Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orly Taitz Defies Logic

It appears that she has turned her latest failure into a “Check Mate”. Rather than admit to her flying monkeys that she has failed yet again, she posted this:

“I never played chess, but I believe this is called a check-mate. Order by judge Wilkinson from Hornbeck v Salazar and evidence of forgery of Obama’s BC is in front of judges of the 9th Circuit”

Technically that statement makes no kind of sense what so ever. But neither does what follows. With no explanation she flies right into a new case filing in Barnett v Obama:

“Cases 09-56827 and 10-55084
Submitted on behalf of all 40 Plaintiffs in Barnett et al v Obama et al 10-55084 Attorney Taitz represents all plaintiffs in 10-55084 Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama et al
Pamela Barnett, Alan Keyes et al.,
Plaintiffs-Appellants, vs. Barack Obama, et al., Defendant-Appellee.
Supplemental brief under rule 28(J)
CSB #223433
29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy Ste 100 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
ph 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603
Attorneys for Plaintiffs-Appellants Attention clerk of the court :
On May 2, 2011 undersigned conducted oral argument in the above captioned case in front of Honorable Justices Berzon, Fisher and Pregerson. Please, see below additional information per FRAP 28 (j).
On May 11, 2011 Judge Joseph Wilkinson in Eastern District of Louisiana issued an order granting leave of court to file my Reply to opposition to intervene in case 10-1663 Hornbeck v Salazar. (Exhibit 1)_Reply and exhibits were filed. Decision regarding motion to intervene was issued on May 12, 2011. (Exhibit 2) This order and exhibits bear vital importance in the case at hand and show the following:
Other courts and districts refrain from deciding the issue of Barack Obama’s legitimacy for US presidency, relying on the 9th Circuit to make a determination in this matter.
Exhibits provided in Hornbeck v Salazar, particularly sworn affidavit of typographic and scanning machines expert, Mr. Douglas Vogt, provide irrefutable proof that Mr. Obama indeed posted on the official site White a forgery and not a true and correct copy of an original birth certificate, issued in 1961.
This fraud and uttering of a forged birth certificate, along with invalid Social Security number, by an individual occupying the position of the President and commander in chief of the US military, is so egregious and represents such a clear danger to US National Security, that this issue needs to be decided in the most expedient matter and appeal should be granted expeditiously.
I believe that the forgery, submitted by Mr. Obama, possibly included a birth certificate number, originally issued to one Virginia Sunahara, born August 4, 1961 in Wahaina hospital and transferred to Kapiolani hospital, due to medical complications, and deceased at Kapiolani and around August 5, 1961. In addition to vital records for Mr. Obama, previously requested in this complaint, I am requesting a court order of discovery of vital records of deceased Virginia Sunahara, as well as birth certificate for Mr. Obama’s half sister, Maya Soetoro, believed to be issued under statute 338-17 for a foreign born child of a Hawaiian resident.
Respectfully submitted:
/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

Well, we can see she acknowledged that the decision in Hornbeck v Salazar has been issued, but she never makes comment on it being denied. Instead she’s apparently telling the 9th District court that all the other courts are refraining from ruling on her allegations of Obama’s “Illegitimacy”, not because it’s ludicrous, but because they are all relying on the 9th District to do it. I think that somehow she must believe that since she had the opportunity to show all her “evidence” at the hearing it has all somehow solidified into “undeniable proof”.

Well let’s look at some of her “Proof”, and just how it is that she gets all this proof. 1st she has some guy by the name of Douglas Vogt who she claims is an expert. On April 28th she posted this:

“I need help of photoshop experts to provide affidavits, that I can submit to court Posted on April 28, 2011
I posted here multiple videos, showing that Obama’s long form BC, is a photoshopped computer generated image, compiled from multiple documents and images. I need individuals, who have experience using this program, to provide me with sworn affidavits about changes in this document.
Tha affidavit needs to start with:
I, first and last name, am over 18 years old. I do not suffer from any mental impairment and can competently attest to the following under the penalty of perjury I have following experience in Adobe illustrator or Photoshp program. ( describe your experience)Describe all the changes in the document
You need to stop at UPS or Fed Ex store or your bank and have notary public certify your signature. Please, send it to me via e-mail and send the original by mail
thank you

