Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wish You Weren’t Here

This blog is being difficult today and won’t let me post this video. But it’s a must see, and I don’t have time to fool with it so here’s a link.



  1. Global Village IdiotJuly 8, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Hell no the Irish should not have been given the right to vote.

    It all keeps coming back to 'Blazing Saddles'.

  2. Hay Hay, McGee… Irish, and green eyes to boot! :)

    The Irish should be able to vote too, as long as they’re sober! LOL

    Blazing Birthers!

    Mel Brooks himself couldn’t write this stuff!

  3. Thanks for posting the link. I probably would have missed it since I haven't been watching The Daily Show. Ya just gotta love FOX News. And ya just gotta love Christians who hate.

    When I lived back in Texas and my dad moved in with me before I eventually put him in a nursing home, this one group of Christians would come by periodically and talk to him about his faith. My dad got tired of them coming and bothering him, so he told them he was a Buddhist. It ended up making it worse for him. I think they started coming by almost every day trying to get him to convert. Finally, I put a sign on the front door forbidding any type of solicitations including religious conversions.

  4. Yes PA, Christers can be relentless at “spreading the word”, and doing their best to convert (under threat of hellfire and eternal damnation) as many as possible, yet they get pissed if anyone else does it. The ironic thing is the hardcore Muslims probably think the Christians are the heathens.

    Gods are evil and cause hate and meanness in the minds of the religiously challanged.