Thursday, April 28, 2011

Obama Discusses The Release Of His Long Form BC With Oprah

Again he mentions “Carnival Barkers” and that does just about sum up Birther Circus Clowns like Orly Taitz, Donald Trump and the like. As badly as Tin Foil Taitz wants people to believe her quest is a matter of “national security” and as often as she has claimed she has “Obama running scared” with all her “evidence”, the truth is she, and her “quest” are probably the biggest jokes at the circus.

Now she’s on a mad desperate mission to prove that the long form BC Obama presented yesterday is a nothing but a Photoshopped forgery. She is clamoring on her website and broadcasting for ANYONE with Photoshop experience to send her an affidavit saying so she can use it as yet more “proof” of fraud. (And by the way, she needs it damn fast because she’s going to court on Monday)

She’s also apparently wearing out the Google button on her Internet browser grasping for straws. Her panic is quite evident in the most recent post on her site.

“there are over a 100.000 articles like these in the last 24 hours posted on Google. People want to know the truth, no photoshopped piece of garbage, flaunted by Obama yesterday, will quash the truth”

Orly, you’re pathetic. The real “truth” has quashed you and proven your mad hunt to remove a sitting president to be nothing more than the insignificant ravings of a mad woman.

Three words of advice:



  1. My take on Obama's use of 'Carnival Barker' was to refer to Trump. Odd that he has been somewhat quiet today or maybe people just aren't interviewing him. But for Taitz, I see her as more of an attraction at the carnival. Kind of like a crazy lady in a cage.

    Birthers are the lowest form of human scum.

  2. Trump may be quiet because he is being 'doxed'. Doxing is the publishing of a person's personal information.

    Just because Trump is a jackass, does not mean his personal records can be published. If everyone supports that Obama's shouldn't have been obtained, that means Trumps shouldn't have been too.

    The Smoking Gun claims they requested the documents. But the Selective Service site says they are protected under the Privacy Act.

    Rules are made for all and it doesn't make it ok to do to others what you don't want done to someone else. (word you being used in general form)


  3. Personally, I could give a rats ass if anything of Trump's is ever released. It just doesn't matter to me because he's a bloviating idiot with a bad comb-over.

    As far as Taitz and Hollister illegally obtaining Obama's records, the clock is ticking. It will be truly amusing when Orly tries to admit them into court Monday morning.