Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, It Looks Like Orly Taitz Has Finally Paid That $20,000 Fine

She’s not very happy about it either and has filled a Motion for Reconsideration in Taitz v Obama Quo Warranto. Her quest with this one? To prove its all Obama’s fault and make him pay her back for the sanctions.

“In the 06.18.10 order this court stated that Taitz has no standing to raise generalized grievances. Per Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife 504 U.S. 555, 573-74 (1992) to establish standing the plaintiffs must satisfy 3 prong test:1. plaintiffs must have suffered an injury in fact, economic or otherwise; 2. there must be a causal connection between plaintiffs injuries and the challenged action; 3. a favorable decision in the case must be likely to redress plaintiffs injuries.”

“So far, over a 100 legal actions have been filed around this nation in federal and state courts by numerous attorneys and pro se litigants.”

(And every one of them has been thrown out)

“None of these cases were heard on the merits”

(Because they didn’t have any merits)

“According to Black Law Dictionary evidence is something... that tends to prove or disprove the existence of the alleged fact.”

(OMG she finally looked that word up! It’s about friggin time! However, reading the rest of her Motion proves that the definition of that word flew right over her peroxide damaged brain.)

“Alleged fact in this case is STANDING. The defendant claims that Taitz does not have standing to proceed in her causes of action for Common Law fraud and Elections fraud because she did not sustain a particularized injury and does not have standing. Taitz is bringing evidence of injury to prove standing. Taitz is statng that she has perfect standing, since a. the defendant committed fraud in order to get into the White House b. he intended to defraud the whole nation, including Federal judges c. Judge Clay D. Land in GA was one of the targets of such fraud, he believed Obama to be legitimate for the position of the US presidency and therefore he believed that the fact that Taitz represented active duty officers of the US military, challenging such legitimacy was frivolous and sanctioned Taitz $20,000 for allegedly bringing a frivolous law suit. Never in her life was Taitz sanctioned: never before and never after. This sua sponte Rule 11 sanction was not for anything wrong done by Taitz. She didn't cheat, she didn't steal, she didn't abandon her client, she never did anything immoral or unethical, that would justify any sanction.”

Really? Well, lets look at the “facts”. From Judge Lands order:

“For justice to be administered efficiently and justly, lawyers must understand the conditions that govern their privilege to practice law. Lawyers who do not understand those conditions are at best woefully unprepared to practice the profession and at worst a menace to it.”
Specifically, Rule 11 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure expressly sets forth the outer boundaries of acceptable attorney conduct. That rule prohibits a lawyer from asserting claims or legal positions that are not well-founded under existing law or through the modification, extension, or expansion of existing law. Rule 11 also prohibits an attorney from using the courts for a purpose unrelated to the resolution of a legitimate legal cause of action.”
“When a lawyer files complaints and motions without a reasonable basis for believing that they are supported by existing law or a modification or extension of existing law, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer uses the courts as a platform for a political agenda disconnected from any legitimate legal cause of action, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer personally attacks opposing parties and disrespects the integrity of the judiciary, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer recklessly accuses a judge of violating the Judicial Code of Conduct with no supporting evidence beyond her dissatisfaction with the judge’s rulings, that lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law. When a lawyer abuses her privilege to practice law, that lawyer ceases to advance her cause or the ends of justice.”
“As a national leader in the so-called “birther movement,” Plaintiff’s counsel has attempted to use litigation to provide the “legal foundation” for her political agenda. She seeks to use the Court’s power to compel discovery in her efforts to force the President to produce a “birth certificate” that is satisfactory to herself and her followers.”
“Instead of arguing pertinent legal authority supporting her position, counsel reverted to “press conference mode,” repeating political “talking points” that did not answer the Court’s questions or address the Court’s concerns.”
“During the hearing, Plaintiff’s counsel threatened that if she did not get the opportunity to obtain the relief she sought (discovery of a birth certificate), then a wave of subsequent similar actions would be filed in this Court until she obtained what she wanted.”
“Counsel here has an affidavit from someone who allegedly paid off a government official to rummage through the files at a Kenyan hospital to obtain what counsel contends is the President’s “authentic” birth certificate. Counsel here makes no coherent argument connecting the Constitution’s presidential citizenship requirement to a violation of her client’s individual constitutional rights. Counsel here points to no legal authority—in the Constitution or elsewhere—that could be extended or expanded to create an exception to the well-established doctrine of abstention, which disfavors judicial interference in the internal affairs of the military.”
“The absolute absence of any legitimate legal argument, combined with the political diatribe in her motions, demonstrates that Ms. Taitz’s purpose is to advance a political agenda and not to pursue a legitimate legal cause of action. Rather than citing to binding legal precedent, she calls the President names, accuses the undersigned of treason, and gratuitously slanders the President’s father. As the Court noted in an earlier order, counsel’s wild accusations may be protected by the First Amendment when she makes them on her blog or in her press conferences, but the federal courts are reserved for hearing genuine legal disputes, not as a platform for political rhetoric and personal insults. Simply put, no reasonable basis existed for counsel to believe that her legal cause of action was legitimate under existing law or under a reasonable extension or modification of existing law.”

