Thursday, June 23, 2011

Carnival Barker Orly Taitz Confronted By Obots

It seems our not yet disbarred lawyer Orly Taitz; carnival barker and birfer queen has quite a mad over being confronted by another lawyer (or should I say real lawyer) in an elevator at the Superior Court. Oh what I wouldn’t give to have been there. I swear I think I’d have probably pissed myself laughing.

She posted:

“I am extremely angry
Posted on June 22, 2011
Today I was harassed and badgered by a brain dead attorney by name April Blackwell. She saw me in an elevator in the Superior court and started making comments, that my cases against Obama make me look racist. I told her, that it had nothing to do with his race, it had everything to do with the fact, that he is a complete fraud and that he is using a forged BC and invalid SSN ID. She kept calling me names, she kept calling me crazy, and she was really inciting people in the elevator to say something pro Obama and against me.”

Inciting people to say something pro Obama against her? Oh the horror

“There were 10 people cramped in the elevator. One guy started yelling at me and telling me, that I need to get the hell out of the country. I thought, that this guy might hit me. I asked this lawyer, April Blackwell, if she read the pleadings and saw the expert opinion, showing that the BC is forged, but she said “Oh, the court already told you time and again, that his papers are fine”.

Lets talk about her “expert opinion” here for a minute. When Obama yanked the rug out from her crusade to FORCE him to produce his long form birth certificate by simply posting the damn thing on the internet and saying “HERE, now stop your stupid Carnival Barking!” At first I swear I don’t think she knew whether to shit, or wind her wristwatch but it didn’t take her long to set out and attempt to prove that that was a forgery too. So she went in search of an “expert”.

She posted this:

"I need help of photoshop experts to provide affidavits, that I can submit to court
Posted on April 28, 2011
I posted here multiple videos, showing that Obama’s long form BC, is a photoshopped computer generated image, compiled from multiple documents and images. I need individuals, who have experience using this program, to provide me with sworn affidavits about changes in this document.
Tha affidavit needs to start with:
I, first and last name, am over 18 years old. I do not suffer from any mental impairment and can competently attest to the following under the penalty of perjury
I have following experience in Adobe illustrator or Photoshp program. ( describe your experience)
Describe all the changes in the document
You need to stop at UPS or Fed Ex store or your bank and have notary public certify your signature. Please, send it to me via e-mail and send the original by mail
thank you

Now keeping in mind the fact that aside from Obot spies that just want to laugh at her utter incompetence, the only people that look at her website are her demented flying monkeys. But that’s where she went to find her so-called “expert”.

(Back to the “I’m extremely angry post)

“If an attorney can be so brain dead or corrupt, what is to say about an average Joe, who is being brainwashed 24/7 by the regime propaganda.”

I think it’s quite obvious here that the tin foil queen is distressed at the fact that SHE has been unable to brainwash the sane people in this country with her brain dead incoherent insanity.

“As I left the building and drove to my dental office, I thought, when will this corruption end. What will it take for those Congressmen or judges to do their work? How can they ignore overwhelming, undeniable evidence of forgery and fraud.”

Actually they ARE doing their jobs by ignoring her ludicrous accusations. She continues to believe that what she calls “evidence” is actually factual, rather than understanding it is nothing more than the delusions of a mad woman. Even Alvin Greene can understand this.

"It’s like living in Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. No laws, no Constitution, the regime can do anything to anybody. What are these Congressmen and judges waiting for? For some brainwashed obot to assault me or kill me?"

Again, classic delusional Orly, “The regime can do anything to anybody”. In her deluded mind she is the ONLY one that has any right to free speech, and anyone that disagrees with her is a brainwashed Obot. (And Obots account for about 99.999% of the population of this country. Another thing that bites her ass every time she turns around.)

"I am extremely worried about everything. It has been 3 weeks, since I filed my Vaughn motion. Judge Lamberth granted the motion by the government within 1 week, however my motion, which is granted routinely, is sitting there for 3 weeks. Where is the impartiality?”

