Sunday, May 15, 2011

Orly Taitz Defies Logic

It appears that she has turned her latest failure into a “Check Mate”. Rather than admit to her flying monkeys that she has failed yet again, she posted this:

“I never played chess, but I believe this is called a check-mate. Order by judge Wilkinson from Hornbeck v Salazar and evidence of forgery of Obama’s BC is in front of judges of the 9th Circuit”

Technically that statement makes no kind of sense what so ever. But neither does what follows. With no explanation she flies right into a new case filing in Barnett v Obama:

“Cases 09-56827 and 10-55084
Submitted on behalf of all 40 Plaintiffs in Barnett et al v Obama et al 10-55084 Attorney Taitz represents all plaintiffs in 10-55084 Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama et al
Pamela Barnett, Alan Keyes et al.,
Plaintiffs-Appellants, vs. Barack Obama, et al., Defendant-Appellee.
Supplemental brief under rule 28(J)
CSB #223433
29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy Ste 100 Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
ph 949-683-5411 fax 949-766-7603
Attorneys for Plaintiffs-Appellants Attention clerk of the court :
On May 2, 2011 undersigned conducted oral argument in the above captioned case in front of Honorable Justices Berzon, Fisher and Pregerson. Please, see below additional information per FRAP 28 (j).
On May 11, 2011 Judge Joseph Wilkinson in Eastern District of Louisiana issued an order granting leave of court to file my Reply to opposition to intervene in case 10-1663 Hornbeck v Salazar. (Exhibit 1)_Reply and exhibits were filed. Decision regarding motion to intervene was issued on May 12, 2011. (Exhibit 2) This order and exhibits bear vital importance in the case at hand and show the following:
Other courts and districts refrain from deciding the issue of Barack Obama’s legitimacy for US presidency, relying on the 9th Circuit to make a determination in this matter.
Exhibits provided in Hornbeck v Salazar, particularly sworn affidavit of typographic and scanning machines expert, Mr. Douglas Vogt, provide irrefutable proof that Mr. Obama indeed posted on the official site White a forgery and not a true and correct copy of an original birth certificate, issued in 1961.
This fraud and uttering of a forged birth certificate, along with invalid Social Security number, by an individual occupying the position of the President and commander in chief of the US military, is so egregious and represents such a clear danger to US National Security, that this issue needs to be decided in the most expedient matter and appeal should be granted expeditiously.
I believe that the forgery, submitted by Mr. Obama, possibly included a birth certificate number, originally issued to one Virginia Sunahara, born August 4, 1961 in Wahaina hospital and transferred to Kapiolani hospital, due to medical complications, and deceased at Kapiolani and around August 5, 1961. In addition to vital records for Mr. Obama, previously requested in this complaint, I am requesting a court order of discovery of vital records of deceased Virginia Sunahara, as well as birth certificate for Mr. Obama’s half sister, Maya Soetoro, believed to be issued under statute 338-17 for a foreign born child of a Hawaiian resident.
Respectfully submitted:
/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

Well, we can see she acknowledged that the decision in Hornbeck v Salazar has been issued, but she never makes comment on it being denied. Instead she’s apparently telling the 9th District court that all the other courts are refraining from ruling on her allegations of Obama’s “Illegitimacy”, not because it’s ludicrous, but because they are all relying on the 9th District to do it. I think that somehow she must believe that since she had the opportunity to show all her “evidence” at the hearing it has all somehow solidified into “undeniable proof”.

Well let’s look at some of her “Proof”, and just how it is that she gets all this proof. 1st she has some guy by the name of Douglas Vogt who she claims is an expert. On April 28th she posted this:

“I need help of photoshop experts to provide affidavits, that I can submit to court Posted on April 28, 2011
I posted here multiple videos, showing that Obama’s long form BC, is a photoshopped computer generated image, compiled from multiple documents and images. I need individuals, who have experience using this program, to provide me with sworn affidavits about changes in this document.
Tha affidavit needs to start with:
I, first and last name, am over 18 years old. I do not suffer from any mental impairment and can competently attest to the following under the penalty of perjury I have following experience in Adobe illustrator or Photoshp program. ( describe your experience)Describe all the changes in the document
You need to stop at UPS or Fed Ex store or your bank and have notary public certify your signature. Please, send it to me via e-mail and send the original by mail
thank you

