Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Mad Russian Strikes Again

Orly Taitz has been publicly exhibiting her complete legal incompetence now for 3 years, and endlessly wasting court time and resources with her wild conspiracies and fantasies. While not to mention simultaneously having her tripe thrown out, or laughed out of every court she has ever set foot in. She accuses everyone that says anything unfavorable about her or calls her out on her stupidity of slander and defamation of her (so-called) character. And yet she hurls racist insults or slanderous accusations of fraud, treason, and corruption at every member of government, legal authority or media outlet that dares to defy her or ignore what she calls “absolute undeniable proof” that Obama is nothing but a “lying Marxist socialist fraud.” All of which is nothing but hearsay and has no basis in fact what so ever.

Her intense hatred of Obama is just unbelievable, and I do believe it’s made her as crazy as a rabid squirrel locked in a tin shithouse. It was bad enough when on January 15, 2011 she posted on her website in an open letter she claims to have sent to Obama where she stated:

“Just to be perfectly clear sir, I believe that your white half is as corrupt as your black half. The issue is not in race, but in the massive Social Security and elections fraud, that you are perpetrating.”

In a more recent display on November 18th she took her multiple insane allegations against Obama to the NH state elections board in a lame attempt to have him banned from being placed on the ballot for the 2012 Presidential election. And after presenting all of her “absolute undeniable proof” of all the crimes and fraud she claims Obama is committing at about the 52 minute mark in the video of the hearing Orly Taitz says “You have clear and undeniable evidence that the person that filled out this paper lied, he committed fraud”… yada yada and then she goes on to tell the committee that if they do not do take action that they will “become complacent with forgery and elections fraud and social security fraud and treason against this nation”.

So again just as she does in nearly every one of her court cases or hearings she warns everyone that not ruling in her favor is in fact an act of treason. Well there’s nothing new about that. But after being tossed out of NH on her ass and told to “Go away and leave NH alone”, she turned her focus immediately back to Hawaii to resume her quest for access to Obama’s original birth records. In an attempt to follow this bouncing birther ball through the Hawaiian courts, we’ll start with where the court granted the defense’s motion to dismiss her case in Hawaii on 10/12/11. (The full transcript of which can be read at Jack Ryan’s Scribd Here” ). After which she went on her usual roll of appealing the court decision, requesting that the court stay it’s final order and accusing them of corruption, lies and cover-ups.

Then on the same day that her NH elections challenge was thrown out attorneys for the state of Hawaii filed their opposition to all her bullshit and stated that they intended to ask the court to rule her filings frivolous and ask that court to order her to pay all attorney fees and court costs due to all the time they’ve had to waste dealing with all of her crap. (Full text of document “Here” ).

Well, I think that blew the roof off her tin shithouse.

Since then she has taken off running like the Mad Russian she is, filing those same elections challenges that there thrown out in NH in state after state while hurling accusations of fraud, lies, cover-ups and treason in every direction. (The woman is in serious need of mental health assistance.) She has lost it to the point that when she showed up for her next court date in Hawaii on November 30th she had no clue what the hell she was doing and made a complete fool of herself.

She was attempting to argue her last amended complaint to the original motion to reconsider, which had not yet been docketed, and the hearing was for the original motion. This meant that she could only argue what was in the original motion and NOT the amended motion. The entire even was videoed by her birther cameraman and supporter Jeff LaFrance. The videos are painful to even watch as Orly stammers and fumbles with papers while the Judge attempts to extract from her what exactly it is she wants to do and under what rules. As well as trying to explain to Orly that she cannot plead her amended complaint that has not yet been filed. I cannot fathom how it is that Orly Taitz can be this utterly incompetent and still not have been disbarred. The judge literally had to talk to her like a kindergarten teacher speaking to an autistic child!

If you can stand the pain, watch the videos.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Veterans Day In Washington 11.11.11

A group of rag tag racist redneck birfers dressed in Red White and Blue descended on Washington DC on Veterans Day with the intent to demand the immediate resignation of everyone from Obama to practically everyone that has ever spoken to him. They call themselves “The Veteran Defenders of America” but I dare say the were more like The Veteran Offenders” the way they slandered the country and just about everyone else that doesn’t buy into their right-winged Teavangelical birfer tripe.

Many people floated by and paused to listen for a moment, but as soon as they figured out what this bunch was about they just moved right along. Here is a link to their “Declaration to Restore the Constitutional Republic”

Here are some images from the day of the “Yahoo” brigade:

Friday, October 21, 2011

Orly Taitz Dossier #1

It defies logic that Orly Taitz, a person that hates this country as much as she does has decided to run for Senate. Let’s look at just a few of the hateful, delusional and un-American things Taitz has said about this country and the people in it, in her own words:

Sedition/Treason anyone?

“Important, regarding the current situation.
Posted on April 30, 2009
Citizen’s militias are legal and were conceived by the framers of the constitution specifically for the instances, when the people need to combat corrupt, abusive and oppressive government. Maybe it is time for individual states to enforce their sovereignty bills and secede. If 34 states decide to secede. current oppressive Federal government will become obsolete, will be dismantled and a new union and a new government will be created: government that will not be allowed to print trillions of dollars of worthless money and sending billions to foreign banks, government that will be required to follow the law and the Constitution.”
“We Need Political Penicillin
Posted on May 3, 2009
“Writing blogs is not enough, we need to go to the next faze of fighting Obama’s forming brown shirts army and Obama’s Hitler young, against Napolitano’s thugs, that can put us in those FEMA labor camps, and we need as many partners in this struggle, as we possibly can get. We have our constitutional rights to form citizens militia and recent congressional decisions have given us the right to form a civilian army. We have the right to bear arms. Legally we are fine, but what we need is funding: to buy arms, ammo, uniforms, communications. It costs money to build a civilian army. Who can be the partners of the patriots of this country and who can help with funding?”

“Update in re to SCOTUS
Posted on May 8, 2009
“The framers of the constitution have given us our second amendment rights to organize militia and bear arms specifically for such time, when a usurper takes over the country and the military, when the government is corrupt and tramples over out liberties and the Constitution”

“They can put one officer in prison, they can’t put the whole military in prison
Posted on August 7, 2010
August 8th, 2010 @ 5:19 am
we have too many corrupt congressmen and senators, who got into office due to rigged elections, and who were bought and paid for by the same people, who put the imposter. That is why they are silent.Unless a large number of members of the military and law enforcement rise, nothing will happen. Our Department of Justice and judiciary became a joke in the eyes of the whole World”

“There might need to be a second American revolution before we can get rid of BHO and his Commie Czars
Posted on September 5, 2010
Are US citizens dumber than Egyptians? Are members of US military have less backbone, than Egyptians?
Posted on February 11, 2011
We saw the changes in Egypt and it is time for similar changes in US.Our system is more corrupt, than one in Egypt.”
“The question is; are Americans dumber than Egyptians? It is time to clean up the mess, it is time for Americans to make sure we have a constitutionally eligible president in office. Tea Party patriots convention is scheduled for February 25 in Phoeniz, AZ. Maybe Phoenix will be our Tahrir square and our ground zero.”

