Thursday, September 1, 2011

Orly Taitz Gets Her Ass Kicked Again Exactly As Predicted

In the Birferverse Obama has been accused of everything from being a gay cokehead Muslim who murdered his gay lover, to actually being the illegitimate son of Malcolm X who secretly trained with al Qaida terrorists while he was “supposed” to be attending law school at Columbia. And Orly Taitz has been all over every bit of it like stink on shit since day one. With her intense bigotry and downright hatred of Muslims, along with her narcissistic craving for publicity and fame, come hell or high water she intends to find a way to “do this usurper in” and gain the glory and praise of the world. Even though she has never had the first scrap of any kind of actual evidence to back up any of her delusional claims, and the fact that she has lost every single case she has ever filed, she still goes on claiming emanate victory… any minute now.

Her latest unsurprising failure being her case Taitz v Astrue where she intended to force the SSA to release to her Obama’s original SS application. The fact that the law forbids release of any information on living people was irrelevant. She intended to prove he committed fraud and she had no problem committing fraud herself to attempt to prove it.

Judge Lamberth “Denied”  all of her motions, including her motion to compel the state of Hawaii to comply with her subpoena for Obama’s original birth certificate, and “Granted”  final judgment for the defendant, dismissing the case “with prejudice” which means that Orly will never again be allowed to sue the SSA under the FOIA over this “alleged” fraudulent SS# she claims Obama has. In his 8 page “Memorandum Opinion”  he begins with:

“Ever persistent, plaintiff has once again come before this Court in an effort to uncover “the biggest cover up in the history of this nation.” She believes that the President is using a “fraudulently obtained” social security number and that the Social Security Administration—among other agencies—is involved in a scheme to “cover up social security fraud, IRS fraud, elections fraud and possibly treason” committed by the President. As her numerous filings with the Court demonstrate, plaintiff will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of this alleged conspiracy. Unfortunately for plaintiff, today is not her lucky day.”

In laymen’s terms I’d sure call that a birther bitch slap. The best part of his memorandum IMO finally addresses the unethical (if not criminal) way she obtained this “so-called” evidence she submitted to the court in his subparagraph #4.

“Plaintiff submits the Selective Service registration acknowledgment form associated with security number xxx-xx-4425, which apparently is “readily available on the world wide web.” She argues that this form establishes that the President is fraudulently using social security number xxx-xx-4425, and that the Selective Service and the SSA are “engaged in a cover up” of his fraud. The Selective Service does not release registration acknowledgment forms to the public; only a registrant himself can request proof of his registration. See Registration Information, The Court can only conclude that plaintiff has submitted a form that some individual obtained through a false request and subsequently posted online. Plaintiff also submits a “verification results” page from the Social Security Number Verification System (“SSNVS”) indicating that social security number xxx-xx-4425 is “not in file (never issued).” She argues that this page is further evidence that the SSA is covering up the President’s use of social security number xxx-xx-4425. The SSA uses the SSNVS to provide employers with a means of verifying the names and social security numbers of employees. See SSNVS Handbook,  “Anyone who knowingly and willfully uses SSNVS to request or obtain information from SSA under false pretenses violates Federal law and may be punished by a fine, imprisonment or both.” As with the registration acknowledgement form discussed above, the Court can only conclude that plaintiff has submitted a page that some individual obtained under false pretenses—that is, by representing himself as the President’s employer. The Court notes that both documents submitted by plaintiff are incomplete; the address on the registration acknowledgment form and the employer identification number on the SSNVS page have been blacked out, further confirming the documents’ fraudulent origins. For all of these reasons, the Court will disregard both documents as well as any arguments made in reliance on them.”

Of course granting judgment for the defense in this case completely moots her case against Loretta Fuddy in the state of Hawaii, which was based on the Taitz v Astrue case. Taitz claimed however at her hearing for ECF privileges the same day this ruling came out that she intended to appeal and was confident that her appeal would be granted and persuaded the court in Hawaii to give her time to try to do so.

This Motion to Reconsider will also be a failure, just like everything else she has ever done while touting emanate victory at every turn.

According to a competent and reliable source who was present in the courtroom in Hawaii for this hearing, Fogbow Obot “Mikedunford” who reported on the case we see how Taitz twists and even disregards actual truth when relaying information to her flying monkeys on her website. Immediately after the hearing Orly posted this on her website:

“Update, motion to compel producion of Obama’s original BC was postponed to November 21, 9:30 am
Posted on August 30, 2011
Today at 5:15 pm PST we had a hearing with the District Judge Susan Oke Mollway. She supervises magistrate judge Puglisi.
She gave me ECF privileges to file electronically.”