Orly, pay attention. It has nothing to do with impartiality, and everything to do with your complete and utter incompetence. You are an idiot that doesn’t have the first clue about the law or how to follow directions. And you wonder why the rest of the country has such fun laughing at your stupid ass. You were ordered by the court to REDACT the 5 million social security numbers you’ve have splattered all over the planet. That is illegal and any competent lawyer would know that. This is exactly why Lisa Liberi is going to take your sorry ass to the cleaners. The law states that the first 5 numbers are to be redacted with nothing more than the last four left showing. You took a fucking crayon and drew a line through the last four, and you STILL left them visible.

"Vaughn motion is important, as the government is supposed to tell us, what do they have. They don’t disclose the content of the document, but prepare a list of available documents.”

You know what Orly, if you want to go fishing, get a fishing pole and find some water, maybe you’ll get lucky and catch Nessie in the creek behind your house! You sure as hell will never get lucky on this legally incompetent insane quest you’re on. Trust me.

In typical Orly fashion anyone that “offends” her deserves to be shit upon from the highest height she can hike her butt cheek. And this case is no different. She and her flying monkeys looked up everything they could find on this lawyer, name home and work address, phone numbers, photos and plastered it all over the internet so all the little batshit crazies that gush over her tripe can call and harass the shit out of this poor woman. Cuz she was being mean to her. (Sniff sniff)

Apparently this nice lawyer lady put Orly in her place. Shortly after this post, she posted another stating she had received a call from Ms. April complaining that her flying monkeys were calling her home. So Orly quickly posted telling people not to call her home. But following that Orly went on encouraging her flying monkeys to report her to the CA Bar for “unethical behavior”

“You can report her to the state bar. You can report to the state bar other California licensed attorneys who engaged in unethical behavior, like Scott J Tepper, who uses the pseudonym Sternguard Friegen and writes numerous offensive and slanderous remarks about me and other civil rights leaders, who stand up to Obama You can ask the bar to investigate licensed attorneys, US attorneys and judges, who are aiding and abetting forgery, fraud and possibly treason, committed by Obama and others. You can write to the judicial counsel and report judicial misconduct of judges, who refuse to hear the cases and are de facto aiding and abetting all of the crimes committed by Obama.
You can pay for a large ad in a newspaper and feature this story and let the public know, that licensed attorneys Like April Blackman are harassing and intimidating attorneys and civil rights leaders,who have the courage to stand up and demand removal of Obama from office and demand to have Obama criminally prosecuted for elections fraud, social security fraud and uttering of a forged birth certificate.”

Unbelievable. She’s about as much a civil rights leader as I am a Neurosurgeon. I cannot believe this woman ever passed the CA Bar. And I can’t believe that she still hasn’t been disbarred. We should have some good birfer bitch slaps still to come however when Judge Lamberth finally responds to that incompetent pile of shit she has submitted to his court. Of course that will result in the same behavior that she exhibits every time she is slapped down. By calling the Judge and the court and everyone else corrupt and accuse them all of fraud and being part of “the Obama regime”.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hawaii Health Department Tells Orly Taitz To Stuff It

After Orly sent her bogus self generated subpoena (with no authority from the courts) to the Hawaii Director of Health, Loretta Fuddy, she received and posted on her website this response, and a copy of the letter:

"Attorney General of HI states, that the director of Health Loretta Fuddy will not comply with the subpoena and will not provide access to original BC due to reasons of privacy. How is it private, when he posted the copy on It’s not privacy, it’s forgery, stupid
Posted on June 14, 2011"

Of course Orly is far to incompetent to grasp the fact that the state of Hawaii can only issue copies of a birth certificate to those legally eligible to obtain them. If Obama decides to release it further then that’s his business, and his right to do so. The fact that he did chose to release it to the public does NOT change the state laws. Here’s the letter:

"Dear Dr. Taitz:
My client, Loretta Fuddy, the Director of the Department of Health, State of Hawaii, is in receipt of the two above-referenced subpoenas issued by you. Pursuant to Hawaii state law, and as explained below, it is unlawful for Director Fuddy to comply with your request.
Neither subpoena was issued or served upon my client in accordance with the requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (“FRCP”), Rule 45, thus it is our position that we have no duty to respond, however, to avoid confusion, our objections to those subpoenas, pursuant to Rule 45, FRCP, are noted below.
In addition to the procedural defects, these subpoenas would require disclosure of privileged or other protected matter, and there is no exception that applies to allow disclosure to you. Vital statistics records, such as birth certificates, are protected by strict confidentiality requirements under state law. Section 338-18, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”) prohibits disclosure of the records sought by your subpoenas without a showing of a direct tangible interest.
HRS §338-18 provides that:
a) To protect the integrity of vital statistics records, to ensure proper use, and to ensure the efficient and proper administration of the vital statistics system, it shall be unlawful for any person to permit inspection of, or to disclose information contained in vital statistics records, or to copy or issue a copy of all or part of any such record, except as authorized by this part or by rules adopted by the department of health.
b) The department shall not permit inspection of public health statistics records, or issue a certified copy of any such record or part thereof, unless it is satisfied that the applicant has a direct and tangible interest in the record. The following persons shall be considered to have a direct and tangible interest in a public health statistics record.
(1) The registrant;
(2) The spouse of the registrant;
(3) A parent of the registrant;
(4) A descendant of the registrant;
(5) A person having a common ancestor with the registrant;
(6) A legal guardian of the registrant;
(7) A person or agency acting on behalf of the registrant;
(8) A personal representative of the registrant’s estate;
(9) A person whose right to inspect or obtain a certified copy of the record is established by an order of a court of competent jurisdiction;
(10) Adoptive parents who have filed a petition for adoption and who need to determine the death of one or more of the prospective adopted child’s natural or legal parents;
(11) A person who needs to determine the marital status of a former spouse in order to determine the payment of alimony;
(12) A person who needs to determine the death of a nonrelated co-owner of property purchased under a joint tenancy agreement; and
(13) A person who needs a death certificate for the determination of payments under a credit insurance policy.
The list of persons with a direct and tangible interest in vital statistics records is limited to a thirteen enumerated categories listed above. My client is not satisfied that you have any direct and tangible interest in the record you seek, and you have not claimed to have such an interest. Therefore, because you are unable to satisfy HRS § 338-18 (b)(9), the Director of Health cannot provide you the birth record you seek. Based on the above, please be advised that this letter serves as written objection to your subpoena pursuant to Rule 45 (c)(2)(B), Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.
Very truly yours
Jill T. Nagamine
Deputy Attorney General
cc: Loretta Fuddy, Director of Health"

Meanwhile, she’s also getting pissed that her latest “filings” in Taitz v Astrue have not been docketed so she posted this calling once again on her flying monkeys to call and badger the court:

I need your help
Posted on June 14, 2011 No Comments
US district court in DC is not docketing pleadings in my case Taitz v Astrue 11-cv-402
The documents that needs to be docketted are:
1. Motion for Clarification
2. Motion for Default Judgment
3. Redacted Complaint and exhibits (97 pages)
4.Redacted first amended complaint and exhibits (61 pages)
5. I am wondering if Judge Lamberth already ruled on my motion for production of Vaughn index, but the clerks did not post it. Previously the did not post the scheduling order for 2 days, from June 1-to June 3, during which time the White House counsel Robert Bauer resigned. I am wondering, if anyone else is resigning?
I am very busy. Can someone call the clerk of the court and check, why those documents were not docketed and would the clerk docket them today.
(I really need help, as I have 10 patients one after another and don’t have time to call the clerks office and dit on hold forever. I actually have to work in my dental office to cover all my pro bono legal work)"

PAH-Leease! Everything is a conspiracy to this woman, and everyone is out to get her. She is beyond paranoid and delusional. The fact that Judge Lamberth DIRECTED her to redact all the SSN’s from those documents and re-file them, and the fact that not only did she NOT comply with that order but she filed and refilled more shit with even more unredacted SSN’s couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with why they weren’t docketed, right? I swear this woman needs serious mental help!