She not only solicited on the Internet for “ANYONE” to help her, she also wrote the outline of the affidavit she wanted them to submit. She has no friggin clue who this Vogt guy is. For all she knows he’s really an “Obot Spy” feeding her exactly the kind of BS she wants so she can go forth and make a complete fool of herself. If that’s the case, it worked beautifully! (As it has so many times before because she doesn’t have the brainpower to check or actually verify anything, nor does she have the desire to do so if what she finds goes along with what she wants to find)

And we know without a doubt that she committed fraud, and or was an accomplice in fraud and identity theft in obtaining that Selective Service document she’s been plastering everywhere, as well as the Clearinghouse documents. As far as the SS#, she had two “investigators” who gave the same information, but they both got it from the same UNREALIABLE source, and it has never been verified by any other “source”.

It is possible however that she is starting to get more paranoid that Obots are closing in on her. When she posted “her version” of the Hornbeck v Salazar hearing she commented on Fogbow Obot Butterfly Bildeberg spying on her in the courtroom. And today she posted this:

“I need a picture of this New Orleans IRS attorney, Mitzi Torri. I believe, she posts under the name “Butterfly Bielderberg” and Georgetown JD on subversive site “Fogbow” and she was at my court hearings.”

In the comments on that post is this:

Tiffany F. Bloom May 15th, 2011 @ 7:33 am
Orly, you are so brave! You do such an amazing job in court and I thank you for your tireless work! What did this woman do? This was a closed hearing, right? How did she get in there? May 15th, 2011 @ 8:30 am
no it was open to the public
PS you sound like an obot, fishing for something If you are talking to Butterfly, let her know, that she and her cohorts will pay for harassing me and threatening to send “men in black suits after me”.

Right! “Men in black suits”, she’s snapping her cookies!

She also posted:

“More on attorneys, engaged in obstruction of justice, where they are attacking me and other patriots in order to allow Obama to continue residing in the WH with a forged BC and invalid SSN ID”
“I just talked to observers from New Orleans. they confirmed that it was indeed Mitzi Lynn Craig Torri, who was at the hearing. She introduced herself as an employee of the department of treasury. Why is an employee of the department of treasury, not doing her job at the department of treasury, but rather hanging out at my hearings and later posting nasty remarks?
I remember, that after I incorporated my foundation in Ca as a not for profit, I applied for the 501C3 with the IRS. I was given a run around and the most unreasonable request: I was told to submit all of the paperwork from my law suits. Clearly I could not submit thousands of pages and I knew that it was just a game. I wonder, if it was Mitzi Torri’s hand, as an employee of the IRS. Just like Scott Tepper, who I believe might be posting as “sterngard friegen” to write to CA state bar, to try to attack my license. I am wondering if Tepper is paid.
Here is more info from an anonimous source: Hope that you are well. I and other unamed indivduals have done research into the real identities of the Fogbow/Politijab crew.”

The runaround she was given over her “not for profit” was probably because she fucked that up just like she does everything else. No surprise there. As for the “attack on her license” with the CA Bar, well I’m pretty sure she won’t have that to worry about much longer. I’m sure the Obots have that well in hand.

She’s her own worst enemy and she doesn’t have a clue. She’s also been bragging that when she Googles “Orly Taitz” she NOW gets nearly 2 million hits! Unfortunately for her 1.9 million of them are links to posts just like this one.

Friday, May 13, 2011

HORNBECK v SALAZAR, et al. v Orly Taitz

Hornbeck v Salazar was a case filled last year after the gulf oil disaster to challenge the legality of the Federal Government’s 6-month moratorium on deepwater drilling. Now in reality, what that has to do with the price of tea in Birfistan I’m not sure. Evidently one morning as Orly was having an in-depth breakfast conversation with her bowl of Froot Loops she decided that she should intervene in that court case. So on 3/28/11 Orly filed her “Motion to Intervene”. 

“Intervener asserts that she possesses documents and knowledge, which would expeditiously resolve current action and multiple similar actions around the nation. Such documents will clearly show that the current stalemate in this case is intentional and part of a wider scheme and her intervention will help to stop continuous de-facto harassment and destruction of the U.S. oil and gas industry by Obama administration. Without such knowledge, facts and evidence this case will stay in limbo, as it was for nine months now with continuous stonewalling and delays of drilling, which will continue indefinitely, while Barack Obama is in office.”

