Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is There A Shortage Of Psych Drugs In This Country?

Either that or Manning has been doing way too many of the wrong kind of drugs, and way to few of the ones he really needs.

Manning was visited in November of 09 by the Secret Service after calling for Obama to be “jailed, hung and shot”.

Here is a compilation of Madman Manning done in September of 08, just to give you an idea of just how crazy this asshole is.

And finally here’s a goodie for you done in July 09

So, do you suppose that Manning really believes that Obama will comply with his order to resign in 90 days?

He probably shouldn’t try holding his breath.


  1. In total, these clips comprise 43:01 of my life that I could never get back if I watched them all.
    As it is, I could only watch about 4 minutes each before the fail-safe switch in my brain activated.

  2. Good on ya GM, I couldn’t do the whole thing either. 4 or 5 minutes of each is about all it takes to make any sane person wonder what the hell is wrong with this man. And the answer to that would be A LOT!

  3. Seriously, this guy has to top the list of crazy. We couldn't get through the first clip- no way I'm even going to try the others. As my spouse says- "He sounds even crazier than Orly except he speaks English better." I want to know- just how crazy are his followers who attend his church? That takes some serious crazy too!

  4. My Dear Ms. Daisy. As a Republican, albeit not one who actually carries the card, a conservative, in the social, political, and financial senses, and as a 53 year Southern White Male raised in the traditions of being a Southern Gentleman, I am probably your least favorite sort of person-- at least in the social sense.

    That being said, having read and watched much of your blog-- and especially the Respected reverend Manning-- I can only say three words to convey my reactions to these interesting people you have been so kind as to introduce me to.

    What. The. Fuck.

    And let me tell YOU, Ms. Daisy, it takes a LOT for a 53 year old White Male raised in the traditions of a Southern Gentleman to express his disbelief in those terms.

    Living in the Deep South as I do, I have seen more than a few people express racist views-- I was bought up better than that myself. But considering that collection of the Reverend's sermons, I must say that I have met damn Klanners who would stare at Manning and say, "Whoa, man, chill!" And the remarkable efforts of the Good Dentist to redefine the ad hominem argument are stunning.

    Please, do not tar all of us who are Conservatives or Republicans with the same brush. I do not care for Mr. Obama's policies, mor most of his ideas, but neither do I (Or for that matter anyone I know) believe that he is bleeding secret Kenyan Agent of Satan working for a giant Muslim/Communist/Quite Possibly Martian conspiracy to destroy America, Democracy, and quite possibly most of the kittens and puppies on earth. We merely think he's off base.

    As opposed to the interesting people who you have introduced me to, who are not off base, but their respective rockers.

  5. On the contrary Kenko, I actually have quite a few very dear friends who are conservative republicans. (Believe it or not) So no, I do not lump all conservatives into these fringe groups. In fact the description you gave of yourself could also have describe my own father, who passed away nearly 25 years ago.

    While it’s true that I am a liberal, who believes that the words “Liberty and justice for all”, actually do apply to all “equally”, regardless of race, faith, gender, or sexual orientation, I do not condemn “all” conservative views. Neither do I agree with everything that Obama has done, though I think he could have done much better if he hadn’t been slapped with opposition at every turn.

    I created this blog as a place to rant about the insanity that walks among us in this country. And you have to admit, there’s a hell of a lot of it out there. Some of these people I’ve found on the internet, like Taitz and Manning are certifiable, hence the name of the blog, “Crazy Internet People”.

    But I thank you for your kind words, and invite you to stop by any time and throw in your own two cents whenever you feel the need. At CIP all opinions and comments are welcome.