Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Justice For The American People

Finally, 10 years after the horrors of September 11, 2001 American forces have killed Osama bin Laden. When I heard the news I flashed back to that horrible day, a day no American will ever forget.

When the news broke at 8:46 AM that a plane had hit the World Trade Center, my first reaction was to think it had been a horrible accident. Seventeen minutes later when the South Tower was hit I was paralyzed with disbelief. The entire country was paralyzed watching this horror that was unfolding right before our eyes. It was a day that solidified what it meant to be an American, and it was a day that a united America cried.

The petty squabbles, partisan politics, bigotry, racism and the like that have always plagued this country suddenly didn’t matter any more. We were all one, and we were under attack. I was so proud to see the way this country came together in the weeks following that vicious attack in which nearly 3000 innocent lives were lost. And now after all these years of fighting our brave forces have defeated the enemy that organized the attack against us.

To all of our soldiers on the battlefields, to our intel officials, and to the brave SEALs that stormed that compound not knowing if they’d come back alive, I salute you. And I salute President Obama for having the intelligence, the patience, and the guts to make it happen.

It’s a bit ironic really, the solidarity we as Americans felt after those attacks seemed to be quickly forgotten when we as a country elected the first black President. For most of us it was a great step forward for this country. But many who had so briefly put aside their pettiness and bigotry were enraged at the thought of a black man as POTUS. After all he wasn’t just a black man, but one with a funny name and a Muslim father. All they could see was BLACK and MUSLIM.


Every American in this country has been waiting for ten years to see Osama bin Laden eliminated after that horrific attack. Most people see a great victory for this country in bin Laden’s departure from this world. But because we have a black President, rather than bask in the glory of this great victory, it seems that some have reverted to their bigotry, partisan politics, and racism. There are those in this country that will never acknowledge anything Obama does, but will damn sure criticize every breath the man takes. Even though this black man with the funny name has accomplished in two years what the white guy from Texas couldn’t do in eight. Obviously for some, hatred will always be much more powerful than patriotism.

Way to go Mr. President!
And a big round of KUDOS to our brave troops!


  1. Nothing can be done about the 'hatriots' except to oppose them whenever they crawl out of the mud. For my part, I know the world is a better place with Osama bin Laden no longer in it, and while I'm skeptical about the boost ot Obama's numbers (GHW Bush had them too in '91, and still lost re-election), this certainly gives him a needed shot in the arm.

    And on the 8th anniversary of Dubya's "Mission Accomplished" speech, too. The irony is great.

  2. Most of the birthers believe that Obama faked the raid that captured and killed Osama. Some even say he died 8 years ago. (even though we have tapes of him from this year with voice and current events that prove he was alive.) others just believe he faked the whole thing to get elected in 2012. Well those that believe that should ask a Navy Seal if they would lie to get the President reelected. See if they don't get a slap in the face. What the skeptics are saying is that the most elite American fighters (Navy Seal team 6)are all a bunch of liars...not very patriotic if you ask me.