How about a little bigotry?

“Western World is being taken over by Islam
Posted on May 10, 2009”

“Every brainwashed Jewish follower of Obama needs to read it and see what happens whe people lose their Constitutional rights in Communist dictatorships
Posted on June 25, 2010”

“next mosque should be constructed in US only after Saudi Arabia allows construction of an equal number of churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia. Let’s stick to equal rights. If they do not allow churches and synagogues, we should not allow any mosques
Posted on August 16, 2010”

“Is it true? Did we use this strategy in Iraq? can you get a pet piglet and walk it in front of that proposed mosque at ground zero?
Posted on August 16, 2010”
“Response from Orly
How about something more simple: a small petting zoo with piglets right by that building. If they feel they have a right to put a 13 story mosque at ground zero where they barbarically slaughtered 3,000 Americans, who had to choose between being burned to death or jumping from high story windows, than we can choose to put a nice petting zoo with cute little piglets.
“Keep in mind, many fanatics don’t like dogs as well. The side walks are public. Any US citizen can walk their pet piglet or pet dog right in front of that building. He can demonstrate and hold a sign and a piglet and a dog right in front of that building. Do we have a few New Yourkers, or people from near by New Jersey, who can take turns and do it?
Can we make brochures, stating that we carry in each air plane, in cargo, a piglet. Let’s send a message to all of those shoe bombers and underwear bombers;”You try it, you’ll go to hell”.. Why don’t we have piglets with our soldiers on bases and patrols, on ships and in the backyards of the embassies?"
“Let me know, what do you think. do you want to do it to stop a mosque at ground zero? Do you want to organize a protest with piglets in front of that mosque at 9/11 or 9/12? Do any of the people who want to protest on 9/12, want to go to that building at ground zero and protest with their dogs and piglets and signs “we don’t want a mosque at ground zero!!!’”

“BREAKING NEWS! – Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim “Plant” in the White House?
Posted on August 21, 2010”

“what else can we do aside from protesting with our pet dogs and piglets by the mega mosques?
Posted on August 23, 2010
Somebody stated, that he is opening a gay bar right by the mega mosque. I say: “what about Hooters? Does anyone know 10 Hooters managers, who want to put their establishments right by the 10 proposed mega mosques? Just wondering?”

“01.15.2011 open letter reply to Obama and his surrogates in the media
Posted on January 15, 2011
“Dear Mr. Obama,
After my 01.13.2011 open letter-challenge to you, an answer came from one of your surrogates, a media thug Bill Bowman. Bowman has written a couple of nasty articles in the “National Examiner” where he attacks me as a bigot and a racist, those articles were re-printed all over the world.
Well, every time when you Mr. Obama, do not have an answer on the merits, you use some media scum to call opposition leaders racists and bigots? Why so? Probably, because you have no answer on the merits, so you resort to the old worn out charges of racism.
Just to be perfectly clear sir, I believe that your white half is as corrupt as your black half.”
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ”

Conspiracy Delusions?

“We Need Citizen’s militia to Make sure citizens are not rounded into FEMA Civilian Labor Camps
Posted on April 28, 2009
We need each and every citizen enrolled in legal citizen’s militia and oath keepers movement to protect all of us from the Brown Shirts and from the oppressive and corrupt establishment of the Foreign National, Citizen of Indonesia Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama and his American SS sidekicks Napolitano and Pelosi.”

“I am very angry…
Posted on October 30, 2009”
“If this regime wants to kill the case, they can simply sit on it indefinitely in the court of appeals, Obama can finish 2 terms before they move and do anything. So, what do you do, when your government, your congress and your judiciary defraud you and, to add insult to injury, they assassinate your good character and threaten you as Land did? What do you do when the country does not have free press, when the country does not have a system of Justice? What do you do? Where do you go from there?”

“Silence equates treason. Every governmental official who refuses to deal with eligibility issue is committing treason to this nation and its citizens
Posted on November 27, 2009”

“We need a new president, new Congress and Senate, we need to remove the usurper ASAP and all the traitors who colluded to keep the usurper in the White House
Posted on December 27, 2009”

“Were judges presiding in my cases against Obama offered higher positions in exchange for ruling for Obama and attacking me with sanctions and slander? Demand criminal investigation of judges by the Integrity unit of DOJ?
Posted on January 4, 2010”

“Blogoshere goes into meltdown, while corrupt mainstream media is silent and treasonous
Posted on January 11, 2010”

“How bad is comrade Obama regime? Look at the bottom. Facebook does not allow me to add myself as a friend.
Posted on August 31, 2010”   (Snork!)

“Military judges should be tried for treason
Posted on September 4, 2010”

“Was decision by judge Lambeth a Brask note? Was he as other judges forced to sign unconscionable orders? Were judges pressured or threatened?
Posted on September 16, 2011”

Is this the kind of person that anyone would want as a U.S, Senator? I think not. Pat Paulson had a better chance of being elected President that Orly Taitz will ever have of being elected as a U.S. Senator.

Can you just imagine her mouth on the Senate floor?

As for her delusional court cases, which have all been thrown out; you can read all the details of every one of the court documents and Judges decisions right here in “Jack Ryan’s Scribd Collection”.  These documents also include all of the documentation on the $20,250.00 in fines and sanctions against her as actually ordered by the Judges. The truth of which is a far cry from the stories and delusions Orly portrays it to be. Great Job Jack!

Orly, as for your Senate run, knock yourself out, but hell will freeze over before this country (or California) elects you as anything.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Orly Taitz Three Time Loser In One Day

After Tin Foil Taitz had her case dismissed in Hawaii just 2 weeks ago, yesterday Judge Lamberth finally “Denied”  her Motion to Reconsider in Taitz v Astrue. This little snip was priceless.

"1 The Court is loath to dignify plaintiff’s allegations of fraud with a response on the merits. However, suffice it to say that plaintiff’s argument is premised on the incorrect assumption that Social Security numbers assigned prior to 1973 have any correlation to the recipient’s residence, see Employer Filing Instructions and Information, http://www.socialsecurity.gov/employer/stateweb.htm (“Prior to 1973, social security numbers were assigned by our field offices. The [first three] number[s] merely established that his/her card was issued by one of our offices in that State.”). Plaintiff’s entire premise is totally defeated by a cursory examination of this site, which demonstrates that plaintiff’s allegations lack any basis in fact.
2 Furthermore, the Court notes that individuals may only use the E-Verify Self Check service to check their own employment eligibility, and that to do so an individual must answer a series of private questions before gaining access to the system. See Self Check : Terms of Use, https://selfcheck.uscis.gov/SelfCheckUI."