Yet, Taitz claims:

“The only wrong here was fraud committed by Obama, which caused Judge Land to believe that Taitz’s action of doubting Obama was frivolous.”

What a fucking idiot! She is hell bent on trying to prove that Obama is 100% responsible for her being sanctioned, and even expects the courts to order Obama to be financially responsible for that fine and to compensate her for her “emotional distress”. The fact that ALL the actual facts completely contradict her seems irrelevant.

“On August 9, 2010 An Abstract of Judgment (Exhibit 1) was issued and a demand from the US Justice Department under the rule of Obama appointee Eric Holder, for Taitz to pay $20,000 or a lien will be placed on her properties including her house, where she is residing with her husband and three children. This lien comes from a decision by a Federal Judge Clay D. Land, who decided that the fact that Taitz represented active members of US military questioning Obama's natural born status is frivolous. So, Land issued $20,000 in sanctions against Taitz, stating that those sanctions are for this frivolous action. On 8.19.10. Taitz paid this $20,000 under protest, in order not to uproot her family and not to cause additional emotional distress to her children. (exhibit 2.) As of 08.19.10. Taitz has standing to proceed against Obama in a legal action for fraud to collect $20,000 that were taken from her as a result of fraud committed by Obama, as well as interest, punitive damages and compensation for severe emotional distress inflicted upon her by Obama, who committed fraud and cover up for a year and a half.”

Fraud, Fraud, Fraud, Orly seriously needs to go back and re-read that definition of the word EVIDENCE. She has no concept that the word “evidence” and the word “hearsay” do NOT mean the same thing! And in this country, if you “accuse” someone of something it is up to YOU to already have actual “Evidence to prove your allegation”. You cannot go to court and demand that the person you have accused be required to prove their innocence. It doesn’t fucking work that way! In her diatribe of all the ways she has been “harmed” by Obama, my absolute favorite is her rant on healthcare reform.

"Currently passed Healthcare Act made it mandatory for everyone to pay into the Healthcare program or be penalized. It created a national Healthcare system, that will be used by everyone, regardless of religious affiliation, however this act exempts millions of individuals, who happen to be Muslims from paying a cent into the system, as according to Sharia law, insurance is considered a form of usury and gambling, so those individuals will be using the benefits of the National healthcare, but not paying
anything into it.
Currently Taitz and her husband are paying some $18,000 a year for them and their three children for health insurance. As the healthcare bill will be enforced, they will have to pay for Muslim families who do not pay for the insurance, but will get the benefits. Moreover, such schemes encourage individuals to convert into the Muslim religion, as it provides them with perks and benefits. This is a clear violation of the Establishment clause and 14th amendment equal protection clause. Taitz is seeking to proceed on this cause of action and to obtain a class certification, not only for her, but for millions of other families, who happen to be Christian or Jewish and who will have to participate in this plan against their will and in violation of the Establishment clause and 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause.
Taitz is a Doctor of Dental Surgery and currently pays around $6,000 per year for the Healthcare insurance for each of her dental Assistants. Under the new Healthcare plan employers, who are similarly situated and who happen to be Muslims, will have an unfair advantage in not having to pay for such insurance. As such Taitz is seeking a class certification for millions of employers, who are similarly situated, who are Christian or Jewish, and who will have to participate in this plan against their will and in violation of the Establishment Clause and 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause.
Taitz is a doctor and a medical provider who took a Hippocratic oath and finds it morally repugnant to participate in a scheme, where a state is promoting a Muslim religion, which is teaching stoning, lashing and beating as part of the religious ritual.”

