Thursday, December 9, 2010

Has Berg Taken Taitz Down For The Count?

In a previous post “Who’s the Nasty?" I gave a run down of the long-winded events leading to this birfer lawyer v idiot birfer lawyer pissing contest. And it seems to look like it’s getting pretty nasty for the queen of nasty. Following the emergence of that nasty website put up in a continued effort (on her behalf I’m sure) to slander, harass, and humiliate Ms Liberi, Berg is doubling down and coming in for the home stretch.

Since Judge Robreno transferred the case of Liberi v Taitz to the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, “notice”  has been given by that court that the case has been “listed on the merits on Wednesday February 9, 2011”, and says:

“This advance notice is provided so that you may make arrangements to be prepared to appear and present argument if it is required. The panel will determine whether there will be oral argument and if so, the amount of time allocated therefore. (See Third Circuit Internal Operating Procedures, Chapter 2.1.) No later than one (1) week prior to the disposition date you will be advised whether oral argument will be required, the amount of time allocated by the panel, and the specific date on which argument will be scheduled.
Counsel shall file an acknowledgment form within seven (7) days from the date of this letter, and advise the name of the attorney who will present oral argument. In addition, please indicate whether or not s/he is a member of the bar of this Court. Bar membership is not necessary if counsel represents a U.S. government agency or officer thereof or if the party is appearing pro se. If the attorney is not a member of the bar of this Court, an application for admission should be completed, which should be returned to this office without delay.”

Well first of all, Orly has been crying for two years that she couldn’t get a case heard on the merits, and now she’s finally going to get her chance. I’m betting however, that she claims this case has no merits! (LOL) But, if this court thinks it can allocate enough time for Orly to make an oral argument, it’s dreaming. There is never going to be enough time to “Let Her Finnnisssh”. (Ahhahaha!)

So the case has been scheduled, and we’re counting the days. But of course it seems the closer this thing gets to coming to an end, the more hell bent Taitz seems to put an end to Liberi.

On December 6th Berg filed an “Emergency Ex Parte Motion for TRO”  in an attempt to have the slanderous Liberi website shut down. He also filed a “Motion to expedite”  because it seems that after Ms Liberi contacted the Dallas police department to file a complaint about Geoff Staples for setting up the website, someone contacted Ms Liberi “claiming” to be a Detective Forney.

“Geoff Staples is Defendant Orly Taitz and Defendant Linda Belcher's witness who forged documents and fraudulently input Plaintiff Lisa Liberi's email address in attempts to have her falsely arrested. Defendant Orly Taitz knew these documents were forged, however, filed them with your Court as genuine (Taitz has also filed these forged documents in the Appellate Court this month. See Case No. 10-3000.) See Defendant Taitz's filing of September 28, 2010 appearing as Docket No. 145, which contains Geoff Staples forged documents. See also Plaintiffs filing of October 7, 2010, appearing as Docket No. 146 which contains all the evidence of the forgeries.
Plaintiff Liberi immediately contacted the Dallas Police Department, where Geoff Staples resides and left a message. A call came into Plaintiff Liberi's home from (972) 559-5000, Liberi did not answer in time, no message was left on her voicemail, and therefore called the number back. This phone number is to the Dallas, Texas FBI office. As Liberi was ending her message, her other line beeped, and again (972) 559-5000 appeared on her caller ID. Liberi immediately answered the call. A man was on the line who identified himself as Detective Forney, but did not state with what agency or police department he was with. As a result, Plaintiff Liberi gave all her personal information requested under the pretence she was speaking to law enforcement from the Dallas FBI.
Approximately fifteen [15] minutes later, (972) 559-5000 called Plaintiff Liberi again; again the man identified himself as Detective Forney and stated he spoke with Geoff Staples. That Geoff Staples admitted to purchasing and setting up the fraudulent website. The man stated Geoff Staples admitted working with Defendants Linda Belcher and Orly Taitz and that he set the fraudulent website up out of anger and as punishment for Liberi suing Belcher and Taitz. Plaintiff Liberi asked the gentleman why he was calling from the FBI-Dallas phone number. The man stated he works with the FBI and shares space with them.
After thinking about the call and discussing the contents of the call with the man identifying himself as Detective Forney, Plaintiff Liberi, with Plaintiff Ostella on the phone with her, three-way called the Dallas FBI office (xxx) xxx-xxxx and asked if they had a Detective Forney. The receptionist of the FBI transferred Liberi to Personnel, who stated they did not have any employee by that name. Plaintiff Liberi was then transferred to a FBI xxxxxxx xxxxxx, who took a full report and stated that the man identifying himself as law enforcement (Detective Forney) was not a law enforcement officer and was "spoofing" the FBI's phone number. Xx xxxxxx immediately told Liberi to report the incident to her local authorities as Defendants Orly Taitz, Linda Belcher and Geoff Staples have conspired together and faked the identity of a law enforcement officer, set-up a fraudulent website in Liberi's name, stolen the identity of Liberi, and they have now confirmed her home address, which was extremely dangerous. Xx xxxxxx also stated she was doing a report and for Liberi to update her IC3 complaint immediately. Xx xxxxxx told Liberi to immediately contact the Judge in the Civil Case, which is Your Honor, and obtain and request an urgent Temporary Restraining Order.”

