Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restore The Sanity Rally

Oh what fun! We got there very early and already hordes of people were filling in. Thankfully we’d chartered a bus. (Actually we chartered two!) Our driver dropped us all off at 15th and Independence, so we were right near the Washington Monument and in less than 5 minutes we were on the mall joining the masses walking towards the Capital.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. I was sure we’d done well getting there so early but the closer we got, things suddenly started getting a bit choked up. Being a bit on the “vertically challenged” side I didn’t want to get to far in and all crammed up where my face would be mashed up behind some 6-foot guy’s back, so we filtered off to the side where it didn’t seem so bad.

Crowd estimates have bounced around between 150,000 and 250,000 people. I can’t say which was the most accurate, but there were a hell of a lot of people there. All in good form and all enjoying the day. Many were in costume and carrying signs. I saw just about everyone from Popeye to Austin Powers and silly signs from “Impeach Nixon” to “Show me Boobs”. Many others were cracking on some of the outrages spewed by the right.

And I must say, for the “cutest” attendant I encountered the entire day, the award has to go to this 4 months old little guy… Awwwwwh!

The show was full of surprises; Father Guido Sarducci giving the benediction, Yusuf, (aka Cat Stevens) and even Ozzy Osborne came blasting onto the stage.

It did my heart good to see so many people rallying for some sanity, considering the absolute insanity of some of the most vocal right winged whack jobs that have infiltrated politics today. Voters really need to take notice come Election Day of some of the outrageous agendas of the candidates running for office.

To start with we have (probably the most frightening) Christine O’Donnell. From having a midnight picnic on a bloody satanic alter to claims of “hearing the audible voice of God”, she vows to stop the whole country from having sex. Evolution is a myth because Monkeys are not still evolving into humans. God might cure your cancer, but you’re responsible for your own medical bills, and homosexuals are “Psychologically Defective”.

(HO-LEE SHIT! Where the fuck do these people come from? And what’s more important, what the hell is wrong with people who vote for idiots like this?)

Then there’s Sharron Angle, who states that some US cities are already under Sharia Law, and she does not rule out the potential need for “2nd Amendment Rights to combat a tyrannical government”. She has even suggested that 2nd Amendments might be a cure for Harry Reid! (WTF!)

Of course according to Sharron, her candidacy is a “calling from God”, and she says we must all “depend on God for protection, provision and our daily bread”. She claims that if a woman is raped, well, “it’s all part of Gods plan” (deal with it) and denounces abortion in any case. She also denounces gay rights, divorce, social programs such as Medicare and Social Security, AND she wants to eliminate the Department of Education!

(Well, I can see why she wants to eliminate the Department of Education!)

I must say, if whacko’s like this do get elected there is no telling what kind of “Christian Right-Winged havoc” will befall this nation. And people are afraid of Sharia Law? Seems to me to be about 6 of one and half dozen of the other!

Please… Vote, and for all our sakes, be informed and vote SMART!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is Orly Taitz Finally Swirling The Drain?

Sorry for the hiatus, but I’ve been “across the pond” for the last month. From Holland to the Jurassic Coast, a very busy, but interesting trip. All you need to do over there is open your mouth to say “Hello” and you’re asked, American? Throughout my travels betwixt and between I was repeatedly asked, “What’s wrong with people in the US? Is it a problem with the education system?”

It was every interesting to listen to all those opinions from various people of the events here. What was even more interesting was the look of bewilderment on each of their faces when they asked the questions. Their general overall opinion was that “Tea Partiers” were mostly uneducated rednecks, and though many of them had heard of the birthers, not a single person I spoke to ever heard of our girl Orly. They all had heard of “The Witch” (aka Christine O’Donnell), and they are all having quite a laugh at her expense.

In regard to birthers, the collective opinion seemed to consider them as even less intelligent than Tea partiers, and they dismissed the entire concept as sheer lunacy. I found that quite interesting considering the fact that “Ms Orly, The International Super Star” continually boasts about her fame and support abroad. As well as boasting about the rest of the world knowing that “Obama is a fraud”. Funny thing there is that I was also repeatedly congratulated for this country finally electing an intelligent President, considering the mentality of some of the voters. Obama is quite popular and highly thought of over there.

The opinions I encountered abroad seems quite a considerable contrast to what Orly preaches and spews to her flying monkeys, though that’s no great surprise. And I see she has been busy while I was away. In addition to still beating that dead horse, (aka fighting the sanctions against her and $20,000 fine) it’s evident she still has no concept of reality. She is the perfect example that there is a world of difference between being educated, and being intelligent.

In her ongoing battle she has become like an annoying broken record, stuck on the same stupid song. It’s the same ole same ole claims of being the poor hard done by victim and primary target of this evil and massive conspiracy that everyone is in on. She also continues to slander everyone and anyone that that does not profess her to be this virtuous and patriotic “Lady Liberty” that she portrays herself as.

Every one of her court filings is still full of the same re-hashed fantasies and bogus unsubstantiated bullshit that she has been pulling out of her ass since her quest against Obama started. She is also still calling for insurrection and rebellion against a duly elected government. As well as constantly spouting demands right and left that every authority she encounters, (or anyone that dares to defy her) be prosecuted or fired for one reason or another.

If nothing else, she does provide us with a good laugh from time to time. Orly Taitz needs truth and logic just like a fish needs a bicycle, and it’s always an amazement to see what she will come up with next. (Hence the entertainment factor) She believes she is completely justified in all that she does, and has every right to slander anyone for anything she chooses as long as it furthers “her” agenda. Everyone else (as well as truth and logic) can be dammed.

She continually accuses everyone of being criminals, of associating with criminals, or of being threatened by criminals. None of which she can prove, yet she personally has surrounded herself with an entire array of criminals and convicted felons and forgers. Her own felon witnesses and associates have publicly accused her of suborning perjury, and outright lying. BUT… according to her, they are the ones who lie! (Right, pots always call the kettles black)

Now she has her adulterous affair coming back to haunt her. Her X lover, disbarred lawyer, and research assistant suing the pants off her (and her husband) for using him, breaking her promises to him, breaking his heart, and then just kicking him to the curb. (Sniff, Sniff.) Her “Lady Liberty Virtue” is about to be dragged through the mud on this one! I’m dying to see how she spins this, though so far I’ve not seen any response or even any acknowledgment from her in regard to that lawsuit.

She has failed miserably at every attempt she has ever made to prove any of her outrageous claims, and then she consistently blames everyone else for all of her failures. She literally has more excuses than McDonalds has French fries. She will also without a doubt fail in her attempt to overturn the sanctions and fine Judge Land hit her with. Of course that will be blamed on the “corrupt criminal and treasonous courts and judges who are all part of the conspiracy and all out to get her”. (Not that she’s delusional or paranoid or anything like that.)

Her cocky arrogance will ultimately be her undoing. If she doesn’t get hit with even more sanctions for her continued whipping of dead horses in the form of filing even more frivolous lawsuits fighting all her failed cases. She may very well, (IMO) be taken down by her fellow Birther lawyer Phil Burg in (the dreaded) Liberi v Taitz, as I have said before. (Hay, at least he went to real law school and that puts him one up on her!)

It seems that she’s just swirling the drain and it’s just a matter of time before we see what takes her out first. Will it be Burg by having her convicted of felony stalking, the courts by slapping her with more sanctions and/or possibly disbarment, or her husband by divorcing her for adultery and cutting off all her financial support.

It shouldn’t be long now, keep the popcorn handy and the beer cold!