She’s not just an idiot; she’s a blatant racist bigot as well.

“Taitz is seeking discovery to show that Obama indeed committed fraud in wrongfully claiming his eligibility for office, by obfuscation of his vital records, that as a result of this scheme he pushed for the Healthcare act, which constitutes a veiled attempt to promote his Muslim beliefs (Obama was educated in a Muslim Madrasa and both his father and step father were Muslim). As stated, above five distinct large groups of US citizens were damaged by this act, which was signed into law by an ineligible individual. A favorable decision in this case would redress the plaintiff's injury, as the Healthcare act will be found invalid, as signed by the ineligible individual and violative of the 14th Amendment equal protection rights and of the Establishment clause. As such Taitz has perfect standing to proceed under the Establishment clause and the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause and moves the court to grant her Motion for Reconsideration.”

There seems to be no limit on how far out into the stratosphere she is willing to go with her ludicrous ranting and ravings. Its just mind boggling that she could seriously believe that any competent authority will ever consider her tripe even the least bit rational, let along grant her absurd demands.

She is as absolutely hopeless as is her insane quest to, A. Prove Obama is illegitimate, and B. To force the courts to make Obama pay her fine!

TAITZ v OBAMA (QUO WARRANTO) - 34 - MOTION for Reconsideration - gov.uscourts.dcd.140567.34.0

Friday, August 20, 2010

Orly Taitz Appeals After Being Slapped Down By The SCOTUS

There’s a surprise. But wait, she has new evidence! Wow, there’s another surprise. What is not surprising is that it is the same old tripe as all her other evidence.

Orly Taitz's Motion To Reconsider

Now considering that her initial appeal was denied by all nine Justices when she filed it the second time, what makes her think they will pay any attention to this?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Howling Alvin Wails Away

It seems our buddy Alvin Greene has snapped his buttons over being indicted on felony obscenity charges.


Monday, August 16, 2010

The Supreme Court Slaps Orly Taitz Down And Upholds Sanctions

Boy that’s really going to piss her off. Per the Associated Press Judge Land stated: “Taitz attempted to misuse the federal courts to push a political agenda”. And because Justice Alito referred the matter to the entire court it is now considered “denied” by all nine Justices. Her “right” to re-submit and re-submit the appeal nine different times just got yanked out from under her.

So… Where will she go form here? Gawd knows, but nothing she does will surprise me. I do however await an on-slaught of insults and slander against every one of the Justices to start spewing any minute! It will probably begin with a demand to see ALL nine signatures, and then demand a handwriting expert investigate them so she can make sure it’s not those blasted Obot Clerks again.

Then she will no doubt tie this to Justice Kagan who she claims was planted on the Supreme Court by Obama as a pay off to keep her quiet about Orly’s birther lawsuits in the first place. She'll probably claim Obama threatened her and forced her to manipulate the other Justices.

On her website she has not made any posts about this yet, BUT! There we see she is on another mission to rid this country of those nasty Muslims she’s so bothered about. I don’t know, maybe she’s been watching the Godfather while huffing nitrous and spinning around on her sticky dental chairs.

From her website:

“great Idea from reader Laura, we need a pig head at the site of the proposed mosque. Who has a pig farm and can ship a pig head to that building?
Posted on August 15, 2010 Sunday, August 15, 2010 8:43 PM From: “laura”
To: “Laura”
I read the Israelis had a problem with suicide bombers. They put a lb. of lard (pig fat) onto each bus with a sign that said there is pig fat on this bus. If you blow yourself up, the pig fat will probably touch you and you will not go to heaven nor get your 47 (or however many) virgens. I also read that Israelis sometimes dip the tip of their bullets in pig fat (for similar purposes or so they avoid their bullets). I also read that some people in another state did not want a mosque in their city and put a dead pig (small one) in a large hole exposed so everyone could see it. The mosque was not built because they could not have anything pig-related defile the property or mosque.”

And she elaborates on the plan”

“Response from Orly
I got this e-mail. I don’t know if it is true or not.”

(Not that anything being “true or not” has ever been relevant to her in the past, why bother with that now? Just take it and run as always!)

“I did hear that the remains of the suicide bombers were buried with pigs in several countries to tell those terrorists,” if you wage terror, you will go to hell as a mass murderer, you will not go to heaven, you will not meet your 72 virgins”.
How about something more simple: a small petting zoo with piglets right by that building. If they feel they have a right to put a 13 story mosque at ground zero where they barbarically slaughtered 3,000 Americans, who had to choose between being burned to death or jumping from high story windows, than we can choose to put a nice petting zoo with cute little piglets.

(Right! A petting zoo with really scary cute baby piglets, they’ll hightail it out of here so quick it will make your head spin, (even faster!)

“Where are these legal minds? Why don’t they work, when we need them? Keep in mind, many fanatics don’t like dogs as well. The side walks are public. Any US citizen can walk their pet piglet or pet dog right in front of that building. He can demonstrate and hold a sign and a piglet and a dog right in front of that building. Do we have a few New Yourkers, or people from near by New Jersey, who can take turns and do it?”

(Uh.. Orly, they just tried that with dogs and one lone pooch showed up, and I seriously doubt that many people in NY or Jersey have pet piglets. But I would love to see you hold a sign, and a piglet, and a dog and do your little anti-Muslim war dance on a sidewalk somewhere.)

“Can we make brochures, stating that we carry in each air plane, in cargo, a piglet. Let’s send a message to all of those shoe bombers and underwear bombers;”You try it, you’ll go to hell”.. Why don’t we have piglets with our soldiers on bases and patrols, on ships and in the backyards of the embassies?”

(Gee, do you think they’ll buy the piglet in the cargo hold thing? Why not just ship millions of cute little piglets over there and turn them all loose! That’ll get ‘um! They may even just give up on their religion all together!)

“We are at war. Americans are dying. Our freedoms are being taken.”

(Yes, we are at war and Americans are dying, and you want to start another war with piglets? I’m still waiting to hear which of our freedoms are being taken away. Oh, you mean like the freedom of religion YOU want to deny to Muslims?)

“We have seen pictures of decapitation of Daniel Pearl, death and mutilation of American contractors in Iraq, 3,000 killed in 9/11, planes downed, Marine headquarters in Lebanon bombed, several US embasies bombed, USS Cole bombed. Having small pet piglets is a small inconvenience, that might be worse it to prevent death of innocent humans."

(Right, piglets can save everyone from Muslims. Wonder why Jews didn’t think of that thousands of years ago?)

“Let me know, what do you think. do you want to do it to stop a mosque at ground zero? Do you want to organize a protest with piglets in front of that mosque at 9/11 or 9/12? Do any of the people who want to protest on 9/12, want to go to that building at ground zero and protest with their dogs and piglets and signs “we don’t want a mosque at ground zero!!!”

What do I think? I think you’re out of your fucking mind, that’s what I think. And by now, the Supreme Court probably does too after reading, or attempting to read your court filings!

(I wonder how many of them shot coffee out of their nose laughing!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will Justice Alito Stop Orly Taitz In Her Tracks?

Orly Taitz has absolutely refused to accept any judgment against her, as well as repeatedly appealing all denials of her pleadings by every judge in every case she has ever filed. Which technically is all of them since she has never won a single victory in any court.

In her continuing quest to appeal the sanctions against her by Judge Land, she has even refused to accept the denial of Justice Clarence Thomas. She claims it’s not a valid denial because he didn’t personally sign the order. She also claimed that even if he had signed it, she still has the right to re-submit that appeal to each Justice independently, nine times in all.

First she fired off an appeal to Justice Roberts  requesting verification of Thomas’s order, then re-filled the original appeal that Thomas denied to Justice Alito. In order to avoid wasting court time and resources it seems that Justice Alito has put all of Orly's cards on the SC table at one time. According to an article in the Ledger-Enquirer  Columbus Attorney William Mason said (of Alito) “He circulated it to the other eight justices and said, ‘Does anybody else want to do something with this?’”

The article also stated:

“Mason theorized that if the entire court dismisses the application for stay, it would be dismissed without consideration if she were to again refile it with another justice.
Columbus attorney Frank Martin said he didn’t consider the referral significant. One reason, he said, is the 90 percent rejection rate the Supreme Court has for hearing cases.
Another reason was that by taking up the case, the court would then have jurisdiction to issue sanctions of its own.
“She may be running the risk of an adverse action of the Supreme Court,” Martin said. “She may be stepping into deeper water right now. I don’t get an automatic take that it’s positive for her.””

Anyone want to bet that as soon as they all unanimously deny her request she will go off on all of them? On how corrupt they all are accusing them of Aiding and Abetting, Treason, Corruption and any host of other slanderous accusations she has hurled at every other judge she has been in front of.

(OMG I can’t wait!)

Beer…. Check

Popcorn…. Check

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abstract Of Judgment Filed Against Orly Taitz

Well, it looks as if Orly is going to have to finally choke up the money to pay that dreaded $20,000 fine she has been so desperately trying to overturn. After filing that laughable “Emergency Stay”  with Justice Thomas, which he denied a week later, she re-filled the same brief with Justice Alito on Aug. 4th. Yesterday on her website she posted (in part):

“No answer from Justice Alito yet. Today a transcript of judgment was sent to several parties Posted on
August 9, 2010 Activity in Case 4:09-cv-00106-CDL Rhodes v. MacDonald et al Abstract of Judgment Docket Text: ABSTRACT OF JUDGMENT (tlf). 4:09-cv-106 Notice has been electronically mailed.

I am not sure what it means, sometimes Supreme Court would ask the opposing party if they want to file a response, an opposition to the filing. I am only guessing, but it might be a good sign, it might mean that justice Alito is considering my application. Two people on the list of recipients I met before. Sheetul Wall represented Obama as an assistant US attorney. Rebeccah Ausprung was an attorney for Pentagon.

I have no clue, who the other recipients are: Does anyone know, who Allison Jasper is or Veronica Jones? I am guessing they are assistant US attorneys, but I am not sure”

She’s such a sharp attorney, yet she’s “not sure what this means”. Well I’m not an attorney, but I do know how to look things up. According to an online “Legal Dictionary”  we have this definition:

"abstract of judgment n. a written summary of a judgment which states how much money the losing defendant owes to the person who won the lawsuit (judgment creditor), the rate of interest to be paid on the judgment amount, court costs, and any specific orders that the losing defendant (judgment debtor) must obey, which abstract is acknowledged and stamped so that it can be recorded and made official with the government. The purpose of an abstract of judgment is to create a public record and create a lien or claim if necessary on any real estate property owned or later acquired by the defendant located in the county in which the abstract of judgment is recorded. If the loser does not pay the judgment voluntarily then the winner can force a sheriff's sale of any property to collect. There are several problems: 1) to find the county where the loser owns real estate property; 2) the probability that there are secured loans, tax liens and/or other judgments that come ahead of the judgment lien; 3) the possibility that the loser/debtor may go bankrupt and avoid paying the debt.”

So, no Orly, as far as you are concerned this is not a good sign. (Though the rest of us are enjoying the hell out of it!) But I guess it didn’t take her too long to figure it out. (Maybe she uses the same online dictionary.)

Her following post:

“I need your help” (Now there’s an understatement!)

Posted on August 9, 2010 My application with Justice Alito was filed on August 4. Typically they act within a day or two on applications for stay. It has been a week, no answer yet. Holder is trying to attack me before Alito has a chance to respond.”

(As if his response will be any different than Justice Thomas’s was)

“They filed for an abstract of Judgment and they are concerned that Alito might actualy grant me a stay, in which case they will look like fools, so they are trying to force the issue, they are trying to make my application for stay moot. They are trying to hurt my whole family, by trying to actually collect those $20,000 before the Supreme court has a chance to act.”

(Sure, they’re really concerned about how Alito will rule, if he even bothers to read past her name on the top. And did she seriously think they wouldn’t “actually” collect that $20,000?)

“It is a coordinated attack: Obama-Holder Department of Justice on one side, Convicted Forger and Thief, Lisa Liberi who is working as a paralegal to Phil Berg on the other side. You can clearly see a coordinated effort between Obama-Holder and Berg-Liberi, working together to silence me, because I bring forward the most explosive issue of the Social Security fraud by Obama, I represent active military, I bring forward Vattel theory,which is the most detrimental to Obama and I am not part of the controlled opposition, I cannot be bought or intimidated.
I will appreciate donations to pay this $20,000, in case they move before I get relief from the Supreme Court or before a new Congress has a chance to impeach Obama, kick him out of office and convict him for this massive fraud perpetrated upon the whole nation”

She sounds as if she were asking someone to lend her $5 until she can get to an ATM. I’m sure she would “appreciate donations” to pay this fine. This woman is so delusional it’s pathetic. The whole world is conspiring against her, and the conspiracy is so extreme that every last authoritative figure in this country is in on it. Now her great nemesis, Obama himself has actually coordinated with other Birthers to get her. I seriously don’t believe that any amount of medication will ever help her.

You know, normally you would feel kind of sorry for people like that, but I just can’t bring myself to feel any pity for her what so ever. I’ve been watching her antics for about a year now and the truth is, even putting her mental issues aside, she is truly a nasty person. She just seethes with contempt; she’s a vindictive, arrogant, conniving wretch. The only thing she has truly been any good for at all is her entertainment value.

She has done her best to totally trash anyone and everyone that has gotten her in way, and she openly advertises on her website for people to help her do it!  She doesn’t give a shit who it is, and she has no shame for any of it. She may very well go down for what she did to Lisa Liberi. In August of last year Judge Eduardo Robreno in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania “Granted”  a temporary restraining order against Taitz and ordered:

“Defendant’s Orly Taitz a/k/a Dr. Orly Taitz a/k/a Law Offices of Orly Taitz a/k/a Orly Taitz, Inc; Defend our Freedoms Foundations, Inc.; Neil Sankey; Sankey Investigations; The Sankey Firm, Inc. and/or anyone on their behalf are enjoined from any further distribution, dissemination publishing, emailing, and/or sending out through the Internet RSS feed, etc. Lisa Liberi’s Social Security number, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and other private personal identifying information or any of the other Plaintiffs’, Evelyn Adams a/k/a MommaE; Lisa Ostella; Philip J. Berg, Esquire; Go Excel Global and The Law Offices of Philip J. Berg’s personal identifying information;

All Defendants’ are enjoined from any further harassment of the Plaintiffs’ including the filing of false police reports; soliciting individuals on the world wide web and internet from contacting police departments and/or law enforcement agencies where the Plaintiffs reside over falsified claims;

Defendants’ are hereby ORDERED to adhere to and follow all of this Court’s Rulings and Orders.”

She has maliciously disobeyed that court order and continued to post and re-post all of Liberi personal information, as well as continuing her slanderous attacks. She knows she’s guilty of that and maybe she’s worried that she will be sanctioned again. Or in this case prosecuted for “Felony Stalking across State Lines”, which is (one of) Berg’s latest allegations. (That would be a hoot!)

But she will continue to play the pitiful little victim with everyone out to get her, while she continues to beg for money. She’ll no doubt just continue on undeterred, making slanderous attacks against everyone that gets in her way, as well as her treasonous calls for armed sedition. I doubt that even disbarment will stop her. She will never stop, unless she finally ends up confined in either a jail cell or a psyche ward. Of course she will think she’s in one of Obama’s “FEMA concentration camps”.

Damn Obots!

I incorrectly stated that Judge Robreno “granted” a TRO against Taitz. While his order on June 25, 09 did state that Taitz was to stop her publications of Liberi’s personal information; the above was a “proposed order” that he did not actually sign. Of course Taitz did not comply.
My apologies for the misinformation.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Christians, Muslims, And Mosques

Lately there have been a lot of headlines about Christians having a tizzy over the proposed “Mosque being built on ground zero” in New York. (Actually, it’s not a Mosque, and it’s not on ground zero, but that’s beside the point). It’s a Muslim Community Center and it’s about 3 blocks away on property that was owned before 9/11. And New York is not the only place this is happening. The “New York Times”  did a story about this battle over Mosques being built across this country and the problems its caused in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and California.

