Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birfer Antics Update

Seems our girl Orly Taitz and her buddy Gregory Hollister might be getting into some serious wup-ass stupid lately with her obsessive quest to have Obama evicted, convicted, and jailed for Social Security fraud. And it seems committing fraud to prove what they claim is fraud by Obama works just fine for her and her tin-foil-hatters.

“Reality Check Radio Blog”  has a great write up on the latest, and it’s well worth a read.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

We Have A New Blog for “Bag The Tea In 2012”

The previous post has been transferred to the new “Bag The Tea In 2012”  blog. Please help spread the word, 2012 is just around the corner, and after what we saw happen in November we need to get the word out and wake up America! We cannot allow our country to be overtaken with extremist agendas, while priorities fall to the wayside.
Time to make a stand!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time To “Bag The Tea” In 2012

The Tea Baggers and Birfers in this country have showered us all long enough with their ignorance, their waste of time and resources, and their bigoted racist agendas. I say it’s time to bag ’um all in the upcoming 2012 elections. We must use our votes to let elected officials, who kowtow to the uninformed among us, know that we’re tired of watching our country go to pot while they waste time focusing all their energy on repeal, obstruction and putting forth absurd legislations. We must also let it be known that we will no longer tolerate being sold out to special interests at the expense of Main Street America.

We can’t afford to let anyone “take this country back”; in 2012 we must all come together and elect people that will take us forward, not back. We need elected officials that will focus on jobs, economy, and clean energy technology.

We do not need legislators that say the only way to balance the budget is to cut spending for healthcare, education, and jobs, while refusing to even consider cutting spending for NASCAR.

We do not need legislators that waste time pushing legislation to force presidential candidates to produce an original birth certificate in every state, simply to appease those that don’t believe Obama is actually a US citizen. We need officials who will do their duty as elected officials and inform the public with factual information, and correct public misconceptions and hearsay.

We do not need legislators who would deny equal rights to American citizens because of gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Nor do we need elected officials who stand behind the agenda’s of extremist Christian religious groups who want this country and everyone in it ruled by the bible, and not by the constitution. The 1st Amendment of the Constitution states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

We are a nation of many denominations and we have many citizens of no denomination. Every citizen is entitled to their own beliefs and is protected by the constitution from being forced to submit to any beliefs not their own. So why are elected officials violating our constitution and or laws by pushing agendas solely based on religious ideology?

Just look at some of this legislation and comments being put forth by lawmakers:

Bobby Franklin, the same GA Rep who wants to criminalize abortion and miscarriages, in reference to the repeal of DADT compared gays with criminals and unrepentant drug dealers.

SC’s Senator Jim DeMint has said that “Gays” AND unmarried pregnant women should not teach in public school.

Tennessee State Senator Stacy Campfield and Rep Bill Dunn proposed a ban on even mentioning LGBT people in public schools.

Look at the outrage and boycotts at CPAC this year because GOProud was allowed to participate. The real outrage is that CPAC caved to the bigoted will of the GOP majority and gave the ax to GOProud. This is public acknowledgement that the GOP says, “No gays allowed”.

And as far as Muslims are concerned, there are just too many examples to even choose from, but the bottom line is that if some had their way, to practice or even believe in Islam would become a criminal offence. The only thing currently standing in the way of that is the constitution.

Do not stand by and let these right winged extremists strip us all of our rights. They have already stripped union workers of their rights, and it looks like voting rights are next on the list. The Washington Post" did an article about a conflict over voting laws in New Hampshire that would limit and restrict college student’s abilities to even vote. House Speaker William O’Brien was quite clear on what he thinks of college kids and the way they vote. He referred to them as “foolish”, and said, “Voting as a Liberal. That’s what kids do.” So, not only do these extremists want to restrict workers rights, woman’s rights, religious rights, the rights of the LGBT community, now they want to restrict the rights of liberals to vote?

We have to put a stop to this, and we need to start now. Lets “Bag The Tea, and Take Our Country Forward”!

Click the Facebook link on the right and join us to make your voices heard. This Is America! We will not be oppressed; we will not be taken back, or ruled over by someone else’s agenda.