Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Following Up On Taitz v Astrue

It seems our not yet but should be disbarred attorney Orly Taitz has been a busy little bat since the state of Hawaii told her to shove her worthless subpoena. First of all on 7/1/11 Defendant Michael Astrue entered a “Motion for Summary Judgment”  documenting that all of the requests Orly submitted were answered and that what she was “legally” allowed to receive was sent to her. End of story.

On 7/5/11, even after being told to stuff it by the state of Hawaii, Orly fired off another subpoena to Hawaii demanding (yet again) that Ms Fuddy, produce Obama’s original typewritten birth certificate. (Link here)  This one is signed by a court clerk, who actually has no more authority than Taitz does. But the Birferverse goes ballistic as Orly proclaims that this subpoena was “issued by the court”. (Which it wasn’t) They’re all just shitting themselves with the “any day now, any day, we got ’um now!” while Orly revels in all the glory and attention of course.

That same day Orly received a letter from the SSA with another copy of Ann Dunham’s original SS-5 form, and you guessed it. Now Orly has even more proof that Ann Dunham is a “forger of vital records” too, just like that no-account son of hers. You see, the first time she received the form she claimed that Ann had submitted the application that she signed in 1959 on a form that Orly swore up and down had a revised date of 1965. Orly’s initial claim being that there was no way Ann could have submitted her application in 1959 on a form that had not yet been created, so that was the first absolute proof that it had been forged. And she had her “document experts” to back her up. But this new letter from the SSA included a list showing all the revision dates of the SS-5 form, and the last revision before Ann submitted her form in 1959 was July of 1956.

So now (if you can follow this) Orly is claiming that the new copy she received of the form Ann signed in 1959 that was legitimately revised in 1956 was actually forged to say revised in 1955 and there were no revisions in 1955, so there’s her new proof that Obama’s mother indeed forged that document. Well first of all, why would anyone with more than half a brain cell bother to take a legitimate form that the state had already been using for 3 years and forge the revision date on it to one year earlier? And second, to my knowledge none of the birfers have ever questioned the fact that Ann Dunham is a natural born American citizen. In which case why the hell would she bother to forge the fucking thing in the first place if she were rightfully entitled to obtain a legitimate SSN? That would not make any kind of sense what so ever! I mean really, the level of STOOPID here is unbelievable! Where the fuck does she get this shit from?

On 7/7/11 she posted her explanation of what all this “subpoena stuff” means on her website so all the flying monkeys can understand just how well she’s doing with this case.

“Explanation from Orly
I guess, I need to explain. I just finished a radio interview and an interview for Sharon Rondeau from “Post and E-mail” , explaining that, but I will explain again.
I served the director of Health with 2 subpoenas. There are two ways to issue subpoenas: first -generated by an attorney and second-generated by the court. Even if the case is in DC, the subpoena will come from the district court in HI, sine the director of Health is in their jurisdiction.
after I served the director of Health, Loretta Fuddy with the the first subpoena, the attorney General of HI responded on her behalf, stating that she will not comply due to the considerations of privacy (totally bogus argument, since Obama already released the document, so he cannot claim privacy as a legitimate issue).
I served them with a second subpoena, this time it is signed by the clerk of the court. Meanwhile I am filing a motion to compel with the judge, saying that they are refusing to comply with the first one and I want a court order."

(Right, she wants a court order. Well, as the old saying goes, she can “want in one hand and shit in the other and see which gets full first!”)

"If meanwhile they comply with the second subpoena, I will withdraw the motion."

(Fat chance they will comply with that!)

"I have multiple opportunities and multiple ways to get there. I’d like to keep my cards close to my chest, so I will not explain further. All I can say, that If the judge does not rule in my favor in the case at hand, I will continue on multiple fronts and at the end of the day a number of people will be sitting in prison. Several highly positioned individuals will be in hot water. ObamaFraudGate and ObamaforgeryGate is 100 times bigger, than Watergate."

(Yea, a hundred times bigger than Watergate… Only in her delusional dreams.)

