Thursday, December 2, 2010

What’s Up With …Bob Over At American Grand Jury?

I’ve always referred to Bob as “…Bob” because that’s pretty much how I see him. You know, haven’t you ever met someone that was (as they say) “a little slow on the uptake”? Sometimes when you talk to people like that, they look up and give a brief little blank pause while they attempt to engage their brain. (Alvin Greene is a good example)

Anyway, is …Bob packing it in over at the AGJ, or are they all now making ready for war?

“God was removed years ago from public office — It is no longer necessary to be a Nation Under God — the Marxist State has aligned itself with the Devil and he assures us that God will never sit on any throne in the United States, Obama will do that for him — after all, didn’t God give the world to the Devil anyway?
With my rant comes a reality that American Grand Jury isn’t getting the job done. We get between 7,000 to 8,000 hits a day yet we only have 50 to 60 people that comment here on a regular basis. Why is that? We don’t ask for contributions to keep this website going — We don’t make you jump through special hoops to be a part of this website — we keep the trolls and progressives out — so what is it? My only conclusion is that this website has failed to reach any type of critical mass because the format has become boring and I am bored with it too. ”

Well …Bob, it could be that you and your actual following of 50 or 60 are just entertainment for the rest of the 7 or 8 thousand Trolls that go to your website to get a laugh.

“Anyway, I simply must move on and find other ways to invest my time and efforts. Folks, I am tired of politics. I am tired of being negative, which I have become and I am tired of telling people that things are going to be okay. Personally, I think we are past the stage of being okay. We have a Nation full of perverts, liberals, illegals, gays, criminals and corrupt politicians that are happy with the status quo. On the other side we have a group of conservatives that deserve better but we are never going to get what we want until we rid ourselves of evil in this Country. My belief is it will take a civil uprising to get the job done — if that doesn’t happen we will slide so far into communism that we will never recover. We are looking more and more like early-communist Russia, only worse in some cases. Hell, even the Chinese have figured out how to beat us at being a socially adept Nation.”

A civil uprising? All (almost) 60 of you? Ho-Lee Shit! The trolls are in big trouble now!

“Sorry folks — you can hate me — and you can call me a traitor, but I refuse to live my life any longer on the dark side of negativity. Time to move on, enjoy what life I have left and fight when the actual time comes to load my gun and shoot some criminal trying to invade my property. Until that time comes all the talk, gossip and lip-service in the world is not going to remove Obama from office. Civil war, a severe Depression or God’s intervention are the only things I can see that will get the job done.”

So are you going to dress up like a tree, patrol your perimeters, put up surveillance camera’s, motion detectors and shit like that too? Wow! I’m sure your neighbors will be thrilled!

He ends with:

“Anyway, time will tell — you need to comment on this article today as this is ALL you are going to get. I don’t give a crap if Obama is dying I am not going to post it today.
Bob Campbell
Editor American Grand Jury”

But he adds a PS:

“PS.. I am sure I will hear from some of you about the evils of being a quitter — so be it. I can deal with the criticism and I understand where it is coming from. My excuse is I have other things more important to me right now such as my family, my business and my God. I hope most of you understand — if you don’t, well, drop back 10 yards and punt!”

What, is that some kind of code to rally your (almost) 60 storm troopers? “Drop back 10 yards and punt”?

His PS is followed by a cartoon of Obama holding a cell phone and saying:

“Whenever Allah needs me, he just gives me a ring on my blackberry!”

Maybe that's a signal for them to await the call to arms!

Larry chimes in:

Larry says: December 2, 2010 at 7:08 am
Bob: I am very sorry that we will lose this Great Voice for FREEDOM!!
I fully understand your situation, I was forced, 20 years ago to close my Racing Car Business as a result of Government!
Whatever the New Format is to become, if I still can Post and be a part of the Site, I certainly will continue yo SUPPORT You!
My Patience is also running thin, and am in Concert with your Feelings and Justifications.
May you find what you seek, and do it with a Fruitful Conclusion for You and your Family!!
I stand Ready, Willing and Able? to “Cover Your Flank”, IF and When the Situation Arises~~~~~~~
May the Lord Look Down Upon You, and keep You and Yours Safe from Harm!!
SEMPRE FI !! and God’s Speed my Friend!!!
Larry M”

Okay then! “In concert with …Bob’s feelings and Justifications and standing ready, willing and able to cover his flank”?


And here comes ledbythnose, a nose:

“ledbythnose says: December 2, 2010 at 7:29 am
Well Bob I have been wondering when you would come to this conclusion. I too have been becoming more involved with being proactive in preparing for the Civil War that is eminent.We have cussed and discussed this stuff till we are blue in the face and its high time we all gird our loins and lock and load. I however consider you and all of the great posters here at AGJ wonderful Friends and will continue to stop in and share whats up. The best advise I can give you all is buy a gun if you don’t have one and have at the very least 5 thousand rounds of ammo for it. Learn to use it well because it will be your best Friend in the days to come.Stock up on foods and survival gear as much as possible. Have a planned meeting place established with your Family and Friends for when TSHTF,and most of all draw close to our Lord and seek his strength and guidance. The dark days ahead will require a strong faith in the Master.Join your local Militia and become active in training. Finally remember we ARE TEAM INFIDEL and it is us that they must fear to the depths of their filthy soulless being. Hopefully we will meet on the other side and rejoice in the salvation of our dear Republic.Until then don’t take any wooden Nickles and may God save and bless THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

So “team Infidel” here is going to “gird his loins and lock and load”. Is this guy stuck in some kind of B line survival movie here?

And WTF is up with Roderick?

“roderick says: December 2, 2010 at 8:43 am
the only reason the “fraud” ran for president was to fly around in a 747. it was caucasians (and I am white) that got us into this mess (huge national debt) that will be here until we die.
when you vote for someone just because he is black or half white and half black you have your neighbor obviously not giving a sh-t.
the approval rating of the “fraud” shows you the real truth. you can read it on
in all honesty the democrats should not have endorsed the “great fraud” in ‘08. they should have told him “you need to go your way and we’ll go ours because and wait just wait I’m not finished ‘when the election of 2010 comes and everybody has realized you, obama, are nothing more than a “great fraud” who wants to fly around in your little airplane, we, the democrats, are going to get our asses kicked.”


I think this is what happens when they start typing while stuck in that “blank pause phase” before their brains kick in.

Lawdy Lawd! Whatever next?


  1. How can they pledge allegiance to the Lawd and call themselves "Team Infidel" in the same breath?

  2. I guess the same way they call themselves patriots, then turn around and spew sedition in the same breath.

  3. Something tells me that the majority of these commenters at AGJ and the Pest & eFail are in their 60's and 70's. Just a bunch of arm chair warriors and racist scum. It would be almost comedic to see them form a militia and take up arms against the rest of Americans.

  4. You’re likely not far off AP; they are all probably along the same lines as their hero Walter Fitzpatrick. Maybe they should change their name from “Team Infidel” to the “A.G.J. brigade”, (American Geriatric Johnny-Reb)

    LOL! What a sight that would be!

  5. You missed in comments, when Off Shore Jobs Bob told his followers how much he hated coming back to the United States and how much freedom he had living as an expat in China (where he owns part of a Saxophone factory)

    But he's a patriot! Honest!!

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