Monday, December 20, 2010

A Historic Day In America

The repeal of DADT has marked a major milestone for the civil rights of the LGBT population of this country, and has also sent the bigots, homophobes and “CINO’s,” (Christians In Name Only) into a complete tailspin. It’s amazing how the conservative right in this country, which primarily claim to be “God Fearing Christians”, make no bones about their bigoted homophobic anti-gay CINO agendas. And it seem some politicians make no bones about which of these whackos they publicly support.

Perusing the comments on the Fawx News article about the repeal of DADT we find some of the most bigoted comments of all:

This stupid african monkey in the white house has no business making any decisions regarding the military unless he takes his pencil thin arms and enlists today. Also his ape faced missing link mate should get a banana and return to her homeland.”

Ah, conservative racism at its finest, but of course their hatred of Obama has nothing to do with his race.

As for the religious contingent?

God's wrath will this nation due to the fact Good is evil.. and Evil is good....This un-natural act..Read the Bible God has destroyed nations that commit this Sinful act.. you are not born Gay.. it's a lifesyle."

According to “Right Wing Watch”  the so-called “Christian” orginazations are also chiming in.

From Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association:

“We are now stuck with sexual deviants serving openly in the U.S. military because of turncoat Republican senators ... Had the cloture vote failed, we would still have sane moral and sexual standards governing military personnel policy. But sadly those days are gone, perhaps forever.”

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, recently designated as a Anti-Gay Hate Group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, had this to say:

"Today is a tragic day for our armed forces. The American military exists for only one purpose - to fight and win wars. Yet it has now been hijacked and turned into a tool for imposing on the country a radical social agenda. This may advance the cause of reshaping social attitudes regarding human sexuality, but it will only do harm to the military's ability to fulfill its mission."

This group is particularly nasty, which is why the SPLC designated them as Hate Group.

From the SPLC statements from FRC on homosexuality:

“To make the case that the LGBT community is a threat to American society, FRC employs a number of “policy experts” whose “research” has allowed FRC to be extremely active politically in shaping public debate. Its research fellows and leaders often testify before Congress and appear in the mainstream media. It also works at the grassroots level, conducting outreach to pastors in an effort to “transform the culture.

In Its Own Words

“Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement.”— Robert Knight, FRC director of cultural studies, and Frank York, 1999

“[Homosexuality] … embodies a deep-seated hatred against true religion.”— Steven Schwalm, FRC senior writer and analyst, in “Desecrating Corpus Christi,” 1999

“One of the primary goals of the homosexual rights movement is to abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets of a new sexual order.’”--1999 FRC pamphlet, Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex with Boys.

“[T]he evidence indicates that disproportionate numbers of gay men seek adolescent males or boys as sexual partners.”— Timothy Dailey, senior research fellow, “Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse,” 2002

“While activists like to claim that pedophilia is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. … It is a homosexual problem.”— FRC President Tony Perkins, FRC website, 2010”

Of course the designation of Hate Group was not taken lightly by the FRC, and they have challenged the SPLC on it.

From Right Wing Watch:

Last week when Jeremy Hooper discovered that the Family Research Council was planning to roll out a campaign fighting back against the Southern Poverty Law Center's designation of the organization as an anti-gay hate group, we noted that FRC was asking people to sign on to the campaign to "stand in solidarity with Family Research Council, American Family Association, Concerned Women of America, National Organization for Marriage, Liberty Counsel and other pro-family organizations that are working to protect and promote natural marriage and family."

By doing so, we pointed out, any one who added their name was essentially declaring that they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with groups that proclaim:

Gays should be exported from the country;
The federal government must be overthrown if it allows gay marriage;
"Moral perverts" need to be kept out of the military;
There is nothing "conservative" about "one man violently cramming his penis into another man’s lower intestine and calling it 'love'";
Homosexual behavior ought to be outlawed;
Gay sex ought to carry criminal penalties;
Gays ought to be prohibited from serving in public office;
Gay sex is domestic terrorism;
"Hitler recruited around him homosexuals to make up his Stormtroopers ... [because] homosexual soldiers basically had no limits [to] the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict."

Here’s the letter, and see below for some of our Republican politicians that signed it FRC's ridiculous attempt to spin the SPLC list

Signed by:

U.S. Congress Senator David Vitter - (R-LA)
U.S. Congress Senator Roger Wicker - (R-MS)
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann - (R-MN)
Speaker-designate John Boehner - (R-OH)
Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor - (R-VA)
Congressman John Fleming, M.D. - (R-LA)
Congressman Trent Franks - (R-AZ)
Congressman Louie Gohmert - (R-TX)
Congressman Jeb Henserling - (R-TX)
Congressman Jim Jordan - (R-OH)
Congressman Steve King - (R-IA)
Congressman Donald Manzullo - (R-IL)
Congressman Kevin McCarthy - (R-CA)
Congressman-elect Alan Nunnelee - (R-MS)
Congressman Mike Pence - (R-IN)
Congressman Joe Pitts - (R-PA)
Congressman Peter Roskam - (R-IL)
Congressman Steve Scalise - (R-LA)
Congressman Lamar Smith - (R-TX)
Congressman Fred Upton - (R-MI)
United States SenateJim DeMint - Senator
Virginia Ken Cuccinelli - Attorney General

Imagine that!


  1. "The American military...has now been hijacked and turned into a tool for imposing on the country a radical social agenda."

    Isn't that the same rhetoric that was used when Truman desegregated the armed forces sixty years ago?
    Sixty years from now, the slopebrows will have to find a new target to rail against... robots, maybe...

  2. Why is it I feel like I am now living in 'Bizarro World'?