Saturday, January 15, 2011

Orly Taitz Tells Obama His White Half Is As Corrupt as His Black Half

And then says, “it’s not about race”? Orly Taitz posted her first racist letter to Obama on the Internet on January 13th, no doubt expecting to receive massive media glory for having the chutzpa to stand up to the horrible beast she believes him to be. Instead she was slammed around the world for being the bigot and a racist she is. No surprise there to anyone but Orly. Well that really pissed her off, so what does she do? She writes Obama another letter of course. This time putting both feet in her mouth, and then shoving them half way down her throat.

I swear I am truly amazed.

"Mr. Barack Hussein Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC
District of Columbia

Dear Mr. Obama,
After my 01.13.2011 open letter-challenge to you, an answer came from one of your surrogates, a media thug Bill Bowman. Bowman has written a couple of nasty articles in the “National Examiner” where he attacks me as a bigot and a racist, those articles were re-printed all over the world.

And a racist bigot you are!

"Well, every time when you Mr. Obama, do not have an answer on the merits, you use some media scum to call opposition leaders racists and bigots? Why so? Probably, because you have no answer on the merits, so you resort to the old worn out charges of racism."

Of course the fact that there are no merits to any of her bullshit claims is completely irrelevant.

"Just to be perfectly clear sir, I believe that your white half is as corrupt as your black half. The issue is not in race, but in the massive Social Security and elections fraud, that you are perpetrating. Truth matters to America. Not George Soros’s “Media Matters for America, but Orly Taitz “Truth Matters for America”.

Orly Taitz wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and bit her on the ass. Why doesn’t she just come out and call him a “no good nig#er half-breed” for Gawd’s sake!

"Your operatives in the media and judiciary are saying Obama was elected. Fete a compli, live with it.
Not so fast, sir. If a forger sells you a fake Rembrandt or Picasso, it is not fete a compli. As a victim, you have a recourse of restitution of monies taken from you by false pretenses. The DA can go after the thief and bring criminal charges."
"We are 309 million victims. Our Presidency was stolen from us by false pretenses by one, who got into the White house without a valid long form birth Certificate with the name of the doctor and hospital and signatures and without a valid social security number. The race of the perpetrator is not important, the crime is important. When you presented your candidacy for presidency, 60 million Americans or about 20% of the population cast their vote for you under false pretenses, believing fraudulent statements of eligibility. This is not a legitimate electoral victory, it is a theft by false pretenses. This is not a race-gate, this is ObamaFraudGate, which is much bigger, than the Watergate."

Correction, I guess she meant to make that “no good LYING nig#er half-breed”. The only thing I can think of bigger than Watergate is Orly’s fucking mouth.

"The media named me the “Queen of the Birthers” and the leader of the Birther movement. But what is a birther? It is a person, who is asking legitimate questions? “Why is a person without a valid SS number of his own and without a valid long form BC is allowed to reside in the White House as the President and Commander in Chief.” It is not only a right wing movement. It is right, left and center. My kingdom is growing. Any decent American, anyone who is not completely brain dead is asking: “why doesn’t he produce the papers? why don’t the courts hear the case?” Lately even the most leftist and liberal reporters like Chris Mathews of MSNBC and Jake Taper from ABC immigrated to my kingdom. If I am the Queen of the Birthers, what are you? How should we call you, an arrogant paper-less resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Should we call you the Sultan of fraudsters? The Pharaoh of Squatters? The King of Thieves?"

“Arrogant, Sultan of fraudsters, Pharaoh of squatters, King of thieves?” I swear she has snapped her cookies!

"While my Kingdom is growing and booming, your kingdom is shattered by the earthquakes of massive defections. Late night comedians of the Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel are making fun of you."

Hay Orly, do you have any clue how much fun is made of your ignorant ass around the world on a daily basis?

"The latest came from Jimmy Kimmel: “what is the difference between Barack Obama and his dog Bo Obama?” the answer: ” Bo, the dog, has papers”. You made a mockery of the U.S. presidency. You are telling everyone to get along and show civility, while your surrogates in the media are attacking me and other leaders of the opposition, while the regime is exerting an undue influence on the judiciary."

No Orly, you are the one making a mockery. You mock this country with your blatant disrespect, with your racist hatred, and with the fact that you have no clue of what it means to be an American.

"You are telling everyone to be civil and sing Kumbaya, but the subliminal message is “Be quiet, don’t question me, don’t question my legitimacy”. Let me tell you sir, I came to the world of law from the world of medicine. I know that placing a bandage on a cancer lesion and looking the other way will not cure you from cancer. No, sir, the cancer will kill you, if you do not take a radical approach and do not remove the lesion."

I “really” hope the California Bar is reading this, as well as the FBI.

"Similarly, if the issue of your legitimacy or, should I say illegitimacy, to U.S. presidency is not resolved on the merits, it will destroy the U.S, presidency. It is a clear threat to US national security. It is a threat to our judiciary, as now there is an undue pressure on judges to use any means : legal or illegal to silence the opposition. It is a threat to our Constitutional rights. Decent Americans want to get out from under this spell. They want to know the truth and they want to know that we have a president with allegiance to the United States of America, and not any other country. They do not want to be in the bondage of darkness, of silence by intimidation, of silence imposed by the governmental authority, that is being misused, they want to be free. In short, they want to be Birthers.
So, here is a challenge from the Queen of Birthers to the King of Thieves “Let my people go!!!

Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

Who the fuck does she think she is, Moses? And where in the hell does she get the balls to sign this letter “Respectfully”?

Orly, why don’t you take your little birfer crown and carry your sorry racist ass back to Moldavia, or wherever it is you came from. You are a disgrace to this country, and an even bigger disgrace to the legal profession.

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  1. Orly makes it sound as if race isn't the issue, but his SS numbers are.
    But the whole reason she began searching for his SS numbers in the first place was his race.