Thursday, July 8, 2010

Orly Taitz Lost In The Rabbit Hole

Well, our girl Orly is down to the wire on having to choke up the $20,000 fine she was slapped with for her courtroom incompetence and has fired off a brief to Justice Clarence Thomas. My guess would be she chose Thomas specifically because of this C-Span clip where Thomas makes a crack about citizenship status.

Maybe she considers Thomas an ally in her quest because of this remark that went viral in the Birferverse, but sounded more like a mocking crack to me. In any case, she’s gone “typical Orly” in her brief.


Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Orly was running the globe claiming to be a “Constitutional Attorney”, (with an online correspondence degree from an unaccredited law school). Now she’s a “Civil rights” attorney? (With an online correspondence degree from an unaccredited law school.)

Maybe she’s confused. She’s been clamoring since the beginning that this whole eligibility thing is a “Constitutional” issue, yet in question #1 she asks:

“Is a Federal Judge allowed to persecute a Civil Rights attorney and sanction her for merely bringing Civil rights violation cases to his court?”

You have to love question #8.

“What Constitutes “natural born citizen” according to Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution?”

Wouldn’t one assume that a real “Constitutional Attorney” would know the answer to that?

And then she’s off, accusing Judge Land of intimidation, slander, and pulling a “legal hit job” on her. Followed of course by her same ole same ole debunked so-called “evidence” in what she refers to as “the most important case today and possibly most important in US history”. (Right, birfer wet dreams again!)

I can’t believe that she is STILL trying to use as evidence the case of Stefan Cook, when that was proven to be a complete fraud. Cook being a reservist conspired with Orly and “volunteered” to go to Afghanistan solely so he could turn around and file that fraudulent complaint to have the orders revoked. And Connie Rhodes who fucking fired her and filed this complaint with the court and the California Bar:

RHODES v MacDONALD - 18 - Letter from plaintiff Connie Rhodes regarding withdrawal of motion to stay - Gov....

What a total dip shit! Most of her other “clients” were nothing but a collection of frauds, forgers and felons.

Here’s some prime Orly “legal logic”:

“Let’s imagine for a moment that someone, a janitor, decides to play a prank. He puts on a black robe and sits on the bench and signs an order for an officer to be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, let’s say he signs such order when judge Land is on a bathroom brake. Say, such officer brings a complaint, that the order was illegal. Does it mean, that if the order seems to be legal on it’s face, it is actually legal, regardless of whether the person, who signed it, is actually a judge or a janitor playing a prank? Does an attorney for such officer supposed to be sanctioned $20,000 for merely bringing the claim to court and asking to evaluate it’s validity?”


Ah Ha! We get to the bottom line!

“Sanctions assessed by Land constitute an irreparable harm to Taitz. Land not only assessed sanctions against Taitz and verbally assaulted and insulted her, but he also submitted his order to the CA bar with the clear intent to undermine her law license and take her livelihood away from her. If sanctions are not stayed and reversed, there will be an irreparable harm to the professional license of Taitz and her ability to earn livelihood.”

“Since Land has forwarded his order to the CA bar, there can be irreparable harm in the form of negative sanctions against her license.”

Could it be that when she was summoned before the Bar earlier this year, she was given a last chance? One last chance to appeal the sanctions before they yank her law license all together?

Orly Taitz flatly accuses Judge Land of slandering her, assaulting her character and insulting her with personal attacks. Yet she turns around and accuses him, a federal judge of being guilty of misprision of multiple felonies, aiding and abetting, violation of judicial ethics, abuse of judicial discretion, intimidation, corruption, and an entire gamut of other slanderous charges.

As an attorney, (correspondence school or not) she is supposed to conduct herself as an officer of the court. Is slandering a federal judge what she considers “conduct becoming an officer of the court”?

The California Bar is going to love this!


  1. I will finish my comment after I finish taking a bathroom 'brake'.

    What a TOTAL moron Taitz is! You would think that being an attorney that she would take the time to actually proof read what she writes and make sure the words that she uses actually mean what they are suppose to mean.

    I switched to full screen mode to read what she submitted and that was the first thing I caught in regard to her now being a 'Civil Rights' attorney versus a 'Constitutional Attorney'. Perhaps this was written by one of her other personalities?

    Orly just doesn't get it. She wouldn't get it if it were a high speed rail train that hit her at full speed. I'm glad to see her disrespect for the judicial system and the judge. But then, she's such a cracker jack attorney she doesn't have to show respect to anyone.

    To even suggest that losing her law license would cause her any harm is ludicrous. Isn't she the one that constantly whines about working pro-bono on this case if you can even actually call it a case? I have a hard time imagining anyone out there stupid enough to hire her for any type of legal work.

  2. Had to read more of her craziness. I'd like to ask her how the UN is doing as far as protecting her. What a heap of crazy. That 'beotch' should be put into restraints and fed some serious meds!

  3. I especially enjoyed the end of the rant. Where she 'respectfully requests' and then numbers her requests 1, 2, 3, 3, 3 ...

    Is this some kind of legal way of numbering that I was not aware of?

  4. HaHaHa, I didn't even catch the 1 2 3 3 3! I was still stuck on the janitor jumping on the bench while the judge was in the bathroom! Maybe her brain got stuck like an old broken record! She sure sounds like one.

  5. Justice Thomas will never even have the chance to read Orly's appeal. But I hope that he reads it for a good laugh...ha ha ha ha

  6. LOL, I hope Justice Thomas gets the chance to read Orly's appeal for a good laugh...he he he he

  7. Ooops! Ms Daisy, I apologize for my double post!