Still steaming about being told pretty much to fuck off by the State of Hawaii, she decided to go straight to the source in order to get her hands on that original birth certificate and wrote a nasty letter to President Obama:

"letter to Barack Obama, requesting voluntary consent for access to his original BC, stored in HI
Posted on June 14, 2011 No Comments
Dr Orly Taitz Esq
29839 Santa Margarita pkwy, ste 100
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
Ph 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC
Via certified mail returned receipt
Dear Mr. Obama
On April 27 2011 with great fanfare you unearthed your long form birth certificate, which in spite of some 100 legal actions against you, for some inexplicable reason, you kept sealed some three years.
This birth certificate was provided by you to the public and posted on the web site. You felt, that you really silenced all the civil rights and constitutional attorneys questioning your legitimacy to the position of the President and Commander in Chief, by calling them “Carnival barkers” and making an alleged certified copy of your long form original birth certificate available to the public.
This document looked good for an hour or two, until the expert reports started coming, showing that the document is a forgery, not even a good one, but a cheap third rate forgery. Please, see attached Exhibits 1 and 2, sworn affidavits from experts Paul Irey and Douglas Vogt, attesting to the fact, that the document in question is a forgery.
Conducting discovery in my ongoing case Taitz v Astrue, I requested from the director of Health of the state of Hawaii, Loretta Fuddy, access to your original birth certificate stored at the Health Department. After all, since you released a certified copy of the document, the issue of privacy is non-existent, everyone knows, what is or should be in that document, it should be identical to what you released and made a public record.
Today I received a fax from the Attorney General of the state of Hawaii, (Exhibit 3) stating that Director of Health Department, Ms. Fuddy, will not comply with the subpoena and will not allow access to the original long form birth certificate. The reason given, was your privacy, which of course makes no sense what so ever.
In the interest of respect for the National Security of the United States of America, in the interest of respect for the members of the US military and to each and every citizen of this country, I call upon you and respectfully request to consent to grant access to the original long form typewritten 1961 birth certificate, which was issued to you and signed by Stanley Ann Dunham, Dr. David Sinclair and registrar Lee.
If you were not aware of forgery in your documents, you clearly would want to cooperate and grant such access within the next 7 days.
If, on the other hand, you refuse to provide such access, that would signify complicity and prior knowledge of forgery. I would hope, it is prior, rather, than latter, and I hope your consent will be received within the next 7 days. If the consent is not received, I will have no other choice, but to seek other avenues of gaining access to the document in question.
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ"

Respectfully? Finding any respect in that letter would be like finding diamonds in dog shit. Un-fricking-believable! And exactly what “other avenues of gaining access” could she possibly be talking about? She’s already been at it for over 2 years, she’s gone all the way to the SCOTUS and back and all she’s gotten is publicly laughed at and told to “Piss Off” by the courts. Swatted away by every single court she’s ever been in front of like nothing more than an annoying fly at a picnic. Not to mention sanctioned and fined $20,000 for her trouble. What the hell else does she “imagine” she can do? Whatever it is I have no doubt that all she’ll EVER get is laughed at even more and continually blown off by the courts. Not because it’s a conspiracy, but because she’s nothing but an annoying incompetent buffoon!

Speaking of which, I’m so looking forward to her next birfer bitch slap from Judge Lamberth. We should be seeing that any time now. But Orly’s paranoia is still raging far into the “conspiracy zone”. First she claims that Obama’s “whole family has nothing but forgery instead genuine records” because of course his mother was a communist fraud with a stolen SSN too, and then she posts this:

"is there an attempt on the way to obstruct justice and burry my case Taitz v Astrue . Is there undue influence in other cases?
Posted on June 15, 2011 No Comments
I am concerned, that there is a concerted effort to obstruct justice and burry my case. The clerks are not docketting the pleadings and exhibits. there are no orders from the judge.
The clerks were supposed to docket
1. motion for clarification
2 motion for default judgment
3 redacted complaint with all the exhibits
4redacted first amended complaint with all the exhibits
5. an order to produce Vaughn index was supposed to come out long time ago and the index was supposed to be produced.
6. I believe there is pressure on the assistant attorney Nemeroff to file a motion to dismiss and for the judge to dismiss the case summarily and bury all the evidence
There are other areas, where I am concerned
I filed multiple motions to dismiss a frivolous law suit by Berg and Kreep. I’ve been harassed for 2 years with this bogus law suit, where Berg’s lead plaintiff and his paralegal Lisa Liberi claimed, that she was defamed, even though she was never defamed, and she is indeed a convicted document forger and thief with a total of 46 criminal charges and 10 felony convictions of forgery and grand theft. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the transferee court to rule on all outstanding motions. So far the judge on the case, Andrew Guilford, did not rule on the merits on one single motion to either dismiss the case or strike it under AntiSLAPP. What it means, is that when one is filing a frivolous law suit against you, just to harass you and try to silence you as a whistle-blower, stifle your first amendment right to free speech, which is SLAPP- strategic law suit against public participation, a defendant, like myself, who is the real victim, has a right to bring an AntiSLAPP, to strike and dismiss a frivolous law suit and get her attorneys fees. For 2 years the federal court system is dragging its feet, not one single judge, neither prior judge Eduardo Robreno in PA, nor the Third circuit court of Appeals ever read the complaint or my motions, did not rule on the merits. The Third circuit originally ruled, that my appeal should be heard on the merits there, but later they reversed their own decision by reshuffling the panel and replacing the judges on the panel and ruled, that it should be decided in CA. The judge in Ca is not ruling on the merits either. I know that since early sixties the court system was used to keep dissidents marred in bogus law suits, but there has to be an end to this."

She seems to have her drawers in all kinds of knots. It also seems that there is no limit on how far she’s willing to twist the truth or flat out lie to suit her own purposes. Orly Taitz IS guilty of posting Lisa Liberi personal information INCLUDING her social security number. And the ONLY thing Orly is a victim of is her own hateful incompetence.

Orly, you’re on your way down. I hope you enjoy the ride!


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Riding That Crazy Train Right Off the Rails

In another of Orly’s continuously futile lawsuits to remove Obama from office we have the case of Taitz v Astrue. After being repeatedly denied access to Obama’s Social Security information, something no one can legally obtain on any other living person without permission, Orly filed a lawsuit against “Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration”  on 2.16.11 that basically said, “I know Obama is GUILTY because I found the evidence on the Internet and you WILL give me every thing I ask for you som-bitch.” Her document was 9 pages long filled with names and un-redacted SSN’s up the whazoo, and that was accompanied by “97”   pages of exhibits.

In April after Taitz committed fraud in obtaining Obama’s National Clearinghouse Student information while her buddy Hollister did the same in obtaining Obama’s selective service info, she filled an amended complaint in Taitz v Astrue to include her new fraudulently obtained “evidence”. (More on that “here” )

One of the many issues of ignorance with this whole thing is that she filed the original complaint to the wrong address, and never properly served the defendant or the U.S. Attorney’s office in her amended complaint. Ignoring those facts all together on 5/17/11 she filled a “Request for Default”  demanding that default be entered since she had not received any reply on her amended complaint. Judge Lamberth hand wrote “Request Denied” on her document indicating that “No proof of service has been filed; only proof of mailing”. So of course Orly filed a “Return Of Service/Affidavit of Summons and Complaint Executed”   on 5/20.11, which includes copies of her mailing receipts. I’m not sure how she figures that counts as proof of service, but we are talking about Orly here.

Three days later Michael Astrue filed a “Motion to Strike”  Orly’s Amended Complaint:

“Defendant Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, by and through its undersigned counsel, hereby moves the Court to strike from the record Plaintiff’s Complaint, First Amended Complaint, and all attached exhibits pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5.2. Those filings contain numerous social-security numbers, along with Plaintiff’s allegations as to the individuals to whom those numbers are assigned. “Unless the court orders otherwise, in an electronic or paper filing with the court that contains an individual’s social-security number . . . a party or nonparty making the filing may include only . . . the last four digits of the social-security number.” Fed. R. Civ. P. 5.2(a)(1). Defendant accordingly moves the Court to strike Plaintiff’s Complaint, First Amended Complaint, and all attached exhibits, and to order Plaintiff to refile the documents under seal or with properly redacted social-security numbers.”