Of course considering the thickness of the birther cranium as well as the probability that it is also lined with lead this will never ever sink in. While Judge Lamberth was at it, he also threw out Taitz’s “FOIA case against Kathy Ruemmler” , White House Counsel and in his “Order Granting Motion to Dismiss” he stated:

“Plaintiff’s entire argument for application of FOIA to this case is simply a restatement of her conclusory allegations that the President and his Administration are committing a fraud. Such threadbare assertions are irrelevant to the status of the White House Counsel’s Office as an entity exempt from FOIA. It is therefore hereby ORDERED that defendant’s motion to dismiss is GRANTED, and plaintiff’s suit is dismissed with prejudice.
Signed by Royce C. Lamberth, Chief Judge, on October 17, 2011."

And for the last loss of the day, with the denial of her Motion to Reconsider in Taitz v Astrue, her final case in Hawaii scheduled for November 21 is now moot. So in a desperate attempt to save it she posted on her website a draft of her “Notice of Appeal and Motion to stay final order”

Draft of Notice of Appeal and Motion to stay final order pending appeal
Posted on October 18, 2011
”Plaintiff Moves this court to stay its’ final order pending appeal, so the Plaintiff can proceed with the Motion to compel hearing currently scheduled for November 21, 2011 in USDC in HI to compel inspection of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate”

Of course that will go nowhere, the order has already been made. Nowhere other than to the rubbish bin just like everything else she’s filed.

But at least Orly already has a plan for her next failure. Now she’s going after Hillary Clinton. She posted on her website a copy of her “Emergency FOIA Request”  and stated:

“Emergency FOIA request was sent to Secretary of State Clinton. If Sec of State will be non-responsive, the next case in federal court will be filed against Clinton”

(Everything is an emergency with this woman)

The request is filled with the same ole same ole debunked hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations that have already been tossed out by every court she’s ever been in with her lunacy. But she has to do something to keep her quest alive, and to keep her flying monkeys happily and ignorantly clicking that paypal button. (Fools and their money and all that.) Regardless of what she pulls out of her ass attempting to keep this insanity afloat this tripe will also be thrown out.

The issue is, other than her entertainment value, she does nothing but waste time and resources clogging up the courts and wasting taxpayer money with all this garbage. All the while spamming and “Carnival Barking” her way to every news agency she can find an email address for desperately trying to find someone to notice her and write a story about her and how famous she has become and how she will have “imminent victory any day now”. Well, at least as famous as she believes herself to be that is. Then she turns around and calls them all “corrupt” and accuses them all of “fraud and aiding and abetting” when they all tell her to piss off. Just as she says about every Judge she’s ever been in front of that didn’t rule in her favor. (Which would be all of them) In her world anyone that does not agree with her and accept her word as gospel is a criminal and should be punished.

I’m sometimes torn between what the true motivation is for her, actually being the one who ultimately removes a sitting POTUS, which will never happen. Or if it’s just to get as much attention, publicity and imaginary fame as she can muster. I’m starting to believe that the attention is more important to her than Obama. No one can truly be so stupid and just keep doing the same thing over and over and over and failing miserably every single time and still think that sooner or later she will win.

In addition to starting up another round of her birther Carnival Barking and useless lawsuits, this time aimed at Hillary Clinton, she’s also launching her campaign to run against Diane Feinstein for U.S. Senate. I wonder what idiocy she will come up with to hurl at Senator Feinstein. When she tried (and failed) to be elected as California’s Secretary of State she accused her opponent for the republican nomination of fraud and sued him too. There are no limits or no lows to which this woman will NOT stoop to get her name in print and her face on YouTube.

BTW, I wonder how she will get her flying monkeys to fund her Senate campaign. She tried with her SOS campaign and ended up having to clean out her retirement fund to pay for it herself. A Senate campaign will certainly be more costly than the SOS was; I guess she’ll have to sell her house to pay for this one, but alas, she’ll still lose. Well, at least it a way to get attention, even if it will be short lived.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taitz v Fuddy Case Dismissed

Well, imagine that! She’s still the total loser she’s always been, just as predicted.  More details as they come in.

But for now, how about a little Queen, for the Queen?

Taitz v Fuddy

Today the birfer queen is in Hawaii for the hearing of Taitz v Fuddy, and the flying monkeys are shitting themselves over what they consider her next emanate victory. (I hope they have lots of TP on hand) The original “Complaint”  was filed by Taitz on August 10th in her never ending quest to force the state of Hawaii to release Obama’s original long form birth certificate.

“17. On May 2, 2011 Taitz was scheduled to appear in oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Barnett, Keyes et al v Obama 10-55084, seeking access and inspection of Mr. Obama's original 1961 long form birth certificate, kept on file in care of the defendants.
18. On April 27, 2011 only a few days before the scheduled oral argument in the Ninth Circuit court of Appeals, Mr. Obama held a public press conference, where he disclosed, what he claimed to be the certified copy of the original Birth Certificate. At the same press conference Mr. Obama attacked individuals, seeking verification of his records, calling them "side show, carnival barkers" and stating, that we have more important things to do. This appearance was certain to influence the three judge panel of Hon. Berzon, Hon. Pregerson and Hon. Fisher of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, getting ready to hear the oral argument in Barnett, Keyes v Obama and was calculated to send the message, that the original long form birth certificate was disclosed to the public and the whole issue is moot. This cheap performance by Mr. Obama was also calculated to create a mass hysteria of further persecutions and harassment of the Plaintiff and her clients.”

Of course, she’s on to him! It was just a cheap performance to harass her and her plaintiffs and derail her court case Barnett, Keys v Obama.

Well, “Carnival Barker” would be a pretty accurate description of Taitz if you ask me. At that point in time is when she went on the Internet soliciting for anyone dumb enough to come forward and claim to be a document expert and swear to the fact that the LFBC was a forgery so she could have a reason to continue her quest. Her complaint concludes:

"Wherefore Plaintiff respectfully seeks a Writ of Mandamus, advising the defendants, that:
1 Person of interest, whose long form birth certificate is sought has waived any claims of privacy by making a public disclosure of the document in question during his press conference on April 27, 2011.
2. After April 27, 2011 §338-18 no longer applies to the long form birth certificate sought and Defendants erred in refusing to allow inspection based on above statute.
3. Defendants are obligated to allow Plaintiff inspection of the long form birth certificate sought under Unified Information Practices Act chapter 92f of Hawaii Revised statutes.
4 Defendants are liable to the plaintiff for all costs and fees associated with this action."

She also wants the defendants to pay all her fees and costs cuz she spent a lot of money hauling her “experts” to Hawaii to examine the original document she had claimed she had a “court ordered subpoena” for. She didn’t actually have a court ordered anything, nor did she have the sense to call and make sure that the defendants intended to be there and comply with her imaginary subpoena when she arrived before she spent all that money in the first place. But hay, she wants them to be responsible for that cost anyway.

On September 2, 2011 Loretta Fuddy filed a “Motion to Dismiss”  on the basis that Taitz was pretty much full of shit if she thought that Obama releasing his own copy of the LFBC in any way changed the fact that the state of Hawaii was still bound by state confidentially laws. As well as the fact that she had never properly served her so called subpoena in the first place, regardless of her claim to the contrary.

