Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well The Mid Terms Are Over, Orly Lost (Imagine That)

Republicans have taken the house, but Dems retain control of the Senate. All I can say is thank Gawd that this country was not dumb enough to elect the likes of Angle or O’Donnell. But it’s still neck and neck with Bennett and Buck in Colorado with Bennett leading by only .5% of the vote.

And Kudos to California, it’s looking just about as Blue as it can get! (Poor Orly… sniff sniff) I nearly shot coffee out my nose this morning when I read that Democrat Jenny Oropeza won re-election to the Senate 58% to 36% over Republican John Stammreich to spite the fact that she died last month.

I imagine that Orly’s home state electing a deceased democrat to the Senate, but not electing her as a live write-in for SOS is a bit of a blow to her ego. Though her ego is about as big as all outdoors so I’m sure it won’t hamper her in the least.

She did however get herself inducted into the “Scary OC Hall of Fame”

“The Weekly elects one person so frightening, so vile, so perverse that they deserve immortalizing in our shrine commemorating OC's all-time worst. Sometimes, it's for singular accomplishments, but the award usually goes to someone who has proven themselves over years of scary.”

“Next to WorldNetDaily, Taitz is perhaps the person most responsible for spreading the lunatic lie that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and therefore ineligible to serve as our nation's leader. This article sums up nicely the scary that is Taitz, but she has also proven herself even more fringe in 2010, fringe enough to make David Icke seem absolutely sane. She tried to run for the Republican nomination to become Secretary of State in California, going so far to claim that opponent Damon Dunn was ineligible to run--not because he's a Kenyan (he's not), but due to some of the fine-line finagling Taitz and her legions are notorious for around the Internet.”

I guess it’s still a bit early, but I’m sure Tin-Foil-Taitz will be up and at’um before long with her usual “Corruption! Voter Fraud! Obot Thugs!" … yada yada yada.

She might even start calling for armed sedition again!


  1. Ms Daisy - you have it ALL wrong. Dr. Orly is going to court early this next year. When Dunn is found in-eligible to have run in the primary, then they will hold a "speshalection" where Dr. Orly will run against Bowen and then she will be SoS in time to keep the usurper off the ballot in 2012.

    She has come to save the world from fraud and corruption. She is on a mission and she will not stop.

  2. Well you’re right about that, she is on an unstoppable mission. She’s a bit like an out of control freight train from hell, full bullshit end to end.

  3. Sounds like a movie, Ms Daisy...with Orly taking the role of Danzel Washington :)

  4. I live and vote in California and thankfully everybody I voted for won (but not everything since prop 19 lost). I have feeling that Orly will try to say that Democrats bussed in people from Mexico to vote for Dems in Cal and Nev. :) just a prediction...LOL

  5. Sorry I meant Orly would play the train...Danzel probably would refuse to ride her...:)

  6. Orly almost convinced me to vote for Damon Dunn, just for spite.