YES! Finally she is being called out for illegally posting people’s social security numbers. Something she has been doing continually for over 2 years! Hopefully this will come back at her as a big ole Birfer Bitch Slap!

But wait, it gets better still! Somehow in her demented little birfer brain she apparently believes that because she mailed in her mailing receipts that her request for default judgment in Taitz v Astrue is magically GRANTED. So when she received a letter from the state of Hawaii DOH denying her request, (or I should say her demand) for access to Obama’s birth records, another thing no one can obtain without Obama’s consent, I guess she figured her imaginary default judgment in Taitz v Astrue also gives her the right to subpoena the director of the Health Department.

I’m still having trouble trying to figure out how the state of Hawaii DOH has anything to do with a case filled against the SS Administration in Washington DC. Not to mention that this subpoena was not actually issued by the court, but apparently printed off and filled out by Orly herself. If she thinks the HD is dumb enough to buy that shit she’s crazier than I thought.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Orly’s was reveling in her imaginary default victory. The Birferverse was just buzzing with praise believing that Orly has indeed finally won discovery and that the court, not Orly had issued this “actually illegal” subpoena.

I swear I busted a gut laughing when I was reading the recently released transcript from the “Liberi v Taitz”  hearing from December as all of this was going on and I came across this little jewel on page 39, line 5 where Taitz says to the court:

“But also, I would ask to sanction Mr. Berg for issuing an illegal subpoena in the case where there was no discovery ordered.”

So it appears that she knows full well that issuing an illegal subpoena is well, STOOPID and one CAN be sanctioned for it. But that didn’t stop her from doing it. What an idiot!

Moving right along, and still believing her fantasy default judgment and delusional discovery is real on 5/31/11 she filled “Plaintiff’s Motion To Compel Preparation Of A Vaughn Index”  It’s a one page, one sentence motion:

“Plaintiff Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ moves this court for an order requiring the Defendant to provide within 30 after granting of this motion, an itemized, indexed inventory of every agency record or portion thereof responsive to Plaintiff’s request which Defendant asserts to be exempt from disclosure, accompanied by a detailed justification statement covering each refusal to release records or portion thereof in accordance with the indexing requirements of Vaughn v Rosen.”

Are we talking balls the size of coconuts here or what?

On 6/2/11 Judge Lamberth issued “This Order”  granting in part and denying in part Michael Astrue’s motion to strike, saying:

“It is hereby ORDERED that the defendants motion is granted in part and denied in part. Plaintiff’s complaint, First Amended Complaint, and all attached exhibits shall be removed from the public record and filed under seal. Plaintiff is directed to refile those documents with properly redacted social security numbers on the public record within 14 days.”

Sounds pretty clear to me. Remove all filings from public record and file them under seal and he directed her to refile with properly redacted SSN’s within 14 days on the public record. In other words he telling her that she CAN’T publish SSN’s and names publicly and gave her 2 weeks to fix it. So what did she do? On 6/6/11 she posted on her website her “Motion for clarification”  and in it she reposted the social security number twice and claims she doesn’t know what she is required to redact since they are invalid numbers and they don’t apply to the rules. She starts with a little sucking up, which I’m sure won’t help:

“Plaintiff thanks the court for allowing the documents not to be sealed, and only requesting refilling with redaction. Plaintiff believes that this case is of the outmost National importance and sealing the complaint and the exhibits will deprive the public of their right to know the truth.”


She goes on about how all of these SS numbers are stolen and therefore invalid and I just love this bit:

“This means that none of the numbers used by Obama during his life and used today in the White House, are valid numbers. Those are either numbers, that were never assigned or numbers, that were assigned to deceased individuals, whose death was not reported to the Social Security administration. Mr. Obama’s lifelong friend, domestic terrorist William Ayers, aka Mr. “Guilty as sin, free as a bird”, described in his memoirs, Fugitive Days, how he and his wife, Ms. domestic terrorist Bernadette Dohrn, searched through the cemeteries for graves of children, got their birth certificates and applied for the social security numbers under the names of the deceased.”

