Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Picking Apart The Right Wing Teavangelical Crazy

What is it with people these days? So many it seems think that to be associated with, or part of a “Tea Party” makes them a true American Patriot. Well, first of all lets look at the definition of the word “Patriot”.

From Dictionary.com,  Patriot:
1. A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
2. A person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

Now I don’t doubt that Tea Partiers love their country, but me thinks they haz some confused going on, especially in regard to being defenders of individual rights and the presumed interference by the federal government. One of the Tea Party’s biggest gripes is that they do not want the federal government interfering with or trying to control or suppress the personal freedoms or the constitutional rights of American citizens.

Well, unless you are a Muslim, a homosexual, or a female with an unintended pregnancy that is. In these instances Tea Partiers, most of who proudly identify themselves as conservative Christians, (or Teavangelicals if you will) are actually demanding that the government take absolute control to deny any right of choice to women, and certainly deny any right of equality to homosexuals and Muslims. In fact it seems to me that the religious right has swallowed a vast majority of the entire Tea Party movement and are doing their dammedest to impose their Christian laws on all of us.

How many “Christian” legislators have attempted to put forth laws to ban Shariah law? Take Wyoming’s State Rep Gerald Gay for example. Here’s a guy who "proudly proclaimed" that he makes his “governmental decisions based on his Christian faith” and his desires to maintain his Christian-outlook towards governing “motivated his proposal” to ban Shariah. A “preemptive strike” he calls it.

Of course this is the same guy who made a video showing his interpretation of just how “he” and everyone else should deal with “socialism”.

Get out yer shotguns boys, (Hoccck….spit) I’ll show ya how to take out them socialist bastards!


We also have publicly elected officials not even pretending to hide their blatant bigotry against the gay community by boycotting the 2011 CPAC Conference. Sen. Jim DeMint R-SC, and Rep Jim Jordan R-Ohio, both “good Christians,” are refusing to attend because CPAC dares to allow the homosexual group “GOProud” to participate.

Good Christians my ass. Homophobic bigots are more like it.

Teavangelicals in this country have the nerve to bitch about “their” rights being taken away, and in the same breath that they publicly deny any rights of equality to anyone that does not live or think as they do. And by God, they want the laws amended to back them up. They want abortion outlawed because it’s a sin against their God. They want homosexuals shunned (some have even said jailed) because the gay lifestyle offends their religious beliefs.

Exactly what are those rights that are being taken away? Well the right to rule over women for one. They are being denied “their right” to deny women contraceptives, and the right to deny them an abortion even in a life-threatening situation. As far as they are concerned, fuck ‘um, it’s God’s will, let them both die. They are also being denied the right to deny equal rights to homosexuals and they’re terrified that someday marriage equality may actually become the norm. (Imagine that!) I mean really, they can’t be expected to have to live in the same neighborhood as a gay married couple! (50 years ago they were fighting to keep out the blacks!)

Right wing Christians want this entire country to be run by “God’s law”. (And that would be the Christian God (all three of him), not any of those other good for nothing heathen Gods non-Christians worship.) These Teavangelicals are doing exactly what they accuse the Muslims of doing, and that is attempting to impose their religious will, and their “interpretations” of their God’s laws on the lives of everyone in this country. They don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else believes or doesn’t believe, everyone in this country should be “forced” to accept their God, their religion, and their way of life because they have claimed this as a “Christian Nation”, and besides, they know what’s best, regardless of what the heathens think. I guess the Constitution can just be dammed.

In November Stephanie Mencimer, of Mother Jones did an article “The Tea Party’s Post Election Plan for World Domination”  after getting hold of a leaked “Tea Party Patriot” fundraising memo outlining their 40 year vision for world domination. It’s a good article and worth a read.

And just released is this ad “CPAC And The Conscience Of Conservatives” placed in the Washington Times by VisionAmerica.org (Pdf of the entire ad can be read “here”)


“The self-proclaimed gay Republicans support hate crime laws (which will be used to bludgeon the church) and oppose the Federal Defense of Marriage Amendment, without which judges will ultimately legislate homosexual “marriage”—making the natural family an endangered species.
”Last year, GOProud advocated for homosexuals serving openly in the military, which will devastate our armed forced and sacrifice unit cohesion on the altar of “inclusiveness.””
“CAPAC is the largest conservative event of the year. Speakers include many of the movement’s luminaries. CPAC is a focus of media attention. It has been considered by many to confer conservative legitimacy and credentials on participants.
Once, that was true. It is no longer. Because of the participation by organizations openly at war with family values, many of the largest and most prominent conservative groups are staying away from an event they once participated in proudly.”

Their list of signatories?

Mark Andrews, (Casino Watch)
Pastor Paul Blair, (Reclaiming America for Christ)
Susan Carleson, (American Civil Rights Union)
Brian Camenker, (MassResistance)
Mandi Campbell, (Liberty Center for Law and Policy)
Frank Cannon, (American Principles Project)
Chris Carmouche, (GrassTopsUSA)
Joseph Farah, (WorldNetDaily.com)
Don Feder, (Don Feder Associates)
Diane Gramley, (American Family Association of Pennsylvania)
Bishop EW Jackson Sr., (STAND America PAC)
Phillip Jauregui, (Judicial Action Group)
Gordon James Klingenschmitt, (Pray In Jesus Name)
Robert Knight, (American Civil Rights Union)
Mike and Cris Kurtz, (The USA Patriots)
Peter LaBarbera, (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality)
Shelli and David Manuel, (Resurrect America Project)
William J. Murray, (Religious Freedom Coalition)
Rev. Rick Scarborough, (Vision America)
Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, (Traditional Values Coalition)
Sharon Slater, (Family Watch International)
Mat Staver, (Liberty Counsel)

These are also the people behind the war on Muslims and Shariah Law. Hummm, wonder why? I seriously doubt that Muslims will ever pose the kind of threat to “OUR” freedoms and rights to equality as these people do. 

I have never been one to deny any person the right to believe as they will, or worship who ever they want, or live their own lives according to whatever trips their trigger. (May the great FSM bless them all and touch them favorably with his Noodily Appendages.) But I will not stand for anyone to attempt to impose their religious ideologies on my life.

So as far as I’m concerned these CINO Teavangelical Tea Partiers can KISS MY ASS!

Disclaimer: I realize that “all” Christians/Tea Partiers do not fall into this hate filled power hungry category, and it is not my intention to lump the innocent in with this ilk.


  1. I blame HGTV. No really, have you watched it lately (I have to admit this is not an original thought John Cole at Balloon Juice first came up with it) whenever a couple is featured it is more and more a) a bi-racial couple or b) a gay couple, the teavangelicals are seeing their world disappear in tiny little pieces, the new world is one where bi-racial and gay couples are THE NORM. They are fighting back.

  2. LOL, that’s funny. I remember that show, though I haven’t had TV for about 4 or 5 years. I used to like HGTV though; it was one of probably three channels I actually watched. Discovery and History were the other two. Now I only get to watch TV if I’m in a hotel, but I still can’t stand all the commercials! Mostly we just do Netflix these days.