Monday, November 29, 2010

The Birferverse Is Buzzing With Sedition

Mario Apuzzo’s birther case was tossed by the SCOTUS, (no great surprise there) and the birther minions are massing. The fringe contingent over at the American Grand Jury are having shit fits.

Good old …Bob is over there stirring the crazy pot. He posts in part:

“I just received an email from Victoria Windsor. The Supreme Court has denied Apuzzo’s Writ for Certiorari — they gave NO explanation whatsoever.”

Well …Bob, most rational people don’t really need to have this explained.

“This tells me the Supreme Court is a now complicit in the cover-up of Obama’s eligibility. Right before Thanksgiving I received an email from a person who claimed to Clerk for Judge Thomas. I didn’t know the person so I was hoping it was a crank email. Turns out the person was telling the truth.
He said, “the Supreme Court would announce on Monday and give no explanation.” He further said, “most of the clerks at the Supreme Court were liberal and were laughing at Apuzzo and the Case.” You know that Apuzzo and Kerchner have spent in excess of a $million dollars on this case.”

It is true that fools and their money soon part. I can’t say that I’d blame the clerks for laughing at this. I’ve been laughing at birthers for the last 2 years.

“This tells you we have a VERY, VERY SICK Government. ALL 3 BRANCHES ARE COMPLICIT in the COVER-UP.”

Right! The whole world is in on this conspiracy.

“This is disgusting. Everyone, including most Congress Members and Supreme Court Justices know that Obama is dirty.”

Actually no, but they do know that birthers are crazy.

Oh, and the comments are getting good.

“ledbythnose says: November 29, 2010 at 11:21 am
Larry was right on the money the other day about this travesty. I hate to have to admit it Folks but the fix is in and there will be no investigation nor will there be any trial of this issue on a Federal level period. Bob and many others have worked tirelessly over the last 2+ years trying to bring this thing to a head and sadly to no avail. Soetoro will not be brought down by the eligibility issue period.We can now only hope that Mr.Issa will bring Impeachment charges against this Marxist Regime.It makes my blood boil that the American People can no longer depend on Government for Constitutional standing. If no charges are brought against Soetoro and his minions after January then I think we know what must happen at that point.The Second Amendment was designed by the Founders for exactly this situation and it will be up to EVERY American Citizen to use WHATEVER MEANS NECCESSARY to remove,arrest and prosecute these Traitors, and I mean right down to the local Civil level. Bottom line is be prepared for REVOLUTION! Long live the Republic and may we have the resolve to reclaim it for posterity sake so help us God!

Revolution, right. Will you have as many people as showed up at Mad Man Manning’s play trial?

"Larry says: November 29, 2010 at 11:22 am
WELL, NOW, SCOTUS has announced that our Nation in NOW a “Land OF NO LAWS!!”
IF they have Refused to accept the Articles of the Constitution, the have in ESSENCE declared the Constitution of the United States of America a NON-BINDING, NULLIFIED Document and have NULLIFIED ALL OF GOVERNMENT!! As of this MOMENT, We are WITHOUT LAW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!!"

Really? Well if I were you I wouldn’t attempt to break any of those laws you say we don’t have. You’d likely end up just like your buddy Fitzpatrick.

"SUSANM says: November 29, 2010 at 11:33 am
TIME TO RISE? you can’t even count on judges, when this all hits the fan, everyone of these jugdes who are giving OUR COUNTRY over to an illegal, its going to be JAIL TIME/LINE THEM ALL UP."

It’s certainly possible that people calling for armed rebellion could get some serious jail time!

The question is, which of these idiots will be first?

BTW… I expect Orly’s (next) SCOTUS slap down to come at any minute.

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