Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ancient Gods, Astrology, Religion, And The Winter Solstice

Every year the winter solstice marks the official first day of winter. On this day the sun is at it’s lowest point in the southern sky and marks the shortest day of the year. There were many things ancient people didn’t understand, but one thing they did understand and documented was astrology and the rotation of the stars. Of course in ancient times, it was believed that the sky that rotated, not the earth.

To the ancients the winter solstice was a symbol of re-birth. The sun after having reached it lowest point in the sky was re-born and would again climb and warm the earth and bring forth life sustaining vegetation and crops.

The ancient Pagan celebration of the winter solstice is one of the oldest winter celebrations in the world. The ancient Romans celebrated Saturnalia. There is documentation of astrologers and sun worship as far back as ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians themselves were strict followers of the stars and astrological advice. They also worshiped many Gods, many of whom were associated with or represented by the sun. In fact, Amenhotep IV, tenth King of the 18th dynasty was called a heretic because he dared to declare that indeed there was only one true God, Aten- the Sun God, and he created the first monotheistic cult of sun worship.

The following three short videos show the connections between ancient worship of the sun, ancient texts, astrology and modern day religions.

It’s really amazing how the beliefs of these ancient people have been transformed into the modern religious beliefs people have today. Most of who would outright deny the true origins of those religious beliefs. Many modern religions believe that “God created man in his own image”, when most likely it was exactly the other way around.


  1. Thanks for the great summary of the stellar template adopted by the Roman Church. The real treasure here lies in recognizing that all those ancient cultures were not stupid to see Sun as a life form with divine status. It wasn't science that branded Sun worship as primitive and ignorant, but a jealous Church. Google sunofgod to shine more light.

  2. Of course the ancients weren’t stupid. They knew from where their life’s sustenance came. And when the sun didn’t shine or the earth trembled, the Gods were angry. (Enter brutality). Then they concluded that they had to make sacrifices to appease the God’s anger. Now days in many cases (organized) religion is nothing but a tool of control, as well as a hell of a financial opportunity.

    To believe in a supreme being, or power, or whatever you want to call it is a personal choice, and that’s fine if it makes “your” life complete. But using religion to control or influence others, or influence laws and impose your beliefs on others is another thing all together. The hard core “Christian” right in the U.S. is, and has been doing that for some time, and lately at the same time accusing the Muslims of attempting to do the same.

    Ah the irony of it all.