Monday, July 5, 2010

A Pancake Revelation

Gee… Orly has never looked more beautiful!
(Of course the real OT would never be caught on camera with her mouth shut)

Well what do you know! Orly was finally right, it was George Soros. And of course for a private citizen (such as George) to commission a painting from an artist that may embarrass another private citizen (such as Orly) is a very serious crime, probably even a felony and she will no doubt “demand” he be prosecuted for it. That, and or try and slap him with a lawsuit. I can’t wait to see the charges and allegations she makes on this one.


  1. Global Village IdiotJuly 6, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    Well I think (Python) Michael Palin would have made a fine Orly in the video, Terry Jones would have been more of a frump type caricature , but that John Cleese could have done the Moldavian accent spot on.

    Will Apuzzo go all Orly on us and take a swipe at the 'traitorous' three judge panel? Especially since he has been threatened - thinly veiled - with sanctions?

    Quiet July fourth, took the 87 year old neighbor to watch fireworks from a distance. I hate traffic and rude people at the same time, so dug up the WebGIS and found a local manufacturing plant looked like a good spot - the effects were 12, 880' straight line from our position; we were at elevation 3,200' above sea level - they were fired from the local High School Elevation 3,000'. Unobstructed view and the 3 second or so sound delay was pleasantly un-loud, yet punctuated the show perfectly.

    Confused the hell out of the dog, though - she watched the silent firework with rapt attention, but was startled by the sound out of nowhere.

    I am an unabashed anti-jingoist; just because you wrap something up in red, white and blue and call it 'patriotic' does not mean it doesn't stink to the Nth degree. Reference the excellent post by Doug Mataconis over at Below the Beltway dated July 4th - he nails the current situation in this country and even handedly compares todays situation with what the founding fathers were up against.

    Methinks he will never work for Faux.

    Also found an excellent article at:

    I had heard of William Blum before, but did not realize until this piece just how in tune he was with the current way we are being deceived by our own government. Orly should start with this piece and think for a week before she opens up her pancake-hole again.

    (Just previewed this, and given the context of the 'Orly giving birth to pancakes' painting perhaps I should have used 'pie-hole in the last paragraph....)

  2. That's an article worth reading at Pacific Free Press. Too bad Orly and her minions would never read it and if they did, they wouldn't understand it. All of these people out there advocating the over throw of a legitimately elected governent consider themselves to be "PATRIOTS". Heck. Even Timothy McVeigh thought he was being patriotic when he set off that bomb in Oklahoma City.

  3. Oh. The article that Global posted a link to got me off track. The comedy will continue with Orly and I'm surprised that, at this time, she hasn't made an entry on her malware infested blog about Soros being responsible for those 'terrible' paintings showing 'bloody placenta'. That's what it was. Not a 'delicious pancake'.

  4. Global Village IdiotJuly 6, 2010 at 3:42 PM


    The portion that the Teahadists and 'Birfers got right was that you cannot spell 'patriot' without 'riot'.

    Unfortunately they do not know their true enemy, or their ultimate legitimate goal. They are both a bought and paid for division of the GOBP, and therefore will let politics determine their fate.

    Some of us know better and are indeed captains of our own destiny.