Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh Shit, Here She Goes Again!

Tin Foil Taitz is at it again, this time she has set her goals above that of a meager “Secretary Of State” and is now considering running against Dianne Feinstein for the US Senate. (As if she could even get elected dogcatcher!)

“A number of my supporters have urged me to run for U.S. senate and one campaign manager called me yesterday saying that he would be honored to be my campaign manager. If I decide to run for U.S. senate against Diane Feinstein, than bringing American jobs back to America and repealing and replacing WTO will be the center piece of my campaign. Cleaning elections fraud and black box voting will be the second part of my campaign. If you want to help me push those issues, call me”

Cleaning elections fraud and black box voting will be the “second” part of her campaign? Hasn’t she been spewing “elections fraud” with every breath she’s taken since a black man with a Muslim father sashayed his little black ass into the White House?

Well let’s see, what charges/allegations will she throw at Dianne if she decided to go this route. (As if she’d have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting on the GOP ticket.)

Certainly aiding and abetting the ”illegal usurpation of the office of POTUS”, and misprision of felony would be at the top of her list. Perhaps she saw this video from April 09 where Glenn Beck was spewing allegations against Feinstein and considers it “proof” of her guilt and the prefect tool to have her disqualified, there by clearing the way to take the election by default. (Standard O-Logic)

Who knows what kind of evidence she may manufacture or allegations she may make, but it will be interesting to see. Maybe she’ll put Sherlock Sankey on the case!

Of course running for the US Senate with her history of calling for sedition and armed rebellion may be a bit difficult. But hay! Bachmann is a Congresswoman and she just called for Insurrection, so what the hell! She’s even got a plan for eliminating our entire government and starting all over!

“What are the other remedies against abusive Federal government? 5 minute sovereignty and a new federal government
Posted on December 5, 2010

According to U.S. constitution, if 34 states declare sovereignty, current union ceases to exist and a 5 minutes later a new union can be formed. What is the benefit? you do away with the current abusive Federal administration, you do away with the corruption in federal judiciary and you do away with corrupted black box voting and the 14 trillion dollars of foreign debt and 300 trillion of unfunded obligations, as those were created by the old union, which does not exist anymore. New Union means new federal government, new Judiciary, clean slate. Can we have a constitutional convention next year and see this happening? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is yes. Wait till January to see the changes. So, if current administration, Congress and federal Judiciary do not clean up their act, they might find themselves unemployed sooner than they ever thought.”

Wow, only 34 states and 5 minutes! Imagine that!

(Has anyone ever investigated how much nitrous oxide she orders through her dental clinic?)


  1. There she goes chasing windmills again.
    Even Bachmann is but a district rep, not a senator.

    Well, we all know this is a spectator sport and there's little chance she will succeed.
    I doubt there will be any Orly-instigated filibusters replete with "Let me finish!"

    If she does make it very far, she'll make Charles Lincoln, her dental chair buddy, very rich via interviews.

    And man, when is she ever going to learn English?
    Orly! Than and Then are two different words.

  2. Why should she limit herself? - Orly should run for president!

  3. Maybe she’s thinking she will run for president (or Queen) after she gets 34 states to help her put an end the US all together and she forms a whole new union in 5 minutes. But she couldn’t even get 34 people to donate to her campaign for SOS!


  4. Yes, let her run for president.
    Then we can all go on a search for HER birth certificate.