Actually no, she didn’t give Orly ECF privileges. According to Mike this is what was actually said:

“The Judge explained that the hearing is on Orly's motion for ECF privileges. She asked Orly if Orly had ECF filing privileges in her own district. Orly said that she did. The judge then proceeded to very slowly, clearly, and patiently explain to Orly that the practice normally followed if you want ECF privileges in the Hawaii District, the normal procedure is to go to the district's website. She then read - on the record - the website address to Orly. And repeated some of it when Orly indicated that she didn't quite catch all of it. She then told Orly to look over at the left side of the screen, where it says "ECF". "Then there will be a place where you click."
She then suggested that Orly might want to select the box asking to be exempted from the training requirement because of the training she's done in California, and informed Orly that this sort of thing is handled by the Clerk of the Court, and is not something that the Judges deal with. Orly was then advised to go ahead and follow the normal procedures to obtain ECF access.”

Orly also claimed in her post:

“Deputy atorney General of Hawaii Jill Nagamine and assistant Attorey General Rebecca Quinn were there and demanded to dismiss the case and the hearing in light of todays’ order by judge Lamberth.”

According to Mike they didn’t “demand” anything:

“Ms. Nagamine then stood up and said that she'd received information this morning indicating that the underlying case in DC was dismissed, and would the Judge like to see a copy of the order and the supporting memorandum. Judge Mollway read the order into the record. She then explained, for the record, what the memorandum was. She then asked Orly if she agreed that her DC case was dismissed.
Orly responded by saying that as the Judge knew, that's not a final decision, because she has the right to file a motion for reconsideration. She went on to say that she has important new evidence, that she will be filing a motion for reconsideration shortly, and that, "I have no doubt my motion will be granted."

As far as the hearing being rescheduled? From Mike’s report:

“They went off the record briefly while the courtroom manager called down to Judge Puglisi's chambers, and got a new hearing date of 26 October. Judge Mollway then informed Orly that this should be enough time for Judge Lamberth to rule on the motion for reconsideration. She also informed Orly that Orly needs to keep the court advised of what happens with the motion for reconsideration, because if the motion for reconsideration is tossed, HI will close the current action.
They finally settled on 21 November at 0930. If the case is still alive.
Orly was then informed that Judge Puglisi may decide to deal with the matter without a hearing. Judge Mollway made sure to tell Orly that judges are allowed to do that, and that it would probably be a good idea to check with Judge Puglisi's chambers before getting on a plane to come out here.”

And a big Thank you to Mike for the time he took to do this reporting!

In a post on her website today she posted Happy Thanksgiving wishes to Obama. In part she says:

“Happy thanksgiving Mr. Obama!
Posted on September 1, 2011

”Federal Judge for the US district court for the District of Hawaii Susan Oke-Mollway moved my motion hearing to compel production of Obama’s original birth certificate for expert inspection to November 21, 9:30 am in front of magistrate judge Richard Puglisi. So, now right before Thanksgiving, the whole country and media will be talking about Obama’s fraudulent use of a stolen Connecticut Social Security number xxx-xx-4425 (redacted by CIP) and about his use of computer generated forgery instead of a valid birth certificate.” He really wishes it was his drunken sailor spending we were talking about, as at least being moron on the issues of economy is not criminal, you don’t go to prison for being a moron and spending this nation into oblivion. Using stolen Social Security number and a forged birth certificate is criminal, for which he can be moved in handcuffs from the White House to the Big House.
Happy thanksgiving Mr. Obama! (or should I say Happy Ramadan?)”

Happy Ramadan? And she has room to talk about morons? (Pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot.) Just more proof of her deep seeded bigotry, as well as her delusional thinking that she is actually going to get somewhere with this motion to reconsider, or anything else in her entire birfer movement. Oh well, she’s got to come up with something to keep her stupid followers clicking that paypal button.

A quick word to the flying monkeys here; save your money, this hearing will never happen.

The real irony of Judge Lamberth’s subparagraph #4 from this latest ruling and his statement in reference to her illegally obtained “evidence” that “the Court will disregard both documents as well as any arguments made in reliance on them”, is that Taitz’s next stupid case “Taitz v Ruemmler”  has already been assigned to Judge Lamberth. Can you guess what her primary evidence in that case is?


(BTW, sorry for my neglect of this blog lately, It’s been a busy year in the real world and I’ve been away most of the summer.)


  1. Thank you, Ms. Daisy. Another wonderful commentary on everyone's favorite whackadoodle dentist.

  2. Very well written, and thanks for keeping tabs on that litigious menace.