Of course those documents she possesses are all of same ole lame ole “birfer” and “after-birfer” documents she’s been waving around the courts like a mad woman.

“Plaintiff-intervener suffered similar financial damages due to abuse of authority, which was experienced by the Plaintiff in this case. Intervener asserts that her damages as well as damages of the Plaintiff in this case are governed and related to the same legal principals, which would show fully upon discovery in this case, that Secretary Salazar, defendant herein, had no legal authority by either Mr. Salazar of Mr. Obama to issue orders that detrimentally affect the plaintiff, the Intervener-Plaintiff”

The financial damage she suffered was to be fined and sanctioned for her arrogant courtroom ignorance, how is that even close to any of the legal principles of this case? She continues with page after page outlining her allegations that are as usual more full of shit than a Christmas turkey, but that’s never stopped her before.

“Additionally, as an attorney who brought forward information incriminating Barack Obama and negating legitimacy of his administration, and as an attorney representing members of the military, questioning legitimacy of Obama, Taitz was subjected to persecution, sanctions, harassment, and defamation. As such, she has direct, substantial and legally protectable interest in this litigation. Her participation will allow for expedient resolution of this litigation and will allow for resolution of the protectable legal interests of both the Plaintiff and the Intervener Plaintiff. Taitz believes that all of the injuries, sustained by her, as well as injuries sustained by the Plaintiff are a part of one scheme.”

Persecution, sanctions, harassment, and defamation? And rightfully so I say, for anyone who is so thick that they can’t see what an absolute ass they make of themselves.

1. Taitz respectfully seeks a leave of court to join the action at hand as an intervener.
2. Taitz seeks a declaratory relief deeming Obama not eligible to issue any executive orders, sign bills or perform any functions of the President or Commander in Chief due to ineligibility.
3. Taitz seeks a declaratory relief deeming Ken Salazar, secretary of the Interior, not eligible to perform any functions as a Secretary of the Interior, as his appointment as the Secretary of the interior was not legitimate, as an appointment of the ineligible President.
4. Taitz is seeking a declaratory relief that Presidential eligibility is not a political question, but a legal question, to be decided by the district court as a federal law question based on Article 2 question 1 of the U.S. Constitution.”

I swear she’s nucking futz! She’s asking a federal court to declare Obama ineligible to hold the office of POTUS, and a federal court can do no such thing. Something she might know if she’d ever read the Constitution of United States.

The government responded with an “Opposition to the Motion”  saying:

“Finally, the main action in this case does not have a “question of law or fact” in common with Ms. Taitz’s putative challenge to the country of birth of the President. The allegations, statutory bases, factual evidence, and expert witnesses in the two matters would be completely different. In fact, Ms. Taitz’s challenge has nothing to do at all with the now-expired moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. On this ground alone, Ms. Taitz’s motion to intervene should be denied.”

Well somehow a motion “hearing” was granted. But Orly considered that to mean she was being granted an “Oral Argument”. She posted:

“Great news!!! I was granted oral argument in yet another case, in New Orleans. If you are my supporter in LA or neighboring state, call me at 949-683-5411”
“I was granted an oral argument on my motion for a leave of court to join an ongoing case HornBeck v Salazar. This case revolves around Obama administration’s capricious actions in imposing moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and after the District Judge ordered to lift the moratorium, Obama regime is de facto refusing to comply with the order by refusing to grant drilling permits.”
“Keep in mind, there are no guarantees in anything, but the fact of the matter is, that the courts refused to grant any oral arguments for 2 years. Just getting an oral argument and being able to air these issues in open court is an achievement in itself. I can’t guarantee that my appeal in the 9th circuit will be granted, I can’t guarantee that my motion in Louisina will be granted, but these are very important steps in today’s environment, when oil prices are skyrocketing and americans are burried in mounting debt. I can guarantee one thing- I will keep fighting, until I will win, until this complete fraud and illegitimkate usurper is kicked out of the White House and until he and his accomplices are criminally prosecuted for this unprecedented Social Security fraud, elections fraud and treason against the people of the United States of America. Please, spread the word and support my effords”

Well anyone with a lick of common sense could guarantee that the motions would NOT be granted. It’s really a shame that a person can’t be “criminally prosecuted” for terminal stupidity. She’d get life in a padded room!

