Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mike Huckabee Birther Issue Is Nonsense

Orly Taitz to start screeching ANY SECOND… 3... 2... 1...


Did I miss anything??

Monday, February 21, 2011

The GOP Owned And Operated By Koch Industries

I’d never heard anything about Koch Industries, (or at least anything I’d actually paid attention to anyway), before last August when I read a very interesting story in the “NewYorker” . It’s quite a long piece, but a real eye opener and well worth taking a few minutes to read. It gives amazing details of the billionaire Koch Brothers, Charles and David and the long term behind the scenes workings of Koch Industries.

The brothers Koch are worth a combined fortune of $35 billion, which puts them right behind Bill Gates and Warren Buffett in the “Shit Loads of Money Honey’s” who’s who. Koch Industries headquarters is located in Wichita Kansas and is estimated to have annual revenues of $100 billion. Yep, I’d call that shit loads of money. Koch owns and operates oil refineries in Alaska, Texas and Minnesota, among other things in various places.

According to the article:

“The Kochs are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation. These views dovetail with the brothers’ corporate interests. In a study released this spring, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Political Economy Research Institute named Koch Industries one of the top ten air polluters in the United States. And Greenpeace issued a report identifying the company as a “kingpin of climate science denial.” The report showed that, from 2005 to 2008, the Kochs vastly outdid ExxonMobil in giving money to organizations fighting legislation related to climate change, underwriting a huge network of foundations, think tanks, and political front groups. Indeed, the brothers have funded opposition campaigns against so many Obama Administration policies—from health-care reform to the economic-stimulus program—that, in political circles, their ideological network is known as the Kochtopus.
In a statement, Koch Industries said that the Greenpeace report “distorts the environmental record of our companies.” And David Koch, in a recent, admiring article about him in New York, protested that the “radical press” had turned his family into “whipping boys,” and had exaggerated its influence on American politics. But Charles Lewis, the founder of the Center for Public Integrity, a nonpartisan watchdog group, said, “The Kochs are on a whole different level. There’s no one else who has spent this much money. The sheer dimension of it is what sets them apart. They have a pattern of lawbreaking, political manipulation, and obfuscation. I’ve been in Washington since Watergate, and I’ve never seen anything like it. They are the Standard Oil of our times.”

I must say, as far as the Koch brothers are concerned, “political manipulation” takes on an entirely new meaning. For the most part they have done their best to keep the scope of their political financial influences quiet, but that influence seems to have reached epic proportions. Just as a quick look, the following groups are just a few that were either started by, financed either directly or indirectly by the Koch brothers.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation
The Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundation
David H. Koch Charitable Foundation
Republican Governors Association
Cato Institute
Heritage Foundation
Independent Women’s Forum
George Mason University & Mercatus Center
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
Citizens for a Sound Economy
Citizens for the Environment
Economic Education Trust
Triad Management
Patients United Now
Club for Growth

The Heritage Foundation is just one of the tea party front groups for Koch. Virginia “Genni” Thomas is a consulting attorney for that group, as well as the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Salon.com did another very interesting piece yesterday, “The bigger Clarence Thomas scandal”  and what do you know…

“Now Common Cause has just revealed that Thomas took an all expenses paid trip in 2008 to Palm Springs for four days to make a speech with money that he says came from a conservative legal group but that may have actually come from the controversial company Koch Industries. In 2010 the Supreme Court overturned limitations on corporate political spending in Citizens United v. FEC. The Koches -- staunch fiscal conservatives who own an energy conglomerate -- have run wild with that new freedom, so Common Cause argues that Thomas should have disqualified himself from ruling in Citizens United. (If Thomas had recused himself the 5-4 decision would have been tied 4-4 and the lower court ruling upholding the spending limits would have stood.)”

Conflict of interest, or bought and paid for? This is but one example of how the Koch brothers operate. Think about it, who would benefit more from the Citizen United ruling than an entity like Koch Industries. And run wild they have, pouring money into the GOP by the boat loads literally buying candidates that they can use to manipulate legislation for their own financial gains.

Gov Scott Walker of WI seems to be another beneficiary of Koch financing. According to an article in “Mother Jones” :

"Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker, whose bill to kill collective bargaining rights for public-sector unions has caused an uproar among state employees, might not be where he is today without the Koch brothers. Charles and David Koch are conservative titans of industry who have infamously used their vast wealth to undermine President Obama and fight legislation they detest, such as the cap-and-trade climate bill, the health care reform act, and the economic stimulus package. For years, the billionaires have made extensive political donations to Republican candidates across the country and have provided millions of dollars to astroturf right-wing organizations. Koch Industries' political action committee has doled out more than $2.6 million to candidates. And one prominent beneficiary of the Koch brothers' largess is Scott Walker.
According to Wisconsin campaign finance filings, Walker's gubernatorial campaign received $43,000 from the Koch Industries PAC during the 2010 election. That donation was his campaign's second-highest, behind $43,125 in contributions from housing and realtor groups in Wisconsin. The Koch's PAC also helped Walker via a familiar and much-used politicial maneuver designed to allow donors to skirt campaign finance limits. The PAC gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association, which in turn spent $65,000 on independent expenditures to support Walker. The RGA also spent a whopping $3.4 million on TV ads and mailers attacking Walker's opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Walker ended up beating Barrett by 5 points. The Koch money, no doubt, helped greatly.
The Kochs also assisted Walker's current GOP allies in the fight against the public-sector unions. Last year, Republicans took control of the both houses of the Wisconsin state legislature, which has made Walker's assault on these unions possible. And according to data from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, the Koch Industries PAC spent $6,500 in support of 16 Wisconsin Republican state legislative candidates, who each won his or her election.
Walker's plan to eviscerate collective bargaining rights for public employees is right out of the Koch brothers' playbook. Koch-backed groups like Americans for Prosperity, the Cato Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Reason Foundation have long taken a very antagonistic view toward public-sector unions. Several of these groups have urged the eradication of these unions. The Kochs also invited (PDF) Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, an anti-union outfit, to a June 2010 confab in Aspen, Colorado; Mix said in a recent interview that he supports Governor Walker's collective-bargaining bill. In Wisconsin, this conservative, anti-union view is being placed into action by lawmakers in sync with the deep-pocketed donors who helped them obtain power. (Walker also opposes the state's Clean Energy Job Act, which would compel the state to increase its use of alternative energy.) At this moment—even with the Wisconsin uprising unresolved—the Koch brothers' investment in Walker appears to be paying off.

Imagine that. But it gets better!

“Today 11:43 AM Little-Noticed Provision In Walker's Bill Could Reap Huge Gains For Koch Industries
The Huffington Post's Amanda Terkel reports:
While there has been significant attention devoted to the fact that Walker's 144-page budget repair bill would strip away collective bargaining rights for public employees, the site "Rortybomb" points out a less noticed provision that would allow the state to sell or contract out any state-owned energy asset in no-bid deals with private corporations. From the legislation (emphasis added):
16.896 Sale or contractual operation of state−owned heating, cooling, and power plants. (1) Notwithstanding ss. 13.48 (14) (am) and 16.705 (1), the department may sell any state−owned heating, cooling, and power plant or may contract with a private entity for the operation of any such plant, with or without solicitation of bids, for any amount that the department determines to be in the best interest of the state. Notwithstanding ss. 196.49 and 196.80, no approval or certification of the public service commission is necessary for a public utility to purchase, or contract for the operation of, such a plant, and any such purchase is considered to be in the public interest and to comply with the criteria for certification of a project under s. 196.49 (3) (b).
It's unclear what "the best interest of the state" is.”
But if this deal goes through, one of the companies that could stand to benefit significantly is Koch Industries. Koch already has several companies in the state, including a coal subsidiary, timber plants and a large network of pipelines.
During the 2010 election cycle, Walker received $43,000 from the Koch Industries PAC, his second-largest contribution. The PAC also gave significantly to the Republican Governors Association, which in turn helped out Walker considerably in his race. Koch also contributed $6,500 to support 16 Republican legislative candidates in the state.
The Koch-funded group Americans for Prosperity has also been standing with Walker throughout his budget battles, busing in Tea Party activists and launching the site, Stand With Walker. After the election, Walker and other Republican governors received guidance from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that is also funded by Koch dollars and has pushed anti-union measures.

People need to wake up to all this corporate manipulation before it’s too late, and start looking deeply at where the money behind the candidates they are voting for is coming from. It appears this battle against workers rights and unions is not just taking place in WI. There is talk of the same thing taking shape in 15 other states, by (you guessed it) GOP officials backed by… (you guessed it again!) Koch money.

I would ask where all the tea party rage is on this, but… (Yep!) Koch money is funding the tea parties too!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Taitz’s Arrogance and Ignorance Soars

I swear, Orly Taitz is beyond being the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. It absolutely defies logic how she continues to “proudly” make such a pathetic fool of herself on such a regular basis, and doesn’t understand why everyone is having such a great laugh at her expense.

Lately it has been frequently noted in the “Obot” community (which consists of everyone outside the birferverse) that Orly has been raising her insanity threshold in all manor of directions. She is still all wound up waiting to find out what the Judge will do in Liberi v Taitz that was held on Feb. 9th, 2011. She did everything she could think of to recuse the Judges and beg for permission to make an “oral” argument, and was basically told, ”NO”.

Meanwhile she’s still battling X-boy-toy Charles E. Lincoln III in court. OFGS has a great synopsis of the latest in that case in her post “Extracurricular Life of Birthers” , Sex, spies, and lies, it’s worth a read!

