Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birtherism Abounds As Taitz Commits Fraud To Help It Along

Now that Donald Trump has jumped on the birfer bandwagon, Orly Taitz is in full birfer glory. She is just tickled shitless that her big Birfer Movement, (or big BM) has made its way to the big time, thanks to the horse’s ass Trump has been making of himself. Orly has been nothing, if not relentless in her quest to do whatever it takes to get “Barry Hussein O’SecretmuslimBama”  out of the White House. Tantrums, lawsuits, lies, fraud, forgeries, suborning perjury, slander, nothing is out of bounds as far as she is concerned.

In one of her latest upcoming lawsuits, “Taitz v. Astrue”  , Orly has stepped in batshit up to her cardboard eyelashes. She’s going after Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, for repeatedly denying her FOIA request to get all of Obama SS records. Of course the fact that it’s against the law for the SSA to release personal information on living people is beside the point.

So it seems her good buddy and fellow birfer, Col. Greg Hollister has provided her with some “illegally” obtained “ammo” to add to her case. Apparently Hollister has committed fraud by going to the Selective Service website, and using Obama’s identity to obtain a copy of Obama’s draft registration. Something Taitz has been just itching all over like a flea-infested bat for. The local news in Denver reported on that story, “here”.

These are the documents Hollister obtained.

As you can see in the 1st document the red arrow is pointed at the name of the person the document was mailed to. And that name is Barack Obama, with the address blanked out. However “raicha” over at Fogbow, being such a stellar Obot, was able to trace the address to Hollister by the zip’s barcode. Thus proving that Hollister changed Obama’s personal address in the selective service database to his own address in order to get the document mailed to his home.

Once Orly got her hands on those documents, the fact that Hollister could go to jail for fraud and identity theft for doing this was irrelevant to the cold blooded flea bitten little bat. She slapped those bad boys into an amended complaint in “Taitz v. Astrue”  and had it filed with the court, which is how the Fogbowers got hold of them in the first place.

But hay, it gets better! As it turns out, while Hollister was committing fraud in illegally obtaining Obama’s information, so was Orly. And not just as an accessory to Hollister’s fraud.

There is a non-profit organization called “National Student Clearinghouse”  , which is an academic verification resource. Its purpose is for prospective employers or other legitimate organizations to verify student degrees and enrollment information. One of many crimes Orly accuses Obama of is lying about attending Columbia University, which has been repeatedly debunked but that’s irrelevant. Orly used this resource, obtained and included in her amended complaint this little gem.

In her “Amended Complaint”  (page 8 #27) She states, “Student Clearinghouse shows even more shocking evidence”, and goes on about Obama being in Pakistan and how Pakistan was being ruled by “ruthless radical Muslims”, yada yada yada. So this is her absolute proof that Obama was actually in Pakistan for a year doing his radical Muslim scary shit training and lied to the whole country about being at Columbia during that time.

One slight problem with this, other than the fact her claims about Obama are total bullshit, is this little “Privacy Commitment”  statement from the Clearinghouse website:

“The Clearinghouse has maintained the confidentiality and privacy of records covering more than 110 million students since its inception. We are scrupulous in our concern for student privacy and compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which protects students' privacy rights in their education records.
We require certification from all verification requestors that the student or alumnus has given permission for his/her academic information to be released. Requestors also agree not to re-release degree data to third parties (unless the requestor is a background screening firm releasing data to their employer client).
The Clearinghouse only releases directory information that confirms an individual's degrees and academic credentials. We do not confirm addresses or the accuracy of Social Security Numbers provided by requestors. To further ensure security and privacy, we maintain an audit trail of requestors' identities, including Internet Protocol Addresses (IP address), credit card numbers, and telephone numbers.”

So like… Do ya think she got Obama’s permission to request this information? If not, I think she’s in deep batshit here since they not only have an audit trail, but also Taitz filed the “evidence” of her crime with the court. She even stated in her amendment that “Taitz ran a check”, and her name is right there on the document as the requester.

Orly never ceases to obtain ever-higher levels of STOOOPID. Oh I can’t wait for this to get to court, and see her try and spin this.

And it gets better still! She also took her “evidence” on “CNN”. (I shit you not)

On Wednesday Arizona passed the first Birther bill. Orly calms the credit of course, she even claims to have been in on drafting the bill, and considering what’s in it, I can easily believe that is true. You can “read the whole story here”  , and yes. it’s worth a read. Here’s a snip, (no pun intended):

“If you intend to run for president in Arizona but don't have the required birth certificate, all is not lost. The state may be willing to accept a description of your penis -- if you've got one -- as proof you were born in the U.S.
Before passing their so-called "birther" bill Wednesday, Arizona Republicans apparently decided it wasn't fair to limit proof of citizenship to the "long form birth certificate." So, they amended the measure to include several other forms of proof.”
One such document, a certificate of circumcision, is given to the parents of a male Jewish child after his foreskin is snipped.”

Again, I shit you not. Here’s a link to the “actual text”  of the bill.

So Orly, in her glorious birfer victory, (which isn’t likely to get very far) goes on CNN to talk about it. About the 8:25 mark she whips out her fraudulently obtained documents, and shortly after that goes into one of her screeching meltdowns.

Well, all I can say is that it looks like the fun is picking up in the Birferverse. And the best thing about this case is that it has been assigned to Judge Royce Lamberth. The same Judge Lamberth that tossed out Orly’s big QW case against Obama in which “he said” :

“This is one of several such suits filed by Ms. Taitz in her quixotic attempt to prove that President Obama is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution. This Court is not willing to go tilting at windmills with her.”



  1. Orly Taitz came across like the idiot she is.

    The first time I ever even heard of the birther movement was shortly after my oldest sister died and I was taking some time off. I caught that meltdown on MSNBC and that's when I started looking for more information about this stupid bitch.

    This is one case where I do hope that something is being done in regard to Hollister accessing those records illegally and changing Obama's Selective Service address to his Colorado address. What a total moron to not realize that the bar code contains all of the address information.

  2. Hope color of change goes after King for this. CNN is ripe for a advertising boycott. They are hurting for viewers and therefore ad dollars as it is so a boycott or just the threat of one would sting pretty hard pretty fast.

  3. I had to repost that whole article

    Thank you Miss Daisy.

  4. Can you say countersuit?
    I knew that you could. ;-)

    Yep, Orly will have a hard time with this one.
    It's hard to sue the government using illegally obtained "evidence."
    The tables will turn on her faster than she can say "sanctions?"

  5. If Obama registered withe Selective Service in 1980, why was he sent his card on a 2007 form?

    Because the SSN 042-68-4425 was assigned to a man who is now dead, the information can be released. Why is the government withholding information on that one dead man? Because Obama stole his SSN.

    The thug is a fraud.

  6. On cue, another birther liar, racist, and sore loser shows up...

  7. It is really hard for me to read the Selective Service form, but I'm thinking it almost looks like an original rather than just an address change. We couldn't get my spouses proof of registration off the on line Selective Service site so we had to call them to get the proof he had registered when he was supposed to. Since we had given them his correct info we did get proof back in a letter. Since he is past the age of needing to register they didn't send him a card. Do you think they maybe took that as a new registration? Especially if the social security number they purport to belong to the president is incorrect?