The likelihood that more of these battles will take place is high as Muslim populations increase, and Christian paranoia escalates. It’s not however, all Christians that are doing the objecting. Many religious groups have spoken out in support of Muslims having every right to their own places of worship. So what is prompting all this agitation from the objectors?

The complaint is that Muslims are attempting to take over this country and intend to find a way to impose Islamic Shariah Law on our government, our laws and our way of life. Many of these more verbal anti-Islamic Christians are part of or associated with Tea Party or other Patriot groups and they are dead set against more and more Mosques being built here. They do not trust Muslims in any way shape or form and believe that all Muslims are terrorists and in one way or another are all plotting against us.

They also believe that to achieve this “take over”, Muslims intend to become politically active, to run for offices, and worm their way into the government as a means to force their Shariah laws onto all of our lives, and they are hell bent to put a stop to that. They have no intention of allowing Muslims to infiltrate our government and impose Islamic laws on our way of life.

The ironic thing about all of this is that, what these Christians are accusing the Muslims of doing, or of attempting to do is exactly what the Christians have “actually” been doing all along. How many Christian voters scrutinize the religious views of all candidates running for office and will only vote for those they consider to have “good Christian values”.

Many Christians believe Obama is a Muslim and have carried signs at Tea Parties saying “We Need A Christian President”. They have even gone so far as to claim that this Country is a “Christian Nation” and they nearly shit themselves when Obama declared in a speech “while we have a large population of Christians, we do not consider ourselves a Christian Nation”.

They oppose any law that does not agree with their religious beliefs. Abortion should be illegal because it’s murder and a sin against God; homosexuality and gay marriage is a sin against God and that should be illegal too. They do their damnedest to change or impose upon the laws of this land, and upon the lives of others what “their” Christian ideology teaches, and to hell with what anyone else thinks or believes.

Now how is this right? How can Christians be justified in saying its okay for them to do this, but not Muslims? This is exactly why NO religious ideology should have any influence over any of our laws, not even Christian ideology, because once you open that door to one, you are legally bound to open it equally to all. Just imagine the fluster cluck that would cause!

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Nor can the government legally favor any one religion, or religious opinion over any other. It would be nice if these extremist Christians could take an objective look at this from outside that religious box they live in. Maybe then they would understand that this is exactly why non-subcribers are so hell bent to keep “all religious opinions” out of government all together.

The fact is that Christians have no more right to impose their religious beliefs or opinions on our laws than Muslims or any other religions do. But THEY think they do have that right. And their agitation is apparently over their fear that Muslims just might have the balls to “think” the same thing. (Ooooo, can’t have that kind of competition!)

It’s possible that some legal headway may have been made on the issue of religious opinion and the law with California Judge Vaughn Walker’s recent ruling agianst Proposition 8. He stated:


“Moral disapproval alone is an improper basis on which to deny rights to gay men and lesbians. The evidence shows conclusively that Proposition 8 enacts, without reason, a private moral view that same-sex couples are inferior to opposite-sex couples. FF 76, 79-80; Romer, 517 US at 634 “Laws of the kind now before us raise the inevitable inference that the disadvantage imposed is born of animosity toward the class of persons affected.”). Because Proposition 8 disadvantages gays and lesbians without any rational justification, Proposition 8 violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.”

You would think that these extremist Christians might start to make the connection that what they are doing in instances like this, is exactly what THEY are afraid the Muslims will attempt to do. But instead of catching on, they turned around and said the Judge had no right to rule on that case because he’s gay.

Give me a friggin break! I suppose they would rather have had that call made by a Judge with a “good Christian” opinion of what is right or wrong.

Now I believe whole-heartedly that everyone has the right to live “their own” lives by whatever religious ideology they want. But no one, not even Christians have a right to try and force anyone else to live by “Their Private Moral Views”, OR by “their” religious opinions!

If Christians can build Churches, Muslims are equally entitled to build Mosques, but all religions need to stay the hell out of other people’s business and stop trying to rule over other people’s lives.