Thursday, June 23, 2011

Carnival Barker Orly Taitz Confronted By Obots

It seems our not yet disbarred lawyer Orly Taitz; carnival barker and birfer queen has quite a mad over being confronted by another lawyer (or should I say real lawyer) in an elevator at the Superior Court. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have been there. I swear I think I’d have probably pissed myself laughing.

She posted:

“I am extremely angry
Posted on June 22, 2011
Today I was harassed and badgered by a brain dead attorney by name April Blackwell. She saw me in an elevator in the Superior court and started making comments, that my cases against Obama make me look racist. I told her, that it had nothing to do with his race, it had everything to do with the fact, that he is a complete fraud and that he is using a forged BC and invalid SSN ID. She kept calling me names, she kept calling me crazy, and she was really inciting people in the elevator to say something pro Obama and against me.”

Inciting people to say something pro Obama against her? Oh the horror

“There were 10 people cramped in the elevator. One guy started yelling at me and telling me, that I need to get the hell out of the country. I thought, that this guy might hit me. I asked this lawyer, April Blackwell, if she read the pleadings and saw the expert opinion, showing that the BC is forged, but she said “Oh, the court already told you time and again, that his papers are fine”.

Lets talk about her “expert opinion” here for a minute. When Obama yanked the rug out from her crusade to FORCE him to produce his long form birth certificate by simply posting the damn thing on the internet and saying “HERE, now stop your stupid Carnival Barking!” At first I swear I don’t think she knew whether to shit, or wind her wristwatch but it didn’t take her long to set out and attempt to prove that that was a forgery too. So she went in search of an “expert”.

She posted this:

"I need help of photoshop experts to provide affidavits, that I can submit to court
Posted on April 28, 2011
I posted here multiple videos, showing that Obama’s long form BC, is a photoshopped computer generated image, compiled from multiple documents and images. I need individuals, who have experience using this program, to provide me with sworn affidavits about changes in this document.
Tha affidavit needs to start with:
I, first and last name, am over 18 years old. I do not suffer from any mental impairment and can competently attest to the following under the penalty of perjury
I have following experience in Adobe illustrator or Photoshp program. ( describe your experience)
Describe all the changes in the document
You need to stop at UPS or Fed Ex store or your bank and have notary public certify your signature. Please, send it to me via e-mail and send the original by mail
thank you

Now keeping in mind the fact that aside from Obot spies that just want to laugh at her utter incompetence, the only people that look at her website are her demented flying monkeys. But that’s where she went to find her so-called “expert”.

(Back to the “I’m extremely angry post)

“If an attorney can be so brain dead or corrupt, what is to say about an average Joe, who is being brainwashed 24/7 by the regime propaganda.”

I think it’s quite obvious here that the tin foil queen is distressed at the fact that SHE has been unable to brainwash the sane people in this country with her brain dead incoherent insanity.

“As I left the building and drove to my dental office, I thought, when will this corruption end. What will it take for those Congressmen or judges to do their work? How can they ignore overwhelming, undeniable evidence of forgery and fraud.”

Actually they ARE doing their jobs by ignoring her ludicrous accusations. She continues to believe that what she calls “evidence” is actually factual, rather than understanding it is nothing more than the delusions of a mad woman. Even Alvin Greene can understand this.

"It’s like living in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. No laws, no Constitution, the regime can do anything to anybody. What are these Congressmen and judges waiting for? For some brainwashed obot to assault me or kill me?"

Again, classic delusional Orly, “The regime can do anything to anybody”. In her deluded mind she is the ONLY one that has any right to free speech, and anyone that disagrees with her is a brainwashed Obot. (And Obots account for about 99.999% of the population of this country. Another thing that bites her ass every time she turns around.)

"I am extremely worried about everything. It has been 3 weeks, since I filed my Vaughn motion. Judge Lamberth granted the motion by the government within 1 week, however my motion, which is granted routinely, is sitting there for 3 weeks. Where is the impartiality?”

Orly, pay attention. It has nothing to do with impartiality, and everything to do with your complete and utter incompetence. You are an idiot that doesn’t have the first clue about the law or how to follow directions. And you wonder why the rest of the country has such fun laughing at your stupid ass. You were ordered by the court to REDACT the 5 million social security numbers you’ve have splattered all over the planet. That is illegal and any competent lawyer would know that. This is exactly why Lisa Liberi is going to take your sorry ass to the cleaners. The law states that the first 5 numbers are to be redacted with nothing more than the last four left showing. You took a fucking crayon and drew a line through the last four, and you STILL left them visible.

"Vaughn motion is important, as the government is supposed to tell us, what do they have. They don’t disclose the content of the document, but prepare a list of available documents.”

You know what Orly, if you want to go fishing, get a fishing pole and find some water, maybe you’ll get lucky and catch Nessie in the creek behind your house! You sure as hell will never get lucky on this legally incompetent insane quest you’re on. Trust me.

In typical Orly fashion anyone that “offends” her deserves to be shit upon from the highest height she can hike her butt cheek. And this case is no different. She and her flying monkeys looked up everything they could find on this lawyer, name home and work address, phone numbers, photos and plastered it all over the internet so all the little batshit crazies that gush over her tripe can call and harass the shit out of this poor woman. Cuz she was being mean to her. (Sniff sniff)

Apparently this nice lawyer lady put Orly in her place. Shortly after this post, she posted another stating she had received a call from Ms. April complaining that her flying monkeys were calling her home. So Orly quickly posted telling people not to call her home. But following that Orly went on encouraging her flying monkeys to report her to the CA Bar for “unethical behavior”

“You can report her to the state bar. You can report to the state bar other California licensed attorneys who engaged in unethical behavior, like Scott J Tepper, who uses the pseudonym Sternguard Friegen and writes numerous offensive and slanderous remarks about me and other civil rights leaders, who stand up to Obama You can ask the bar to investigate licensed attorneys, US attorneys and judges, who are aiding and abetting forgery, fraud and possibly treason, committed by Obama and others. You can write to the judicial counsel and report judicial misconduct of judges, who refuse to hear the cases and are de facto aiding and abetting all of the crimes committed by Obama.
You can pay for a large ad in a newspaper and feature this story and let the public know, that licensed attorneys Like April Blackman are harassing and intimidating attorneys and civil rights leaders,who have the courage to stand up and demand removal of Obama from office and demand to have Obama criminally prosecuted for elections fraud, social security fraud and uttering of a forged birth certificate.”

Unbelievable. She’s about as much a civil rights leader as I am a Neurosurgeon. I cannot believe this woman ever passed the CA Bar. And I can’t believe that she still hasn’t been disbarred. We should have some good birfer bitch slaps still to come however when Judge Lamberth finally responds to that incompetent pile of shit she has submitted to his court. Of course that will result in the same behavior that she exhibits every time she is slapped down. By calling the Judge and the court and everyone else corrupt and accuse them all of fraud and being part of “the Obama regime”.


  1. It is gratifying to know that some things haven't changed while I've been away. Orly really is just as crazy as I've been telling people!

    Not to diss the California Bar for keeping her on the rolls, but there's a reason why that state is called 'the land of fruits and nuts'.

  2. One of these days she is going to harass the wrong person. Someone just as persistent but much more intelligent and not crazy.

    One would hope this REAL lawyer lady takes it upon herself to get legally medieval on Orly's ass and suing the crap out of her.

  3. Getting rid of Oily Taints would require Christopher Lloyd and a big vat of heated Dip.

  4. Orly Taitz provides a lot of entertainment but this incident reminds us all what a really disgusting human being she is.