Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Crazy Daze Of Tin Foil Taitz Continues…

It seems Orly’s been a busy little bat lately since her admission of fraud in our last post. After soliciting her flying monkeys to set her up with meetings in D.C. with as many Congressional officials as possible, as well as urging them all to download her pleadings and send them to everyone from Sheriff Joe in Arizona to Congressman, Senators and even Gawd him/her/itself, she gets ready to head to Washington. On September 21st she proudly posted on her website that she would be leaving for D.C. and would be “having 5 congressional meetings” the next day. Boy the flying monkeys were so proud of their Queen and this tremendous success.

When she returned home she posted that she had forwarded all of her information on Social security fraud to “12 high ranking senators and congressmen and had personal in depth meetings with legal counsel, chiefs of staff and senior advisers for 4 high ranking senators and 3 representatives: Senator Tom Coburn-ranking member of the subcommittee on privacy on senate judicial committee, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Lamar Smith-chair f the House Judiciary committee, Congressman Allen West, Congressman Steven King.” She also claimed that some of the chiefs of staff and their legal counsel would work together in arranging for her to testify at one of the committee or subcommittee hearings, and that she should hear from them within a week.

This of course had the praise rolling in as Orly basked in the glory of it. However I’d be willing to bet that in truth, she never got passed the reception staff that no doubt busted guts laughing at her and her insanity probably before she even had the doors shut behind her as she left. Unfortunately her excitement over this big success was quickly shoved aside as she received notice that the Defense in Taitz v Astrue had the nerve to file an “Opposition to her Motion to Reconsider”. 

“Plaintiff cannot establish the extraordinary circumstances necessary to justify relief under Rule 59(e). Plaintiff presents no previously unavailable evidence that justifies revisiting the Court’s conclusion. And plaintiff fails to identify any clear error or manifest injustice in the Court’s order. Plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration should therefore be denied.”

It goes on to outline the legal incompetence of her Motion to Reconsider and requests that her motion be denied. Of course now that this opposition has been filed it’s likely that Judge Lamberth will rule very soon to grant this opposition and deny (hopefully with sanctions and even possible charges) her Motion to Reconsider. Once that is done, her case in Hawaii against Loretta Fuddy that never had a snowballs chance in the first place will be toast. (Actually it was toast the minute she filled it, just like everything else she has ever filed.) She quickly posted:

“US Department of Injustice: having a criminal with a stolen Social Security number-is not an extraordinary circumstance, Obama’s right to privacy to use a stolen SSN supercedes the right of 311 million American citizens to know, if we have a legitimate President and have a fraud and a criminal removed from the WH.
Posted on September 23, 2011
Taitz v Astrue opposition to motion for reconsideration
Please, forward my motion for reconsideration with all the exhibits and the response from the Department of Injustice to every congressman and demand they write letters to chairmen and ranking members of House and Senate Judiciary committees and subcommittees on privacy and demand to invite me to the committee hearings and testify on ObamaForgeryGate and ObamaSSNfraudGate and subpoena records, subpoena attendance of Judge Lamberth, Judge Puglisi, judge Nishimura, Judge Clay D. Land, commissioner Astrue, director of Health Fuddy, registrar Onaka an demand answers from all of them.”

YES damn it! DEMAND they invite her to testify! And subpoena all those damn corrupt Obot Judges and Hawaiian officials who have dared to oppose her and DEMAND they answer WHY WHY WHY they continue to deny her delusions and make her look like the legally incompetent insaniack she really is!

"This is complete lawlessness, this is worse than the Soviet Union, Libya and Iran taken together. This answer from the Department of Justice de facto tells every American citizen: “You are nothing but a dumb slave, we can do absolutely everything and anything to you”. I hope every American citizen is livid and up in arms in the face of this flagrant injustice and flagrant abdication of the most basic constitutional rights of the US citizens."

Oooo, getting a little testy here! Maybe she’s finally getting tired of being such a total failure. (But I doubt it; she is after all also a serious narcissistic publicity whore, and any attention negative or not is better than nothing at all.) She has been claiming “victory any minute now” for over 2 years. In September of 09 she was bragging to the world that she “would have Obama out of office in 30 days”. It’s been 730 days. He’s still there, and she’s still the chronic loser she’s always been.

"Please, forward to me copies of your letters to your representatives and senators. Please, follow up with the phone calls to their home and DC offices, please visit their offices and don’t get off the phone and don’t get out of the office until you get an answer, and don’t take no for an answer. Call Eric Holder, Robert Mueller, your state Attorney Generals, Sheriffs and Governors. This outrage has to end now.”

Yes by all means, call them all at home and tell them that Orly told you to! That’ll surely make them bow down before her!

Well, she’s right about one thing. This outrage does have to end, and I have no doubt that Judge Lamberth will at least put an end to these ridiculous court cases PDQ! The tossing out of Taitz v Ruemmler will probably quickly follow that.

You know Orly has been touting the fact that she escaped the corruption and oppression of communist Russia ever since she came here. But to hear her tell it the U.S. is a million times worse, you know since every single person AND entity in it are nothing but no good treasonous Obot thugs, except her flying monkeys of course. So I wonder when she’ll decide to escape here? I’ll tell you one thing, if I lived in a place that I hated as much as Orly Taitz hates the United States of America, I’d just get the fuck OUT!

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  1. The difference is this: did Orly ever proclaim in public that the ruling executive in Moldova was illegitimate and corrupt? I very much doubt it. If she had, she'd still be on Moldovan soil...or more likely, under it.

    I'm still inclined to think she might be an agent provocateur trying to destabilize the US government, but she got her orders 25 years too late, and no one's bothered to countermand them.