She not only solicited on the Internet for “ANYONE” to help her, she also wrote the outline of the affidavit she wanted them to submit. She has no friggin clue who this Vogt guy is. For all she knows he’s really an “Obot Spy” feeding her exactly the kind of BS she wants so she can go forth and make a complete fool of herself. If that’s the case, it worked beautifully! (As it has so many times before because she doesn’t have the brainpower to check or actually verify anything, nor does she have the desire to do so if what she finds goes along with what she wants to find)

And we know without a doubt that she committed fraud, and or was an accomplice in fraud and identity theft in obtaining that Selective Service document she’s been plastering everywhere, as well as the Clearinghouse documents. As far as the SS#, she had two “investigators” who gave the same information, but they both got it from the same UNREALIABLE source, and it has never been verified by any other “source”.

It is possible however that she is starting to get more paranoid that Obots are closing in on her. When she posted “her version” of the Hornbeck v Salazar hearing she commented on Fogbow Obot Butterfly Bildeberg spying on her in the courtroom. And today she posted this:

“I need a picture of this New Orleans IRS attorney, Mitzi Torri. I believe, she posts under the name “Butterfly Bielderberg” and Georgetown JD on subversive site “Fogbow” and she was at my court hearings.”

In the comments on that post is this:

Tiffany F. Bloom May 15th, 2011 @ 7:33 am
Orly, you are so brave! You do such an amazing job in court and I thank you for your tireless work! What did this woman do? This was a closed hearing, right? How did she get in there? May 15th, 2011 @ 8:30 am
no it was open to the public
PS you sound like an obot, fishing for something If you are talking to Butterfly, let her know, that she and her cohorts will pay for harassing me and threatening to send “men in black suits after me”.

Right! “Men in black suits”, she’s snapping her cookies!

She also posted:

“More on attorneys, engaged in obstruction of justice, where they are attacking me and other patriots in order to allow Obama to continue residing in the WH with a forged BC and invalid SSN ID”
“I just talked to observers from New Orleans. they confirmed that it was indeed Mitzi Lynn Craig Torri, who was at the hearing. She introduced herself as an employee of the department of treasury. Why is an employee of the department of treasury, not doing her job at the department of treasury, but rather hanging out at my hearings and later posting nasty remarks?
I remember, that after I incorporated my foundation in Ca as a not for profit, I applied for the 501C3 with the IRS. I was given a run around and the most unreasonable request: I was told to submit all of the paperwork from my law suits. Clearly I could not submit thousands of pages and I knew that it was just a game. I wonder, if it was Mitzi Torri’s hand, as an employee of the IRS. Just like Scott Tepper, who I believe might be posting as “sterngard friegen” to write to CA state bar, to try to attack my license. I am wondering if Tepper is paid.
Here is more info from an anonimous source: Hope that you are well. I and other unamed indivduals have done research into the real identities of the Fogbow/Politijab crew.”

The runaround she was given over her “not for profit” was probably because she fucked that up just like she does everything else. No surprise there. As for the “attack on her license” with the CA Bar, well I’m pretty sure she won’t have that to worry about much longer. I’m sure the Obots have that well in hand.

She’s her own worst enemy and she doesn’t have a clue. She’s also been bragging that when she Googles “Orly Taitz” she NOW gets nearly 2 million hits! Unfortunately for her 1.9 million of them are links to posts just like this one.


  1. Butterfly BilderbergMay 16, 2011 at 1:35 AM

    She makes up shit. There were only two observers, Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Mintz, and I spoke to neither one. I did not -- and never would -- identify myself as an employee of the agency because I was not conducting agency business and to imply otherwise would constitute an abuse of authority. Needless to say, statements of the sort that Orly is throwing around constitute libel per se.

