Friday, December 3, 2010

This Is What Happens When Radicals Run Wild

When I first saw this video I immediately sent a link to two very close friends who happen to be police officers. Luckily they had both already seen it.

(Just as a background) For 10 years I volunteered as a medic on the rescue squad in my community. My regular running partner was an incredible medic who I always teased as having 15 jobs. As well as being a volunteer, he was a flight medic, a police officer, a 911 dispatcher, defensive tactics and fire arms instructor at the local police academy, as well as a member of the SET (special entry tactics) team, among other things.

Just on the EMS side, (emergency medical services) you can’t imagine some of the “crazies” we encountered, or places we ended up in going on 911 calls. I've been in crack houses, been personally assaulted, found children beaten to bloody pulps by drunken parents, babies born and left in toilets, stabbings, shootings, auto accidents with patients barley alive inside the mangled heaps of metal that used to be cars. I once even had a 5-year-old little boy completely impaled on a pool stick. (Horrible accident, but he lived)

But all the scary places, violence, and creepy people I encountered running 911 was nothing compared to fear that gripped me when I did “ride alongs” with my squad partner on cop duty. It wasn’t the domestic disputes, or the drunks, or even the local street crazies that scared me. It was the traffic stops.

When a cop pulls a car over, they have no fucking idea what is going on in that car, or what the people in it are capable of. I have to say, for me the traffic stops were truly terrifying moments. I’ve seen and been involved in a lot of wild shit, but none of it frightened me as much as the traffic stops on those ride alongs.

This video, from the Southern Poverty Law Center is a perfect example of why my fears were justified.

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