Now someone please tell me, just how stupid would you have to be, to continue doing shit like this when you know your ass is going to be hung out to dry just for what you did initially? I swear I’d have to call that “Ernest T. Bass Stupid”.

Ya’ll remember Ernest T, right?

My question is this, has Taitz just totally convinced herself that the courts/judges/FBI, etc… are all so corrupt and so stupid that they are too dumb to be able to snag her ignorant ass for all of this, or what? I mean really, WTF!

I’ll tell you though; I do have sympathy for poor Lisa. How could anyone not, even if she is working for a birfer lawyer? This whole thing has had to be one hell of an ordeal for her. From her statement in the “Emergency Motion for TRO”   she says:

“Due to the fear caused by these individuals, the constant harassment, cyber-stalking, intimidation techniques, I recently was hospitalized for complications with my heart. This is in addition to paramedics appearing at my home on more than four (4) occasions, having to undergo treatments for my heart now for the second time in the past year, all of this due to the stress, harassment, retaliation, fear, which has cost me just in medical expenses in excess of $250,000.00. I need to move in attempts to protect my family, but can't due to my medical expenses. My health and medical expenses are not going to improve, if these individuals are NOT stopped, the stress and fear to live with what these people are doing to my family and me is taking a severe toll on me and my health.”

Lisa, if you’re out there all I can say is hang in there girly girl! Here’s a little glimpse from Ms Daisy’s crystal ball. Like my dear departed mother use to say. “All dogs will get their day”, and I’m pretty sure Orly’s day will look something like this:

Then again, she may end up having her day before Liberi v Taitz even gets to court. Next week Lt Col Terrance Lakin will be court-martialed at Ft. Meade in Maryland and Orly Taters plans on attending.

From her blog:

“Major General Vallely calls the department of justice Court Martial system corrupt, calls to relive military judge Denise Lind of her duties as a judge and have her court martialed, calls on everybody to support LTC Lakin. Join me on December 14-15 at Fort Meade and support Lakin, join Major general Vallely in calling to court martial a corrupt military judge Denise Lind
Posted on December 8, 2010”

Now, I’m a born and raised military brat, and I’ve been to Ft. Meade. It is not an “open post”, meaning unless you have a military ID card, or a military sticker on your car, or a military sponsor, your ass is not getting past the front gate. And even if you manage one of those three, all you have to do is look like you intend to cause a problem and the MP’s will be all over you so fast you won’t know what hit you.

Orly if you’re out there, listen up, I wouldn’t even bother wasting the air fare if I were you. …Then again on second thought, maybe you should give it a go. If anyone messes with you just tell them that they are acting under the orders of an illegal president and they have no authority over you. And don’t forget to mention that you are NOT intimidated by corrupt Obama Brown Shirts. Just demand they get out of your way and tell them if they don’t back off you’ll have them prosecuted for aiding and abetting treason. That’ll fix ‘um.

(Oh how I would love to see that!)

Of course there is one other possibility, The SCOTUS has scheduled her “petition” for denial on January 7th. Wouldn’t it be fun if they ordered her to show cause why they shouldn’t have her remanded to the nearest psyche facility for a full mental evaluation? (Sooner or later someone is bound to do that!)

Barring these two alternate possibilities, I’m pretty sure Berg will take her down on February 9th.