"It will not go away, it will only grow bigger and it will swallow more and more officials. Democrat party will end up completely annihilated, if it lasts much longer. also, there is a backlash against sitting republican congressmen and senators. My feeling is, that during the next election sitting congressmen from both parties will end up being sent home: Republicans will be sent home during the primary, Democrats -during the general election."

Right, she’s going to annihilate the entire Democratic Party! And here is her “Motion to Compel”  filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia requesting that Judge Lamberth issue an order compelling Director of Health Loretta Fuddy to comply with her subpoena. Of course Orly continually fails to understand that compliance with that subpoena would violate state privacy laws. She still believes that because Obama publicly released his LFBC that state privacy laws no longer apply. Orly and her half a brain cell just cannot comprehend that state privacy laws will only grant access to birth records to those that are rightfully entitled to receive them, and in this case that is not her or any of her flying monkeys. If a rightful recipient, in this case Obama, chooses to publicly release it, that’s his friggin business. He can do any damn thing he wants with it, but the fact that “he” publicly released it does NOT negate the privacy laws in Hawaii. The state is STILL bound by state law!

She goes on in her motion filled with improperly redacted SSNs (as usual) to outline her “evidence of forgery” from her so-called document experts, which consist of a copy machine salesman and a guy who does websites, both of whom drew their conclusions of forgery from looking at pictures on the internet and not by examining actual documents. As well as her claim that since Obama released the LFBC to the public that state law no longer applies, an absolutely ignorant thing for anyone to believe. AND she proudly includes her fraudulently obtained documents from the Selective Service and SSA along with pages of giant blown up typed letters that she and her experts claim don’t match.

For Gawd’s sake! Do none of these idiots know HOW the old manual typewriters even worked? Having to manually crank the paper down, lining it up, pressing down hard on each key to make it type and trying to keep the ribbon straight, I defy anyone to try typing on one and not fuck something up and to make every single letter match exactly. Why the hell do you suppose they had to invent whiteout?

As expected on 7/15/11 Orly files her “Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment”  filed by Astrue on 7/5/11 where she continues her screeching of fraud and cover-ups along with even more unredacted SSNs, even going so far as telling the court there is no point in redacting Obama’s SSN.

“The type of safeguard, that is envisioned in the exemption 6 of FOIA does not exist in case at hand. This exception exists in relation to average citizens, whose name is not known and whose identity might be stolen by someone usng a name and a social security number of a private citizen. In case at hand we have a President of the United States of America using this number. Does the statute envision a hypothetical, when some random Joe six-pack from Any- town America is entering a bank and saying: “I am Barack Hussein Obama, here is my social security number, I want to withdraw a million dollars from this bank account”. Is it likely? Is it plausible? Of course not. While our other presidents might have had more random names and one expects there to be more than one Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter, nobody has ever found another Barack Hussein Obama in the U.S.A. Uniqness of Obama’s name and his position make exemption 6 irrelevant to him and his vital records, it is safe to say, that even if an unredacted SS-5 is published, nobody will try to steal his identity, never mind with redacted SS-5.”

And yet Orly and her cohort Hollister DID use that SSN to steal Obama’s identity and fraudulently obtain his personal documents. Hollister even changed Obama’s home address in the Selective Service website to his own so the shit could be mailed directly to his house. She concludes her motion with this:

"In conclusion, Michael Astrue, commissioner of the Social Security administration did not provide a shred of admissible evidence to show that the SS-5 even exists, and that it was not assigned to a person, who is deceased now, and that the person, who is using it now, is doing so legally. Plaintiff provided irrefutable evidence that there is a genuine issue of material fact, due to which the motion for summary judgment needs to be denied. Additionally, Plaintiff has provided evidence, showing that there is a high likelihood of fraud, associated with the number in question and a cover up of such fraud. ObamaFraudGate, ObamaForgery Gate is much larger, then the Watergate. It will not go away until the matter is tried in court. More and more governmental officials become complicit in the cover up. Plaintiff believes, that not only the court needs to deny the motion for summary judgment and grant the FOIA request by the Plaintiff, but the court needs to start sua sponte an investigation of the massive fraud, that was uncovered within the SSA and allow the Plaintiff to conduct discovery of such fraud. This needs to be done before the 2012 election, if we ever to have an honest election in this country. Plaintiff believes, that she might be the only person with enough strength of character to conduct such an investigation.
If this court grants the motion for summary judgment and refuses release of the redacted SS-5 for SSN XXX-XX-XXX, (redacted by CIP) this court becomes complicit in the biggest cover up in the history of this nation. Taitz is not asking Your Honor to tilt on windmills, but rather to stand firmly on the broad and sturdy platform of the U.S. Constitution and the overwhelming factual evidence of the case.
Respectfully submitted,
/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ"