On September 30, 2011 Taitz posted on her website her “Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss” continuing with her crazy claim that Obama had already released it and therefore gave up any claims of privacy. She concluded with:

“For all the foregoing reasons, the undersigned respectfully requests this Honorable Court deny Defendants’ motion on the merits and/or, if there is a procedural deficiency of some kind, afford the Petitioner an opportunity to cure it.”

Yes, by all means just let her know what she screwed up and she’ll fix it, OK?

On October 7th Defendant filed a “Memorandum”  in reply to Taitz’s opposition to the Motion to Dismiss. Again outlining the fact that this entire lawsuit is a hopeless waste of everyone’s time, but also made reference to Taitz’s habitual frivolous filing habits.

“C. Plaintiff has no power or authority to determine the President's eligibility.
Plaintiff makes reference to the serious questions she raises with respect to the authenticity of the President's birth certificate and her need to compare the birth certificate released by the President with the official record. Memorandum at p. 4. However, she fails to cite any power or authority that she has to determine the President's eligibility.' Plaintiff does make unsubstantiated allegations regarding her need for the records and how their release is for the public good, but these unsubstantiated allegations are similar to allegations that Plaintiff has made repeatedly in courts throughout the country and Plaintiff has repeatedly been denied the relief she desperately seeks. See Barnett v. Obama, 2009 WL 3861788, (C.D. Cal. October 29, 2009), Rhodes v. McDonald, 2010 WL 892848, (11th Cir. March 15, 2010), and Cook v. Good, 2009 WL 2163535, (M.D. Ga. 2009). On one occasion, the involved Court went so far as to order that Plaintiff pay $20,000.00 as a sanction for filing frivolous pleadings and violating Rule 11. Rhodes v. McDonald, 670 F.Supp. 2d 1363, 1382. (M.D. Ga. 2009).”

So, this case is scheduled to be heard in just a few hours from now, anyone want to bet on how it’ll end?

Motion to Dismiss: GRANTED

Motion in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss: Denied

Followed no doubt by another in the long line of Taitz’s “Motion to Reconsiders”, as she files one in every single case she looses, which so far has been ALL of them.

Luckily for us we have Fogbow Obot Mikedunford scheduled to be at the hearing so an updated report will be available this afternoon.

Thanks Mike!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Orly Taitz And The Crème Da La Crème

On September 28th, Orly Taitz posted a draft of her response to the Opposition to her Motion for Reconsideration filed by the defendant in Taitz v Astrue. On September 30th the “final draft”  was docketed.

Now, I’ve seen her submit a lot of crazy shit in the last 3 years, but this is by far the “Crème da la Crème”. If this doesn’t provoke Judge Lamberth into ordering her to Show Cause as to why he shouldn’t have her sanctioned, disbarred or locked up in a padded cell I don’t know what will.

“Opposition by the defendant, Commissioner of Social Security Michael Astrue did not oppose any substantive points of the motion for reconsideration and the motion should be considered unopposed on the merits. In case the court believes, that the substantive points were addressed, the Plaintiff provides the following argument in reply to opposition and in support for motion for reconsideration.”

And it is an argument not to be believed!

Defendant Michael Astrue, Commissioner of the Social Security administration through his attorneys, Department of Justice-US Attorneys’ office, is claiming that the fact that Barack Obama, an individual without a valid social security number according to E-verify, is occupying the position of the U.S. President and Commander in Chief, does not represent an emergency situation and therefore there should not be a reconsideration.
In response Plaintiff herein is using Your Honors own lexicon: “They are either toying with the nation or showing their stupidity”.”


"For Michael Astrue, a licensed attorney, Commissioner of Social Security Administration; for the US attorneys, representing him, to even suggest, that there is no “legitimate public interest” in knowing whether we have a criminal in the White House with a fraudulently obtained Social Security number, is simply unthinkable, it represents a total lack of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, that they were sworn to protect. This behavior by the Commissioner of the Social Security administration and US attorneys representing him, is simply criminal, it simply amounts to obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting Social Security fraud and possibly treason against the United States of America. If this is not an emergency, what is, if there is no public interest in knowing, whether we have a criminal in the White House, when is there a public interest? Can there be a more dire emergency? We have a breach of the national security in the highest office in the land, and our Department of Justice does not grasp that this is an emergency?"

Unbelievable! She has now publicly accused the Commissioner of the SSA and the U.S. Attorneys of “obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting SS fraud and “possibly” treason”.

And that’s just the beginning.


It is hard to believe that we have such an unprecedented stupidity, therefore we are left to deduct, that we have an unprecedented level of corruption in all three brunches of our government, which allows this crime to go on for nearly three years. Specifically because it is the highest level of emergency, we need Your Honor to address the evidence and reconsider the motion for summary judgment.”


“Defendant claims, that the information provided by Taitz was received by her earlier and was not submitted timely. Clearly the department of Justice suffers from a case of collective dyslexia or does not understand simple English.”

Actually if I recall correctly the Defendant did not say Taitz had “received” the information earlier, but said that it was “available” to her and the fact that she failed to discover it was just as irrelevant as this entire claim.


"In response to analytically challenged defendant, plaintiff provides an explanation yet again. Taitz provided evidence, that a person occupying the position of the President of the United States and Commander in Chief, is doing so by using a Social Security number from a state, where he never resided, which is invalid according to e-verify and SSNVS."

Analytically challenged?

“Today we are facing a de facto bankruptcy of the Social Security fund , whereby our total debt of around 14 trillion dwarfs in comparison to estimated 45-60 trillion of unfunded Social Security obligations. Not only US citizens have a legitimate interest in understanding, what is going on within the SSA, but they have a need for meaningful management of the SSA and purging of the fraudulently obtained SSA ID’s which can be used for draining the fund of its’ assets. Today, with so many blue states demonstrating a very loose approach to voter registration and HAVA compliance, there is no doubt all of these Gogol’s “Dead Souls” of SSA are voting and no doubt voting for Obama.

(Excuse me while I bust here! AAAAAhahahahaha)


“Not only this court should grant the Plaintiff’s motion and release the requested SS-5, but this court should appoint a special master or special prosecutor to investigate massive SSA fraud, which was uncovered by the Plaintiff, not only fraud committed by Obama, but also fraud committed by many others, which was not addressed and not prosecuted as of yet. If this court is serious about upholding the law and the Constitution and providing expedient and in-depth address to the issues raised, this court should consider appointing the Plaintiff herein as a special master in order to investigate not only the fraud by Obama, but also massive SSA fraud in general and massive elections fraud, which is related to the SSA fraud.”

I swear she has completely lost her mind! “If this court is serious about upholding the law”? And I KNOW she has lost her mind if she thinks Judge Lamberth would be willing to appoint her ANYTHING!