  2. Well what’s a little libel to Orly? She has never had the first grain of integrity, and is truly a pathetic human being. There is nothing she won’t say or do to get what she wants, but all of her bullshit is starting to catch up to her. In her desperate and endless quest for publicity and fame as the “Glorious Lady Liberty”, the only thing she has succeeded in doing is to make a national public laughing stock of herself. Every time she opens her mouth most people only see the equivalent of the re-mix version of the MSNBC meltdown coming out. That’s the real image she has succeeded in projecting and the more desperate she becomes the more pathetic she looks.

  3. When is someone going to throw her in jail? Seriously, doesn't she about about $100k in court fines she still hasn't paid and refuses to ever pay?

  4. She's totally off her rocker at this point. Every action Obama or Trump did, she thinks she caused.
    She's seeing men follow her, is paranoid about the IRS, gives partial case info to her followers while failing to mention that case was dismissed.
    This is a defeated woman who cannot admit defeat.
    She's vain, dishonest and paranoid.
    If the CA Bar Association had any true balls, they'd whack her license.
    No one is going to say they didn't give her a chance.
    She's been abusing the court system and committed various crimes along the way including perjury, witness tampering, paying for false testimony, document fraud and so many others.
    She needs to go. She is a waste of of taxpayer money.
    Perhaps we should contact Jerry Brown. He's looking for places to make the CA deficit smaller.
    Make a slick presentation to the governor's office and I'm sure he'll forward it to the correct dept. When an order comes in from the governor it gets more attention.
    Orly... we allow you into this country and this is how you repay us?
    You should be locked up.
    I bet they chased you out of Moldovia, didn't they?

  5. Have to wonder why the CA Bar hasn't done anything about her. She certainly isn't ethical. Yet, if she were disbarred she would continue doing what she's doing pro se - though I am certain that not being able to add ESQ into her honorariums would hurt her.

  6. WHY are you so worried about her? Government bureaucrats see fraud daily. It is not ludicrous to question Obama's mother and grandmother's motives at all. Foreign students and their crowd are often into document fraud. Where have you been? Don't you know how many Soc. Sec. FRAUD offices there are?

  7. Mitzi you got caught with you azz showing. Great day for America. I hope you get what you have comming.

  8. June 4, 2011: Judge Royce Lamberth of the Federal District Court of Washington, D.C., "rejected" the White House lawyer's plea to reject Obama's SS# record---and has allowed the case to go to "discovery"---meaning Attorney Taitz is now allowed to subpeona Social Security records from the SS Admin., as well as SS Offices in Hawaii, and Chicago, IL. A subpeona was served on the Hawaii Dept. of Health on May 24th, 2011 to appear in Court with "the original typewriter written Birth Certificate of Barak Hussein Obama II", on June 27, 2011. (Remember, Judge Lamberth was one of the Judges who "rejected" one of Ms. Taitz's earlier "eligibility cases"! It appears this Judge now believes this needs to be looked into.) Very soon after the WH "lost" in this court issue, Obama's WH Legal Counsel, Robert Bauer, immediately resigned his position at the WH.

  9. Guess again Anonymous
    I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Orly couldn't "discover" her own ass if she searched with both hands. LOL

  10. Ms Daisy. Don't tell Anonymous NOT to hold their breath. I say, go ahead and hold you're breath if you believe this shit. At least that'll be one less birther wasting the air we breath.

    Anonymous, please hold your breath. Orly can't issue subpoenas since she is not an officer of the DC court nor is she an officer of a Hawaian court. The only way she can issue subpoenas from either court is to become a member and that ain't gonna happen since they don't admit attorneys that go to online law schools. California is the only state that will admit such lawyers. So, the only a clerk of the court can issue such a subpoena and it has to be a Hawaiian court.

  11. Hey, Anonymous -- I've got a grade increase and a raise coming. Nine years of outstanding service and fantabulous reviews. I'll raise a celebratory glass of wine from my newly increased paycheck.