So in ratcheting up her insanity while all of this is going on, she goes off on an article in the “Monterey County Weekly” , that said in part:

“BIRTHER BRETHREN… Squid’s smart enough to stay out of photographic range, especially in this era of Facebook-as-permanence. So it should be no surprise that a photo surfaced in The Herald last week, showing Monterey County Republican Central Committee Vice Chairman Tom Dominy posing with former California Secretary of State candidate Orly Taitz, a leader in the birther movement.
Unearthing old photos of crowded cocktail parties is a low blow indeed, and Squid can’t help but feel like the GOP’s had some rough breaks in dealing with its past lately, after the Weekly uncovered financial reporting shenanigans dating back as far as 2005. Squid abhors sunlight, but a Salinas P.I. sagely put it, “Sunlight’s the best antiseptic for thievery and lying.”
One GOPer spouted wrath at the old photo, “I wouldn’t wrap a fish in The Herald out of respect for the fish.” Squid’s advice: take responsibility for the past instead of pretending it didn’t happen, and get over the unfounded doubts about Obama’s origins already. That’s so 2008.”

Well, Orly was not going to sit still for that kind of attack, so she jumped on it adding her (same ole) 2 cents in a comment and then posted a link on her website with the following heading:

"My answer to the Monterey County weekly Posted on
February 17, 2011"

Where she posted the article and the comment she added to the article at the bottom.
Her comment:

“I am Orly Taitz, who was named by the media “The leader of the birther movement”. Recent polls show that 60% of Americans and as much as 72% of all Republican voters believe that Obama was not born in this country. Governor of HI could not find the original BC, Recently retired Senior Deportation officer of the Department of Homeland Security, John Sampson, stated in his sworn affidavit that the CT SS number Obama is using was originally issued to another individual in CT. ObamaFraudGate needs to be prosecuted just like Watergate was prosecuted and a number of senior officials in the government and in the Democratic party will end up with prison terms. Idiots writing for this paper do not understand, that posing for pictures with me adds votes and popularity to Republican candidates. You can get more info on my blog OrlyTaitzESQ.com If this paper wants to stop defrauding it’s readers and wants to start writing the truth, they can call me for an interview at 949-683-5411 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 949-683-5411 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or write at orly.taitz@gmail.com”

Wow, is this “delusional arrogance” in the extreme, or what? Idiots writing for this paper do not understand, that posing for pictures with me adds votes and popularity to Republican candidates.” Give me a break! So of course being the dastardly Obot that I am, I couldn’t resist. I had to look at the article and see what kind of comments her great following of millions of faithful supporters added to back her up. But alas, there weren’t any. Not a single person chiming in on her behalf. There were comments added, but they were hardly supportive.

Shall we have a look?

#1: I am NOT Orly Taitz. Since she has decided to darken the door of this publication, readers can now see for themselves that she is utterly unprofessional, resorting to name calling, invented polling, and non-existent "evidence". Taitz has lost every law suit she's filed. She was sanctioned $20,000 by a federal judge for outrageous conduct in his courtroom, and this sanction has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court. Hopefully, the State of California's Bar will do something about this woman. Such a move is long overdue.
Posted by Lawyerwitharealdegree on February 17, 2011 at 11:35 a.m.
 #2: Dr Obly Taitz says : John Sampson, stated in his sworn affidavit that the CT SS number Obama is using was originally issued to another individual in CT. No he didn't. His affydavids are posted on her own site as http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Affidavit-of-John-Sampson-03.08.2010.pdf and http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Affidavit-of-John-Sampson-09.23.10.pdf He states that the number purportedly issued to President Obama is in a series NORMALLY issued in Connecticut, and that President Obama has no direct connections to Connecticut. The SSA site itself warns that the association of SSN's by state is unreliable.
ps It's illegal in California to post individual's SSN's, but Dr Obly persists in doing so.
Posted by TJH on February 17, 2011 at 11:59 a.m.

#3: Dear Squid.... For amusment and giggles may I suggest you mosey on over to the forums at The Fogbow where for your personal delectation there is a wealth of Orly-ness and general Birfoon insanity. Gasp at the legal insanity of "The Worst Lawyer in the World " (allegedley) Moan at the ongoing details in a lawsuit where Orly and others are being sued by a former adulterous lover of Orly...for "stuff" Laugh Where you see the 80+ lawsuits the Birfers have tried on being lovingly archived and analyzed Giggle in wonder at the cast and crew of the barking mad who are the seditious Birfoon tendency Go one......you know it makes sense.....>8-)http://www.thefogbow.com/forum/index.php
Posted by Bovril on February 17, 2011 at 12:27 p.m.

It just beats me how she can continue to spew her bullshit as gospel while the rest of the world just laughs at her, and she just doesn’t get it! Every last piece of (so-called) evidence she has produced in her quest to remove Obama has been debunked by every “competent” authority in this country, or proven as flat out lies. Yet, she claims THEY are all liars! This whole country is full of lying no good Obots, and “SHE” is the only one telling the truth! Figure the odds!

She’s like a crazed monkey flinging every bit of shit she can find at the wall just waiting and hoping for something, anything to stick! Alas, it all just slides right down on her head into a great birfer shit pile at the bottom. Meanwhile she screeches and screams, Obots! Thugs! Corruption! Fraud! Aiding and Abetting! All the while demanding that the entire country be put in jail as she desperately tries to glorify herself continually spouting, “emanate victory”…. Any second now!

