Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will Justice Alito Stop Orly Taitz In Her Tracks?

Orly Taitz has absolutely refused to accept any judgment against her, as well as repeatedly appealing all denials of her pleadings by every judge in every case she has ever filed. Which technically is all of them since she has never won a single victory in any court.

In her continuing quest to appeal the sanctions against her by Judge Land, she has even refused to accept the denial of Justice Clarence Thomas. She claims it’s not a valid denial because he didn’t personally sign the order. She also claimed that even if he had signed it, she still has the right to re-submit that appeal to each Justice independently, nine times in all.

First she fired off an appeal to Justice Roberts  requesting verification of Thomas’s order, then re-filled the original appeal that Thomas denied to Justice Alito. In order to avoid wasting court time and resources it seems that Justice Alito has put all of Orly's cards on the SC table at one time. According to an article in the Ledger-Enquirer  Columbus Attorney William Mason said (of Alito) “He circulated it to the other eight justices and said, ‘Does anybody else want to do something with this?’”

The article also stated:

“Mason theorized that if the entire court dismisses the application for stay, it would be dismissed without consideration if she were to again refile it with another justice.
Columbus attorney Frank Martin said he didn’t consider the referral significant. One reason, he said, is the 90 percent rejection rate the Supreme Court has for hearing cases.
Another reason was that by taking up the case, the court would then have jurisdiction to issue sanctions of its own.
“She may be running the risk of an adverse action of the Supreme Court,” Martin said. “She may be stepping into deeper water right now. I don’t get an automatic take that it’s positive for her.””

Anyone want to bet that as soon as they all unanimously deny her request she will go off on all of them? On how corrupt they all are accusing them of Aiding and Abetting, Treason, Corruption and any host of other slanderous accusations she has hurled at every other judge she has been in front of.

(OMG I can’t wait!)

Beer…. Check

Popcorn…. Check


  1. There would be nothing better than to end this entire story of The Mad Moldovian than to have sanctions imposed on her from the Supreme Court. Oh, please!!!! With sugar on it!!!!

  2. Ahh yes, how sweet it would be. Her deepest desire to take this all the way to the Supreme Court, only to have it all blow up in her face.

    Sorry but… LMAO!

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