No, what Taitz is really asking is for the court to follow her and her delusions down the rabbit hole! With out a doubt Orly Taitz is the most incompetent lawyer that ever “claimed” to have passed a State Bar; because there is no friggin way this moron could have done it on her own. No FRIGGIN way!

On 7/18/11 Orly puts a post on her website asking the FM’s for even more help with her latest delusional allegations.

“Help in research needed. Help me brake the wall of silence and corruption in DC
Posted on July 18, 2011 No Comments
This is the last page of the book by Bill Ayers. Look at the names. I need to find people, who were involved in forgery, in preparing forged birth certificates and forged social security numbers. I was wondering do I hit this wall of silence. There had to be a wave of outrage over Obama’s forged BC, but there is silence. I don’t buy “Blacks will riot” argument. I remember, when a black judge Ellsie Hastings was thrown of the bench for public corruption, nobody rioted.”

No, there was never any “wave of outrage” over Obama’s legitimacy, and the silence is because competent people know that this is all complete bullshit. But I’m glad to see that she’s not worried about “blacks rioting” over her intent to rid this country of that nasty black man usurping the Presidency of the U.S. She goes on to explain just what she believes is really going on:

“what I believe to be at play, is the use of these bogus social security numbers for illegal campaign contributions, money laundering and kickbacks. I believe, that there may be a number of high ranking officials in all 3 branches of government, who got these kickbacks and/or donations, and this is the real reason for silence. This might be the motivation for some not only to be silent, but to actually attack and try to bury an attorney, who brings forward such evidence. So, the exposure of the individuals, involved in forgery, the numbers and the names of the recipients in the judiciary, in Congress might be the catalyst we need to finally brake this wall of silence and corruption. Either they stand up now or they will have to sit for a long time later.”

More shit pulled out of her ass. The only reason for this “wall of silence” as she calls it is because rational people know that this entire quest of hers is more full of shit than a Christmas turkey, and most people simply ignore her. She has absolutely nothing but Internet hearsay, gossip and pure fantasy to back up any of her claims. You know, as far as actual proof goes there is just as much hard evidence on the Internet, (if not more) to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this planet has been invaded by aliens who are maintaining a secret base on the dark side of the moon as there is evidence of Obama’s forged documents.

Well, all we can do is wait for a response from Judge Lamberth on all this lunacy Orly keeps clogging his court with and I certainly look forward to seeing his reply. I can guarantee you 100% that it will be yet another slap down and a swift kick to the curb. Hopefully even sanctions! All of which will of course be blamed on the “Corruption and Fraud of the Obama Regime”.

Just like in every case she has ever filed, she always has been and always will be nothing but a total loser. In fact I’m pretty sure that the aliens from that secret moon base will conquer this planet before she conquers Obama.


  1. Orly is an idiot. As bored as I am with her and the birfers, I am going to continue to write about her being disbarred if nothing else than to keep that search term up in the ranks on Google.

    Good recap of Orly's lunacy, MsDaisy.

    (For whatever reason, I can't post this using my Google account even though I'm logged in. So, I filled in the information manually.)

  2. It is past time for the courts to stop treating this highly delusional whack job with kid gloves and start sanctioning the shit out of her. When the hell is CA going to get around to disbarring this incompetent and rabid buffoon? There are a lot of totally insane people that send frivolous and insane ramblings to courts all the time...but they don't have a license to practice law!

    Is there any historical record of someone who has an active law license and who has pulled anywhere near the amount of incompetent and insane filing stunts as Orly for anywhere as long as she has without being shut down or locked up??? I would not at all be surprised if she now holds that record.

  3. A spelling lesson for Orly-
    All of your cases break when the courts put on their brakes.

    What a dim bulb.