Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Crazy Daze Of Tin Foil Taitz Continues…

After Orly Taitz filled her “Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment”, as discussed in “Following Up On Taitz v Astrue”  with her completely incompetent attempt at redacting the SSNs as she had been ordered to do by the court, defendant Michael Astrue entered (yet again) a Motion to Strike”  on the basis that Taitz continued to file documents with unredacted SSNs against the order of the court.

“Defendant Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, by and through its undersigned counsel, hereby moves the Court to strike from the record Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, and all attached exhibits pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5.2. Those filings contain numerous social-security numbers, along with Plaintiff’s allegations as to the individuals to whom those numbers are assigned. “Unless the court orders otherwise, in an electronic or paper filing with the court that contains an individual’s social-security number . . . a party or nonparty making the filing may include only the last four digits of the social-security number.” Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2(a)(1). This is the third time Plaintiff has filed documents that include unredacted social-security numbers in violation of Rule 5.2, and it follows this Court’s order striking Plaintiff’s Complaint, First Amended Complaint, and attached exhibits because they contained unredacted social-security numbers.
See Dkt. No. 13. Defendant accordingly moves the Court to strike Plaintiff’s Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment, and all attached exhibits.”

The very next day, on 7/21/11 Judge Lamberth “Granted”  the defendants Motion to Strike and ordered Taitz’s MSJ and all of her attached exhibits stricken from the record. Well this caused Orly to have another birfer conniption fit as she always does whenever a court rules against her, and of course that means100% of the time. She posted this on her website

“I was told by the clerk of the court, that Judge Lamberth reconsidered his prior order, issued today in the morning, and the new order will be posted today. They will give me 2 weeks to file a redacted copy of the MSJ.
Apparently the redacted copy, that was delivered to them by the FedEx (I even posted on this blog all the tracking from Irvine Ca to Washington DC) disappeared. Nobody can find it anywhere in the court. They nearly gave me a heart attack earlier today.
My son, who is helping in the office, told me that I yelled at the clerks so much, that he is afraid, I scarred the patients waiting for their treatment. Luckily the patients said, that they are political supporters of mine and they even ordered three new crowns, so I am good.”

And after screeching her brains out at the Judge’s staff, Judge Lamberth gave her one last chance to file her “redacted” motion. She filed it. Again redacting some numbers by scratching out the last 4 and leaving the first 5 completely bass ackwards according to the law, some the other way around, and some not at all. For Gawd’s sake, just how fucking STOOPID and absolutely incompetent can she be? Apparently there is no limit as far as she is concerned.

In her “Motion for Reconsideration” 

“Emergency motion for reconsideration of 07.21.2011 order striking the opposition to MSJ, due to the fact, that corrected redacted opposition was received by the court on 07.15.2011 by Federal Express and was not docketed by the clerk.”

(Of course nothing is EVER her fault)

She not only screeched at the Judge’s staff to the point of frightening her patients in the office but threw this little tidbit into her Motion as well:

“Plaintiff is greatly concerned, that there is an employee in this court, who is intentionally sabotaging the plaintiff in order to allow person of interest in this case, an individual, occupying the position of the President and Commander in Chief based on a forged long form birth certificate and a fraudulently obtained social security number to continue the usurpation of the U.S. Presidency in violation of civil rights of the plaintiff and 311 million American citizens, who have a right to be governed by a legitimate president.”

Unfucking Believable!

The next day on 7/22/11 Taitz jumps back to the case of Liberi v Taitz where Judge Andrew Guilford issued his order for Taitz to be “Sanctioned and Fined”  for her blatant disregard for court orders in his court, she posts her reply on her website:

“Defendants mistakenly understood, that the order given by this court granting Orly Taitz leave of court to file 12b motion relates to all the entities connected to Orly Taitz and thought that filing separate requests for the same 12b motion would be redundant and will only waste the time of the court. Defendants apologize for the misunderstanding and respectfully request the court to reconsider today’s order and will make sure to file requests for leave of court separately for each entity separately in the future.”
“Defendants are asking the court to review the mitigating factor, that the defendants did not violate any orders of this court before, while the Plaintiffs have violated such order and rules of court repeatedly by filing responses to requests for leave of court and filing over 800 pages of complaint and exhibits one day before the opposition was due and got no sanctions whatsoever.”