This is probably where she got the idea to badger the poor parents of infants that died at the same time Obama was born trying to get copies of their birth records so she can prove Obama stole the birth certificate numbers. And yes, she did that.

She finishes with this:

“Clearly Mr. Obama cannot suffer any losses, due to his use of an invalid number, however there is a great benefit to the public at large, to ascertain the loopholes and malfunction within the Social Security Administration and make sure, that not only Mr. Obama is ultimately prosecuted, but also to make sure, that proper measures are taken to prevent such occurrence in the future. Great public interest and great significance of this most important matter of the national security outweigh minor inconveniences for the defendant commissioner of the Social Security administration and for Mr. Obama.

6. Since NONE of the numbers used by Mr. Obama represent a valid social security number, assigned to him, Taitz needs clarification from the court and the defendant, commissioner of the Social Security Administration, what exactly do they want her to redact? Do they want her to redact numerical gibberish, numbers that are invalid and were never assigned or the numbers, that were stolen from the deceased individuals? Please advise.”


So after twice more publishing the same SSN she was directed by the court to redact she followed her motion for clarification up with yet another “Motion for Default Judgment”  on 6/7/11 where she publishes the SSN again three more times.

She finishes that motion with:

“Evidence, provided in the complaint, first amended complaint and this motion show, that we have and individual with a forged birth certificate and an invalid Social Security number usurping the position of the President of the United States and the Commander-in-Chief by virtue of use of forged and fraudulently obtained vital records. This is the most serious breach of the U.S. national security since the creation of this nation. The interest of protection of the public require urgent resolution of the case at hand.
12. There will be no detriment to the defendant Commissioner of the Social Security administration, Michael Astrue, or Mr. Obama if the default judgment is entered and the required application is released, as one cannot be harmed by release of the application to an invalid Social Security number.
13. There is a high likelihood of further stone walling and aiding and abetting Mr. Obama by the US attorneys’ office and Department of Justice, led by Obama appointee Attorney General Eric Holder, representing the Defendant, as prior criminal complaints on the matter by the Plaintiff and thousands of U.S. citizens went unanswered.
14. There is no other remedy, that would provide the information and the document in question.
15. Privacy interests do not attach to release of invalid document.
16. Balancing the hardships will unquestionably tip the scale in favor of granting this motion for default judgment and ordering the Social Security administration to provide to the Plaintiff the original application to the social security number XXX-XX-XXX.” (Redacted by CIP)

Since Judge Lamberth’s order on 6/2/11 directing Orly to redact her public filings, instead of doing as directed, she has at this point submitted two more filings filled with even more unredacted SSN’s. And without having received any response to those two additional filings, on 6/11/11 she posted this:

“Taitz v Astrue redacted first amended complaint and redacted complaint FedExed today
Posted on June 11, 2011 No Comments”

Now, as Michael Astrue pointed out, According to Federal rules to civil procedure “Unless the court orders otherwise, in an electronic or paper filing with the court that contains an individual’s social-security number . . . a party or nonparty making the filing may include only the last four digits of the social-security number.” “Here”  is a link to the pdf of her “redacted complaint”, if anyone is interested in reading it or seeing for themselves, but I shit you not, this is how she redacted the SSN’s from her complaints: (Note: the thick black lines are the unredacted portions, that I redacted, the last 4 are Orly's redaction)

I’m sorry; I just don’t believe that anyone can truly be that fucking stupid! When these three filings land on Judge Lamberth’s desk, and I’m hoping it will be tomorrow, there is no telling what he may do. He could hold Orly in contempt of court because clearly she is, regardless of whether it’s been done out of sheer ignorance, or blatant defiance. IMO both apply to Taitz’s actions, and if that’s the case I hope he throws her sorry ass in jail where she belongs. Other options could include sanctioning and fines, but she’s already been sanctioned and fined and that didn’t seem to faze her. Then there’s always being disbarred, which she certainly deserves, but I doubt that would even stop her.

Jail time might work!

We shall see very soon!