“Mr. Obama either made a mistake or did it on purpose to taunt the whole nation, to “toy” with the whole nation, using Your Honor’s lexicon, to tell us: “I can commit any crime, I can commit Social Security fraud, elections fraud, selective service fraud, IRS fraud by using a Social Security number, which was never assigned to me, and all of your officials in the Social Security administration, all of your attorneys of the US attorneys’ office, all of your congressmen and all of your judges are so corrupt, that they will simply look the other way, persecute the dissidents and attorneys -whistle-blowers and nothing will be done to me” . That is what this man saying and so far it is working for him.”

“All of your judges are so corrupt”? This no doubt includes Judge Lamberth, as he IS one of the Judges. Now I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is not going to make Judge Lamberth a happy boy.

“For example, Obama in one of his speeches stated that he travelled to all 57 states. Was it an unauthorized access, was it illegal for members of the public to record his speech? Was it illegal for our members of the media to comment on it and state that this mistake might be an evidence of the fact, that in his mind he is thinking of 57 Muslim states as states where he has affinity and allegiance and not 50 U.S. states, which he is destroying with his policies? Yes, when Obama stated that he travelled to all 57 states, he probably misspoke, it was a Freudian slip, he did not intend to actually state, what was on his mind, but he did. It cannot be taken back and it is an evidence of his frame of mind.”


“Obama left behind evidence of fraud by posting a fraudulently obtained Social Security number in his tax returns. If our authorities, including the defendant Michael Astrue, commissioner of the Social Security Administration, and the Department of Justice were to do their job, and not engage in obstruction of Justice, this matter would have been discovered and criminally prosecuted years ago.”

Oh I so hope Michael Astrue goes after her ass for slander!


"The difference between Watergate and ObamaFraudGate or ObamaForgeryGate is in one simple fact: during Watergate our government actually worked, it had a notion of decency and integrity and need to be true to the oath of office to protect the Constitution, while today and for the last two and a half years our government was paralyzed by corruption."


“It is unthinkable to believe that we can have such an unprecedented level of corruption in all three branches of our government, that this court would rule, that this information is not of exigent nature and that the release of a redacted SS-5 application for this SSN is not warranted. Interest of the nation in having a legitimate president with valid identification records trumps any expectations of privacy of Mr. Obama in using a Social Security number, which he himself made public by posting it on WhiteHouse.gov and which was never legally assigned to him.”

Oh there is much, much more lunacy at the link above and certainly worth a read. I swear this has to be the most blatantly disrespectful and outrageous thing Taitz has ever filed. It is nothing more than grandstanding for her flying monkeys to prove herself to be “The Great Lady Liberty” the righteous defender of America.

Well attention whore that she is, I guarantee that this pile of shit will get her some attention. Though I seriously doubt she’s going to like the Judges reply.



No, scratch that! We just might need the smoked salmon and Champaign for this one!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orly Taitz Is Taking Her Demands To D.C.

As mentioned in the last post Orly was bragging and basking in the glory of her big victory in visiting D.C. as she relayed “her version” of the events of her trip to the flying monkeys. It has also always been her habit to post about all of the interviews she gives, so the FM’s can see how successful and sought after she is by the media. (Oh, AND how famous she is, that’s very important for everyone to know.) Well, her post D.C. trip interviews have hit the intertubes.

At Salon.com Justin Elliott posted on September 26th: “Top GOP staffers huddle with Birther activist”

“President Obama released his long-form birth certificate months ago, but leading Birther activist Orly Taitz is still insisting to anyone who will listen that the president is not a natural-born citizen. Last Thursday she traveled to Capitol Hill to make her pitch to staffers for some of the most influential conservative members of Congress, some of whom were apparently quite receptive to her message.”

He went on to relay what Taitz had claimed of the positive reactions she had received and about her goal to “testify at a congressional committee about her never-ending legal crusade to prove the president is not a natural-born citizen.” But Justin just didn’t take her at “her” word and leave it at that, he called the folks she claimed to have spoken to and got…. “The rest of the story”.

“UPDATE: Brian Phillips, communications director for Sen. Mike Lee, sends this note about his office's encounter with Taitz:
Mrs. Taitz did not "meet" with our office in the widely understood sense. She arrived at our office unannounced and requested to speak with someone about a "homeland security" issue. She was afforded five minutes with a staffer. Once it was clear that her issue did not reflect one of critical national security importance, she was thanked and the meeting ended.
UPDATE II: Allen West's spokeswoman tells me that Taitz's account of her conversation with West's chief of staff is "absolutely false." The spokeswoman also points to West's statement to Birthers that they should focus on Obama's policies rather than his citizenship status.
Meanwhile, an aide to Rubio tells Ben Smith: "Senate staff regularly meet with a wide range of people, including people we disagree with as was the case here."

Well, there you have it. But slapping Orly with the truth does little to deter her. Unless they are speaking “Orly Truth”, they are corrupt and just trying to cover up her version of the “real truth” and persecute her for attempting to expose it.

In addition to her posting repeated demands that she should be allowed to testify before a congressional committee about this, she is also instructing her FMs step by step on how to write letters, make phone calls and make those same demands on her behalf. But she does advise them not to waste their time on the “legal stuff.”

"What to write and how to write, don’t waste time on lengthy research findings
Posted on September 27, 2011
When you write to the senators and representatives, don’t waste their time with lengthy legal research, it will go over their heads. We’ll deal with it later. At this time we need something very short and simple."

It’s over their heads and she’s been attempting to deal with the legal stuff for 3 years, and just can’t seem to get it right for love nor money.

"Demand criminal investigation of the SSN fraud. Most governmental officials, including our representatives and senators will not go into details of analysing Minor v Happersett and other precedents, don’t waste your time and their time with lengthy letters. Most of them are too lazy, too brain dead and too gutless to look at more than a couple of pages and react on something flagrantly illegal. SSN fraud is clear on its’ face by looking at a couple of docs."

Yes, by all means I hope they all include the fact that Orly has referred to them all as “lazy, brain dead, and gutless”.

“When you write to your reps and senators do as follows:
1. check what committees are they on
2. copy my latest motion with Obama’s Tax return, selective service and e-verify
3. Write a very short letter demanding to allow me to testify at their committee due to the fact, that the person occupying the position of the President and issuing executive order affecting their committee does no have valid identification number according to e-verify
4. send it by traceable mail: certified mail or FedEx, fax with confirmation and follow up with a visit to their home office or phone calls until you get their signature allowing me to testify.
Thank you for all your help. Together we will be able to end this crime of the century”

Wow, the “crime of the century”! (Do ya think they’ll make a movie? Maybe we should call Mel Brooks!) Anyway, it sounds simple enough for the simple minded who are stupid enough to attempt it. But just to make sure she gets her big shot at “testifying” she sent her own letter.

"Letter to Human Rights commission of the US House of representatives
Posted on September 27, 2011
As you are well aware, United States of America was found guilty of violation of human rights, specifically electoral rights, by the Inter American Commission on Human rights in relation to the issue of lack of electoral rights of voting for Congress for residents of Washington DC.
Unfortunately today citizens of the United States of America are subjected to a substantially more egregious violation of human rights and you are requested to intervene and abate this violation of electoral rights and due process rights."

