Friday, July 22, 2011

Orly Taitz Sanctioned And Fined In Liberi v Taitz

Judge Andrew J. Guilford has sanctioned and fined her $250 for not following court orders. It’s a far cry from the $20,000 she was fined by Judge Land in Georgia, but I suspect it still won’t slow her crazy train down one bit. She has been given 14 days to pay the fine. Here’s a "Link” to the order.

It’s about time these Judges stood up to her blatant defiance of the law and court procedure. Well that makes twice she’s been sanctioned and fined now. I wonder how many more she’ll get before she’s finally DISBARRED?

No response from the Birfer Queen yet, but I bet she’ll be mad as a hornet when she cuts loose on this.


Hay Orly! I’ll bet Lisa is laughing her ass off at you too!

Popcorn…. Check

Beer…. Check


  1. Orly needs to appeal the sanctions all the way up to the Supreme Court. She's enough of an idiot that I wouldn't put it past her.

  2. That's our Lady Liberty!
    Liberating $20,250 to the federal government.
    One has to wonder whose side she's on.

  3. Hay?????? hay is for horses ms daisy the dyke!

  4. OH HAY, Lisa the freaking forging ms liberty, U You people have quite the following! Monkey see, monkey dyke do!

  5. It doesn't take much to know the last two comments were posted by Tracy aka KBOA. The only reason she would be making a derogatory remark accusing two women of being a 'dyke' is because she is a closet lesbian. It's alright Tracy. You can come clean now and admit that you would like the alternate lifestyle.

  6. You’re probably right AP, she’s a closet “something” all right. But whatever that something may be is her problem not ours. Let her figure it out.