Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abstract Of Judgment Filed Against Orly Taitz

Well, it looks as if Orly is going to have to finally choke up the money to pay that dreaded $20,000 fine she has been so desperately trying to overturn. After filing that laughable “Emergency Stay”  with Justice Thomas, which he denied a week later, she re-filled the same brief with Justice Alito on Aug. 4th. Yesterday on her website she posted (in part):

“No answer from Justice Alito yet. Today a transcript of judgment was sent to several parties Posted on
August 9, 2010 Activity in Case 4:09-cv-00106-CDL Rhodes v. MacDonald et al Abstract of Judgment Docket Text: ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT (tlf). 4:09-cv-106 Notice has been electronically mailed.

I am not sure what it means, sometimes Supreme Court would ask the opposing party if they want to file a response, an opposition to the filing. I am only guessing, but it might be a good sign, it might mean that justice Alito is considering my application. Two people on the list of recipients I met before. Sheetul Wall represented Obama as an assistant US attorney. Rebeccah Ausprung was an attorney for Pentagon.

I have no clue, who the other recipients are: Does anyone know, who Allison Jasper is or Veronica Jones? I am guessing they are assistant US attorneys, but I am not sure”

She’s such a sharp attorney, yet she’s “not sure what this means”. Well I’m not an attorney, but I do know how to look things up. According to an online “Legal Dictionary”  we have this definition:

"abstract of judgment n. a written summary of a judgment which states how much money the losing defendant owes to the person who won the lawsuit (judgment creditor), the rate of interest to be paid on the judgment amount, court costs, and any specific orders that the losing defendant (judgment debtor) must obey, which abstract is acknowledged and stamped so that it can be recorded and made official with the government. The purpose of an abstract of judgment is to create a public record and create a lien or claim if necessary on any real estate property owned or later acquired by the defendant located in the county in which the abstract of judgment is recorded. If the loser does not pay the judgment voluntarily then the winner can force a sheriff's sale of any property to collect. There are several problems: 1) to find the county where the loser owns real estate property; 2) the probability that there are secured loans, tax liens and/or other judgments that come ahead of the judgment lien; 3) the possibility that the loser/debtor may go bankrupt and avoid paying the debt.”

So, no Orly, as far as you are concerned this is not a good sign. (Though the rest of us are enjoying the hell out of it!) But I guess it didn’t take her too long to figure it out. (Maybe she uses the same online dictionary.)

Her following post:

“I need your help” (Now there’s an understatement!)

Posted on August 9, 2010 My application with Justice Alito was filed on August 4. Typically they act within a day or two on applications for stay. It has been a week, no answer yet. Holder is trying to attack me before Alito has a chance to respond.”

(As if his response will be any different than Justice Thomas’s was)

“They filed for an abstract of Judgment and they are concerned that Alito might actualy grant me a stay, in which case they will look like fools, so they are trying to force the issue, they are trying to make my application for stay moot. They are trying to hurt my whole family, by trying to actually collect those $20,000 before the Supreme court has a chance to act.”

(Sure, they’re really concerned about how Alito will rule, if he even bothers to read past her name on the top. And did she seriously think they wouldn’t “actually” collect that $20,000?)

“It is a coordinated attack: Obama-Holder Department of Justice on one side, Convicted Forger and Thief, Lisa Liberi who is working as a paralegal to Phil Berg on the other side. You can clearly see a coordinated effort between Obama-Holder and Berg-Liberi, working together to silence me, because I bring forward the most explosive issue of the Social Security fraud by Obama, I represent active military, I bring forward Vattel theory,which is the most detrimental to Obama and I am not part of the controlled opposition, I cannot be bought or intimidated.
I will appreciate donations to pay this $20,000, in case they move before I get relief from the Supreme Court or before a new Congress has a chance to impeach Obama, kick him out of office and convict him for this massive fraud perpetrated upon the whole nation”

She sounds as if she were asking someone to lend her $5 until she can get to an ATM. I’m sure she would “appreciate donations” to pay this fine. This woman is so delusional it’s pathetic. The whole world is conspiring against her, and the conspiracy is so extreme that every last authoritative figure in this country is in on it. Now her great nemesis, Obama himself has actually coordinated with other Birthers to get her. I seriously don’t believe that any amount of medication will ever help her.

You know, normally you would feel kind of sorry for people like that, but I just can’t bring myself to feel any pity for her what so ever. I’ve been watching her antics for about a year now and the truth is, even putting her mental issues aside, she is truly a nasty person. She just seethes with contempt; she’s a vindictive, arrogant, conniving wretch. The only thing she has truly been any good for at all is her entertainment value.

She has done her best to totally trash anyone and everyone that has gotten her in way, and she openly advertises on her website for people to help her do it!  She doesn’t give a shit who it is, and she has no shame for any of it. She may very well go down for what she did to Lisa Liberi. In August of last year Judge Eduardo Robreno in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania “Granted”  a temporary restraining order against Taitz and ordered:

“Defendant’s Orly Taitz a/k/a Dr. Orly Taitz a/k/a Law Offices of Orly Taitz a/k/a Orly Taitz, Inc; Defend our Freedoms Foundations, Inc.; Neil Sankey; Sankey Investigations; The Sankey Firm, Inc. and/or anyone on their behalf are enjoined from any further distribution, dissemination publishing, emailing, and/or sending out through the Internet RSS feed, etc. Lisa Liberi’s Social Security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and other private personal identifying information or any of the other Plaintiffs’, Evelyn Adams a/k/a MommaE; Lisa Ostella; Philip J. Berg, Esquire; Go Excel Global and The Law Offices of Philip J. Berg’s personal identifying information;

All Defendants’ are enjoined from any further harassment of the Plaintiffs’ including the filing of false police reports; soliciting individuals on the world wide web and internet from contacting police departments and/or law enforcement agencies where the Plaintiffs reside over falsified claims;

Defendants’ are hereby ORDERED to adhere to and follow all of this Court’s Rulings and Orders.”

She has maliciously disobeyed that court order and continued to post and re-post all of Liberi personal information, as well as continuing her slanderous attacks. She knows she’s guilty of that and maybe she’s worried that she will be sanctioned again. Or in this case prosecuted for “Felony Stalking across State Lines”, which is (one of) Berg’s latest allegations. (That would be a hoot!)

But she will continue to play the pitiful little victim with everyone out to get her, while she continues to beg for money. She’ll no doubt just continue on undeterred, making slanderous attacks against everyone that gets in her way, as well as her treasonous calls for armed sedition. I doubt that even disbarment will stop her. She will never stop, unless she finally ends up confined in either a jail cell or a psyche ward. Of course she will think she’s in one of Obama’s “FEMA concentration camps”.

Damn Obots!

I incorrectly stated that Judge Robreno “granted” a TRO against Taitz. While his order on June 25, 09 did state that Taitz was to stop her publications of Liberi’s personal information; the above was a “proposed order” that he did not actually sign. Of course Taitz did not comply.
My apologies for the misinformation.

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