Yes, PLEEEEASE intervene and let her testify!!!

"Please see attached pleadings from Taitz v Astrue, 11-402 USDC District of Columbia, specifically motion for reconsideration and reply from the Department of Justice, representing Commissioner for Social Security Michael Astrue. Attached pleadings provide undisputable proof that the President of the United states Barack Hussein Obama is using in his tax returns and his Selective Service registration a Connecticut Social Security number XXX-XX-4425, (redacted by CIP) which was never assigned to him according to E-verify, as well as the fact, that the alleged long form birth certificate, that he posted on WhiteHouse.gov, is nothing but a computer generated forgery according to multiple experts."

Actually none of her pleadings have ever contained a speck of any kind of actual evidence, only hearsay and allegations. The fact that Obama changed his SSN some years ago would certainly account for the fact that her E-Verify doesn’t friggin match! And even the SSA states that the 1st 3 digits of the SSN cannot be relied upon as absolute proof of where someone was “supposedly” living when it was issued. Blocks of numbers were issued to different states, but they often shifted those numbers around according to need. But you can’t tell birfers that, they don’t care. Reality is not a state their brains are capable of achieving.

"I, Orly Taitz, am a plaintiff in above legal action. I am a president of a not for profit “Defend Our freedoms” foundation, I am a civil rights attorney and a doctor of dental surgery. For the last three years I encountered the most flagrant violations of human rights in the United States of America in relation to this issue. I encountered obstruction of justice, manipulation of dockets, tampering with evidence, committed by the employees of courts, stonewalling by judges, persecutions by judges, persecutions and slander by members of our “main stream” manipulated media and total dismantling of any meaningful electoral rights for the US citizens, who are demanding most basic rights: a right to be governed by a legitimate US president, who possesses valid identification papers and who is Constitutionally eligible. I witnessed total annihilation of a meaningful right of due process and a right of redress of grievances in relation to this issue, as well as persecution of myself and other dissidents, who dare to bring forward this issue."

Actually those are pretty slanderous accusations, accusing the courts of obstruction of justice, manipulating dockets and evidence, none of which she is capable of substantiating. Of course fraud, slander, and flat out lies are her M.O. Sooner or later she will be answering for it.

"Based on the above I am respectfully requesting a right to testify before Tom Lantos Human rights commission. As you know Congressman Tom Lantos was a holocaust survivor, who acutely felt any violation of human rights. I am a descendant of survivors of pogromi, holocaust and persecution of marranos."

Oh right, they’re both Jews, that’ll really influence them; they’re sure to let her testify now!

"I was appalled and disgusted at the level of persecution of dissidents against Obama regime, which culminated when I ran for secretary of state of California in the Republican primary. One of the greatest violators was the staff of MSNBC, when on the election day MSNBC host Chris Mathews announced in prime time “Orly Taitz is a malignancy. I want you to tie her up like a witch to the stake. She needs to be tied up like a witch to the stake.” After this call to arms multiple insane brainwashed Obama supporters sent me e-mails stating that I need to be burned at the stake. Previously my car was tampered with. some Obama supporters paid and commissioned an artist to paint demeaning nude pictures of me under the title “Birther Orly Taitz” and posted those pictures all over the Internet, in local papers and sent them to my three children."

And they’re STLL being mean to her and she’s getting damn sick and tired of it. EVERYONE is supposed to accept her evidence as Gospel, and praise her for being the savior of the country.

"This slander and call for violence against me was issued simply because I dared to represent members of the US military, State Representatives and former UN ambassador Alan Keyes in legal actions challenging Obama’s legitimacy to the US presidency in light of his lack of a valid Social security number, lack of a valid (no forged) birth certificate and lack of constitutional eligibility under article 2 of the US Constitution."

Right cuz she’s the ONLY person in this country that has (as she frequently likes to remind people) “The strength of character” to stand up to this entirely corrupt country.

"Half a million citizens defined our corrupt establishment and corrupt media and voted for me. If more than half a million people voted for me in one primary in one state, it means that I have a lot of support all over the country, it means that support for the cause that I champion is in the millions."

Actually it just proves that there are people who vote that don’t necessarily know who or what they are voting for, they just pick a name.

"It is time for the US Congress and particularly the Commission for Human Rights to show a drop of integrity and address the issue of criminality of Barack Obama, his lack of any valid identification papers, this utter embarrassment for the United States and electoral and due process violations of the Human Rights in the US.
Respectfully submitted
Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ"

And she has nerve to speak of “integrity” and “utter embarrassments”?

Maybe it’s all as I said in the last post, she knows full well that her cases are all about to be thrown out of court and she’s desperately trying anything she can think of to keep herself relevant.

Not that she ever really was relevant in the first place.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Crazy Daze Of Tin Foil Taitz Continues…

It seems Orly’s been a busy little bat lately since her admission of fraud in our last post. After soliciting her flying monkeys to set her up with meetings in D.C. with as many Congressional officials as possible, as well as urging them all to download her pleadings and send them to everyone from Sheriff Joe in Arizona to Congressman, Senators and even Gawd him/her/itself, she gets ready to head to Washington. On September 21st she proudly posted on her website that she would be leaving for D.C. and would be “having 5 congressional meetings” the next day. Boy the flying monkeys were so proud of their Queen and this tremendous success.

When she returned home she posted that she had forwarded all of her information on Social security fraud to “12 high ranking senators and congressmen and had personal in depth meetings with legal counsel, chiefs of staff and senior advisers for 4 high ranking senators and 3 representatives: Senator Tom Coburn-ranking member of the subcommittee on privacy on senate judicial committee, Senator Jim Inhofe, Senator Marco Rubio, Congressman Lamar Smith-chair f the House Judiciary committee, Congressman Allen West, Congressman Steven King.” She also claimed that some of the chiefs of staff and their legal counsel would work together in arranging for her to testify at one of the committee or subcommittee hearings, and that she should hear from them within a week.

This of course had the praise rolling in as Orly basked in the glory of it. However I’d be willing to bet that in truth, she never got passed the reception staff that no doubt busted guts laughing at her and her insanity probably before she even had the doors shut behind her as she left. Unfortunately her excitement over this big success was quickly shoved aside as she received notice that the Defense in Taitz v Astrue had the nerve to file an “Opposition to her Motion to Reconsider”. 

“Plaintiff cannot establish the extraordinary circumstances necessary to justify relief under Rule 59(e). Plaintiff presents no previously unavailable evidence that justifies revisiting the Court’s conclusion. And plaintiff fails to identify any clear error or manifest injustice in the Court’s order. Plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration should therefore be denied.”