Lucky for us, Expert Obot spies were on the case, and thanks to Fogbow’s “Butterfly Bilderberg” and “Realist” we have an eye witness account of the entire event.


Taitz’s version of the events were a little different:

“Posted on May 12, 2011 Yesterday I had a an oral argument in Hornbeck v Salazar. This case deals with the fact that Obama administration de facto destroyed oil and gas industry in the gulf of Mexico by placing a moratorium and later, when the federal judge placed an injunction on the moratorium, Obama regime contimued destroying the oil and gas industry by refusing to grant drilling permits. Most of the rigs left the region and moved to Brazil. Recently Obama visited Brazil and congratuled them on their offshore deep water drilling and stated that US will be their biggest customer, showing him as the the most antiAmerican president this nation ever saw.
My argument was that the damages suffered in the case at hand were rooted in the same problem: antiAmerican usurper in the White House, who got there by virtue of fraud and use of a forged birth certificate and invalid Social Security number, issued to another individual in another state.
While it was a really long shot, I was able to get an oral argument. For the first time in U.S. history I was able to get into the official court record, a historic record of the Federal District court sworn expert affidavits, attesting to the fact that an individual occupying the position of the U.S. president, is there by virtue of forgery. this is a serious criminal offense, for which Obama needs to be removed from office immediately and criminally prosecuted.
I will get a copy of the oral argument and will post it as well.
Presiding magistrate judge Joseph Wilkinson let me speak for about 10-12 minutes.
Assistant US attorney Carl Mansfield spoke after me and later David Rosenblum, attorney for Hornbeck offshore industries.
Mansfield just submitted on the pleadings and Rosenblum stated that he did not oppose my intervention and did not file an opposition.
While previously judges tried to keep this matter quiet, now they allow oral argument. I, also, noticed that before judges would keep all the ObamaFraudGate cases to the end, so that other attorneys and spectators don’t hear and don’t know those cases even exist. Judge Wilkinson did the opposite. He let me speak first. This way all the attorneys in this full courtroom could hear my argument and would go to their fims and report, that they heard reports, expert affidavits of forgery in Obama’s birth certificate, evidence that Obama is using an invalid Social Security number, whch was never issued to him.”

I seriously doubt any competent attorney would consider anything she produced as even remotely sane, but I’ll bet they all went back to their law firms and reported on the spectacle she made of herself. They’re probably still laughing!

“As the Assistant US attorney Mansfield entered the courtroom, I handed him my reply brief and could see him reading it and reviewing the evidence. I could see that he was not a happy camper, he loooked like he just swollowed a dead rat. When his turn came to speak, he didn’t say anything, he just said that he submits on the pleadings. I felt bad for him. it must not be pleasant, to be an assistant US attorney in a case, which shows, that his boss, occupying the position of the president, is using forged documents.”

More likely he was speechless at her profound ignorance.

"Judge Wilkinson asked me, what happened in Carter’s court. i explained that originally Judge Carter stated on the record that there ios juridiction in his court, later when Obama’s defense firm attorney was placed as his clerk, Carter changed his position and suddenly decided that there is no jurisdiction. Wilkinson did not say anything, but just smiled, and by his face expression I could tell that he knew exactly what I was telling and what was going on.
He asked me about the 9th circuit,m what happened there, whether I provided all this evidence there. I responded that i could not provide all this evidence in the 9th circuit, as Obama released his BC only 2 working days before the hearing, I did not have an ecxpert opinion yet and I was limited in time and in what was part of the case in the District court.
I was able to argue the issue of the Social Security fraud, Selective Service certificate fraud and forged BC.
One of pro-obama operatives was there. they always come to my hearings. This woman goes by a pseudonim Butterfly Bildeberg. She is one of a group of attorneys, posting on pro-Obama web sites, attacking patriots and helipng Obama in cover up of his SS fraud and elections fraud. Next to her name on fogbow there is a drawing of a beautiful young woman with a butterfly covering her mouth. She looked completely different from the drawing. She looked about mid fifties, short statute, about 5′2″-5′3″, she looked husky, wide build. she reminded me of Elena Kagan, but with darker and a bit longer hair. She was talking to the the US attorney Mansfield and it appeared they knew each other. Most of these attorneys attacking us, work for the federal government: US attorney’s office or as clerks in different courts.”

