Sunday, April 17, 2011


You know, I spent a month last fall in Europe. I attended functions in London and Oxford that included many professionals, physicians, journalists, authors, scientists, educators, and a host of others. My Yankee Doodle accent repeatedly attracted the same question. “What’s wrong with people in the U.S.? Is it an education problem?” I had no answer. But after watching this video, I should have answered the question of “What’s wrong with people in the U.S. with; “APARRENTLY A LOT!”

There is just no hope for anyone who could swallow this load of shit.


  1. Jesus H Christ on a popsicle stick! I had to stop this at the point where she started talking about this IRS agent BULLSHIT! To date, I have yet to run into a birther in real life face to face. I hope that day never happens. It is highly likely I'd bitch slap them.

  2. You’d probably be better off trying to fake it and blend like this: