Friday, August 20, 2010

Orly Taitz Appeals After Being Slapped Down By The SCOTUS

There’s a surprise. But wait, she has new evidence! Wow, there’s another surprise. What is not surprising is that it is the same old tripe as all her other evidence.

Orly Taitz's Motion To Reconsider

Now considering that her initial appeal was denied by all nine Justices when she filed it the second time, what makes her think they will pay any attention to this?


  1. There is nothing appealing about Orly Taitz.

  2. Surprise! No such thing as a Motion for Rehearing in SCOTUS. Whadda dunce

  3. Orly's flying monkeys don't know the difference as far as there not being a motion for rehearing in SCOTUS. This and her (probably imaginary) Writ of Cert that she supposedly filed all make for great noise on her website and keep the PayPal button busy. Poor Orly. I just feel SOOO sorry for her, NOT.