She can’t even get the likes of Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin behind her. And while the whole world laughs and makes fun, the funniest thing of all is that she’s the ONLY one that can’t see what a pathetic fool she makes of herself every time she opens her mouth.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christian Jihad Coalition Re-Writing History In Texas Schools

This is seriously going too far. An article on AmericanIndependent.com “Conservative education group gives Texas history standards a “D” ” The group, the Thomas B. Fordham Institute issued a report that “skewers the Texas State Board of Education’s controversial social studies curriculum as an example of “politicized distortion of history.” Here is a “Link”  to the pdf report which states in part:

“Texas’s heavily politicized 2010 revisions to its social studies curriculum have attracted massive national attention. Indeed, both in public hearings and press interviews, the leaders of the State Board of Education made no secret of their evangelical Christian right agenda, promising to inculcate biblical principles, patriotic values, and American exceptionalism. And politics do figure heavily in the resulting TEKS.
While such social studies doctrine is usually associated with the relativist and diversity-obsessed educational left, the right-dominated Texas Board of Education made no effort to replace traditional social studies dogma with substantive historical content. Instead, it seems to have grafted on its own conservative talking points. The lists of “historically significant” names, for example, incorporate all the familiar politically correct group categories (women and minorities are systematically included in all such lists, regardless of their relative historical significance). At the same time, however, the document distorts or suppresses less triumphal or more nuanced aspects of our past that the Board found politically unacceptable (slavery and segregation are all but ignored, while religious influences are grossly exaggerated). The resulting fusion is a confusing, unteachable hodgepodge, blending the worst of two educational dogmas.
Complex historical issues are obscured with blatant politicizing throughout the document. Biblical influences on America’s founding are exaggerated, if not invented. The complicated but undeniable history of separation between church and state is flatly dismissed. From the earliest grades, students are pressed to uncritically celebrate the “free enterprise system and its benefits.” “Minimal government intrusion” is hailed as key to the early nineteenth-century commercial boom—ignoring the critical role of the state and federal governments in internal improvements and economic expansion. Native peoples are missing until brief references to nineteenth-century events. Slavery, too, is largely missing. Sectionalism and states’ rights are listed before slavery as causes of the Civil War, while the issue of slavery in the territories—the actual trigger for the sectional crisis—is never mentioned at all. During and after Reconstruction, there is no mention of the Black Codes, the Ku Klux Klan, or sharecropping; the term “Jim Crow” never appears. Incredibly, racial segregation is only mentioned in a passing reference to the 1948 integration of the armed forces.
In the modern era, the standards list “the internment of German, Italian and Japanese Americans and Executive Order 9066”—exaggerating the comparatively trivial internment of German and Italian Americans, and thereby obscuring the incontrovertible racial dimension of the larger and more systematic Japanese American internment. It is disingenuously suggested that the House Un-American Activities Committee— and, by extension, McCarthyism—have been vindicated by the Venona decrypts of Soviet espionage activities (which had, in reality, no link to McCarthy’s targets). Opposition to the civil rights movement is falsely identified only with “the congressional bloc of Southern Democrats”—whose later metamorphosis into Southern Republicans is never mentioned. Specific right-wing policy positions are inculcated as well. For example, students are explicitly urged to condemn federal entitlement programs, including Texas-born Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” and to mistrust international treaties (considered threats to American sovereignty).

So it seems that it’s not just our government that the Christian Jihad is attempting to take over, but also the education of this country’s youth (and rather blatantly in TX) by actually re-writing history to fit their own Christian agenda. You don’t have to look very far to see just how many religious groups across the country have (for some time) been actively perusing the right to have Creation/Intelligent Design taught in public schools as science. They also want to reinstate school prayer. So far they have all failed because frankly, Creationism or ID is NOT science. Which is probably why so many right winged Christian politicians have been screeching to repeal the DOE, and allow school curriculum to be decided by the local churches, (oh sorry) I meant communities.

The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”, and that applies to the DOE as well. But lets look for a minute at what would happen if they WERE able to gain the right to teach their Christian ideology in public schools.

Well, what happens to the Jewish kid? Or, what happens if the teacher happens to be Jewish and decides that if the Christians can do their own thing then so can she. Then she tells all the little Christianetts that “Ah… no, Jesus wasn’t really the Son of God, he was just a nice man that liked to help people. Gawd forbid the teacher should be a Muslim and all the kiddies run home… “Mommy! Can we get a Koran? Huh? Pleeease!” Oh the horror that would cause!

Okay, so we just can’t have any teachers that are not Christian. But, that would be discrimination, and that’s against the law. Well, we could divide up all the classes, and only let kids be taught by teachers of the same faith. Yea, that’ll work. But, what do we do about the curriculum? Well, I guess that would all have to be re-written, by denomination too. Could take some time, but it could be done.

Uh oh! What do we do if the teacher is a Pentecostal, and the kid is Baptist? Or if the teacher is Episcopal and the kid’s a Catholic. Some of those Catholic families don’t like the Episcopals because they have (Oh no, say it ain’t so!) GAY FEMALE PRIESTS! Then what? Well, we could break it down even farther, by faction, and then re-write the curriculum even further. But that could end up taking a really long time.

