Friday, January 21, 2011

Orly Taitz Goes Dumpster Diving Once Again

Orly goes digging through the trash only to re-hash the same ole same ole shit that has long since been dumped in the heap, just like all of her court cases. This time it’s the one about Obama’s alleged involvement in the murder of a gay church choir director. The story she posted was from a wingnut website called “Fellowship of the Minds”  and was published last July.

Of course the (so-called) proof that Obama was indeed a gay crack head comes from one of Taitz’s own most reliable witnesses, Larry Sinclair. You know, the same Larry Sinclair that turned on Taitz and filed an affidavit with the courts  telling how she suborned perjury from him. It seems that Larry knows all about Obama’s gay sex life and he claims to have personally given Obama Oral sex in the back of a Chicago Limo.

Sinclair even went so far as to accept a challenge to take a lie detector test to prove his allegations. And when he failed the lie detector test , he ultimately claimed that Obots fixed the test. (Right!)

Orly has also posted an article from early December regarding the impeachment of Federal Judge G. Thomas Porteous, and she states:

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Part of the problem is that one of the pilars of this tyranny is Judicial corruption. Please, report to the House of Representatives of Congress corruption in the federal judiciary. You can report to the state assemblies judicial corruption in state courts. This is a threat to anybody. I am an example of how a regime can use criminals like Lisa Liberi in filing frivolous legal actions and how innocent people can be harassed by such actions by criminals and how federal judges can aid and abet this harassment by lying about fact amd law and refusing to dismiss frivolous law suits. This a form of intimidation. You can find web sites like InProPerin LA, Hall of Shame, LawlessInAmerica. In any tyranny, in any police state, in any regime for an attorney to be successful, he had to be dishonest, without conscience. It scares me.
As I see more and more corruption, outright lying by judges, abuse of their authority, obstrucion of justice in the courts by clerks, by court reporters, I realize how bad things are, how much work we have ahead of us. You can’t be silent. When people were silent, they ended up in the gas chambers in Buchenwald and Treblinka. Shockingly, in Nazi Germany there were courts, there were judges. As people were loaded on the freight trains and sent to their death in concentration camps, most of German citizens thought that they had a system of justice. Men and women wearing black robes, hiding black soles were looking the other way at best, or aiding and abeting the tyranical regime at worst. That is what is happening today in this country and it is getting worse. I can see an assault mounted on Sarah Palin, on beacons of free speech like Mark Levine, like Rush Limbaugh, on tea party. You can see brain dead lackeys of the regime in the media lashing out on dissidents. I can see intellectuals and civil rights attorneys living the country and living in exile and working from Europe and other countries around the world to end this tyranny.

So if you use “Orly Logic” you can quickly conclude without a second thought that because one Judge that has absolutely nothing to do with her or any of her cases is guilty of anything, it is proof positive that ALL judges are guilty of conspiring against her. I think the real bottom line here is that she is making a lame attempt at laying the groundwork to slander the next judge she’ll have to face in Liberi v Taitz. (That’s no surprise; she’s slandered every judge she’s ever faced!)

She goes on:

“Today, more than ever we need you, the patriots of this country to end this tyranny. We need you to hold your representatives accountable. Demand judicial committee hearing and removal from office of the illegal usurper who sits in the White house with some one else’s Connecticut social security number 042-xx-xxxx (redacted by CIP). Demand holding judges accountable, bringing them to the hearing of the judicial committee and impeaching ones who egregiously vio.ate the law and abuse their judicial discretion.
I will post later the pleadings that are being filed today in the Third Circuit court of Appeals.
We all know that part of the PsyOp used by the regime since the 60s is using the legal system, particularly federal judiciary to harass any dissidents, any patriots standing up to regime. Often, just as you see corrupt attorneys working as clerks for judges or aids for Congressmen and senators, you can also see corrupt attorneys supposedly helping patriots, but in reality hurting them. One always wonders, who is the real client of these attorneys.”

There she goes again, posting SS numbers. Isn’t that exactly what she is going to have to answer to for doing to Lisa Liberi on Feb 9 when Liberi v Taitz finally goes to court? I’m actually looking forward to that case. She did post Liberi’s SS# on multiple occasions, and her nemesis Berg has screen shots of those postings from her website. She will not squirm her way out of that so easily.

The California Civil Code states  (in part):

“Except as provided in this section, a person or entity may not do any of the following: (1) Publicly post or publicly display in any manner an individual’s social security number. "Publicly post" or "publicly display" means to intentionally communicate or otherwise make available to the general public.”

Not even her “Tasmanian Devil Spin” will get her out of that one. Of course she’ll probably claim that “if” she did post it, she didn’t mean to, and then start screaming that “that’s not the point anyway” spinning this all around into Lisa’s fault.

As for the “pleadings” she filed in the Third Circuit Court? On 1/4/11 the court sent a letter  to both Taitz and Berg stating simply:

“RE: Lisa Liberi v. Orly Taitz
Dear Counsel:
“Please discuss whether there is appellate jurisdiction to review the District Court’s Order in this case. See 15 Charles Alan Wright, Arthur R. Miller & Edward H. Cooper, Fed. Prac. & Proc. § 3855 (3d ed. 2007). Please respond in letter form, original and three copies, to be received in the Office of the Clerk on or before Thursday, January 20, 2011.”
Please file the responses to the Court's letter using the "response event" under the argument notices and acknowledgment category in CM/ECF."

Taitz’s reply was nearly 400 pages of double-talking bullshit. In part she said:

“Appellants find this letter by the court, questioning it’s own jurisdiction to be extremely troubling in light of Appellants’ detrimental reliance on this court’s 8.6.2010 decision. This court’s 1.4.2011 letter also, de facto, treats its own Justices, who decided that this court has jurisdiction, as incompetent. The Appellees write in their letter that the appeal is frivolous and asks for $25,000 sanctions. Considering the fact that this court already decided that the appeal is not frivolous, that there is jurisdiction, if suddenly this court decided to reverse its’ own prior ruling and decided that it did not have jurisdiction, it will be tantamount to this court deciding that its’ own actions are frivolous and this court needs to sanction itself.”

If anyone wants to read the entire thing, here it is:

Part 1 (87 pages)
Part 2 (88 pages)
Part 3 (102 pages)
Part 4 (103 pages)

Liberi v Taitz will be on February 9th, 2011, 2&1/2 weeks away. Keep ‘um cold and save one for Lisa!

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