She then goes on about how she is but an innocent victim of these dastardly and dangerous criminals who are after her for no rational reason, certainly through no fault of her own and she is the one who has suffered unspeakable emotional distress and unrelenting harassment at the hands of these horrible people.

Yea, right! She goes on:

“Do the plaintiffs need to ask for a leave of court to file a cross complaint and answer the complaint. What are the defendants supposed to do, if a leave of court is not granted? Does it mean that the Defendants have to file their cross complaint against the Plaintiffs in the state court and conduct two actions simultaneously in the Federal and State courts?”

Actually what Orly Taitz really needs to do is go to a real law school somewhere and actually learn a little something about the law, the courts, and how it all actually works in this country so she can figure this shit out for herself.

Jumping right back to Taitz v Astrue, Judge Lamberth responds to Orly’s latest tripe with a “Motion to seal Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment”  on 7/25/11 whe he states in part:

“The documents will not be docketed or placed in the public record because they contain information submitted in violation of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5.2(a)(1). See separate Memorandum & Order, issued this date.
The documents will be kept for consideration of possible sanctions against plaintiff.”

In the Separate Memorandum”  Judge Lamberth grants the Defendant’s motion to strike plaintiff’s opposition to defendant’s summary judgment motion and attached exhibits due to plaintiff’s failure to comply with Federal Rule of Civil Procedure. He also stated,

“The court will not tolerate plaintiff’s repeated violations of this rule”.

He goes on to state:

“The Court’s order [25] striking plaintiff’s opposition did not impose sanctions against plaintiff because defendant had not sought them. Plaintiff should be aware, however, that repeated violations of the rules are in fact sanctionable, even sua sponte, Moreover, wasting the Courts time with nonsense is not the way for plaintiff to have any hope of prevailing in this case.”

In closing he says:

“Plaintiff is either toying with the Court or displaying her own stupidity.”

Now pissing off a federal Judge bad enough for him to make a statement like that is pretty damn bad and anyone with a lick of sense would realize that, of course Orly Taitz has no sense at all. She apparently believes that since she was originally given 2 weeks to re-file her redacted motion even though the Judge has now already ruled on that re-filled motion and denied it that she is free to just keep filing it over and over until she gets it right. Of course Judge Lamberth has nothing better to do than re-read and re-rule on her endless stream of same ole same ole bullshit, right? On her website the next day she posted this:

“resubmitted to DC with different redaction
Posted on July 26, 2011
Attn clerk of the court,
Dear sir/mdm
Per 07.21.2011 order by Judge Lamberth, (see attached) plaintiff is resubmitting attached Opposition and memorandum in opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment by the Defendant. Plaintiff redacted the first five digits in the number xxx-xx-4425 instead of redacting the last four digits per order, even though according to the exhibit 2 of the motion, this number was not assigned by the Social Security administration and does not represent a valid SSA number at all. Please, docket this attached Motion as soon as possible, since Judge Lamberth allowed only 14 days.
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

She’s already been sanctioned and fined $20,000 by Judge Land, sanctioned and fined $250 (so far) by Judge Guilford. With a threat of even more sanctions from Judge Lamberth what in the world does she think this kind of ignorance and arrogant disrespect is going to get her? Sanctioned, fined AND disbarred?

Oh I just can’t wait!


  1. Orly doesn't want to have to follow any rules. It doesn't matter that Orly thinks the SSN isn't a valid number. Even if she was submitting a SSN that was 000-00-0000 that is obviously not a valid SSN, she would still have to redact it properly - xxx-xx-0000.

    Orly is a total idiot. But she is certainly entertaining. In one of her posts today she says that Obama will one day be prosecuted. Something tells me that will happen when I start shitting gold nuggets.

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