Friday, February 18, 2011

Taitz’s Arrogance and Ignorance Soars

I swear, Orly Taitz is beyond being the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. It absolutely defies logic how she continues to “proudly” make such a pathetic fool of herself on such a regular basis, and doesn’t understand why everyone is having such a great laugh at her expense.

Lately it has been frequently noted in the “Obot” community (which consists of everyone outside the birferverse) that Orly has been raising her insanity threshold in all manor of directions. She is still all wound up waiting to find out what the Judge will do in Liberi v Taitz that was held on Feb. 9th, 2011. She did everything she could think of to recuse the Judges and beg for permission to make an “oral” argument, and was basically told, ”NO”.

Meanwhile she’s still battling X-boy-toy Charles E. Lincoln III in court. OFGS has a great synopsis of the latest in that case in her post “Extracurricular Life of Birthers” , Sex, spies, and lies, it’s worth a read!

So in ratcheting up her insanity while all of this is going on, she goes off on an article in the “Monterey County Weekly” , that said in part:

“BIRTHER BRETHREN… Squid’s smart enough to stay out of photographic range, especially in this era of Facebook-as-permanence. So it should be no surprise that a photo surfaced in The Herald last week, showing Monterey County Republican Central Committee Vice Chairman Tom Dominy posing with former California Secretary of State candidate Orly Taitz, a leader in the birther movement.
Unearthing old photos of crowded cocktail parties is a low blow indeed, and Squid can’t help but feel like the GOP’s had some rough breaks in dealing with its past lately, after the Weekly uncovered financial reporting shenanigans dating back as far as 2005. Squid abhors sunlight, but a Salinas P.I. sagely put it, “Sunlight’s the best antiseptic for thievery and lying.”
One GOPer spouted wrath at the old photo, “I wouldn’t wrap a fish in The Herald out of respect for the fish.” Squid’s advice: take responsibility for the past instead of pretending it didn’t happen, and get over the unfounded doubts about Obama’s origins already. That’s so 2008.”

Well, Orly was not going to sit still for that kind of attack, so she jumped on it adding her (same ole) 2 cents in a comment and then posted a link on her website with the following heading:

"My answer to the Monterey County weekly Posted on
February 17, 2011"

Where she posted the article and the comment she added to the article at the bottom.
Her comment:

“I am Orly Taitz, who was named by the media “The leader of the birther movement”. Recent polls show that 60% of Americans and as much as 72% of all Republican voters believe that Obama was not born in this country. Governor of HI could not find the original BC, Recently retired Senior Deportation officer of the Department of Homeland Security, John Sampson, stated in his sworn affidavit that the CT SS number Obama is using was originally issued to another individual in CT. ObamaFraudGate needs to be prosecuted just like Watergate was prosecuted and a number of senior officials in the government and in the Democratic party will end up with prison terms. Idiots writing for this paper do not understand, that posing for pictures with me adds votes and popularity to Republican candidates. You can get more info on my blog If this paper wants to stop defrauding it’s readers and wants to start writing the truth, they can call me for an interview at 949-683-5411 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 949-683-5411 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or write at”

Wow, is this “delusional arrogance” in the extreme, or what? Idiots writing for this paper do not understand, that posing for pictures with me adds votes and popularity to Republican candidates.” Give me a break! So of course being the dastardly Obot that I am, I couldn’t resist. I had to look at the article and see what kind of comments her great following of millions of faithful supporters added to back her up. But alas, there weren’t any. Not a single person chiming in on her behalf. There were comments added, but they were hardly supportive.

Shall we have a look?

#1: I am NOT Orly Taitz. Since she has decided to darken the door of this publication, readers can now see for themselves that she is utterly unprofessional, resorting to name calling, invented polling, and non-existent "evidence". Taitz has lost every law suit she's filed. She was sanctioned $20,000 by a federal judge for outrageous conduct in his courtroom, and this sanction has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Hopefully, the State of California's Bar will do something about this woman. Such a move is long overdue.
Posted by Lawyerwitharealdegree on February 17, 2011 at 11:35 a.m.
 #2: Dr Obly Taitz says : John Sampson, stated in his sworn affidavit that the CT SS number Obama is using was originally issued to another individual in CT. No he didn't. His affydavids are posted on her own site as and He states that the number purportedly issued to President Obama is in a series NORMALLY issued in Connecticut, and that President Obama has no direct connections to Connecticut. The SSA site itself warns that the association of SSN's by state is unreliable.
ps It's illegal in California to post individual's SSN's, but Dr Obly persists in doing so.
Posted by TJH on February 17, 2011 at 11:59 a.m.

#3: Dear Squid.... For amusment and giggles may I suggest you mosey on over to the forums at The Fogbow where for your personal delectation there is a wealth of Orly-ness and general Birfoon insanity. Gasp at the legal insanity of "The Worst Lawyer in the World " (allegedley) Moan at the ongoing details in a lawsuit where Orly and others are being sued by a former adulterous lover of Orly...for "stuff" Laugh Where you see the 80+ lawsuits the Birfers have tried on being lovingly archived and analyzed Giggle in wonder at the cast and crew of the barking mad who are the seditious Birfoon tendency Go know it makes sense.....>8-)
Posted by Bovril on February 17, 2011 at 12:27 p.m.

It just beats me how she can continue to spew her bullshit as gospel while the rest of the world just laughs at her, and she just doesn’t get it! Every last piece of (so-called) evidence she has produced in her quest to remove Obama has been debunked by every “competent” authority in this country, or proven as flat out lies. Yet, she claims THEY are all liars! This whole country is full of lying no good Obots, and “SHE” is the only one telling the truth! Figure the odds!

She’s like a crazed monkey flinging every bit of shit she can find at the wall just waiting and hoping for something, anything to stick! Alas, it all just slides right down on her head into a great birfer shit pile at the bottom. Meanwhile she screeches and screams, Obots! Thugs! Corruption! Fraud! Aiding and Abetting! All the while demanding that the entire country be put in jail as she desperately tries to glorify herself continually spouting, “emanate victory”…. Any second now!

She can’t even get the likes of Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin behind her. And while the whole world laughs and makes fun, the funniest thing of all is that she’s the ONLY one that can’t see what a pathetic fool she makes of herself every time she opens her mouth.


  1. "that posing for pictures with me adds votes and popularity to Republican candidates."

    She should have tried posing with herself.


  2. @anonymous Feb 18 8:23

    Posing with herself would have gotten her in a serious mixup getting in the way of her own humonguous long eyebrows :)