all over the country, it means that support for the cause that I champion is in the millions."

Actually it just proves that there are people who vote that don’t necessarily know who or what they are voting for, they just pick a name.

"It is time for the US Congress and particularly the Commission for Human Rights to show a drop of integrity and address the issue of criminality of Barack Obama, his lack of any valid identification papers, this utter embarrassment for the United States and electoral and due process violations of the Human Rights in the US.
Respectfully submitted
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ"

And she has nerve to speak of “integrity” and “utter embarrassments”?

Maybe it’s all as I said in the last post, she knows full well that her cases are all about to be thrown out of court and she’s desperately trying anything she can think of to keep herself relevant.

Not that she ever really was relevant in the first place.

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