You see, this is why we have the Establishment Clause in the first place. To keep this kind of stupid bullshit from happening! But hay, guess what? You can teach any ideology you want in your own church. You can even teach people to sit naked in a tub of green jello and chant; “O Wa TaFoo Liam”, over and over till their ass turns as green as the jello if you want!

You know what? I have a great idea. How about you just teach religion at your church, where just like Burger King, “You can have it YOUR way” and stop trying to re-write history books, and trying to make a total cluster fuck out of the public school system!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Current SD Bill Would Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

The “murders” would be protected as “justifiable homicide”. According to Mother Jones , South Dakota State Rep Phil Jensen has sponsored a bill that would legalize the murder of abortion providers.

From Mother Jones:

“The original version of the bill did not include the language regarding the "unborn child"; it was pitched as a simple clarification of South Dakota's justifiable homicide law. Last week, however, the bill was "hoghoused"—a term used in South Dakota for heavily amending legislation in committee—in a little-noticed hearing. A parade of right-wing groups—the Family Heritage Alliance, Concerned Women for America, the South Dakota branch of Phyllis Schlafly's Eagle Forum, and a political action committee called Family Matters in South Dakota—all testified in favor of the amended version of the law.”

“The law that would legalize killing abortion providers is just one of several measures under consideration in the state that would create more obstacles for a woman seeking an abortion. Another proposed law, House Bill 1217, would force women to undergo counseling at a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) before they can obtain an abortion. CPCs are not regulated and are generally run by anti-abortion Christian groups and staffed by volunteers—not doctors or nurses—with the goal of discouraging women from having abortions.”

This has to be without a doubt the most insane thing I’ve ever heard of. These people have lost their friggin minds! And it figures that the whacked out, gone down the road crazy, right wing Christian Jihad Coalition is behind it.

Here is a “Link”  to the actual bill that states:

“FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to expand the definition of justifiable homicide to provide for the protection of certain unborn children.
Section 1. That § 22-16-34 be amended to read as follows:
22-16-34. Homicide is justifiable if committed by any person while resisting any attempt to murder such person, or to harm the unborn child of such person in a manner and to a degree likely to result in the death of the unborn child, or to commit any felony upon him or her, or upon or in any dwelling house in which such person is.
Section 2. That § 22-16-35 be amended to read as follows:
22-16-35. Homicide is justifiable if committed by any person in the lawful defense of such person, or of his or her husband, wife, parent, child, master, mistress, or servant, or the unborn child of any such enumerated person, if there is reasonable ground to apprehend a design to commit a felony, or to do some great personal injury, and imminent danger of such design being accomplished.”

There is no way in hell this abomination will ever be passed. But people everywhere need to start paying very close attention to the religious affiliations of some of these insane people they are electing. These right wing Christian Jihadists are doing their dammedest to infiltrate our government, and impose their insanity on all of us. Just look at some of the recent comments and attendees of the 2011 CPAC convention.

Of course before the conference even began the religious bigots came out in full force to boycott the event because the organizers decided to include the homosexual group GOProud. Brian Fisher of the extremist religious cheerleading group “American Family Association” had a few words to say on the subject.

Of course this is the same Brian Fisher who said American Indians were mired in alcoholism and poverty because the refuse to come to Jeebus.

Then we have former Senator Rick Santorum who blasts gay marriage and says, “America belongs to God”.

Sorry Rick, This country belongs to the American People, all of them, including the homosexuals!

This Christian Jihad Collation is steadily assimilating as much of the GOP as they can get their hate filled paws on. They want to take away our constitutional rights, rule over our lives, and force us all to abide by “their” beliefs. They certainly have every intention of shoving all of the homosexuals back in their closets, or even outlawing homosexuality and putting them all in jail.

Here’s another one, Janet Folger Porter, from “Faith 2 Action” (Another CINO fringe group) from last October. In this video they are praying to get control of the government, and for and end to the separation of church and state.

Anyone out there worried about terrorist attacks from outside our borders, best be turning a quick eye to these (so-called) Christian terrorists from within.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Orly Taitz’s Open Call To Overthrow The US Government

In the most recent episode of birfer madness, as the Queen of Birfism drools over the Egyptian uprising she posts the following on her website yesterday:

“Are US citizens dumber than Egyptians? Are members of US military have less backbone, than Egyptians? Posted on February 11, 2011
We saw the changes in Egypt and it is time for similar changes in US.
Our system is more corrupt, than one in Egypt.
Ironically their usurper at least had papers. Our usuper, Barack Hussein Obama, is a complete fraud. He sits in the White House with a stolen social security number from CT and without a valid long form BC. The question is; are Americans dumber than Egyptians? It is time to clean up the mess, it is time for Americans to make sure we have a constitutionally eligible president in office. Tea Party patriots convention is scheduled for February 25 in Phoeniz, AZ. Maybe Phoenix will be our Tahrir square and our ground zero.”