It goes on to outline the legal incompetence of her Motion to Reconsider and requests that her motion be denied. Of course now that this opposition has been filed it’s likely that Judge Lamberth will rule very soon to grant this opposition and deny (hopefully with sanctions and even possible charges) her Motion to Reconsider. Once that is done, her case in Hawaii against Loretta Fuddy that never had a snowballs chance in the first place will be toast. (Actually it was toast the minute she filled it, just like everything else she has ever filed.) She quickly posted:

“US Department of Injustice: having a criminal with a stolen Social Security number-is not an extraordinary circumstance, Obama’s right to privacy to use a stolen SSN supercedes the right of 311 million American citizens to know, if we have a legitimate President and have a fraud and a criminal removed from the WH.
Posted on September 23, 2011
Taitz v Astrue opposition to motion for reconsideration
Please, forward my motion for reconsideration with all the exhibits and the response from the Department of Injustice to every congressman and demand they write letters to chairmen and ranking members of House and Senate Judiciary committees and subcommittees on privacy and demand to invite me to the committee hearings and testify on ObamaForgeryGate and ObamaSSNfraudGate and subpoena records, subpoena attendance of Judge Lamberth, Judge Puglisi, judge Nishimura, Judge Clay D. Land, commissioner Astrue, director of Health Fuddy, registrar Onaka an demand answers from all of them.”

YES damn it! DEMAND they invite her to testify! And subpoena all those damn corrupt Obot Judges and Hawaiian officials who have dared to oppose her and DEMAND they answer WHY WHY WHY they continue to deny her delusions and make her look like the legally incompetent insaniack she really is!

"This is complete lawlessness, this is worse than the Soviet Union, Libya and Iran taken together. This answer from the Department of Justice de facto tells every American citizen: “You are nothing but a dumb slave, we can do absolutely everything and anything to you”. I hope every American citizen is livid and up in arms in the face of this flagrant injustice and flagrant abdication of the most basic constitutional rights of the US citizens."

Oooo, getting a little testy here! Maybe she’s finally getting tired of being such a total failure. (But I doubt it; she is after all also a serious narcissistic publicity whore, and any attention negative or not is better than nothing at all.) She has been claiming “victory any minute now” for over 2 years. In September of 09 she was bragging to the world that she “would have Obama out of office in 30 days”. It’s been 730 days. He’s still there, and she’s still the chronic loser she’s always been.

"Please, forward to me copies of your letters to your representatives and senators. Please, follow up with the phone calls to their home and DC offices, please visit their offices and don’t get off the phone and don’t get out of the office until you get an answer, and don’t take no for an answer. Call Eric Holder, Robert Mueller, your state Attorney Generals, Sheriffs and Governors. This outrage has to end now.”

Yes by all means, call them all at home and tell them that Orly told you to! That’ll surely make them bow down before her!

Well, she’s right about one thing. This outrage does have to end, and I have no doubt that Judge Lamberth will at least put an end to these ridiculous court cases PDQ! The tossing out of Taitz v Ruemmler will probably quickly follow that.

You know Orly has been touting the fact that she escaped the corruption and oppression of communist Russia ever since she came here. But to hear her tell it the U.S. is a million times worse, you know since every single person AND entity in it are nothing but no good treasonous Obot thugs, except her flying monkeys of course. So I wonder when she’ll decide to escape here? I’ll tell you one thing, if I lived in a place that I hated as much as Orly Taitz hates the United States of America, I’d just get the fuck OUT!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Orly Taitz Admits Fraud In Sworn Statement To The Court

I swear, I’ve seen a lot of stupid people in my life but Orly Taitz takes the cake. She has without doubt achieved the level of “stick a fork in the light socket” stupid. Following our last post, “Orly Taitz Gets Her Ass Kicked Again”  where we discussed Judge Lamberth dismissing Orly’s case Taitz v Astrue “with prejudice” and his famous footnote #4 which read in part:


"The Selective Service does not release registration acknowledgment forms to the public; only a registrant himself can request proof of his registration. See Registration Information, http://www.sss.gov/ack.htm. The Court can only conclude that plaintiff has submitted a form that some individual obtained through a false request and subsequently posted online."


“Anyone who knowingly and willfully uses SSNVS to request or obtain information from SSA under false pretenses violates Federal law and may be punished by a fine, imprisonment or both.” As with the registration acknowledgement form discussed above, the Court can only conclude that plaintiff has submitted a page that some individual obtained under false pretenses—that is, by representing himself as the President’s employer. The Court notes that both documents submitted by plaintiff are incomplete; the address on the registration acknowledgment form and the employer identification number on the SSNVS page have been blacked out, further confirming the documents’ fraudulent origins. For all of these reasons, the Court will disregard both documents as well as any arguments made in reliance on them.”

Orly decided to file a “Motion for Reconsideration” , and on her website she announced on 9/1/11 that she would post the “unredacted” motion on her website on 9/8/11 after Obama made his Jobs speech, and she did. I don’t know, maybe she thought doing so at that specific time would severely upset and “upstage” Obama, the way she was upset and upstaged by his releasing his long form birth certificate and killing Osama bin Laden just days before her big oral hearing in “Barnett v Obama” on 5/2/11. And of course, Obama really has nothing more important to do than plan sneak attacks on Orly Taitz!

Her motion was finally docketed 9/13/11

“Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (Hereinafter “Taitz”) submits this motion for reconsideration and respectfully requests emergency hearing and oral argument on the merits within 20 days, based on newly discovered information and based on an assertion of clear error and manifest injustice, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 59(e). This motion is based on the instant Memorandum of points and authorities, exhibits herein, and any matters present at oral argument.”

So, what could this “new evidence” be?


“After Taitz submitted her opposition to motion for summary judgment, she appeared on a number of radio shows. During one of the shows, talk show host, Mr. Doug Hagmann, who is also a private investigator, related to Taitz that when Mr. Obama originally posted his tax returns on WhiteHouse.gov, he left his full Social Security number on one of the pages, and it was the same Connecticut social security number which is listed in the sworn affidavits of investigators Sankey, Daniels and Sampson which were previously submitted to this court.
Originally, as the tax returns were posted an employee who posted them did not “flatten” the file. What it meant is that if any person were to open this file in Adobe illustrator computer application, this person could see layers of alterations made to the file. It showed on page 43 of Obama's 2009 return a full unredacted social security number, that started with 042. (See attached.Exhibit 1(a) and exhibit 1(b))"


The moment this information was posted on the White House official web site it became public knowledge. It was not done by any illegal activity of the Plaintiff, it was done by Barack Obama himself or one of his employees, who was authorized by Obama to post this tax return on the web. Taitz did not force Obama to post his full unredacted SSN on line. This number became public record.”


“The number that was posted was xxx-xx-4425. This is the same Connecticut SSN that according to licensed investigators Susan Daniels, Neil Sankey and retired deportation officer John Sampson, Obama was using, and the same number, which according to e-verify was never assigned to Obama. (Exhibit 2 hereto, the “Affidavit of Linda Jordan” discussed below).
This startling recently discovered evidence is consistent with prior evidence showing that White House employees originally did not flatten the computer file they posted on April 27, 2011 which showed clear evidence of forgery in the computer image of Obama's alleged 1961 typewritten long form birth certificate. (Exhibit 4, hereto.)”