Well she was really tooting her horn there, but alas, “Motion Denied”

“I cannot conclude that the proposed intervention shares any common issue of law or fact with the main case. While the intervenor – like the original plaintiffs – asserts the invalidity of the moratorium action taken by defendants, the legal and factual basis of intervenor’s claim – i.e., the President’s place of birth or citizenship – is entirely different from the legal and factual assertions of the original claimants. Evaluating the timeliness factors also weighs heavily against permitting this intervention. The intervenor’s actual stake in the original litigation is negligible when compared to the stake of the original plaintiffs. The prejudice to the existing parties in permitting the intervention would be extreme, given the wholly extraneous nature of the proposed intervenor’s legal and factual assertions to the claims and defenses raised by the original parties.
Finally, the “unusual circumstances” of the timing of the assertion of intervenor’s claims and the President’s recent public postings contesting those claims, which the proposed intervenor and her experts assert in the reply papers are forgeries, weigh against any exercise of this court’s discretion to permit this intervention in a different existing case.
For all of the foregoing reasons, the motion is DENIED. This intervention should not be permitted.”

In other words, take your crazy shit and GTFOOMC!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Orly Taitz’s Big Day In Court

Well Orly finally got to have her big oral argument in court. She is rejoicing in the fact that she got through her entire argument without a single interruption form any of the three judges.

She arrived late, as usual, according to the Fogbow Obot spies who arrived in plenty of time to get good seats and live blog the event for the rest of us. And an outstanding job they did too. The entire thread can be read at Fogbow “Here”  and I must say it was very entertaining.

Here is the video of the entire event. The video is nearly an hour long but it’s worth taking notice that the judges frequently interrupted co birfer attorney Kreep and defense attorney DeJute by asking multiple questions. Possibly because they understood that with these two they could simply ask a question and receive a coherent response actually related to the question asked. But watch the expressions of the Judges when Orly gets up there. It’s easy to see that the Judges knew ahead of time what they would be dealing with and knew full well that nothing coherent was going to come out of Orly’s mouth. It was much easier just to ignore her while she rambled her time away. And that’s exactly what they did.

Of course with Orly logic, being ignored by the entire panel of judges meant that she “musta done good”. She posted:

“The judges were pleasant and polite. They seemed to understand that there is a problem with lack of vetting and that there was an abuse of judicial discretion, however there is no way of knowing. We’ll have to wait and see”

Now, where do you suppose she got the idea that the Judges understood, or even acknowledged a single word she said? The only real exchange was at the beginning when she was fretting about the clock being re-set and the Judge finally said “The clock will start when you start talking. Now, 1...2...3 GO.” Well that, and at the end when she was told she was out of order. But other than that, there was not a single comment from any of them.

But hay, she was in full glory, she was famous and went on a roll plastering all the headlines across her website. She must have gotten a little distressed though that Obama was getting more Google hits for the killing of Osama bin Laden than she was for making an ass of herself in court. So she jumped on the “Deather” bandwagon:


I mean really, how dare that usurping son of a Muslim steal her thunder. So in attempting to make herself appear even more famous’er than Obama she starts dumpster diving again.

“this interview with ultra liberal Joy Behar was already seen by 75,000 people
Posted on May 3, 2011"

She posts “This”  video that was actually uploaded in Oct. 2009

Followed by this headline:

“this video was seen by nearly 10,000 people
Posted on May 3, 2011

With “This”  video that was uploaded in June 2010.

Along with the headlines she posts all the praise she was getting from her supporters. This one in particular I wouldn’t be surprised if she wrote herself.

“Submitted on 2011/05/02 at 12:33pm
There should be a statue of you, Orly, in our nation’s capital. Your bravery, brilliance, and patriotism are shining lights that show Americans that care what the truth is. God bless you and yours, and may His Holy Spirit guide you in everything you do, and protect you in every way. Thank you!”

Boy, there’s some real fantasy fuel for her!

Then right back on the Deather bandwagon.