She publicly accuses Obama of being a criminal and fraud, (that’s nothing new) and now she’s calling the US Military cowards for not taking out the President of The United States. She claims it is now time to “clean up this mess” and is blatantly calling for sedition. AND it appears she thinks she can call upon the tea partiers to do it. Considering they refused to even be seen on the same stage with her when she was running for SOS, I doubt she’ll get many takers from there.

She has been a complete and utter failure in her ignorant attempts to use the courts to remove a sitting president with nothing but hearsay, fraud, flat out lies, and Internet gossip. She even got herself sanctioned and fined $20,000 in the process. All the while batting her cardboard eyelashes at her flying monkeys promising “Eminent Victory” any minute now, and “by the way, don’t forget to hit that paypal button and send money”!

In this September 2009 video she was running down the street screeching for someone to pay attention to her as she claimed she’d have Obama out of office in 30 days.

She has never accomplished one thing, other than to show her ass and hurl outrageous accusations at every official in this country. Now she wants to call the country to rally and overthrow the government.

Here’s a comment from that 2/11 post:

February 11th, 2011 @ 8:23 pm
Perhaps we need to have a Tea Party in front of the White House like they did in Egypt with the idea of forcing Obama out of office. Murbarack left, didn’t he?

I wouldn’t be surprised if she posted that herself.

So today the big post is:

"from supporter Ro. It is time for Americans to go to DC and stay there. It is time for us to remove from offic eour usurper sitting in the White House with a stolen SSN 042-xxx-xxxx (redacted by CIP) and without a valid
Posted on February 12, 2011 Submitted on 2011/02/12 at 6:03am
BJP-absolutely. I heard one radio broadcaster say that all should enforce the idea to Americans to go to DC and stay there. We MUST do this.

A failure in every other attempt, now this treasonous, seditious, anti-American lunatic is planning to rally the troops and go to DC to attempt to drag Obama out of the White House.

Well if she rounds up all 12 of her flying monkeys, they might at least all be successful at getting free room and board when they get to Washington. Possibly in the mental ward at St. Elizabeth’s, or the city slammer.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Picking Apart The Right Wing Teavangelical Crazy

What is it with people these days? So many it seems think that to be associated with, or part of a “Tea Party” makes them a true American Patriot. Well, first of all lets look at the definition of the word “Patriot”.

From Dictionary.com,  Patriot:
1. A person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.
2. A person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.

Now I don’t doubt that Tea Partiers love their country, but me thinks they haz some confused going on, especially in regard to being defenders of individual rights and the presumed interference by the federal government. One of the Tea Party’s biggest gripes is that they do not want the federal government interfering with or trying to control or suppress the personal freedoms or the constitutional rights of American citizens.

Well, unless you are a Muslim, a homosexual, or a female with an unintended pregnancy that is. In these instances Tea Partiers, most of who proudly identify themselves as conservative Christians, (or Teavangelicals if you will) are actually demanding that the government take absolute control to deny any right of choice to women, and certainly deny any right of equality to homosexuals and Muslims. In fact it seems to me that the religious right has swallowed a vast majority of the entire Tea Party movement and are doing their dammedest to impose their Christian laws on all of us.

How many “Christian” legislators have attempted to put forth laws to ban Shariah law? Take Wyoming’s State Rep Gerald Gay for example. Here’s a guy who "proudly proclaimed" that he makes his “governmental decisions based on his Christian faith” and his desires to maintain his Christian-outlook towards governing “motivated his proposal” to ban Shariah. A “preemptive strike” he calls it.

Of course this is the same guy who made a video showing his interpretation of just how “he” and everyone else should deal with “socialism”.

Get out yer shotguns boys, (Hoccck….spit) I’ll show ya how to take out them socialist bastards!


We also have publicly elected officials not even pretending to hide their blatant bigotry against the gay community by boycotting the 2011 CPAC Conference. Sen. Jim DeMint R-SC, and Rep Jim Jordan R-Ohio, both “good Christians,” are refusing to attend because CPAC dares to allow the homosexual group “GOProud” to participate.

Good Christians my ass. Homophobic bigots are more like it.

Teavangelicals in this country have the nerve to bitch about “their” rights being taken away, and in the same breath that they publicly deny any rights of equality to anyone that does not live or think as they do. And by God, they want the laws amended to back them up. They want abortion outlawed because it’s a sin against their God. They want homosexuals shunned (some have even said jailed) because the gay lifestyle offends their religious beliefs.

Exactly what are those rights that are being taken away? Well the right to rule over women for one. They are being denied “their right” to deny women contraceptives, and the right to deny them an abortion even in a life-threatening situation. As far as they are concerned, fuck ‘um, it’s God’s will, let them both die. They are also being denied the right to deny equal rights to homosexuals and they’re terrified that someday marriage equality may actually become the norm. (Imagine that!) I mean really, they can’t be expected to have to live in the same neighborhood as a gay married couple! (50 years ago they were fighting to keep out the blacks!)

