Saturday, February 12, 2011

Orly Taitz’s Open Call To Overthrow The US Government

In the most recent episode of birfer madness, as the Queen of Birfism drools over the Egyptian uprising she posts the following on her website yesterday:

“Are US citizens dumber than Egyptians? Are members of US military have less backbone, than Egyptians? Posted on February 11, 2011
We saw the changes in Egypt and it is time for similar changes in US.
Our system is more corrupt, than one in Egypt.
Ironically their usurper at least had papers. Our usuper, Barack Hussein Obama, is a complete fraud. He sits in the White House with a stolen social security number from CT and without a valid long form BC. The question is; are Americans dumber than Egyptians? It is time to clean up the mess, it is time for Americans to make sure we have a constitutionally eligible president in office. Tea Party patriots convention is scheduled for February 25 in Phoeniz, AZ. Maybe Phoenix will be our Tahrir square and our ground zero.”

She publicly accuses Obama of being a criminal and fraud, (that’s nothing new) and now she’s calling the US Military cowards for not taking out the President of The United States. She claims it is now time to “clean up this mess” and is blatantly calling for sedition. AND it appears she thinks she can call upon the tea partiers to do it. Considering they refused to even be seen on the same stage with her when she was running for SOS, I doubt she’ll get many takers from there.

She has been a complete and utter failure in her ignorant attempts to use the courts to remove a sitting president with nothing but hearsay, fraud, flat out lies, and Internet gossip. She even got herself sanctioned and fined $20,000 in the process. All the while batting her cardboard eyelashes at her flying monkeys promising “Eminent Victory” any minute now, and “by the way, don’t forget to hit that paypal button and send money”!

In this September 2009 video she was running down the street screeching for someone to pay attention to her as she claimed she’d have Obama out of office in 30 days.

She has never accomplished one thing, other than to show her ass and hurl outrageous accusations at every official in this country. Now she wants to call the country to rally and overthrow the government.

Here’s a comment from that 2/11 post:

February 11th, 2011 @ 8:23 pm
Perhaps we need to have a Tea Party in front of the White House like they did in Egypt with the idea of forcing Obama out of office. Murbarack left, didn’t he?

I wouldn’t be surprised if she posted that herself.

So today the big post is:

"from supporter Ro. It is time for Americans to go to DC and stay there. It is time for us to remove from offic eour usurper sitting in the White House with a stolen SSN 042-xxx-xxxx (redacted by CIP) and without a valid
Posted on February 12, 2011 Submitted on 2011/02/12 at 6:03am
BJP-absolutely. I heard one radio broadcaster say that all should enforce the idea to Americans to go to DC and stay there. We MUST do this.

A failure in every other attempt, now this treasonous, seditious, anti-American lunatic is planning to rally the troops and go to DC to attempt to drag Obama out of the White House.

Well if she rounds up all 12 of her flying monkeys, they might at least all be successful at getting free room and board when they get to Washington. Possibly in the mental ward at St. Elizabeth’s, or the city slammer.


  1. Funny how no matter what the event in the world Orly can turn it into reason for the forceful overthrow of the government. After a while you just run out of adjectives to describe this pathetic creature.

  2. Orly has Mubarak's papers?
    I doubt she even has her own.

    She got her law degree from a diploma mill.
    The poor thing can't even file cases correctly, much less ever win.
    She's just a Moldovian Cocktail thrown at the White House.
    Probably a spy.

  3. Moldovian Cocktail… ROFLMAO
    I love it!

  4. ...and may I also add that she's definitely shaken, not stirred? ;-)

  5. Moldovian Cocktail… ROFLMAO
    I love it!