“White House reports: prior report is not true, Bin Laden was not armed, he did not use his wife as a human schield. She wasn’t even in the same room, she wasn’t even on the same floor Posted on May 3, 2011 
We know now that Obama regime was lying about
1. Bin Laden being armed
2. his wife being used as a human shield.
How do we know, that this was really Bin Laden? If he was unarmed, why not capture him and interrogate him about the names of his accomplices, cells in the U.S., couriers and so on? Why did they need to shoot an unarmed person in the head and miss an opportunity on getting such vital information? Why did they throw his body overboard within hours?
Reports of Bin Laden’s death came from a man, who is using:
1. invalid social security number
2. a computer art work instead of a birth certificate
3. lying about his education and whereabouts
Can you believe that he is telling the truth about Sunday raid on Bin Laden??


Moving right along she leaps on over to the “After-Birfer” bandwagon by firing off this:

“FOIA request sent by certified mail to Alvin Onaka, state registrar of HI
Posted on May 4, 2011

I’ll give you three guesses on what she asked for, and the first two don’t count.

Yep, after going into great (deluded) detail on how she “knows” the long form Obama released was a forgery, she claims:

“As Mr. Obama revealed his purported birth certificate with great fanfare and called all doubters “carnival barkers,”- he clearly will have no valid privacy claims in opposition to a request to see his original birth certificate in the Health Department in Hawaii.”

What a dip shit. She concludes with:

As such the Public Interest greatly outweighs any privacy concerns Mr. Obama might have. Wherefore
1. I respectfully request access to the original 1961 birth certificate of Mr. Obama for me and my forensic document experts.
2. I request a clarification, whether a computer image presented by Mr. Obama as a true and correct copy of his birth certificate, was actually signed by you
2. If you indeed signed this document, what was used as the original? As it does not resemble the original documents from 1961, did you use a notation in archives as an abstract and the basis for creating this “document”.
Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

I swear it defies logic how anyone can repeatedly make such a public fool of themselves and not get it.

So the countdown is under way…

She started off stating that the judges on the panel were “pleasant and polite”. How long after they issue their decision do ya spose it’ll take for her to start accusing them of Corruption, Treason and Fraud?

Anyone ever heard of a “Pana-second”? That is the unit of time in Panama that measures how long it takes the guy behind you to blow the horn when the traffic light turns green.

I give her a Pana-second.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Justice For The American People

Finally, 10 years after the horrors of September 11, 2001 American forces have killed Osama bin Laden. When I heard the news I flashed back to that horrible day, a day no American will ever forget.

When the news broke at 8:46 AM that a plane had hit the World Trade Center, my first reaction was to think it had been a horrible accident. Seventeen minutes later when the South Tower was hit I was paralyzed with disbelief. The entire country was paralyzed watching this horror that was unfolding right before our eyes. It was a day that solidified what it meant to be an American, and it was a day that a united America cried.

The petty squabbles, partisan politics, bigotry, racism and the like that have always plagued this country suddenly didn’t matter any more. We were all one, and we were under attack. I was so proud to see the way this country came together in the weeks following that vicious attack in which nearly 3000 innocent lives were lost. And now after all these years of fighting our brave forces have defeated the enemy that organized the attack against us.

To all of our soldiers on the battlefields, to our intel officials, and to the brave SEALs that stormed that compound not knowing if they’d come back alive, I salute you. And I salute President Obama for having the intelligence, the patience, and the guts to make it happen.

It’s a bit ironic really, the solidarity we as Americans felt after those attacks seemed to be quickly forgotten when we as a country elected the first black President. For most of us it was a great step forward for this country. But many who had so briefly put aside their pettiness and bigotry were enraged at the thought of a black man as POTUS. After all he wasn’t just a black man, but one with a funny name and a Muslim father. All they could see was BLACK and MUSLIM.


Every American in this country has been waiting for ten years to see Osama bin Laden eliminated after that horrific attack. Most people see a great victory for this country in bin Laden’s departure from this world. But because we have a black President, rather than bask in the glory of this great victory, it seems that some have reverted to their bigotry, partisan politics, and racism. There are those in this country that will never acknowledge anything Obama does, but will damn sure criticize every breath the man takes. Even though this black man with the funny name has accomplished in two years what the white guy from Texas couldn’t do in eight. Obviously for some, hatred will always be much more powerful than patriotism.

Way to go Mr. President!
And a big round of KUDOS to our brave troops!