Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orly Taitz’s Big Day In Court

Well Orly finally got to have her big oral argument in court. She is rejoicing in the fact that she got through her entire argument without a single interruption form any of the three judges.

She arrived late, as usual, according to the Fogbow Obot spies who arrived in plenty of time to get good seats and live blog the event for the rest of us. And an outstanding job they did too. The entire thread can be read at Fogbow “Here”  and I must say it was very entertaining.

Here is the video of the entire event. The video is nearly an hour long but it’s worth taking notice that the judges frequently interrupted co birfer attorney Kreep and defense attorney DeJute by asking multiple questions. Possibly because they understood that with these two they could simply ask a question and receive a coherent response actually related to the question asked. But watch the expressions of the Judges when Orly gets up there. It’s easy to see that the Judges knew ahead of time what they would be dealing with and knew full well that nothing coherent was going to come out of Orly’s mouth. It was much easier just to ignore her while she rambled her time away. And that’s exactly what they did.

Of course with Orly logic, being ignored by the entire panel of judges meant that she “musta done good”. She posted:

“The judges were pleasant and polite. They seemed to understand that there is a problem with lack of vetting and that there was an abuse of judicial discretion, however there is no way of knowing. We’ll have to wait and see”

Now, where do you suppose she got the idea that the Judges understood, or even acknowledged a single word she said? The only real exchange was at the beginning when she was fretting about the clock being re-set and the Judge finally said “The clock will start when you start talking. Now, 1...2...3 GO.” Well that, and at the end when she was told she was out of order. But other than that, there was not a single comment from any of them.

But hay, she was in full glory, she was famous and went on a roll plastering all the headlines across her website. She must have gotten a little distressed though that Obama was getting more Google hits for the killing of Osama bin Laden than she was for making an ass of herself in court. So she jumped on the “Deather” bandwagon:


I mean really, how dare that usurping son of a Muslim steal her thunder. So in attempting to make herself appear even more famous’er than Obama she starts dumpster diving again.

“this interview with ultra liberal Joy Behar was already seen by 75,000 people
Posted on May 3, 2011"

She posts “This”  video that was actually uploaded in Oct. 2009

Followed by this headline:

“this video was seen by nearly 10,000 people
Posted on May 3, 2011

With “This”  video that was uploaded in June 2010.

Along with the headlines she posts all the praise she was getting from her supporters. This one in particular I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrote herself.

“Submitted on 2011/05/02 at 12:33pm
There should be a statue of you, Orly, in our nation’s capital. Your bravery, brilliance, and patriotism are shining lights that show Americans that care what the truth is. God bless you and yours, and may His Holy Spirit guide you in everything you do, and protect you in every way. Thank you!”

Boy, there’s some real fantasy fuel for her!

Then right back on the Deather bandwagon.

“White House reports: prior report is not true, Bin Laden was not armed, he did not use his wife as a human schield. She wasn’t even in the same room, she wasn’t even on the same floor Posted on May 3, 2011 
We know now that Obama regime was lying about
1. Bin Laden being armed
2. his wife being used as a human shield.
How do we know, that this was really Bin Laden? If he was unarmed, why not capture him and interrogate him about the names of his accomplices, cells in the U.S., couriers and so on? Why did they need to shoot an unarmed person in the head and miss an opportunity on getting such vital information? Why did they throw his body overboard within hours?
Reports of Bin Laden’s death came from a man, who is using:
1. invalid social security number
2. a computer art work instead of a birth certificate
3. lying about his education and whereabouts
Can you believe that he is telling the truth about Sunday raid on Bin Laden??


Moving right along she leaps on over to the “After-Birfer” bandwagon by firing off this:

“FOIA request sent by certified mail to Alvin Onaka, state registrar of HI
Posted on May 4, 2011

I’ll give you three guesses on what she asked for, and the first two don’t count.

Yep, after going into great (deluded) detail on how she “knows” the long form Obama released was a forgery, she claims:

“As Mr. Obama revealed his purported birth certificate with great fanfare and called all doubters “carnival barkers,”- he clearly will have no valid privacy claims in opposition to a request to see his original birth certificate in the Health Department in Hawaii.”

What a dip shit. She concludes with:

As such the Public Interest greatly outweighs any privacy concerns Mr. Obama might have. Wherefore
1. I respectfully request access to the original 1961 birth certificate of Mr. Obama for me and my forensic document experts.
2. I request a clarification, whether a computer image presented by Mr. Obama as a true and correct copy of his birth certificate, was actually signed by you
2. If you indeed signed this document, what was used as the original? As it does not resemble the original documents from 1961, did you use a notation in archives as an abstract and the basis for creating this “document”.
Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

I swear it defies logic how anyone can repeatedly make such a public fool of themselves and not get it.

So the countdown is under way…

She started off stating that the judges on the panel were “pleasant and polite”. How long after they issue their decision do ya spose it’ll take for her to start accusing them of Corruption, Treason and Fraud?

Anyone ever heard of a “Pana-second”? That is the unit of time in Panama that measures how long it takes the guy behind you to blow the horn when the traffic light turns green.

I give her a Pana-second.


  1. If anyone ever puts up a statue of Orly, I have dibs on knocking it down.

    Yes. Orly thinks she did a great job by airing her grievances before the judges rather than actually arguing the matter at hand with references to actual cases that the judges could use to decide the matter at hand. Then, on her website she has to boast at how many more clients she has versus Kreep in this case. I guess it has escaped me that it is so much more important to have quantity rather than quality.

    One thing is for sure, the California Bar doesn't mind having her ilk in their midst.

  2. Orly's glad none of the judges interrupted her and that's a GOOD thing??
    If they were listening to her or cared, they might have interrupted to ask questions, but when when it's raining manure, one doesn't put out their hand to see if it stopped.
    You don't touch it and you hope it will stop soon, but you just never interrupt BS in any form.