Her conclusion?

“How could a White House employee leave such incriminating evidence visible to the public at large and not once, but twice? Maybe, it is a case of simple negligence of an employee, maybe, because there is so much fraud and forgery in most of Obama’s records, that such signs of forgery were bound to appear at some point and become available to the public at large. Maybe, this employee of the White House was warning the public.”

Sure that had to be it, it was a warning to the public, right!

“It is not “bare suspicion” under the present circumstances to charge that when one does not have a valid birth certificate, one needs to resort to use of a forged birth certificate and a stolen social security number of an elderly individual from a State where one has never resided, an individual whose death was not recorded. All of the above provides evidence that indeed the most egregious fraud was committed upon each and every U.S. citizen and on the United States of America as a whole.

Wow, that’s some real serious hardcore undisputable evidence there. But it gets even better!

"b. … and also regarding the selective service website information:
This court misunderstood and misinterpreted the evidence provided in regards to the selective service official website www.sss.gov.
This court erroneously believed, that a person can check only his own registration. That is not the case. www.sss.gov is a public website. In order to clarify the matter Taitz provides her declaration (Exhibit 2(a), (b) and (c). Affidavit of Taitz and printout from official web site of Selective Service).
Taitz provides a printout of online verification, Exhibit 2(a)."

Yes, by all means lets get right to that affidavit.

1. I, Orly Taitz, am over 18 years old, I am an attorney, licensed in the state of California and admitted in all courts of California, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of the United States. I have personal knowledge of the facts described below and I can competently testify at trial to the following:
2. I received information from licensed investigators Sankey and Daniels as well as recently retired senior deportation officer John Sampson, that for most of his life Barack Obama used and is currently using a Connecticut social security number XXX-XX-4425.
3. The first three digits of the number 042 were assigned by the Social Security administration to the state of Connecticut.
4. Based on information and belief, Obama was never a resident of Connecticut.
5. Concerned that we have an individual fraudulently using a stolen social security number from a state, where he never resided, I decided to verify this information through official sources of the U.S. government.
6. I went on the official website for the U.S. government www.sss.gov. This website provides verification of the Selective Service registration with the U.S. military.
7. One cannot occupy an executive position with the U.S. government without such registration with the Selective Service.
8. For verification one is supposed to enter the name, birthdate and social security number of the individual. If all three parameters match to the identification information on file, it will show "Matched record".
9. I personally entered name "Obama", birthdate 08.04.1961 and social security number XXX-XX-4425, given to me by investigators Sankey, Daniels and Sampson.
10. I got a response "Matched record" . selective service number 61-1125539- 1. Date of registration 9.4.1980.
11. From birth and until date of registration Obama was not a resident of Connecticut.
12. I also received a sworn affidavit from expert Chito Papa, showing, that Barack Obama is using the same Connecticut social security number XXX-XX-4425 on his 2009 tax returns, which were posted on the official web site WhiteHouse.gov. This tax return was later reposted with the file flattened and the social security number electronically whitened, however the original file with the visible social security number was downloaded by Mr. Papa and multiple other individuals. A true and correct copy of such affidavit is attached herein.
13. I also received a sworn affidavit from Ms. Linda Jordan. A true and correct copy of such affidavit is attached herein.
12. As an attorney and officer of the court I declare under penalty of perjury, that above is true and correct statement of the facts. As an officer of the court I am requesting an immediate hearing on this matter, as it shows that we have an unprecedented breach of the U.S. National security, we have an individual with a fraudulently obtained Social Security number from a state, where he never resided, occupying the position of the President of the United States and Commander-in-chief.
/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq."

And her evidence that accessing Obama’s Selective Service records was not a crime? She submits a screen shot of “This Page”  from SSS website on page 31 of her motion that states:

“Selective Service Online Registration Verification
This service allows you to look up a man's Selective Service number, as well as the date he registered. Enter a last name, social security number, and date of birth for the registered man, and click on "Submit."
Only registrations of men born on or after January 1, 1960, can be verified through this system. To obtain Selective Service information about men born earlier, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions on our "Records" page."

But what she neglected to submit, or probably neglected to even read herself was the privacy statement. After all that’s just legal mumbo jumbo and a “Great KONstitutional Attorney” like Orly Taitz doesn’t need to bother with such trifles as that. But lets take a look for ourselves, just for fun. On the SSS website the Privacy Statement” states:

*What are Your Rights Under the Privacy Act of 1974?
The Privacy Act of 1974 protects the personal information the federal government keeps on you in "systems of records (SOR).”
The Act's major provisions require agencies to:
Publish a Privacy Act Notice in the Federal Register explaining the existence, character, and uses of a new or revised SOR;
Keep information about you accurate, relevant, timely, and complete to assure fairness in dealing with you; and
Allow you to, upon request, access and review your information held in a SOR."

And if we refer to the Privacy Act itself under “Conditions of Disclosure to Third Parties”  (which Taitz would defiantly be, since she is not in fact President Obama) the first item we find is this:

“A: The "No Disclosure Without Consent" Rule
"No agency shall disclose any record which is contained in a system of records by any means of communication to any person, or to another agency, except pursuant to a written request by, or with the prior written consent of, the individual to whom the record pertains”

Imagine that! So in essence what Orly has done is admit to the court, “under penalty of prudery” that she has in fact impersonated the President of the United States and by entering “his personal information” did fraudulently accessed his selective service records. I mean seriously, how blatantly fucking stupid can she be?

On page 36 of the motion is her affidavit from Linda Jordan who states, (also “under penalty of perjury”):


“I used the government run E-Verify System to verify the employment eligibility for Barack H Obama”.


“I considered myself to be one of the employers of the President of the United States.”

Now, what was that Judge Lamberth was saying about the Court concluding “that plaintiff has submitted a page that some individual obtained under false pretenses—that is, by representing himself as the President’s employer”?

Un Believable!

Another “earth shattering” bit of new evidence that Orly has submitted is this little jewel:


“On August 29, 2011 Mail on Line, The Australian, The Washington Times, and many other papers and radio shows around the world reported on an arrest of Barack Obama's uncle Omar Obama, who was in U.S. Illegally, and was ordered deported from the United States.”


“This new information shows a pattern of Social security fraud committed by multiple members of Obama's family. It, also, shows misconduct and recklessness of employees of Social Security Administration at best or criminal complicity at worst in allowing illegal use of Social Security numbers. This is an additional factor, that shows, that release of SS-5 for the number in question is warranted, as it shows illegal conduct by a number of members of Obama's family, who are recipients of the SSNs, which warrants release of SS-5 not only for Connecticut number that Obama is using, but also of SS-5's for the social security numbers of his illegal alien relatives Omar Obama and Zeituni Obama.”

She really has this evidence thing down pat doesn’t she? (Eyes Roll!)

Lawdy lawd, I can’t wait to see what Judge Lamberth has to say when he responds to this!