Right wing Christians want this entire country to be run by “God’s law”. (And that would be the Christian God (all three of him), not any of those other good for nothing heathen Gods non-Christians worship.) These Teavangelicals are doing exactly what they accuse the Muslims of doing, and that is attempting to impose their religious will, and their “interpretations” of their God’s laws on the lives of everyone in this country. They don’t give a rat’s ass what anyone else believes or doesn’t believe, everyone in this country should be “forced” to accept their God, their religion, and their way of life because they have claimed this as a “Christian Nation”, and besides, they know what’s best, regardless of what the heathens think. I guess the Constitution can just be dammed.

In November Stephanie Mencimer, of Mother Jones did an article “The Tea Party’s Post Election Plan for World Domination”  after getting hold of a leaked “Tea Party Patriot” fundraising memo outlining their 40 year vision for world domination. It’s a good article and worth a read.

And just released is this ad “CPAC And The Conscience Of Conservatives” placed in the Washington Times by VisionAmerica.org (Pdf of the entire ad can be read “here”)


“The self-proclaimed gay Republicans support hate crime laws (which will be used to bludgeon the church) and oppose the Federal Defense of Marriage Amendment, without which judges will ultimately legislate homosexual “marriage”—making the natural family an endangered species.
”Last year, GOProud advocated for homosexuals serving openly in the military, which will devastate our armed forced and sacrifice unit cohesion on the altar of “inclusiveness.””
“CAPAC is the largest conservative event of the year. Speakers include many of the movement’s luminaries. CPAC is a focus of media attention. It has been considered by many to confer conservative legitimacy and credentials on participants.
Once, that was true. It is no longer. Because of the participation by organizations openly at war with family values, many of the largest and most prominent conservative groups are staying away from an event they once participated in proudly.”

Their list of signatories?

Mark Andrews, (Casino Watch)
Pastor Paul Blair, (Reclaiming America for Christ)
Susan Carleson, (American Civil Rights Union)
Brian Camenker, (MassResistance)
Mandi Campbell, (Liberty Center for Law and Policy)
Frank Cannon, (American Principles Project)
Chris Carmouche, (GrassTopsUSA)
Joseph Farah, (WorldNetDaily.com)
Don Feder, (Don Feder Associates)
Diane Gramley, (American Family Association of Pennsylvania)
Bishop EW Jackson Sr., (STAND America PAC)
Phillip Jauregui, (Judicial Action Group)
Gordon James Klingenschmitt, (Pray In Jesus Name)
Robert Knight, (American Civil Rights Union)
Mike and Cris Kurtz, (The USA Patriots)
Peter LaBarbera, (Americans For Truth About Homosexuality)
Shelli and David Manuel, (Resurrect America Project)
William J. Murray, (Religious Freedom Coalition)
Rev. Rick Scarborough, (Vision America)
Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, (Traditional Values Coalition)
Sharon Slater, (Family Watch International)
Mat Staver, (Liberty Counsel)

These are also the people behind the war on Muslims and Shariah Law. Hummm, wonder why? I seriously doubt that Muslims will ever pose the kind of threat to “OUR” freedoms and rights to equality as these people do. 

I have never been one to deny any person the right to believe as they will, or worship who ever they want, or live their own lives according to whatever trips their trigger. (May the great FSM bless them all and touch them favorably with his Noodily Appendages.) But I will not stand for anyone to attempt to impose their religious ideologies on my life.

So as far as I’m concerned these CINO Teavangelical Tea Partiers can KISS MY ASS!

Disclaimer: I realize that “all” Christians/Tea Partiers do not fall into this hate filled power hungry category, and it is not my intention to lump the innocent in with this ilk.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is There A Shortage Of Psych Drugs In This Country?

Either that or Manning has been doing way too many of the wrong kind of drugs, and way to few of the ones he really needs.

Manning was visited in November of 09 by the Secret Service after calling for Obama to be “jailed, hung and shot”.

Here is a compilation of Madman Manning done in September of 08, just to give you an idea of just how crazy this asshole is.

And finally here’s a goodie for you done in July 09

So, do you suppose that Manning really believes that Obama will comply with his order to resign in 90 days?

He probably shouldn’t try holding his breath.

The Crazy Daze Of Tin Foil Taitz Continues

In our latest episode Orly has declared yet another war. You know, she’s had such great success in her other wars against Obama and the entire US Government, the sanctions and $20,000 fine imposed on her by Judge Land. And of course with her war of having every MSM journalist fired (and or jailed) who didn’t report favorably on her and all of her cases, (instead of reporting the truth), so now she has decided to go after all the bloggers that are being mean to her. Sniff, Sniff…

(A warning by the way, her website’s got the clap again, so be careful if you go there)

“These last 2-3 years were a complete hell for me and my family. Obama’s squads harassed not just me and my clients, they harassed my three children, my husband, his employer, his co-workers, his business clients and associates. These Obots acted like Nazi Gestapo. It is time to bring to light all that happened, not only to remove ineligible Obama from office, but to expose all of the people, who aided and abetted in this nightmare.
I need your help in gathering information on all of the attorneys, who have been defaming and slandering patriots. We need to report each and every one of them to their state bars
Posted on January 29, 2011 Submitted on 2011/01/29 at 5:08pm
Exactly accurate & true on all counts.
Seems we now may have ourselves a level playing field. I need your information and records about all of the individuals, who were posting on Politijab, Fogbow, OhForGoodnessSake, Crazyinternetpeople.
we need to report each and every one of them for slander, defamation of character, tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting fraud, treason, violation od civil rights under the color of authority (some of them are employees of the federal and state governments)
I will need reports for the House comittee on the Judiciary and for the Bar opf each state, where these thugs are still licensed as well as the chief judges of the courts where some of them are working as law clerks, or to the heads of the agencies where they work or the senior partners of the law firms, where they work. (some of them were already disbarred or resigned or suspended, but several are still licensed and it is time we make sure they are investigated and prosecuted)”

Of course I have no idea why the Bar in my state would give a rats ass what she has to say about me. I’m not a lawyer, but then again neither are a lot of the other people she intends to report, however we are talking about Orly here. I guess I can take it as a complement that I’ve been able to shove a little bug up her ass. Her very existence in this country after the way she slanders it and everyone in it certainly bugs me. Which is why I have no problem expressing my 1st Amendment right to say exactly what I think of the subject.

Anyway, here are a few more choice bits from “The Clap Trap” (aka Orly’s site)

“I noticed that most of the people, who are attacking me, are either disbarred as attorneys and they are angry, or they are convicted felons. I already identified four document forgers, some have psychiatric disorders. This gives you an idea, who Obama supporters are, why are they attacking law abidding citizens.”

And she wants to talk about psychiatric disorders?

“Yet another question, I am trying to answer, is who paid this insane artist Dan Lacy to pay inappropriate paintings of me. He admitted that he was paid, but I don’t know by whom.”

That would be George Soros of course. You know the Obot boss? The guy who signs all of our paychecks for bashing birthers.

“I, also, wanted to know if someone paid this comi rag OC Weekly to write nasty articles about me, photo-shop my picture to make me unrecognizable. I saw that a guy, who started this insanity, Spencer Kornhaber, no longer writes his nasty article, but they found another brainwashed jerk. I wrote to heir editor Mr. Moxley, and asked to provide truthful info, but he never wrote any truthful info."
"Bottom line, ObamaFraudGate is unraveling. Now 11 states are changing their laws in order to stop Obama run in 2012. We are getting closer in FOIAs, in different actions against different governmental agencies. More Constitutionalist congressmen are organizing. I am confident that sooner or later all of the players in ObamaFraudGate not only will lose their office, but they will be criminally prosecuted for their role in this massive fraud and treason for their part in aiding and abetting this fraud and treason by attacking attorneys, who brought ObamaFraudgate to courts and demanded answers.”

So, which is worse, a brainwashed jerk, or a batshit crazy birfer?

The question is, what set of this latest rampage of hers? Ya’ll remember the long-winded case of Liberi v Taitz, right? (Rundown can be read “here” ) Well that case is going to be heard on 2/9/11, and on 1/25/11 the court issued this letter.

LIBERI v TAITZ (THIRD CIRCUIT) - 01/25/2011 Open Document Submit Notification for Wednesday, 02/09/2011. (...

Poor Orly, not invited to her own case, imagine that! I think this may be one of the things that might have set her off this time, because she KNOWS she’s guilty of repeatedly posting and emailing Lisa Liberi’s personal information to the four corners of this planet. She has also put considerable time and effort into trying to make this case about everything and anything else except the fact that she did break the law and she IS guilty on that count. And now she won’t even be able to go in there and try to spin her way out of it.

So what does she do? She filed a motion to recuse the judges, and then requests permission to be allowed to present an oral argument anyway.

Appellants are aware that the court is not obligated to grant oral argument to the parties, however due to the fact that there were voluminous filings in this case, the appellants respectfully request this court to reconsider and grant their request for Oral argument.
/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ"

LIBERI v TAITZ (THIRD CIRCUIT) - Request for Recusal - Transport Room

I can’t imagine that any judge with knowledge of the way she behaves in court would be willing to subject themselves to her off the wall tirades.

The other thing that could be pulling her trigger is that as soon as that case is over, she has to face her personal assistant, X-squeeze and dental chair tango partner, Charles E Lincoln III who is hauling her AND her husband’s asses into court. He’s suing them both because he claims that Orly screwed him over on all the promises she made while they were having their sleazy little adulterous affair.

Of course even though Orly has been extremely careful not to let any mention of being sued by her adulterous lover get out on her website, now all of her followers have the potential of finding out her dirty little secret. This could very well harm the imaginary image of being the virtuous and saintly “Lady Liberty” she has worked so hard to portray herself as.

(Lipstick on a pig comes to my mind here)

We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in these two cases. Will Taitz be convicted for publishing Liberi’s personal info? If so what will the CA Bar have to say about that? Will Lincoln get satisfaction for being dumped and having his heart broken? Will Yosef divorce Taitz for adultery if she loses the case? Will he divorce her anyway? Will Taitz succeed in having the Bar in each state reprimand bloggers that are not even lawyers? Will Taitz’s head explode from all this drama?

Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!